Plead the Fifth’s JUICIEST Questions 💦 🔥 Wild 'N Out

When it comes to Plead The Fifth, the participants may choose not to answer, but the Wild ‘N Out cast can ask any question they want and - as these clips prove - they do!
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  1. Jack Bynum

    Jack Bynum3 soat oldin

    Am I tripping or was Iggy jocking Matt rife

  2. Jack Bynum

    Jack Bynum3 soat oldin

    Nelly trying not to laugh at that bandaid joke...

  3. Jack Bynum

    Jack Bynum3 soat oldin

    Keisha act like she miserable to be around

  4. Hayden Cain

    Hayden Cain6 soat oldin

    "the youngest because the twins rich Mariah they momma"😂😂😂😂

  5. Brenda Ayala

    Brenda Ayala7 soat oldin

    Super dumbass 😆

  6. Tim Tom

    Tim Tom7 soat oldin


  7. Tim Tom

    Tim Tom7 soat oldin

    Who gave the best D!!!!

  8. Tim Tom

    Tim Tom7 soat oldin

    He really said that

  9. Tim Tom

    Tim Tom7 soat oldin

    Lmao with another basketball player

  10. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale9 soat oldin

    If you talk to me though ima play it off

  11. Missy B

    Missy B9 soat oldin

    So he wouldn't let his daughter be a Wilding out girl

  12. TIERRA티에라

    TIERRA티에라10 soat oldin

    Emans mom was my teacher don’t do her nick 😂 not ms Hudson she was a real one fr

  13. JEREMIAH jackson

    JEREMIAH jackson13 soat oldin

    hahahahahahahaha he dont want to hurt anyone feelings

  14. Cindy Starling

    Cindy Starling18 soat oldin

    Definitely freaking awesome love this show especially now you wild out

  15. Michael Hollis

    Michael HollisKun oldin

    Pretty Vee is so fire😂❤️

  16. Zion the Elder

    Zion the ElderKun oldin

    Toxic culture

  17. Chiga & Shana

    Chiga & ShanaKun oldin

    Nick said hell no😂😂

  18. I’m Str8

    I’m Str8Kun oldin


  19. Jtoonchi 93

    Jtoonchi 93Kun oldin

    Forgot how many white ppl used to be on wildn out back in the day lol

  20. Isi’s Gaming

    Isi’s GamingKun oldin

    Justina will always be valid 😌💕

  21. farzana1kitty

    farzana1kittyKun oldin

    Nick got one them baby face smiles😊

  22. Carole Carole

    Carole Carole2 kun oldin

    They wish they could have a Mariah Carey... they also wish they could have a Nick Cannon income don't let the jokes fool you they caused the joke is on them. Nick he's the boss they are workers😃😃😃😃

  23. Aristides Martinez

    Aristides Martinez2 kun oldin

    Lolowoods is really the most gorgeous woman I’ve los eyes upon

  24. Daryl Emmanuel

    Daryl Emmanuel2 kun oldin

    It is a roast, truth or dear and comedy.

  25. jayjay

    jayjay2 kun oldin

    omg 😅😂nelly was in the show best ever

  26. Hümeyra Aksu

    Hümeyra Aksu3 kun oldin

    can someone please tell me who's the first woman?

  27. Alex_

    Alex_3 kun oldin

    Nelly's face at 10:22 should be a meme

  28. ChicoCash Fitness & Entertainment

    ChicoCash Fitness & Entertainment3 kun oldin

    Wild’n Out is one of the best Entertaining shows out there🔥🔥

  29. Mellisa F G King

    Mellisa F G King3 kun oldin

    Joselyn and Stevie - the most toxic relationship! Glad that's done.

  30. Robloxchamp Robloxchamp

    Robloxchamp Robloxchamp3 kun oldin

    9:42 hmmm🤔 nick face gave it away

  31. Mcklyde Alfred

    Mcklyde Alfred4 kun oldin


  32. BullishAstronaut 1120

    BullishAstronaut 11204 kun oldin

    This is trash! People wake up and stop glorifying this nonsense!

  33. Elvin Ramos-Fuentes

    Elvin Ramos-Fuentes4 kun oldin

    Rick Ross gums look like pull pork

  34. Dreada Augustin

    Dreada Augustin4 kun oldin


  35. Spicy Chicken

    Spicy Chicken5 kun oldin

    13:57 iggy was about to have a panic attack. 🤣

  36. Reclaiming Manhood Wade

    Reclaiming Manhood Wade5 kun oldin

    What kind of man ask about which man had the best D❔

  37. Googleacc

    Googleacc5 kun oldin

    That white girl with the bald head has a fatty

  38. Jalen WALKER

    Jalen WALKER5 kun oldin

    Wild’N Out i love watching your UZnick videos I’m a huge fan

  39. EJ IS OG

    EJ IS OG5 kun oldin


  40. Britani Sweet

    Britani Sweet5 kun oldin

    Tiger answer! 😂

  41. maurice ochol

    maurice ochol6 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂😂nick is special

  42. jheat beast

    jheat beast6 kun oldin


  43. jsj31313jj

    jsj31313jj6 kun oldin

    That thumbnail 💪😳

  44. Vik Saluja

    Vik Saluja6 kun oldin

    This is not a family show lol

  45. bob

    bob6 kun oldin

    chyna was so bold she did not hesitate

  46. crf videos

    crf videos6 kun oldin

    Why are there no masks??

  47. Eli Mitchell

    Eli Mitchell6 kun oldin

    How the hell nick put his tank on while he was putting on his jacket

  48. Shish Kebab

    Shish Kebab6 kun oldin

    5:50 when he realizes his kids are gonna see this

  49. victor vinod

    victor vinod6 kun oldin

    @brenda mcwilliams its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes the color of their skin from dark skin to light skinned mixed race, although they deny it matsui skin lightening Com they probably deny using this lotion because they just want everybody to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter,they should just be honest.

  50. amateurflor

    amateurflor7 kun oldin

    dag keyshia was not having it💀 "that's not sufficient." "i know you didn't sell out"😹😹

  51. Phenomenal Woman

    Phenomenal Woman7 kun oldin

    I don't understand half of the things they say, but it still cracks me up

  52. Phenomenal Woman

    Phenomenal Woman7 kun oldin

    Nick gon love Mariah fo-eva.

  53. Ryan Hartness

    Ryan Hartness7 kun oldin

    7:14 Who’s the chick?

  54. Brenda Ayala

    Brenda Ayala7 kun oldin

    Nick we will see. Common tyga raps 10x better.

  55. Brenda Ayala

    Brenda Ayala7 kun oldin

    Tyga should sing a song with Justina valentine 💯

  56. Brenda Ayala

    Brenda Ayala7 kun oldin

    Dc lol

  57. Jakob Underwood

    Jakob Underwood7 kun oldin

    I LOVE DC he is to funny

  58. uber24

    uber247 kun oldin

    Nobody peeped the scheme Chico did on Ross? 🔥🔥🔥 4:14 Chico:"You got 50 cent? Nevermind..." Then goes on to make Ross "Ima plead the 5th (plead to 5th/50 cent)..."

  59. Brenda Ayala

    Brenda Ayala8 kun oldin

    Ha he was drunk lol 😆

  60. Heiress Yallah

    Heiress Yallah8 kun oldin

    Wait Nick Cannon had music?

  61. Lord Draco

    Lord Draco9 kun oldin

    best show on tv for the rest of eternity.. most entertaining by far

  62. Bad Bee

    Bad Bee9 kun oldin

    I love this show but this is my least favorite game

  63. Manuel Nieves

    Manuel Nieves9 kun oldin

    I was waiting for one of the members to ask blac chyna “what talent do you have that made you so famous?” 😅😂

  64. Ajay GO to

    Ajay GO to9 kun oldin


  65. Delly

    Delly9 kun oldin

    everyone turned around when she said show the d LMAOOO

  66. Youth Edits

    Youth Edits10 kun oldin

    “I didn’t even know he had a album” one of the best things I ever heard🤣

  67. Prince_ Kevion

    Prince_ Kevion10 kun oldin

    Damn it’s funny talking about nick but Nick you know we still love you bro

  68. Leandre Chandler

    Leandre Chandler11 kun oldin

    We're playing the game I plead the fifth but I don't really wanna snitch and I just can't hold it in so I guess I'm just gone have to let them win🤬🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️🔒

  69. mc roo

    mc roo11 kun oldin

    Q : Give 5 rappers Who you rap better than they Tiger - "Nick Nick Nick Nick Cannon".

  70. Verona Peart

    Verona Peart11 kun oldin

    lol like y yall keep carrying up that nick misses mariah how many times does he have to tell u he does not love her anymore

  71. Jae D

    Jae D11 kun oldin

    14:00 iggy got scared when all the black men ran up lol🤣🤣🤣

  72. Joseph Freeman

    Joseph Freeman12 kun oldin

    Now jeezy with that asian girl lol.

  73. Deangelo Stewart

    Deangelo Stewart12 kun oldin

    . O

  74. Melanin Goddess Tarot LLC

    Melanin Goddess Tarot LLC12 kun oldin

    Hilarious 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮

  75. Kenny Jili

    Kenny Jili12 kun oldin

    she so mean tho bro....only Karlos made her laugh

  76. IloveJesus

    IloveJesus12 kun oldin

    God is coming back repent now before it's too late.

  77. ThatMJfan _v30

    ThatMJfan _v3012 kun oldin

    10:00 whoever u are w the Michael Jackson shirt on , ilysfm 🥰

  78. Joe Vegas

    Joe Vegas13 kun oldin

    Who else is happy they are back 🤣😂😆

  79. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm13 kun oldin


  80. Julian Cruz

    Julian Cruz13 kun oldin

    Iggy was the coldest 🤣💀 She said you don’t need to worry about booty that’s above your weight class 🤣🤣💀💀 DAMN 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  81. Amir Phillips

    Amir Phillips13 kun oldin

    Nelly actually funny bruh 😂😂

  82. Tyb Caleb

    Tyb Caleb13 kun oldin

    3:14 superdumbass🤣🤣


    RAJATH AGNI13 kun oldin

    This Mariah gets on my nerve

  84. Clive D. B

    Clive D. B13 kun oldin

    Who's the girl that questioned nick at 5:40

  85. Isabella Nunez

    Isabella Nunez14 kun oldin

    "Y'all dont understand what general mills checks look like" will never cease to make me laugh

  86. Baby Weeknd

    Baby Weeknd14 kun oldin

    Nick is always expecting burns on his side

  87. Baby Weeknd

    Baby Weeknd14 kun oldin

    Sorry I'm a little late i was auditioning for America's got talent apparently the last host didn't have any 😂😂

  88. Tony Chase

    Tony Chase14 kun oldin

    hello people and Michael the producer and other people in Hollywood , get copies of the financial standard of living documents that the American government and the courts in America are holding on to that my parents had made for me, which are documents about if someone was trying to put me in a poor man category, such as moneys that i was suppose to have access to every day and credit cards an property sizes that i am suppose to be living in and in what kind of neighborhood, i have to live in and square footage of house size and what kind of cars i am suppose to have

  89. Danie D

    Danie D15 kun oldin

    What's that on your lips play boy? Lipgloss?? 😐😒😂😂

  90. Crystalina Edmonds

    Crystalina Edmonds15 kun oldin


  91. Nichole Russell

    Nichole Russell15 kun oldin

    Nick knows he's fine as hell.

  92. Wanika Ioane

    Wanika Ioane15 kun oldin

    If I were on this game I would be like... "Nick, how drunk would you need to be to F Jason Lee or Zoe"

  93. marquis swanson

    marquis swanson15 kun oldin

    He should get Patrick maholmes

  94. Wanika Ioane

    Wanika Ioane15 kun oldin

    0:45 I could not stop laughing... mah family thinks there is something wrong with me lolol... the way nick looked at her tho is a fricking mood am I right or am I right lolol... but everything abt that segment was funny

  95. Lexie Issaquah

    Lexie Issaquah15 kun oldin

    this show never made any sense to me

  96. Gen So

    Gen So15 kun oldin

    question for Nick - "would you allow your daughter to be a wildnout girl" hahaha good one..

  97. Tracy Favour

    Tracy Favour15 kun oldin

    Hudson all looking like a disappointed dad 😂😂😂😂😂 14:00

  98. Nba Fly

    Nba Fly15 kun oldin

    Y’all saw the dude in the audience when she said show the D😂😂😂

  99. Ibrahim Randera

    Ibrahim Randera15 kun oldin

    14:50 who’s the redhead?

  100. Failure Face

    Failure Face16 kun oldin

    The one about his daughter being a wilding out girl was hilarious

  101. poogaure

    poogaure16 kun oldin

    This whole game is just cringy. Alot of questions are just plain dumb

  102. Alyssa Joachim

    Alyssa Joachim16 kun oldin

    Irrigation businesses hegemony text ridge heyyyy and utensils sits

  103. Alyssa Joachim

    Alyssa Joachim16 kun oldin


  104. Rene Tech RWANDA

    Rene Tech RWANDA16 kun oldin

    that's good

  105. Jarred Lewis

    Jarred Lewis16 kun oldin

    Yo I was sleeping on that Matt Barnes episode he straight admitted to beating Fish ass😂😂😂😂