Ranboo bakes a cake (1 MILLION Subscriber special)

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Today in celebration i decided to bake an ENTIRE CAKE!
It went terribly, but it was fun.
I am LIVE on
I say dumb things
Have an awesome day!


  1. Miguel Díaz Herrera

    Miguel Díaz Herrera5 daqiqa oldin


  2. Khristian

    Khristian12 daqiqa oldin

    My Grandma makes delicious cakes and I think she's disappointed in you

  3. Derp Pog

    Derp Pog20 daqiqa oldin

    rambo will you join my live stream?

  4. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat24 daqiqa oldin

    This is the first time i've watched ranboo and honestly i can see the Hype *follows

  5. Anthony Daloia

    Anthony Daloia46 daqiqa oldin

    Did he refer to himself in the third person in the title? Why?

  6. sarvjit singh

    sarvjit singh51 daqiqa oldin

    “a cake that could kill god” is ranboo a satanist ??? (no hate just curious)

  7. Amelia Ligere

    Amelia LigereSoat oldin

    All hail Mr,SteadyHands

  8. Alexis Innes-Watson

    Alexis Innes-WatsonSoat oldin

    Why does he sometimes sound like willy wonks

  9. Frances

    FrancesSoat oldin

    pettitowon fowor ranbowoowo towo change his name towo ranbowoowo

  10. Frances

    FrancesSoat oldin

    i made this while using the UwU extension ranboo change your name to ranbowoowo

  11. HotdogzAndCheese

    HotdogzAndCheeseSoat oldin

    Ranboo can bake better than me I'm quite surprised

  12. {øvęłÿłâÿ / Írdbãÿ}

    {øvęłÿłâÿ / Írdbãÿ}2 soat oldin

    I am listening to Ranboo as I make some Ranboo themed >:)

  13. Christinas memoryOfficial

    Christinas memoryOfficial3 soat oldin

    Do a face reavel

  14. Learning with Sidsansim

    Learning with Sidsansim4 soat oldin

    so good hair...

  15. Scarecrow Stuff

    Scarecrow Stuff4 soat oldin

    When are we gonna talk about how his cake looks like his chopping bored

  16. Song Eng Heang

    Song Eng Heang4 soat oldin

    Hey Mr. Steady hands! I have never saw putting m&ms in cake like that but okey😂

  17. Jacqueline Delarosa

    Jacqueline Delarosa4 soat oldin

    Hold on he said half cake half frosting then full abomination take a look at his skin real quick

  18. Jacqueline Delarosa

    Jacqueline Delarosa4 soat oldin

    Sorry minecraft skin

  19. Buzzy bee

    Buzzy bee4 soat oldin

    Ranboo when the dream smp ends what will happen to micheal?..

  20. Aaronellle Kaneakua

    Aaronellle Kaneakua4 soat oldin

    I hide all of my candy rom boo 🍬🍭🎂🍿🍫🍦

  21. BigBoyBrine

    BigBoyBrine5 soat oldin

    Sup Ranboo Remember me

  22. Adam Raw mess

    Adam Raw mess5 soat oldin

    Not 1 not 2 not 3 but 3

  23. Dan Shaun Andrei Felipe

    Dan Shaun Andrei Felipe6 soat oldin

    Idk why rannboo looks like a Karen in a mask

  24. Shauna forrester

    Shauna forrester6 soat oldin

    If you ask wut the song in the intro was... Its field of hopes and dreams Deltarune

  25. Shauna forrester

    Shauna forrester6 soat oldin

    Ranboo: i rlly don't mind having my soul taken *flowey: *reaches soul* Ranboo: I do mind having g my soul taken actually *flowey leaves* I would prefer to keep my soul

  26. Judy Shikho

    Judy Shikho6 soat oldin

    Ranboo is 17 not 28 or something

  27. Ranboo's Mask

    Ranboo's Mask6 soat oldin

    "I shall dub thee *the stir stick* 1:33" Imma call the whisk that I have now that lol because I love baking n stuff

  28. Sally Hodgetts

    Sally Hodgetts6 soat oldin

    "Not 1, not 2, not3! We have 3"

  29. ItsAliyaa

    ItsAliyaa6 soat oldin


  30. Slamseydrawz

    Slamseydrawz7 soat oldin

    you forgot one powder gunpowder

  31. Zach Johnson andrada

    Zach Johnson andrada7 soat oldin

    Dare take my reseses peices bars

  32. •Mason-Stuff•

    •Mason-Stuff•7 soat oldin

    Fun fact: *oil*

  33. Mashed__ potato

    Mashed__ potato7 soat oldin

    What’s the bad thing made by powder? I don’t understand

  34. Kerry James

    Kerry James8 soat oldin

    I did it on this video for no resoon but.. . You know in origin smp umm yeah you and tubbo are panoticly married (I don't know how to spell ) and my question is were is micheal in origin smp 🙃

  35. EwokManiac

    EwokManiac8 soat oldin

    I thought he said he was making a cake lol

  36. BrokenGlass

    BrokenGlass8 soat oldin

    RANBOO UPLOAD MORE VIDEOS PLEASE- *seriously, you can just edit your streams and upload stream highlights daily but we need something*

  37. Cursed Fries

    Cursed Fries8 soat oldin


  38. Riolanda Villarino

    Riolanda Villarino8 soat oldin

    "Do I care, NO" LOL

  39. Peyton Crouch

    Peyton Crouch8 soat oldin

    Diabetes in cake form isn’t real Diabetes in cake form:

  40. Cody Corum

    Cody Corum8 soat oldin

    IMAGINE THIS: the dream SMP has a rebirth. Everyone loses their memory. The map is completely wiped. Brand new. And get this. People have to find “Disk Drives” that u program to be audio files or something like that. And other items that would cause lore by itself. Now that would be insane

  41. Afoxiee

    Afoxiee8 soat oldin

    Cake: Half frosting half cake Ranboo: Half enderman half ???

  42. NotAGoodOfAyoutuber

    NotAGoodOfAyoutuber8 soat oldin

    i love ranboos hair

  43. ryboss

    ryboss9 soat oldin

    A whisk?

  44. Gacha Anna OwO

    Gacha Anna OwO9 soat oldin

    god will die

  45. Lizzy Bear

    Lizzy Bear9 soat oldin

    “Toaster audio” :|

  46. VividPVP

    VividPVP9 soat oldin

    Why is Ranboo actually emanating Michael Reeves energy in this video

  47. RealFoxBoyGG

    RealFoxBoyGG9 soat oldin

    Who saw the Minecraft cereal in the background 😂

  48. Annika TheMushroom

    Annika TheMushroom9 soat oldin

    We need this cake in every bakery

  49. Goose Berry

    Goose Berry9 soat oldin

    Good sir, this mabey able to kill god but can it kill technoblade

  50. TheRealConsole

    TheRealConsole10 soat oldin

    Did- did i just get-

  51. Gracie A

    Gracie A10 soat oldin

    I just realized he had the creeper crunch in the back

  52. jane sewell

    jane sewell10 soat oldin

    Ah yes, LET'S KILL GOD

  53. Wayan sukendri

    Wayan sukendri10 soat oldin


  54. jennyfer trigueros

    jennyfer trigueros10 soat oldin

    Ranboo made the cake to kill god right? But then wouldn’t it kill everything then?

  55. Kacey

    Kacey10 soat oldin

    “i would prefer to keep my soul”

  56. Westin

    Westin10 soat oldin

    I think the cake killed god.......

  57. Bite Inc.

    Bite Inc.11 soat oldin

    “ I need to stop playing Minecraft😓”

  58. Timothy Plays and Vlogs

    Timothy Plays and Vlogs11 soat oldin

    Ranboo it’s been a month 2 million almost here

  59. LittleLovelyLuni

    LittleLovelyLuni11 soat oldin

    " *THREE* eggs, now don't throw these or else there's a small chance that *FOUR* chickens pop out." Ummmmmmm....

  60. VacantThrone 765

    VacantThrone 76511 soat oldin


  61. The Fallen

    The Fallen11 soat oldin

    it might kill god but it won't kill me

  62. Joshua Stephen

    Joshua Stephen11 soat oldin

    Ranboo’s brain: how much icing should we use? Ranboo: Y E S

  63. whsc gamer

    whsc gamer11 soat oldin

    my teacher played this at our school cooking class once

  64. Hawon Paulsen

    Hawon Paulsen11 soat oldin

    There's just that one person who has like every single dream smp member youtooz.

  65. Nyx Oleander

    Nyx Oleander12 soat oldin

    You should make minecraft bee sugar cookies

  66. xavier7

    xavier712 soat oldin

    At 4:16 that was ranboo counting my brain sells

  67. Kieron Chong Gaming

    Kieron Chong Gaming12 soat oldin

    Wait ur not ranboo ur....... Mark

  68. Briana

    Briana12 soat oldin

    Ranboo: not one not two not three.... Him a sec later: we have three tubs of frosting

  69. Cherish kira

    Cherish kira12 soat oldin

    that thing named whishkers

  70. Brian dope

    Brian dope12 soat oldin

    Nice Cake

  71. Andy Hernadez

    Andy Hernadez12 soat oldin


  72. Adian TheFallen

    Adian TheFallen12 soat oldin

    Why do I feel like I'd be the only one to dare eat that cake?

  73. bhvss

    bhvss13 soat oldin

    next make a jello and it kills the earth

  74. ran boo

    ran boo13 soat oldin


  75. Titan Ark

    Titan Ark13 soat oldin


  76. TheHoneyCr33per

    TheHoneyCr33per13 soat oldin

    almost 2mill

  77. ToasterCherry

    ToasterCherry13 soat oldin

    Half - frosting, Half - Cake, full Todoroki

  78. baloonz -

    baloonz -13 soat oldin

    ranboo:cooks 4m people:we will watch your career with great intrest

  79. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi14 soat oldin

    Chefboo, Ranboo, Editorboo,

  80. Boblw Gosh

    Boblw Gosh14 soat oldin

    “Y’know fun fact.... OIL”- Ranboo

  81. Maurley Escobar

    Maurley Escobar14 soat oldin


  82. Night Bluebell

    Night Bluebell14 soat oldin

    I also asked myself why 24M people decided to go to the same city

  83. Sewesalat Sewesalat

    Sewesalat Sewesalat15 soat oldin

    Funfact OIL PAN

  84. Adriana Bartony

    Adriana Bartony15 soat oldin

    I like the deltarune music in the backround

  85. Foxy FNaF girl

    Foxy FNaF girl15 soat oldin

    professional bakers joined the game ... professional bakers left the game

  86. partywolf72

    partywolf7215 soat oldin

    Almost a full million in a month

  87. Belle Pinder

    Belle Pinder15 soat oldin

    :0 BROWN M&MS

  88. jin bell

    jin bell15 soat oldin

    2:49 pls close the Oil i´m on my computer so i can´t put some weird emoji :sob: :sob:

  89. Cloudii Nights

    Cloudii Nights15 soat oldin

    That’s a whisk Ranboo, “the stir stick” is a whisk, although that is a better name

  90. Crazy boy

    Crazy boy15 soat oldin

    Hello cute youtuber

  91. Seriaserena

    Seriaserena15 soat oldin

    Ste men 😂

  92. JustMinaal

    JustMinaal15 soat oldin

    I litterly thought he was steve from stranger things-

  93. Speedy_45cool

    Speedy_45cool16 soat oldin

    4mil views bru you people need to suuuuuub

  94. Salamander Sam

    Salamander Sam16 soat oldin


  95. AuraButNot

    AuraButNot16 soat oldin

    Ranboo: There’s not one frosting can, not, 2, , not 3.... there is 3 cans of frosting! Me: wut

  96. Deborah Maciak

    Deborah Maciak16 soat oldin


  97. Gabthegamer 2

    Gabthegamer 216 soat oldin

    Ranbot i wish i can get it :(

  98. Taetae Sugakookie

    Taetae Sugakookie16 soat oldin

    When I first heard ranboo's voice I thought he was like 25

  99. Pyro Aka

    Pyro Aka16 soat oldin

    This dude... This dude right here... *IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL*

  100. I_PinkZ

    I_PinkZ16 soat oldin

    I can’t tell what is better, Ranboo’s cake or George’s entire meal

  101. Kira

    Kira16 soat oldin

    1:15 thanks now *give me your soul*