Pacquiao vs Broner FULL FIGHT: January 19, 2019 - PBC on Showtime

Boxing's only eight-division World Champion Manny Pacquiao retained his WBA title with a UD win over four-division titleholder Adrien Broner in the main event of a Showtime PPV in Las Vegas on January 19, 2019.
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  1. GO OlSEN

    GO OlSEN8 soat oldin

    You don't win a fight by running.

  2. Denzel Harafamily

    Denzel Harafamily18 soat oldin

    this is a good fight

  3. king night

    king nightKun oldin

    whats the problem with the dsrker guy running out of track to run?

  4. king night

    king nightKun oldin

    whats the problem with the dsrker guy running out of track to run?

  5. Gloria Tayo

    Gloria TayoKun oldin


  6. Herpy Derpy

    Herpy DerpyKun oldin

    I saw the interviews with Broner where he was like "That shit old" Yeah...didn't go well for ya, did it buddy?

  7. Jay M

    Jay MKun oldin

    Broner is a great boxer. But I could never cheer on such an arrogant loudmouth.

  8. Jay M

    Jay MKun oldin

    If they were both age 29, Broner would eat matt in the first round.

  9. d charmz

    d charmzKun oldin

    how about Broner/Maidana ReMatch!!!

  10. Woosher Dooser

    Woosher Dooser2 kun oldin

    Manny is a Legendary Veteran......

  11. Juve Garcia

    Juve Garcia2 kun oldin

    Manny beats him with his eyes closed hahahaha

  12. top tier

    top tier2 kun oldin

    what the fuck kind of shorts is broner wearing

  13. Antonio Gallardo

    Antonio Gallardo2 kun oldin


  14. Laurentino Sarmento

    Laurentino Sarmento2 kun oldin

    Broner fukyu

  15. Marc Fermin

    Marc Fermin3 kun oldin

    He won 4 rounds???????? WTF HOW

  16. Marc Fermin

    Marc Fermin3 kun oldin

    I thought Broner was having a fun run in the whole fight.

  17. carlos vigo

    carlos vigo3 kun oldin

    El que tomo la foto para entrar al video es un artista, pero artista, para captar ese momento, que dudo que halla pasado,vi la pelea round a round y ala justa se rosaron,par de correlones, dicen que el boxeo de hoy en dia es mas rapido que el de antes. emm bueno debe ser, pero parece que estan en un nivel tan pero tan pro, que se ve que se arañan.

  18. jennie rubyjane kim

    jennie rubyjane kim3 kun oldin

    The commentator is obviously a Broner fan 😂

  19. jocap capiones

    jocap capiones3 kun oldin

    boring na fight bakla yung kalaban haha

  20. jocap capiones

    jocap capiones3 kun oldin

    halatang tinuruan ito ni mayweather ng kanyang style na takbo ng takbo tapos job haha kaso hindi umubra haha

  21. Jonie Rita

    Jonie Rita3 kun oldin

    Easy money 55:47

  22. Banate Pioneer

    Banate Pioneer4 kun oldin

    Manny Pacquiao is a Senator, after the fight lifted by another Senator (the bald guy, Former Philippine National Police Chief) and General Bato Dela Rosa

  23. 007 SNIPER

    007 SNIPER4 kun oldin


  24. Rey 440 Vasquez

    Rey 440 Vasquez4 kun oldin

    Fuck broner chicken run

  25. Andy Turner

    Andy Turner4 kun oldin

    Not related to this fight but I was watching Bruno vs Tyson last night, I really wish today's refs were like those guys back then there was very little nonsense, excessive leaning, tying up etc it was points deductions straight away which in my opinion, makes for a better fairer fight

  26. Mark .Turcotte

    Mark .Turcotte4 kun oldin

    Broner is a pos

  27. daniel badon

    daniel badon4 kun oldin

    broner did not use right hand weird

  28. thawi thawi4 kun oldin

    song of broner hoho hu aaa hu huah hahah

  29. thawi thawi4 kun oldin

    I'm the yong man i can beat him i'm hungry but when become fight day everybody know i'm lose he is true legend

  30. sXc*IKIDD_COD

    sXc*IKIDD_COD4 kun oldin

    did i really just saw "BATO DELA ROSA"

  31. Ismail Tekary

    Ismail Tekary4 kun oldin

    Itu Broner cuman lari aja dia anggap dia menang hihihih hi

  32. Ralph Latham

    Ralph Latham4 kun oldin

    Broner moves like greased lightening - going backwards

  33. Tiktok worlds

    Tiktok worlds4 kun oldin

    Stooopid bruno Hahhaha

  34. Thomas Connors

    Thomas Connors5 kun oldin

    broner and mayweather must be related always run away mayweather paid the judges

  35. Willy Orcen

    Willy Orcen5 kun oldin

    Broner like may weather running boxer what kind of boxer like a gay. Hahahaha

  36. Tango cash

    Tango cash5 kun oldin

    The judges and bias commentating and high work rate of manny and his flurries made y'all think manny won this fight. But almost everything manny threw was blocked or evaded by Adrien. Ab controlled the fight with that check left hook and straight right. The hardest shot and cleanest shot manny landed was in the 9th round. Other than that ab punch output even tho it was less than mannys output was more efficient and effective

  37. hot dog

    hot dog5 kun oldin

    Hey broner where's your neck at

  38. Joni Putra

    Joni Putra5 kun oldin

    Manni. tahan pukul

  39. Humberto Servin

    Humberto Servin6 kun oldin

    Broner sin estrategia sin técnica y sin ganas de ganar solo quería terminar la pelea con un poquito de dignidad

  40. Annaliza Bonao

    Annaliza Bonao6 kun oldin

    😲 wow

  41. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana6 kun oldin

    “You know what Adrian...i didn’t dooo iiit”!!!

  42. Yaminbhy Bhy

    Yaminbhy Bhy6 kun oldin

    Lady broner lost😀

  43. J Churchie

    J Churchie6 kun oldin

    I watched this live and gave it to Manny purely on volume. But god damn rewatching it now, commentators were biased as fuck towards Manny, didn't acknowledge any of AB's counters, he was fucking Manny up with that right uppercut and check lead hook at times, and commentators ignored every single one, and acting like Manny's throwing at 90% connect rate lmao. Bloke missed alot, he still won, but AB wasn't lying, he was missing

  44. Liam Moran

    Liam Moran7 kun oldin

    The tasteful step-aunt broadly tumble because dryer uniquely trip circa a hapless temperature. capricious, unadvised bank

  45. Roro Foryah

    Roro Foryah7 kun oldin

    Broner is a clown

  46. Roro Foryah

    Roro Foryah7 kun oldin

    Boring Broner

  47. Juan Carlos Rojas

    Juan Carlos Rojas7 kun oldin

    just dancing like family styled.

  48. Rafa Gonzalez

    Rafa Gonzalez7 kun oldin

    Wooo mani

  49. Ricky Rheuark

    Ricky Rheuark7 kun oldin

    The main commentator of this fight is bias towards pac man or he is blind as a bat!🦇

  50. Thomas Pierce

    Thomas Pierce7 kun oldin


  51. Thomas Pierce

    Thomas Pierce7 kun oldin

    most of this fight is just adrien running away lmao

  52. Thomas Pierce

    Thomas Pierce7 kun oldin

    this fight was just kinda sad broner styles just aggrevates me so much always backing up and running away

  53. bushdelkul

    bushdelkul7 kun oldin

    Broner is a Mayweather bought on Wish.


    DHAN ROBERT7 kun oldin

    This is like firing a GLOCK to the TANK

  55. Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson7 kun oldin

    The cultured lute peroperatively whistle because lisa ultrastructually disapprove absent a vivacious swamp. spectacular, deeply ankle

  56. Eclectic Car

    Eclectic Car7 kun oldin

    Has Broner ever won a fight??? I always see his fight, and he always loses to everyone, has he ever won anything?

  57. Malachi Scott

    Malachi Scott8 kun oldin

    @22:32 “THIS FOR THE HOOD A.B!!!” 😂

  58. Yaffa Xaviera

    Yaffa Xaviera8 kun oldin

    What this name opening song?

  59. Ronald Belken

    Ronald Belken8 kun oldin

    They got it right if your going to run from going toe to toe your going to loose every time no matter how good punches you got on p he was running

  60. Rob2x

    Rob2x8 kun oldin

    B4 this fight start leme just say i know manny finna win just bc i know broners personality

  61. Kckim XD

    Kckim XD8 kun oldin

    It’s all counter punch he does not even single brawl fight cus those chin won’t take 39:51 his testing him for brawl then look what happen toe to toe

  62. Chukwudi Ogumba

    Chukwudi Ogumba9 kun oldin

    For me Broner is a really a boxer is not much that cheap of being beating by Manny I mean He put more effort and more strategy in this fight to make it difficult for Manny. Kudos to Broner.

  63. D G

    D G9 kun oldin

    This fight was cringeworthy to watch. What was AB attempting to do.....

  64. Kmak Milly

    Kmak Milly9 kun oldin

    Idk how Broner thought he won.

  65. Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey9 kun oldin

    Commentator all over Jeff Horn’s jock. Excuse after excuse.

  66. jules b

    jules b9 kun oldin

    I beat him” In your dream 😂

  67. Joseph Johns

    Joseph Johns9 kun oldin

    The different sardine cranially chop because pickle secondly frame without a hallowed pleasure. pretty, secretive jeans

  68. hk pinay tkd

    hk pinay tkd10 kun oldin

    Shout oud lodi your the best boxer in our country keepsafe and God Bless you always

  69. Edwin mayoru Edwin

    Edwin mayoru Edwin10 kun oldin

    ohh yea

  70. Max Maszczyk

    Max Maszczyk10 kun oldin

    in my opinion Broner did'nt win one round .Yhe anouncer should get some new glasses To!

  71. Wetewete Gogoy

    Wetewete Gogoy10 kun oldin

    Broner looked pathetic and older, while Pacman looked younger and fast. Broner must go back to kindergarten.

  72. Dr Primarijus

    Dr Primarijus10 kun oldin

    Girl.on the right at 50:45???

  73. SIGURD Ofstad

    SIGURD Ofstad10 kun oldin

    Broner is Mayweather without the favorable decisions:)

  74. Anita Lu

    Anita Lu10 kun oldin

    Broner got some dirty moves, Even referee told Manny: watch your head and I’ll watch him!

  75. Albert Hernandez

    Albert Hernandez6 kun oldin

    Watch his head and ill watch his forearms, that's what the referee said.

  76. Anita Lu

    Anita Lu10 kun oldin

    Manny is too quick for Broner. Good Fight!

  77. jesoni baleiwai

    jesoni baleiwai10 kun oldin

    Manny fights well when he's bouncing

  78. Eddie J

    Eddie J10 kun oldin

    ang INGAY lang ni BUBOY ......easy lang kaya nga MAY TRAINING KAYO........MALILITO NYAN ANG BOKSINGERO...

  79. Alexandre Prazeres

    Alexandre Prazeres11 kun oldin

    This commentor is so boring to hear. No expression at all

  80. 50 Year Old LE Rookie

    50 Year Old LE Rookie11 kun oldin

    It's still painful to watch this track meet of a one sided fight. Broner should be in track and field not boxing....LoL It's a crying shame when you make a 40yr old man chase you for 11 rounds and you still can't be the aggressor for at least the last round of the fight.....Pathetic!

  81. Havik Awakened

    Havik Awakened11 kun oldin

    ROFL at broner chucking his hands up like he KNEW he won 😆

  82. Havik Awakened

    Havik Awakened11 kun oldin

    He can't even contain his arrogance for 2 seconds.

  83. Havik Awakened

    Havik Awakened11 kun oldin

    Bahahahahaha "I beat him" broner said hahaha

  84. Havik Awakened

    Havik Awakened11 kun oldin

    The only fans Broner had in whole arena was his family lol..

  85. Havik Awakened

    Havik Awakened11 kun oldin

    I love watching the broner clan thinking their boy actually did something in rd 4 haha.. sit your ass down.

  86. Havik Awakened

    Havik Awakened11 kun oldin

    Broner had his aggressiveness beaten outta him by that other Spanish fighter lol.. he looks scared af vs Pacman

  87. Crisela Toniacao

    Crisela Toniacao11 kun oldin

    Still Pacman💯💪💥♥

  88. WAR KING

    WAR KING11 kun oldin

    Announcer was obviously biased in favor of Manny from the start

  89. Woke

    Woke12 kun oldin

    This fucking idiot calling the fight need glasses! PAC man was missing like shit! Slow mo and mute this dumb fuck calling the fight

  90. Grub Thomas

    Grub Thomas12 kun oldin

    Adrian was a soft sponge in that ring

  91. J03

    J0312 kun oldin

    briner fucking sucks

  92. xJester23

    xJester2312 kun oldin

    Broner has been a shot fighter for years now

  93. soon djukian

    soon djukian12 kun oldin


  94. Jeff Brown

    Jeff Brown12 kun oldin

    Broner, putting on a masterclass display. Worthy of “about billions”.

  95. Salvador Pelagio

    Salvador Pelagio13 kun oldin

    Pelea mas aburrida

  96. Fonsy

    Fonsy13 kun oldin

    Who's here after Broner robbed Santiago?

  97. Love or War Vlogs

    Love or War Vlogs13 kun oldin

    bakit pinapanalo nio mga negro,, ang boring sa laban,, mas gusto ko pa mga mexicano.. hindi sayang yung ticket ng mga manonood,

  98. Love or War Vlogs

    Love or War Vlogs13 kun oldin

    hindi dapat hinahayyan ni manny na mkpagpahinga c broner ,tira lang ng tira,, patumba na sana c broner kung lageng sinusugod ni manny,,

  99. Love or War Vlogs

    Love or War Vlogs13 kun oldin

    tagabigay nlang ng tubig c coach freddie roach ah

  100. Riff Raff

    Riff Raff13 kun oldin

    The worst announcer of all all time. This guy sounded half dead. And trash talked manny the whole time

  101. Marvelousmarvin

    Marvelousmarvin14 kun oldin

    Compare pac man calf muscle to broner calf muscle dam it looks like manny be doing a lot of calf raises cause those calf muscle are humongous.

  102. Rommel Soria

    Rommel Soria14 kun oldin

    BRONER Like may weather admit to thier selves that they are enough enough to Fight BACK manny paquiao, they RUN all the time Just to scape

  103. Rommel Soria

    Rommel Soria14 kun oldin