Philza gets taunted by Tommy, Ranboo & Drista on Dream SMP

This was VERY chaotic...
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  1. arsham aghadasi

    arsham aghadasi33 daqiqa oldin

    Hey phil i fond u resupack that make the elytra bhtere is calld dragon wing am trying and i can bleve how awsome it is but u have to have no cape

  2. BL4Z3 Gaming

    BL4Z3 GamingSoat oldin

    Tell techno tommy has the axe of peace he wil kill him instantly

  3. Pud Kbs

    Pud KbsSoat oldin

    I call you ph-1-l-za

  4. gao ting

    gao ting3 soat oldin

    Hey that dream sister playing on his loptap and she did that

  5. Pixelated Kokichi

    Pixelated Kokichi4 soat oldin

    Great stream today! I missed an hour of it because of class though :/ thanks for being my internet dad :>

  6. sere gacha 21

    sere gacha 215 soat oldin

    Father hello

  7. IMBored

    IMBored6 soat oldin

    I saw Tommy's video of it

  8. salik xy

    salik xy6 soat oldin

    pil uplode origin smp vids

  9. Kei Chung

    Kei Chung7 soat oldin


  10. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli8 soat oldin

    i love how drista is the 2nd most powerful canonical being beh9nd dreamxd

  11. Sarah Ariff

    Sarah Ariff9 soat oldin

    Well that’s enough I’m gonna unsub to tommy

  12. ReytonRen

    ReytonRen12 soat oldin

    Ur oldza

  13. Slumpjy

    Slumpjy12 soat oldin

    Phil do be getting drunk tho also the belt!

  14. Silky Navy

    Silky Navy16 soat oldin

    Alternative title Philza getting taunted by children

  15. David Tooley

    David Tooley16 soat oldin


  16. David Tooley

    David Tooley16 soat oldin


  17. Sebastijan Bečanović

    Sebastijan Bečanović17 soat oldin

    Where is hardcore season 4? Last ep was 3 months ago...

  18. Hawaii Pineapple

    Hawaii Pineapple18 soat oldin

    I watched Tommy’s video before this- and then I realized Tommy posts a lot later then he records and Phil is so much faster 😳

  19. Hip

    Hip19 soat oldin

    His name is Philza minecraft

  20. MegaEpicCheeseMan

    MegaEpicCheeseMan19 soat oldin

    Is it just me or does Phil's in game avatar looks like Kisuke from Bleach ?

  21. Alonso Rabanes

    Alonso Rabanes19 soat oldin

    Philza pls upload ur streams on you tube i dont have twitch prime plzz

  22. JagerMain

    JagerMain20 soat oldin

    Phil in a box what would he do

  23. festus ewere

    festus ewere20 soat oldin

    Good one

  24. 123iamRonelle_playz

    123iamRonelle_playz20 soat oldin

    i finally see the philza pov

  25. Towering

    Towering21 soat oldin

    6:02 Shes 13... (Pause and go to the stamp and look at chat)

  26. Joshua Forster

    Joshua Forster21 soat oldin

    pls make more highlights for series 4

  27. [JNSKI3 PLAYS official]

    [JNSKI3 PLAYS official]22 soat oldin

    I see this one he change to spectator mode

  28. Cloudy Pearls

    Cloudy Pearls22 soat oldin

    Philza did you build the smp with your friends in creative?

  29. Mila Dema

    Mila Dema22 soat oldin

    Sing Take me home in your next video pls


    BRIXXEEEKun oldin

    u been trolled


    BRIXXEEEKun oldin

    ph11z4 m1n3cr4ft

  32. Skelex

    SkelexKun oldin


  33. BlurryMuffin

    BlurryMuffinKun oldin

    Philza have one 64 likes on this video

  34. Jacob Chandler

    Jacob ChandlerKun oldin

    Why do you only use flight duration 1 rockets on hardcore. You know of flight duration 3 surely

  35. Димитър Томов

    Димитър ТомовKun oldin

    Do it reaction on dawn of 16th

  36. Antasia Sky Mendoza

    Antasia Sky MendozaKun oldin


  37. Rita S

    Rita SKun oldin


  38. Kit-Kat POG

    Kit-Kat POGKun oldin

    Tommy fighting phil and phil giving patience then getting pissed off: sounds like father and son now days lol.

  39. Adrian Siewierski

    Adrian SiewierskiKun oldin

    Why don’t you play hardcore anymore everyone loves those videos

  40. Bigbomb388

    Bigbomb388Kun oldin

    Yoooo Phil hope you see this but what do you think will happen when you update your hardcore world in the next update because I was wondering the same about my own and I don’t wanna lose it, but I want the new update(don’t know if you said it on stream or not)

  41. Saapinou

    Saapinou6 soat oldin

    Ok i have an idea for you , make a new world in your current version play a bit on it , like make a house , even on creative mode , then when the new version comes you go on it , if its corrupted then dont open your hardcore world , and also make sure you make a backup of your hardcore world before doing what i said


    KILLER QUEENKun oldin

    Phill were the fu*k have you been

  43. Nat Chandran

    Nat ChandranKun oldin

    phil looks like micheal rosen. it scares me

  44. Jesus Retes

    Jesus RetesKun oldin

    Where can I find vods to all your streams?

  45. Josh.

    Josh.Kun oldin

    Come here from happy hour

  46. Oogway Oogeewae

    Oogway OogeewaeKun oldin

    Wait philza is actually a fan of urahara?

  47. Cosmo Days

    Cosmo Days2 kun oldin

    He is an expert marksman.

  48. SkillsWas7w7

    SkillsWas7w72 kun oldin

    phil im to british lol

  49. Patrick Lorence Teves

    Patrick Lorence Teves2 kun oldin


  50. RYLOCK

    RYLOCK2 kun oldin

    how do you get a custom elytra? ive been trying for ages but i still dont know how

  51. Creepyroll

    Creepyroll2 kun oldin

    3 child do a little trolling on an old man.

  52. Adrian Cruz

    Adrian Cruz2 kun oldin

    I found Phil in a anime

  53. Adrian Cruz

    Adrian Cruz2 kun oldin


  54. Tekkyboi 69

    Tekkyboi 692 kun oldin

    Philza me and my friend in a minecraft realm a draining a ocean monument

  55. AFIT Wolf

    AFIT Wolf2 kun oldin


  56. Chevalier

    Chevalier2 kun oldin

    Thank you for the colgate recommendation, it was indeed very tasty

  57. BRAWL clash

    BRAWL clash2 kun oldin

    HARCORE 10

  58. Philip Bunt

    Philip Bunt2 kun oldin

    Phil can you help me not cheat in hardcore and do it naturally

  59. Zuxl -

    Zuxl -2 kun oldin

    Alternative title: dadza gettin annoyed with his son and his friends

  60. Lanzekmar

    Lanzekmar2 kun oldin


  61. BelowZERO

    BelowZERO2 kun oldin

    Hey Phil just wanted to say I love the stuff you’ve been putting on your twitch UZnick and Twitter keep up the good work mate! Luv ya!

  62. King Gabrielle

    King Gabrielle2 kun oldin

    I just wanted to see tommy's pov when phil turned around.

  63. James Ambrosini

    James Ambrosini2 kun oldin

    Hey Phil, for the pub on the Origin SMP, I had an idea. What if you made the floor water underneath glass. I know you probably already have a design in mind, but hey, maybe?

  64. Barney Stinson

    Barney Stinson2 kun oldin

    Philza is really like a God, unbelivable move in there lol

  65. Bader Adel

    Bader Adel2 kun oldin

    The speed runner

  66. Bader Adel

    Bader Adel2 kun oldin

    Sub to electy

  67. Christinia Tynes

    Christinia Tynes2 kun oldin

    Tommy video was so funny how drister spawned the ender Dragon

  68. Mark Pascual

    Mark Pascual2 kun oldin


  69. Mark Pascual

    Mark Pascual2 kun oldin

    This made me

  70. Mark Pascual

    Mark Pascual2 kun oldin

    Oh look he vanished i wonder where he went oh you little shit

  71. Thomas25 Zaharopoulos

    Thomas25 Zaharopoulos2 kun oldin

    Are U going to post on season 4 anymore ph1Za

  72. Thomas25 Zaharopoulos

    Thomas25 Zaharopoulos2 kun oldin


  73. Thomas25 Zaharopoulos

    Thomas25 Zaharopoulos2 kun oldin

    I can't speel

  74. Icy_fox

    Icy_fox2 kun oldin

    It is I noza minecraft

  75. Et0ns L1ght

    Et0ns L1ght3 kun oldin

    Phil, when I mined my dirt, why did I not get any diamonds. I was at Y=11 too.

  76. Spade Alpha

    Spade Alpha3 kun oldin

    2:24 My son

  77. Tomasz 5559

    Tomasz 55593 kun oldin

    Do u drink Milk?

  78. George Algeri

    George Algeri3 kun oldin

    what the hell happened to your hardcore survival? Did you die in it or something its been like four months since an upload bruh moment...

  79. The Recon Empire New Arcadia Will Rise

    The Recon Empire New Arcadia Will Rise3 kun oldin


  80. hotdog brained

    hotdog brained3 kun oldin

    Phil, can you share the texture pack you use, it makes netherite cool

  81. Christian zedrick Doquila

    Christian zedrick Doquila3 kun oldin

    Poor phil

  82. Joshua Sparks

    Joshua Sparks3 kun oldin


  83. Fäñčÿ Lëmøń

    Fäñčÿ Lëmøń3 kun oldin

    No one: One person in chat: GODINNIT

  84. Klein Maynigo

    Klein Maynigo3 kun oldin

    tommy is trying get the belt again from dadza

  85. Team Quinton

    Team Quinton3 kun oldin

    Can you post more hardcore? Plz

  86. A V

    A V3 kun oldin

    god I love how many views you get now after your death in your hardcore world your channel blew up, and i love it

  87. Blob

    Blob3 kun oldin

    So if tommy is a canonical son and dream smp started in April 25th 2020 then how is Tommy a 17 year old then how is he 17 because if this is canonical then he should be about 1 year old in the actual series. But he is 17 so what is this 🤔

  88. FalconFunds

    FalconFunds3 kun oldin

    i legit just saw a commend in chat that said "LOL F**K ME DRISTA" wth

  89. ••Foxox••

    ••Foxox••3 kun oldin

    i think i ate your wing right now-

  90. K. Gressel

    K. Gressel3 kun oldin

    Dude calm

  91. Kallen Scalf

    Kallen Scalf3 kun oldin

    What’s your texture pack it looks sick and I need it

  92. Felix Rasmussen

    Felix Rasmussen3 kun oldin

    Phil how did you put up with that

  93. ttv.go6eto

    ttv.go6eto3 kun oldin



    THE ALL KNOWN_3 kun oldin

    Phil pls put some content from origin smp

  95. v:

    v:3 kun oldin

    Phil always gets bullied by kids 😀

  96. Koti and Tiko

    Koti and Tiko3 kun oldin


  97. Blue Blade

    Blue Blade3 kun oldin

    5:57 says the guy with the skin of a Bleach Charater

  98. Juan Nicolas

    Juan Nicolas3 kun oldin


  99. Ryan Elder

    Ryan Elder3 kun oldin

    How does Phil have that stuff for netherite armor like the blue stuff it’s cool

  100. Salt For Sale

    Salt For Sale3 kun oldin

    So philza can wear an iron helmet in Origins SMP. would like him to see this, :P

  101. Julix

    Julix3 kun oldin


  102. ambily vinod

    ambily vinod4 kun oldin

    whats ur thought on dantdm hardcore world ebding

  103. ChethanIsCool

    ChethanIsCool4 kun oldin

    Philza minecraft gets bullied by a child