Rainbow Six Siege: The Playbook Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

In match overtime, the word "teamwork" becomes subjective. Learn how Flores lights up the competition in the new season, Crimson Heist.
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Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.


-THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.
-WORLD'S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team.
-DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory.
-CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege.
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Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmed24 daqiqa oldin

    Hi good morning nice

  2. Jose Tacos

    Jose TacosSoat oldin

    Didnt cav say she was going to be here?

  3. kyaw oo

    kyaw ooSoat oldin

    For cinematic trailer blizzard is always my 1st. Now Rainbow six siege is my 2nd

  4. RaiderNate 1337

    RaiderNate 1337Soat oldin

    Ooo drama

  5. Jason Bennett

    Jason BennettSoat oldin

    Civil War Arc anybody?

  6. Castro _D

    Castro _DSoat oldin

    Soooo ash is pissed because they won the match, with the price of her ear getting cut. From a bullet that doesn't even kill.😑

  7. Mercy ToNone

    Mercy ToNoneSoat oldin

    Cav and thatcher would whoop all the other team

  8. yenmeng

    yenmeng2 soat oldin

    THat aruni wink my god

  9. Icy_khris

    Icy_khris2 soat oldin

    Fun fact: The Aruni scene recreated the scene from the first iron man scene when he fights the terrorist

  10. TheBreadBro’s

    TheBreadBro’s3 soat oldin

    Nah Ash is just mad cuz she got bottom of the leader board

  11. Orange

    Orange3 soat oldin

    "we do not use people as bait" coming from ash btw

  12. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony Gomez4 soat oldin

    Wish they would put mute into one of these

  13. ꧁Galaxy Music Customs꧂

    ꧁Galaxy Music Customs꧂6 soat oldin

    as i said in another one, time to *Aruni* for my life.


    XANAXTHEZINE X JZA7 soat oldin

    When she said : this is a game n I just won it for you I felt that. Through the halls of Valhalla God knows I felt that

  15. hustlinjustin

    hustlinjustin8 soat oldin

    Civil war

  16. Elko Stark

    Elko Stark8 soat oldin

    BRUV we need a full R6 movie like that pleaseeeeeeee

  17. ricky boby

    ricky boby8 soat oldin

    Wamai come get your girl

  18. Jimmy Arevalo-Guzman

    Jimmy Arevalo-Guzman9 soat oldin

    So when are we getting a movie or a mini series?? I need to watch moreeee

  19. Ridid ulous

    Ridid ulous10 soat oldin

    Imagine if u could actually rappel around the corner of the building that would be sick

  20. Francisco Muñoz

    Francisco Muñoz10 soat oldin

    Mozzi 2020:*dies without kill somebody* Mozzi 2021:*dies without kill somebody* vote kick Mozzi :1/5


    JOATMON10 soat oldin

    Am I the only one that believes that Kali's gonna whoop Ash in a fist fight?

  22. Joseph Haltom

    Joseph Haltom11 soat oldin

    Anybody else want that jacket Fisher is wearing? I was hoping they made it!

  23. Exclusive Artist

    Exclusive Artist11 soat oldin

    Love Aruni

  24. Peter 6233

    Peter 623312 soat oldin

    Cant wait for next year

  25. Rudye Ardhyean

    Rudye Ardhyean12 soat oldin

    Caveira still can't reach final match

  26. Rakshit

    Rakshit12 soat oldin

    Thermite wtf

  27. Simon

    Simon12 soat oldin

    Kali sure is a brat : /

  28. Dylan Pfannenstein

    Dylan Pfannenstein13 soat oldin

    So what’re they using for rounds? And why no masks? Also what about stray rounds into the crowd? This game is so confusing.

  29. Ashley Josh Vallejos

    Ashley Josh Vallejos14 soat oldin

    Ah yesss women.

  30. TehR3M1X

    TehR3M1X14 soat oldin

    So basically this is turning into Rainbow Six: Civil War?

  31. Stream Bot

    Stream Bot14 soat oldin

    LT Custard and Dom: I don't know where you come from but we do not use people as bait! Marley: calm down sweetheart, its only a game

  32. Neo Trash

    Neo Trash14 soat oldin

    Hibana and pulse at the end are close to each other. This is real bois.

  33. Let’s just talk about it

    Let’s just talk about it14 soat oldin

    Ash working with teammates and complaining about being used as bait🙂

  34. jokeonyou89

    jokeonyou8915 soat oldin

    You guys remember when there was a terrorist group called "The White Masks" who gassed an university and Angela Bassett assembled Rainbow Six to counter the threat?

  35. James Price

    James Price10 soat oldin

    Harry: Well they work for me now. Besides their no terrorist group attacking as we speak.

  36. Scott Dide

    Scott Dide15 soat oldin

    So... Is this softair? Lol how do they get shot and survive while Ash gets her ear damaged? If that's actually airsoft, damn those are some strong rifles

  37. Equilibrium 82

    Equilibrium 8216 soat oldin

    so bad every ubi soft game is Sci-fi game trash

  38. Rubeast5

    Rubeast516 soat oldin

    An act POV of the discord call after someone gets baited

  39. Skaletion

    Skaletion16 soat oldin

    Everyone: arguing over a friendly fire Thatcher: *are you off your nut?*

  40. TerraMerc 73

    TerraMerc 7316 soat oldin


  41. Michal Licko

    Michal Licko16 soat oldin

    Bruh i miss operation health siege

  42. Trent Danisavage

    Trent Danisavage16 soat oldin

    Ash: WE DO NOT USE PEOPLE AS BAIT Everyone who plays r6: No.. we do

  43. Trent Danisavage

    Trent Danisavage16 soat oldin

    Can you imagine what would happen to if ash’s hit box was bigger

  44. Justin Cornier

    Justin Cornier17 soat oldin

    Why tf is thermite breaching a soft wall? Even a copper wouldn’t do that

  45. AArruti

    AArruti18 soat oldin

    Where is Nokk?

  46. Oliverserker

    Oliverserker19 soat oldin

    If that was any other attacker, it would've a teamkill for Kali.

  47. htfghy ygrtgr

    htfghy ygrtgr20 soat oldin

    Did she say: “Instinct can’t be bought, that won’t stop me from trying.” Because that suit she was wearing enhanced her abilities?

  48. misolou fout

    misolou fout17 soat oldin

    That aruni scene, man I’m down bad

  49. Jeremy H.

    Jeremy H.20 soat oldin

    Meanwhile the Terrorists R6 meant to stop „It’s free real estate“

  50. misolou fout

    misolou fout17 soat oldin

    my father (retired army), he'll rant for about an hour.

  51. Jeremy H.

    Jeremy H.20 soat oldin

    Broo ash needs to chill, she acts like a silver, „REEE U BAITER“ bro it’s called „refragging“ if ur a man up, ur just trade kills and win. Ash so noob pls buff brain.

  52. Joel Buckley

    Joel Buckley20 soat oldin

    I remember when Rainbow used to be about killing terrorists, no idea what's going on nowadays

  53. Juicy Bert

    Juicy Bert20 soat oldin

    okay can we all just appreciate how amazing this video actually is

  54. Johnny Hibner

    Johnny Hibner20 soat oldin

    So this means we can teamkill kali with no consequences, right?

  55. Eskeladder

    Eskeladder20 soat oldin

    Mira, Mozzie and Pulse have lost the finals twice already lol

  56. Cj Guintu

    Cj Guintu21 soat oldin

    Kali speaking fax 😂

  57. FadedAdvice

    FadedAdvice21 soat oldin

    I really wanna see Ella and zofia in one of these

  58. Bob Lob

    Bob Lob21 soat oldin

    This is basically every r6 game in a nutshell. Teammates getting salty towards each other during and at the end of a match

  59. AlphaCaine Productions

    AlphaCaine Productions21 soat oldin

    1:20 jesus man, Ash looks REAL they really stepped up their CGI

  60. Max Teekay

    Max Teekay9 soat oldin

    Bug fixes < CGI Short Movies

  61. Daddy Dagoth

    Daddy Dagoth22 soat oldin

    Doc and echo sitting in the corner at the end:"So uncivilized."

  62. Jaxckxx

    Jaxckxx23 soat oldin

    bro what happened to hibana?? 3:10

  63. BeefyBread

    BeefyBread23 soat oldin

    They're all telling eachother to back off and finka is trying to pick a fight with pulse.

  64. Asontay Carter

    Asontay CarterKun oldin

    3:10 Finka was salty at pulse for those ‘wall hacks’ earlier 😂😂

  65. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinKun oldin

    If only this was the gameplay

  66. Alukard81X

    Alukard81XKun oldin

    I knew those two wouldn't get along in the lore. There's a lot of people out there that are current or prior armed forces that don't like or trust PMC's. If you say "Blackwater" around my father (retired army), he'll rant for about an hour.

  67. Xynober

    XynoberKun oldin

    That aruni scene, man I’m down bad

  68. Kaden Gaudio

    Kaden GaudioKun oldin

    Can my girl Mira get some respect in these vids bro she never wins

  69. Callum Thornton

    Callum ThorntonKun oldin

    Oh look, the poster child won 🙄

  70. R Mcb

    R McbKun oldin

    So is Kali switching sides??

  71. fesbio

    fesbioKun oldin

    Team Rainbow: *Fighting* Russian Ops: "More Vodka, Comrade?"

  72. micah acia

    micah aciaKun oldin

    Cav last year : “I will be there”...

  73. Tormint

    TormintKun oldin

    ash: "we do not use people as bait" *fuze has entered the chat*

  74. IMnotF1NE

    IMnotF1NEKun oldin

    Ok wait, if it’s a game, why did ash bleed, why are they using explosives, HOW DO THE BULLETS GO THROUGH THE WALLS

  75. IMnotF1NE

    IMnotF1NE17 soat oldin

    @Aleksandra The funi And also fisher was there so like is it seeing whose the best djdhdudkbwbdjrnendh

  76. Aleksandra The funi

    Aleksandra The funi23 soat oldin

    i have no idea my idea up to this point was that its just a simulation. but rn they just are probably using a specific type of bullet like say when it hit doc or whoever it was there was a powder smoke thing. i dont get this entire thing about it just being a game though since r6 is supposed to be fighting terrorists.

  77. shani yan

    shani yanKun oldin

    After Ash punched Kali, they should have put Tachanka in the scene with him separating both groups with his big body and saying ,”Knock it off” in his strong Russian accent

  78. Og_td22

    Og_td22Kun oldin

    Kail went bo2 quick scope mode

  79. ぽぽろぷーわ

    ぽぽろぷーわKun oldin

    Ash: We don't use people as bait here. Me a Cav main: (sweat)

  80. shani yan

    shani yanKun oldin

    Too mad need a movie

  81. Sudsy Warrior

    Sudsy WarriorKun oldin

    Why won’t Ubisoft make a show?

  82. mtyms818

    mtyms818Kun oldin

    I find it very interesting that Mira, the one who tends to butt heads the most with Ash, is also the one who seems to be the one most concerned with whether or not Ash tries to go back in for another hit.

  83. Brotherhood Knight

    Brotherhood KnightKun oldin

    Why is Tachanka never in any of these cinematics? All I want is him blinding people with his glorious figure

  84. Eesan108

    Eesan108Kun oldin

    Only reason Ashe didn't get shot by Kali was bc she doesn't have a hitbox.

  85. Sparky22

    Sparky22Kun oldin

    Why did team ash win? Team mira was more organized and plus it would given more reason for ash too be mad at kali

  86. Whips and Tricks

    Whips and TricksKun oldin

    Ash is so salty 🧂🤣

  87. Braxton Thomas

    Braxton ThomasKun oldin

    Ash mad because of that hit box 😂😂😂

  88. Joel Bäckman

    Joel BäckmanKun oldin

    2:54 yes, it's a game. That's the only reason there are females.

  89. Invisible Swift

    Invisible SwiftKun oldin

    Kali is just ever R6 you tuber why hate

  90. DawnNightwolf

    DawnNightwolfKun oldin

    who thinks it should be team ash vs team kali (if kali would have one)

  91. Krellio 900

    Krellio 900Kun oldin

    This video is aimed at marley top kek

  92. Burnt Toaster

    Burnt ToasterKun oldin

    R6: Civil War

  93. ZrukGaming

    ZrukGamingKun oldin

    Shes a bit to good at it for it just to be for the game

  94. River Basson

    River BassonKun oldin

    I'm actually kinda upset that they're getting mad at each other and splitting apart, it's like watching my parents fight 😥😢

  95. Rey Lee-Llacer

    Rey Lee-LlacerKun oldin

    One way of thinking of it, if it wasn’t for Kali, Mira would’ve taken down Ash and odds decrease to 50/50.

  96. Theycallme Sb

    Theycallme SbKun oldin

    Too mad need a movie



    Kali = toxic carry

  98. Selina kyle

    Selina kyleKun oldin

    I mean in all honestly it’s funny because attack wins twice and we all know defense is better. So stupid 😒

  99. Lord Washy

    Lord WashyKun oldin

    So this is how actual rainbow six matches started, they got beef

  100. kool kidz klub

    kool kidz klubKun oldin

    **friendly fire has been activated for ash**

  101. Luke TCan

    Luke TCanKun oldin

    Wait why is ash bleeding from getting shot in the ear while no one else bleeds from getting shot in the head???

  102. Cameron Aloi

    Cameron AloiKun oldin

    How is it that Kali shot 3 defenders who obviously didn’t die, but Ash got grazed in the ear and that came outside of the match

  103. thulitha ravinga

    thulitha ravingaKun oldin

    Oh noooo

  104. Self Ware

    Self WareKun oldin


  105. Mimik

    MimikKun oldin

    Just came here to see Mira without her helmet again...

  106. kk

    kkKun oldin

    Mercs will be mercs, as soon as the enemy party pays more you will become their next target.

  107. Sajad Rezai

    Sajad RezaiKun oldin

    Ash: we need back up Kali: has her screen alt tab injecting cheat Ash: we don't cheat on R6 Kali: are you sure ? Ash: . . . .