Paris Saint-Germain vs.Bayern Munich: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

The Champions fell. Bayern Munich won the match but lost on aggregate.
A gruesomely tense match ended 1-0 in favor of Bayern Munich, however that wasn’t enough as Paris Saint Germain advanced to the UEFA Champions League Semifinal on away goals. PSG played a nearly flawless game, only allowing a goal from Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting in the 40’.
The PSG attack was clinical all game however could not convert their opportunities missing by seemingly millimeters each and every time. Neymar and Mbappe had the PSG attack running on all cylinders and consistently pounced on the counter-attack giving Bayern issues all day.
PSG moves on the semi finals despite the loss and will face the winner of Dortmund/Manchester City.
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  1. Talinite

    Talinite2 kun oldin

    Could've easily been 5-6 agg.

  2. Talinite

    Talinite2 kun oldin

    Three situations in which a simple pass would've led to a clear goal scoring opportunity for Bayern 1:40 Sane to Muller 1:49 Kimmich to Sane 4:46 Sane to Chupo Moting There were many more that weren't shown in the highlights, most notably the infamous picture of Musiala wide open on goal. I think the biggest problem with Bayern in both legs was that they were too impatient. Everybody wanted to score as soon as possible. In the first leg, that caused them to completely forget how to defend, and in the second leg, they simply shot as soon as they had the ball rather than look for a teammate in a better position. Very sad. What's even worse is that if Bayern would have played more conservatively in the first game, the score would have at the very least been 2-2, considering the nature of Marquinhos' goal.

  3. Talinite

    TaliniteKun oldin

    @Pixel Pro that’s just it, they were real chances. PSG did everything right to get into the position to score, while Bayern just spammed useless shots in the general area of the goal.

  4. Pixel Pro

    Pixel ProKun oldin

    True, but don’t forget about the amount of chances PSG also had

  5. Jacob Wardell

    Jacob Wardell4 kun oldin

    Anyone else think it should come down to a shootout when it's tied like that?

  6. Micah Jensen

    Micah Jensen6 kun oldin

    another finishing masterclass from neymar

  7. SiShark

    SiShark7 kun oldin

    Anyone else here after PSG were put in their place by City?

  8. Sourena Sarcon

    Sourena Sarcon10 kun oldin

    Miss after miss from Bayern

  9. Mohammed Al Nasir

    Mohammed Al Nasir11 kun oldin

    all Bayern's 4 goals against PSG in the last 2 years were headers.

  10. Christian

    Christian12 kun oldin

    Neymar misses the mark again and again. He is not a striker! he missed multiple opportunities to score a goal.

  11. Extreme Refresh01

    Extreme Refresh0114 kun oldin

    No matter who is playing Peter Drury just gives you the chills

  12. ExoticEthan

    ExoticEthan17 kun oldin

    Eric choupo moting should’ve stayed in psg

  13. Brad Meyer

    Brad Meyer18 kun oldin

    This was pretty much the final. winner of this tie will win it all

  14. O K

    O K20 kun oldin

    Muller shouting Nein Nein around 7:03 tells you Bayern's frustration !

  15. O K

    O K20 kun oldin

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Neymar missed a Hatrick in this game ?

  16. Nayef Sangkad

    Nayef Sangkad21 kun oldin

    What a revenge from Psg

  17. Landon Ung

    Landon Ung21 kun oldin

    psg played so much better

  18. Music 4MySoul

    Music 4MySoul21 kun oldin

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  19. الله Alitucs

    الله Alitucs21 kun oldin

    Can someone explain why neymar was excited when it was over like I thought they lost 0-1

  20. Lucky starr

    Lucky starr21 kun oldin

    Neymar could've cost Psg this game...those goals he missed are unacceptable.

  21. Jesus O. Sanchez

    Jesus O. Sanchez21 kun oldin

    Alaba needs to go tf back

  22. Brandon Manley

    Brandon Manley22 kun oldin


  23. FBI

    FBI22 kun oldin

    how did they win if it was a tie

  24. Jordi Antonio

    Jordi Antonio21 kun oldin

    They had more away goals

  25. Alb 4ever

    Alb 4ever22 kun oldin

    Yeah biatches this is Bayern they went proud off this competition with not loosing like mthfk 7-1 or 8-2 .. lucky Bastards found a Bayern with many absences. Man City will destroy PSG...I make sure I bet good money on this.

  26. Edgar GL

    Edgar GL22 kun oldin


  27. Nunez Frankie

    Nunez Frankie23 kun oldin

    Bayern superior

  28. 1dan

    1dan23 kun oldin

    Shit bag sane gave the game away

  29. Alex18

    Alex1823 kun oldin

    Revenge is sweet for psg I probably have a feeling we will see them and man City in the final

  30. Robert Negron

    Robert Negron23 kun oldin

    PSG should have scored at least 3.

  31. Robert Negron

    Robert Negron23 kun oldin

    If n and m are in tune. Will be unstoppable.

  32. None Other

    None Other23 kun oldin

    Bayern Munich remains my team. Tough luck but I'm proud of you guys!

  33. gazahgg

    gazahgg24 kun oldin

    Just Imagine if Mbappe and Neymar started getting along with each other (ON THE FIELD).

  34. Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown24 kun oldin

    8:56 Epic..

  35. Misael Ochoa Anacleto

    Misael Ochoa Anacleto24 kun oldin

    Chelsea vs PSG? Tomas Tuchel wins

  36. Anthony Lampasona

    Anthony Lampasona24 kun oldin

    PSG got there revenge XD

  37. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia24 kun oldin


  38. Eddie Gutierrez

    Eddie Gutierrez24 kun oldin


  39. ChazzvVideos

    ChazzvVideos24 kun oldin

    I don’t watch much soccer but something tells me this announcer is the same one who says Bruno Fernanch

  40. Marley Boy

    Marley Boy24 kun oldin

    4:46 bruh moting is right next to sane unmarked but sane just had to take a shot

  41. Stay Lifted

    Stay Lifted24 kun oldin

    Neymar could’ve made like 3 goals🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. Chris Nava

    Chris Nava24 kun oldin

    PSG is a disgusting team

  43. Siniestro02

    Siniestro0225 kun oldin

    Come On Keylor lets get that cup and rub it in Florentino's face

  44. Corpse Awareness

    Corpse Awareness25 kun oldin

    Neymar's such a piece of shit Not a good player at all he's all about himself and all no wonder they don't invite him for the national soccer team

  45. F R

    F R24 kun oldin

    mbappe was free to score and neymar didn't even bother to pass

  46. Frank G

    Frank G25 kun oldin

    Came here just to laugh at sane for this game

  47. Paul-vivien Piba

    Paul-vivien Piba25 kun oldin

    Bundesliga out😩😭

  48. Charles Henriquez

    Charles Henriquez25 kun oldin

    Like Porto, PSG lost this game, tied on aggregate and advance on away goals, lmao

  49. Nuke Thegamer

    Nuke Thegamer25 kun oldin

    Image Neymar mbape and di Maria and messi they would destroy other teams

  50. Sixta Bernal

    Sixta Bernal25 kun oldin

    Anyone else think it's keylor navas fault for the 1st goal

  51. Mystic

    Mystic25 kun oldin

    no ppl in stands yet there are chants

  52. Cadian122

    Cadian12225 kun oldin

    This is one of the greatest defensive performances I've ever seen by a single player.... Lucas Hernandez was utterly incredible.. Stopped about 6 PSG counters when Pavard and Boetang were left for dead ... Dude was stripping the ball from Neymar like taking candy from a baby all day!.. I hope Madrid bring Lucas and Alaba in

  53. Flute Island

    Flute Island25 kun oldin

    biased thumbnails

  54. Robert Grant

    Robert Grant25 kun oldin

    PSG goal post challenge 😂


    JULIO CASTAÑEDA25 kun oldin

    good for GSD, finally justice is done! Abschied Schwache Champions...

  56. Andy Wang

    Andy Wang25 kun oldin

    Why Benjamin Pavard lowkey look like Tom Holland 💀

  57. Jay Capone

    Jay Capone25 kun oldin

    I don’t understand how neymar got man of the match 😂🤦‍♂️ all those misses bruh

  58. Road to The 14th

    Road to The 14th25 kun oldin

    At 1:41 if Sane would have simply passed it. Müller would have been 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. They would have probably gone through but What if...

  59. Ivan Torres

    Ivan Torres25 kun oldin

    Bayern lost but it was 3-3?

  60. Lucas Argandoña

    Lucas Argandoña26 kun oldin

    I wanted to see Bayern vs PSG 😢

  61. Donald Pimentel

    Donald Pimentel26 kun oldin

    The goat CR7 should go to PSG. The king is still the king

  62. Gianpaolo Pazzini

    Gianpaolo Pazzini26 kun oldin

    where is lewandowski

  63. KDINK

    KDINK26 kun oldin

    5:46 DAYUMMM! You see how Neymar did them two guys😭

  64. Mihal Stefa

    Mihal Stefa26 kun oldin

    No matter what happened, Bayern Munich the best team ever!

  65. African god

    African god26 kun oldin

    Neymar is really that dude

  66. Edwin Sparda

    Edwin Sparda26 kun oldin

    You really gotta give it to Navas. I don't know what RM was thinking.

  67. anti - matter

    anti - matter26 kun oldin

    Came here from brawl stars

  68. Mohamed abshir Dhore

    Mohamed abshir Dhore26 kun oldin

    What a show by neymar tho,my god!

  69. Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da Silva26 kun oldin

    Funny game

  70. Alexandre Dehbaoui

    Alexandre Dehbaoui26 kun oldin

    I am confused who won

  71. Maxybokku

    Maxybokku26 kun oldin

    Navas played such a big role in this game 👏 👏 👏 👏

  72. kadiray dukureh

    kadiray dukureh26 kun oldin

    They got their revenge on Bayern after last years final good for psg I want them to win it this year

  73. Yilun Mao

    Yilun Mao26 kun oldin

    内马尔咋搞的哈哈哈 这种球都不进

  74. Lorena Almaraz

    Lorena Almaraz26 kun oldin

    El Bayer tuvo todo para eliminar al paris tiempo . Jugadas

  75. Waldo Hernandez Oronos

    Waldo Hernandez Oronos26 kun oldin

    Neymar back to playing how he did in Barcelona

  76. BloodyBenGs

    BloodyBenGs26 kun oldin

    Neymar is such a waste of money dawg

  77. Benjamin Ramirez

    Benjamin Ramirez26 kun oldin

    Sane could have easily had 2 assists in this game.

  78. PrinceCODM 187

    PrinceCODM 18726 kun oldin

    PSG lucky cuz lewandowski injured

  79. Witness "DaTruth"

    Witness "DaTruth"26 kun oldin

    He could have attempted the pass but Hernandez was covering the passing lane first, "GO LOOK AT IT AGAIN" it's clear many of you don't actually play football. He would have had to play the ball behind Mbappes path which would have ruined the play anyway. The play was to do exactly what he did because he saw Hernandez playing the passing lane. It's a 50/50 proposition.

  80. Angel C

    Angel C26 kun oldin

    What was Boateng thinking with that little spin to get the ball out of bounds at 6:02???

  81. cheetoh

    cheetoh26 kun oldin

    I like how everyone tries to pass the. All to neymar but neymar doesn't and misses so many goals like in the last take 2 players open and neymar ballhogged... this why Paris won last time they had different man instead of neymar and more passing more goals that's how they beat barcelona too

  82. JM2 plays

    JM2 plays26 kun oldin

    Just heard Lucas Hernandez was playing with a hip injury. Seriously, what a warrior he is. A world class performance from him. Deserves to be a starter

  83. Shell Dahl

    Shell Dahl26 kun oldin

    Quality football from both teams!

  84. ivan s

    ivan s26 kun oldin

    Neymar is overrated. Could’ve scored so many times 🤦‍♂️

  85. Ace K

    Ace K26 kun oldin

    Biggest takeaways: Sane does not know how to get it done. Neither does Neymar. Mbappe is the real deal. Keylor Navas is the real deal.

  86. Black White

    Black White26 kun oldin

    If i were Naymar I'd be more concerned about all the chances I missed than the fact that PSG are going through

  87. Otsunu

    Otsunu26 kun oldin

    Wait PSG lost but why are they celebrating at the end some please explain?

  88. Yuh Mum

    Yuh Mum26 kun oldin

    Can’t wait to see an actual full healthy PSG team play in the semis. verratti, paredes, mbappe, Neymar, Marquinhos, Navas will actually all get to play

  89. Martincito

    Martincito26 kun oldin

    I didn’t watch the game. I hate myself

  90. Ritik

    Ritik26 kun oldin

    If Lewandowski was in place or sane Psg would have bottle it

  91. Aaron

    Aaron26 kun oldin

    *Hey, to you reading* ... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  92. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance26 kun oldin

    Hello, Humans. If everyone said what they were actually thinking, what would happen to society? TERRANCE OUT

  93. Polaris Star

    Polaris Star26 kun oldin

    8:41 Neymar should have passed Mappe. You can tell Mappe was pissed at Neymar selfishness.

  94. Jesus Lopez

    Jesus Lopez26 kun oldin

    Let’s appreciate the “let’s appreciate comments” 😂😂😂


    SWEET BABY26 kun oldin

    Neymar was so unlucky in this game. He couldn't hit sand if he fell off a camel that day

  96. justaguy123_

    justaguy123_26 kun oldin

    Neymar does everything well except finish. Choker.

  97. Fabian Moye

    Fabian Moye26 kun oldin

    Junior would've been crying if they got kicked out

  98. AverageGamer 256

    AverageGamer 25626 kun oldin

    ngl ion like the two goal rule , they won the game

  99. Suad A

    Suad A26 kun oldin

    F trash more action at high school girls game

  100. Marzio London

    Marzio London26 kun oldin

    Don't be upset kimmich you worse than paredes and neymar's when you win 🔵⚪🔴

  101. Marzio London

    Marzio London26 kun oldin

    @Ritik you such a little boy with that answer 🤦🏻‍♂️

  102. Ritik

    Ritik26 kun oldin

    If Lewandowski was playing,psg would have lost

  103. New Era Piano

    New Era Piano26 kun oldin

    Neymar had a great game! he and Mbappe are an amazing duo!

  104. Luis Rosales

    Luis Rosales26 kun oldin

    Missing lewandowski

  105. Tin Nguyen

    Tin Nguyen26 kun oldin

    8:56 dont know what Joshua Kimmich thought about PSG's player victory celebration. He looked so mean!

  106. Ritik

    Ritik26 kun oldin

    Shut up

  107. Rex Longfellow

    Rex Longfellow26 kun oldin

    LOL everyone praising PSG and Neymar like they won this game. No matter your praise, they were still inferior in this game. They won because of a random rule in football, they didn't do anything better than Bayern.