Plane makes emergency landing after parts of Boeing aircraft drop over homes

A United Airlines flight was forced into an emergency landing after debris from the aircraft plunged towards homes in Denver.
Debris from Flight 328 between the capital of Colorado and Honolulu was spotted strewn across a residential area in Broomfield, including the engine rim and what appeared to be parts of the engine casing.
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  1. joel Bélanger

    joel Bélanger7 kun oldin


  2. joel Bélanger

    joel Bélanger7 kun oldin


  3. Stephen Wilcox

    Stephen Wilcox7 kun oldin

    It is very rare that situations like this occur but they do happen. Thankfully pilots spend 100s of hours in the simulators and are trained to deal with these potential disasters they had it under control but the falling debris could of been fatal glad all involved are okay

  4. Beeg Ames

    Beeg Ames8 kun oldin

    People and their "prayers" smh

  5. MUGISHA Martin

    MUGISHA Martin8 kun oldin

  6. Shyamtanu Banerjee

    Shyamtanu Banerjee8 kun oldin

    Only God saved them 🙏🙏

  7. Nick Ngunjiri

    Nick Ngunjiri9 kun oldin

    Airbus is the best aeroplane ✈️🛫 manufacturer in the world

  8. Gladies Okta

    Gladies Okta9 kun oldin


  9. William Griffith

    William Griffith10 kun oldin

    This will surely be featured on 'TheFlightChannel' for sure!

  10. Mayor Dago TV

    Mayor Dago TV10 kun oldin

    oh almost hit the 323 dollar window.

  11. Norman Silver

    Norman Silver11 kun oldin

    One comment. If this had to happen it did so at the right time and under the right circumstances. No one injured, a big awakening to the industry AND the FAA. Now there will be a hopefully large detailed check of all aircraft powered by this Pratt and Whitney jet engine. The hoped for result would be a prevention of more Fan failures like this one.

  12. Jaime Gutierrez

    Jaime Gutierrez11 kun oldin

    I canceled my flight on united because they have a lot Boeing i prefer flying in airbus i feelt save

  13. Osteen Osteve

    Osteen Osteve11 kun oldin

    Well we thank God for protecting these people.....

  14. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith11 kun oldin

    Shaken but not burned

  15. Lignow

    Lignow11 kun oldin

    Trumps fault - RIGHT cnn - nbc- cbs- etc.etc.etc. antifa / lgbt for hire. CALL 666.666.666 demoncrates

  16. Grand masterflash

    Grand masterflash12 kun oldin

    This is what happens people don't turn off their electrical devices

  17. Kasper

    Kasper12 kun oldin

    Fk crazy

  18. R.M.S Titanic RBLX

    R.M.S Titanic RBLX12 kun oldin

    This was on the news and I’m so stupid that I thought plane engines were like that in 2021 now lol

  19. Sandra Soares

    Sandra Soares12 kun oldin

    Thank God very one is o.k. Thanks for your time and have a great day! 2\21

  20. Dele O. B.

    Dele O. B.12 kun oldin

    At least it all ended well.

  21. Ray Mon2

    Ray Mon212 kun oldin


  22. Bill Bright

    Bill Bright12 kun oldin

    Looks like a Kevlar retainer blanket around bypassing fan section very good idea for safety reasons. In the rare event of blade separation could reduce possible cabin penetration of projectiles. Immediate shutdown of damaged engine systems to reduce fire potential. Immediately declare emergency for priority landing privileges. Could happen at over open ocean with thousands of miles to nearest airport. Come on # 1 hang in there! Foreign object ingestion, possibly a previous event of small magnitude, but enough impact to start a separation fracture in airfoil structure. Perhaps a full run up rpm before each takeoff. If there’s a problem better to know before takeoff run.

  23. King C

    King C12 kun oldin

    Boeing executives: ''It's just a flesh wound!''

  24. Kristen Sorensen

    Kristen Sorensen12 kun oldin

    Flying twin engine flights over water is madness!! It's all about cost not safety! I won't fly a twin to Hawaii!

  25. Susan Nyaguthii

    Susan Nyaguthii13 kun oldin

    God is good

  26. randz barace

    randz barace13 kun oldin

    i saw that form philippine news That was a boeing 222 or 777 just a basic plane

  27. Baharuddin M245 Channel

    Baharuddin M245 Channel13 kun oldin


  28. Todd T

    Todd T13 kun oldin

    COVID killed a plane. I wonder which other plane it caught it from..

  29. K Spear

    K Spear13 kun oldin


  30. RSA citizen

    RSA citizen13 kun oldin

    God Almighty is Great...Amen 🙏

  31. Au Ngai sum

    Au Ngai sum13 kun oldin

    Looks like America quality is declining.

  32. Alejandra Bacalao

    Alejandra Bacalao13 kun oldin

    pilots are the heroes of history

  33. Tusiime Frank

    Tusiime Frank13 kun oldin

    We thank God no one was injured

  34. andre russell

    andre russell13 kun oldin

    If it ain’t airbus I ain’t going

  35. Donald Fields

    Donald Fields13 kun oldin

    No: Parts of a Pratt & Whitney engine falling out of the sky. What does Boeing have to do with United's choice of engine? If it was a Continental jet, it would have had GE power. They leased reliable power by the hour. ETOPS: Engines Turn Or People Swim.

  36. Дмитрий Бурбовский

    Дмитрий Бурбовский13 kun oldin


  37. Jan Dec

    Jan Dec13 kun oldin

    Strach latać takim samolotem firma o światowej renomie

  38. Eleeth Tahgra

    Eleeth Tahgra13 kun oldin very similar to donnie darko movie.

  39. Улан Элеманов

    Улан Элеманов13 kun oldin

    Пилоты молодцы разобрались без кипиша.Да и Боинг хорош.Крепыш.

  40. Eduardo lima

    Eduardo lima13 kun oldin


  41. zarirvtech

    zarirvtech13 kun oldin

    Boeing plane is dangerous

  42. Larry Victor

    Larry Victor13 kun oldin

    I always travel with train and bus

  43. Sweetie Jan

    Sweetie Jan13 kun oldin

    Allah hu Akbar☝

  44. Doe Buck

    Doe Buck13 kun oldin

    Oh boy, Boeing again........glad no one was hurt.

  45. Minty Bot

    Minty Bot13 kun oldin

    Could of been P&W or United fault idiot

  46. Charlie Robertson

    Charlie Robertson13 kun oldin

    I would look for those parts and keep them

  47. nelson kutsawa

    nelson kutsawa13 kun oldin

    Boeing is toast.

  48. prashanth Reddy

    prashanth Reddy13 kun oldin

    Donnie Darko

  49. panther cheng

    panther cheng14 kun oldin

    very good cgi effects, airport 2021? 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  50. Brawling Style

    Brawling Style14 kun oldin

    Kirby klements couldn't have more of a American name lmfao

  51. RAMBIT

    RAMBIT14 kun oldin

    That footage is going to be extremely helpful to investigators as it shows the engines damaged state while operating

  52. R L T

    R L T13 kun oldin

    It wasn't operating. It had been shut down. It was wind milling with residual fluids still burning.

  53. Arty Abby

    Arty Abby14 kun oldin

    Phew they were all lucky, not just the passengers who must have been shitting themselves but the residents below. Terrifying!!!

  54. ItsYourMama

    ItsYourMama14 kun oldin

    Boom! And that ladies and gentlemen is how a engine overheats any questions?

  55. Richard

    Richard14 kun oldin

    The dude who had the crash in his yard looks like the FHRITP dude. I was half expecting it!

  56. Taj Tomlinson

    Taj Tomlinson14 kun oldin

    😳 😞 pray

  57. papi don

    papi don14 kun oldin

    Just needs a lil duct tape

  58. Pqrst Zxerty

    Pqrst Zxerty14 kun oldin

    ...and now the 21 of February 2021, All Boeing 777 are banned in UK airspace because of this.

  59. leanne Xu

    leanne Xu13 kun oldin

    Fellow Captain Joe fan!

  60. socialgames

    socialgames14 kun oldin

    we will see more of this as covid has made all the airport workers of the world rusty and sloppy at their job.

  61. BINTANG ubaidillah

    BINTANG ubaidillah14 kun oldin

    pity the plane how come it can get off so it makes me nervous ..

  62. Alex Shalom

    Alex Shalom14 kun oldin

    Seems sketchilly done

  63. SevoVEVO

    SevoVEVO14 kun oldin

    I was flying united on same Saturday from Houston to DC and there a huge "bang noise" mid flight too and I thought I was gonna die but I thought it was turbulence. Never heard such a turbulence b4 though. I completed the rest of the trip with my heart in my belly.

  64. supernova girl

    supernova girl14 kun oldin

    Donnie Darko anyone?

  65. Samuel Lux

    Samuel Lux14 kun oldin

    Every time there's an airplane accident I always thinking it must be boeing

  66. Jessica Camillo

    Jessica Camillo14 kun oldin


  67. Jay Louis

    Jay Louis14 kun oldin

    Ritchieeeeeeeeeeeee!!! - LaBamba


    PETER SAINT PIERRE14 kun oldin

    Boeing are not fit to build passenger aircrafts . Stick to military grade jets

  69. neko nekic

    neko nekic14 kun oldin

    mayday mayday..that was scary.. :/

  70. neko nekic

    neko nekic14 kun oldin

    made in usa.

  71. Ngoc Ng

    Ngoc Ng14 kun oldin

    people lives at risk, sue airline for failure safety,guess they never do maintenance on that plane

  72. Bradley Gerrie

    Bradley Gerrie14 kun oldin

    Only me or is there a lot of plane incidents recently ?

  73. alfredlikc00

    alfredlikc0014 kun oldin

    Those Pratt and Whitneys are usually pretty safe... Not sure what happened.

  74. Chad Markz

    Chad Markz14 kun oldin

    United is the most pressure unsafe airline. I would never fly them

  75. Alpha & Omega

    Alpha & Omega14 kun oldin

    Airbus and Boeing are rubish, china COMAC airplane are coming to save humanity!

  76. josue Kay

    josue Kay5 kun oldin

    I'm sure Boeing will find a way to sabotage COMAC!

  77. Mauro Silva

    Mauro Silva14 kun oldin

    I hope this is a joke

  78. Glo Kapt

    Glo Kapt14 kun oldin

    We thank God

  79. Alien Chaser

    Alien Chaser14 kun oldin

    When it is time to die nobody wants to die but when asked everyone wants to go to paradise. ..

  80. Evenee UÉ

    Evenee UÉ14 kun oldin

    Com esse avião

  81. Evenee UÉ

    Evenee UÉ14 kun oldin

    Tudo certo

  82. Evenee UÉ

    Evenee UÉ14 kun oldin

    Tudo bem

  83. • MegaShades

    • MegaShades14 kun oldin

    It was that pesky Gremlin from The Twilight Zone movie.

  84. Manfred Connor

    Manfred Connor14 kun oldin

    Why does everyone in America always have to pray? That doesn't do anything. Haha!

  85. joefred Ramirez

    joefred Ramirez14 kun oldin

    no Hawai lol

  86. DIGET Dan

    DIGET Dan14 kun oldin

    Well I’m never going on a plane it’s trains or boats for now on

  87. josue Kay

    josue Kay14 kun oldin

    Trains derail and crash, boats sink... Sadly 😔

  88. eNeVe Family

    eNeVe Family14 kun oldin

    That is horrifying. I hope the champ who recorded that clip got good money for his recording. Thank God, no one on the ground got injured.

  89. British Airways Boeing 747-436

    British Airways Boeing 747-43614 kun oldin

    Inconel 718 🔩🔩 bolts holding that Pratt & Whitney PW4000 on the Boeing 777 ✈

  90. error9900

    error990014 kun oldin

    On the way to Hawaii... Good thing they weren't out in the middle of the ocean...

  91. Flem Hawker

    Flem Hawker14 kun oldin

    That must of been traumatic for everybody on board & it’s amazing that no Denver residents were harmed. Lady Luck was smiling on them all thankfully.

  92. roadracer1584

    roadracer158414 kun oldin

    That would have been a bummer if the engine blew up over the pacific ocean halfway between the California coast and Hawaii.

  93. HH J E Wilhelm

    HH J E Wilhelm12 kun oldin

    @elvin suazo Yeah but that particular aviation route from the California coast to Hawaii is one of the few places that an aircraft is ever not within an hour of reaching another airport for emergency landing. Even routes to SE Asia are always w/in the 1 hour guideline. Just can’t happen to Hawaii. Ironically I was on that exact aircraft and route in January 2019. Airtime from DEN to HNL is typically about 8 hours. At midpoint of the oceanic portion it is at best 2.5 hours to reach land. So yeah airplanes are built to manage these emergencies but within more reasonable time limits. Could’ve been much worse if the failure occurred later in flight.

  94. elvin suazo

    elvin suazo13 kun oldin

    planes could still fly with one engine

  95. Eugene Crabs

    Eugene Crabs14 kun oldin

    Trust me, us Pilots know what we are doing. Alot of people dont trust Pilots, and would rather have Autonomus tech. But, trust me, Pilots LOVE their jobs, and dont want to lose them.

  96. Dan Breen

    Dan Breen14 kun oldin

    god dam left philangi.

  97. Chima Chinda

    Chima Chinda14 kun oldin

    Imagine the relief on touch down.

  98. Marious Pilapil Tullao

    Marious Pilapil Tullao14 kun oldin

    prayer is the best call to God and be thankfull everyday God is the owner of life we must back to God the creator😇😇😇

  99. Got It

    Got It14 kun oldin

    How come such plane is even service?

  100. Minty Bot

    Minty Bot14 kun oldin

    @Got It the plane is 26.3 years old and flys perfectly find Could of been United or engine company fault

  101. Got It

    Got It14 kun oldin

    @Minty Bot why?

  102. Minty Bot

    Minty Bot14 kun oldin

    Your such an idiot honestly 😂

  103. Axle

    Axle14 kun oldin

    It's a bird, It's a plane... NO its raining fracking engine parts. RUN!

  104. Charlie Borchert

    Charlie Borchert14 kun oldin

    The mere lip probably judge because state aerobically permit to a toothsome plant. soggy, reflective store

  105. Jennifer Bullett

    Jennifer Bullett14 kun oldin

    By the grace of God angels were with them all. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  106. Ademarati Sunday

    Ademarati Sunday14 kun oldin

    God is good 🙏



    Imagine your first time on plane and seeing that.

  108. Sixty six 007

    Sixty six 00714 kun oldin

    Boeing aircrafts has killed a lots of people more than Corona virus pandemic. If Boeing is owned by Chinese companies , American and European allies will ban the company many Years ago. Boeing Aircrafts isn't qualified enough to be building aircraft. The whole world keeps silent because it's belong to the Western. Wickedness in the highest places. We must ban Boeing Aircrafts .

  109. Minty Bot

    Minty Bot14 kun oldin

    Could of been United or engine company fault idiot

  110. Sir Bigdik

    Sir Bigdik14 kun oldin

    It's a miracle no one on the ground was hurt.

  111. Romi Agua

    Romi Agua14 kun oldin

    A causa das falhas até as donas de casa sabem.

  112. tiredowalkin

    tiredowalkin14 kun oldin

    Some people do not understand that an engine burns fuel.....with fire, an uncowled engine exposes this process. Perhaps a turbo fan engine expert can explain if this was the case and if the engine was producing power.

  113. josue Kay

    josue Kay14 kun oldin

    The engine would most likely have been shut down by the pilots and the fuel cut off, as a running fuel fed, blown engine will only vibrate itself and the airframe to worser consequences! The flame could be residual fuel or most probably burning engine oil igniting on hot metal parts. The engine appears to be windmilling and not running as it would in "normal" operation.