Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences...

Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences. Everything in Minecraft happens by random chance, and some of the RAREST occurrences in this video are absolutely INSANE.
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Considering creeper lol found the rarest mob in the game, I don't think dream cheated in his speedruns / manhunts
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  1. Abdul Playz3249

    Abdul Playz3249Soat oldin

    Him saying the rarest is getting a girlfriend Me: oh ok. *deeply thinking that I have no girlfriend*

  2. Some guy Who’s a dbz fan

    Some guy Who’s a dbz fan2 soat oldin

    Bruh I see that village house like all the time I even spawned by a nether portal 3 times and by ore so I just had to stay there ehh I think some rare things are common for me

  3. Aryan Roy

    Aryan Roy3 soat oldin

    me getting full marks in maths 1 in 10 billion and million and trillion and quadrillion and billion billion zillion

  4. Tyler Choi

    Tyler Choi3 soat oldin

    10:30 I've never been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

  5. noah frank

    noah frank5 soat oldin

    Jesus loves you .

  6. CertainlySoup

    CertainlySoup5 soat oldin

    very true, im straight

  7. CertainlySoup

    CertainlySoup5 soat oldin

    i once found a herd of about 12-15 pink sheep; i think it was a bug

  8. Za Ra

    Za Ra6 soat oldin

    Minecraft rarest occurrences is when I found a library in stronghold I found dungeon cube in the library

  9. Alder Lopez Castro

    Alder Lopez Castro7 soat oldin

    You may not believe this but my cousin got 2 dragon eggs and he's sure it's a glitch he was shocked and I'm like what?

  10. alex

    alex7 soat oldin

    10:33 all lesbians be like...

  11. SomeRandomNoN

    SomeRandomNoN7 soat oldin

    The actual rarest thing in minecraft is getting the same 2 worlds in a row Or if youre not convinced enough the rarest biome is deep warm ocean

  12. Mahad Mughal

    Mahad Mughal8 soat oldin

    I made a new world where I would practice speed running and I found this pillager outpost that was jutting outwards of a mountain super super tall and very cursed looking The seed is 1463375169 the seed is 389, 88, 83 it’s got an abandoned portal AND A VILLAGE near it too it’s mad you’ve got to try it

  13. Sean Man

    Sean Man9 soat oldin

    rarest occurence: dream not being luckier than Lucky Luke

  14. Carsoncool 712

    Carsoncool 71210 soat oldin

    Once I found a pink sheep with a baby pink sheep I didn’t know it was real

  15. Carsoncool 712

    Carsoncool 71210 soat oldin

    The most emeralds I’ve got together was 4 and the most dim ands was 9

  16. Mel Rose

    Mel Rose11 soat oldin

    I have actually experienced something kind of close to the vein of 14 emeralds. Once (not long ago) I was playing minecraft just looking for diamonds when I found some iron. I was like “ well. A bit of iron never hurt” and I found a vein of 21 iron. Originally I thought it was 19 but 2 days later when I went back I realized that it was so dark in that spot in the cave that it was actually a vein of 21.

  17. Sinking Couch

    Sinking Couch12 soat oldin

    Sipover: The last and rarest thing in the world is.. the chance for you to get a girlfriend! And i took that personaly.

  18. Rik pool

    Rik pool14 soat oldin

    Me who has a girl friend 😏😏

  19. Yolo Peeps

    Yolo Peeps14 soat oldin

    153528141396417860 Is the seed for the map with a already filled ender portal I'm pretty sure :P

  20. Verzangel

    Verzangel17 soat oldin

    What about the odds of following eyes of enders and finding the stronghold without the eye of ender falling into the ground, and then finding a mineshaft into the stronghold, happened to me

  21. Flowery Crumbles

    Flowery Crumbles18 soat oldin

    My sister found 4 or 5 Emeralds in a cave yesterday

  22. Sxl_raider 09

    Sxl_raider 0918 soat oldin

    i found a zombie on a cat

  23. magicplaysthis

    magicplaysthis20 soat oldin

    I always get a modified jungle biome

  24. __raf_

    __raf_Kun oldin

    what is the seed and the cordinaten for the modefied jungle edge

  25. { L a z y • F l o o f }

    { L a z y • F l o o f }Kun oldin

    How rare is finding 14 iron ores togather?

  26. { L a z y • F l o o f }

    { L a z y • F l o o f }Kun oldin

    "And the final and rarest accurance is getting a girlfriend!" Me: *reminds my father of how lucky he is to have my mom*

  27. Kean June Compra

    Kean June CompraKun oldin

    ive been looking for the map i lost,, i spawned and saw a mountain with so many diamonds, thats the map i lost

  28. Yoo

    YooKun oldin


  29. Elioto Is A NOOB ツ

    Elioto Is A NOOB ツKun oldin

    Who else has had one of these happen and think nothing of it

  30. Parker C

    Parker CKun oldin

    In one of the snapshots for the nether update, there was no coded limit to how many striders could spawn on top of each other which makes it the only infinitely rare mob in the game.

  31. Seany Bro

    Seany BroKun oldin

    bruh the last one very very true

  32. Scott Campbell

    Scott CampbellKun oldin


  33. Dominic Aragon

    Dominic AragonKun oldin

    Hey sipover I know this might get lost in the comments but it’s my birthday and I hoped on my survival world and 4 skeleton jockies riding skeleton horses spawned next to my house crazy

  34. nothing

    nothingKun oldin

    There is no such thing as a pig spawner

  35. Wailly Valerio

    Wailly ValerioKun oldin

    Carved pumpkins can spawn naturally in a taiga village

  36. 18 Harshit Raj 6725

    18 Harshit Raj 6725Kun oldin

    Meanwhile me: can't even find diamonds

  37. 18 Harshit Raj 6725

    18 Harshit Raj 6725Kun oldin

    5:16 which song is this?

  38. jalil zami

    jalil zamiKun oldin

    what are the odds that i subscribe? with notifications 😏

  39. DBook Gamings

    DBook GamingsKun oldin

    Um... my chance of getting a boyfriend is very high, already have one.

  40. Mike van Oenen

    Mike van OenenKun oldin

    “Your chances of getting a girlfriend” jokes on you, I'm gay


    THE SONG BROS22 soat oldin


  42. Ziggy Is Dumb

    Ziggy Is DumbKun oldin

    Minecrafts rarest occurrence: Finding a Nether fortress on bedrock


    THE SONG BROS22 soat oldin

    true lol

  44. Mas SITO

    Mas SITOKun oldin

    1/999,999,999,999,999,999,999 chance of pooping in mc

  45. Spencer Springfield

    Spencer SpringfieldKun oldin

    The Last one hurt

  46. AXEL S.boy.

    AXEL S.boy.Kun oldin

    you wrong its 1of 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 to get a g.f 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. angus80w

    angus80wKun oldin

    My friend and I were playing Minecraft once and I found a skeleton dungeon that was a few blocks under the surface

  48. Kwartz

    KwartzKun oldin

    Imagine if these has spawned in your world but you just didn’t know it

  49. Mara Frederick

    Mara FrederickKun oldin

    The mysterious ant unfortunatly screw because bait nomenclaturally found apud a meaty mail. incandescent, puzzled order

  50. Beetless

    BeetlessKun oldin

    3:16 "minecraft professional" sounds so dumb

  51. marshing08

    marshing08Kun oldin

    1:14 i spawn at jungle too when i was creative mode

  52. Cali Awesome

    Cali Awesome2 kun oldin

    the girlfriend one hit a little to close to home

  53. dhrupad yadav

    dhrupad yadav2 kun oldin

    I only subscribed to him because of the laugher n the last

  54. River Dolphin

    River Dolphin2 kun oldin

    First, What is the seed that has the 5 pig spawners in it, and Second, what is the command to summon the diamond baby zombie villager?

  55. Luke_catt_23

    Luke_catt_232 kun oldin

    who would subscribe to you? i saw you praising dream shorts, i bully them. but you were playing along and simping for him.

  56. Luke Willard

    Luke Willard2 kun oldin

    Fantastic video as always! :) Im glad i know my chances of getting a girlfriend are very slim too. Love your content and keep up the great work as always.

  57. spaceship earth

    spaceship earth2 kun oldin

    "The last rare occurrence is your chances of getting a girlfriend HAHA" that is very hurtful and true

  58. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze2 kun oldin

    A also rare mob is a baby husk, riding a brown panda

  59. JB Garcia

    JB Garcia2 kun oldin

    10:35 those are your chances


    MAMA KOFI2 kun oldin

    The and rarest occurrence is your chances of having a life lol

  61. Launa Davisson

    Launa Davisson2 kun oldin

    Sipover: wait there’s one last thing ur chances of having a girlfriend Me: I’m getting a boyfriend LOL

  62. Will Haskell

    Will Haskell2 kun oldin

    I almost downvoted for the super BS numbers you tacked on as odds of it happening. But that outro was pretty golden.

  63. The Dawsons Memes

    The Dawsons Memes2 kun oldin

    There are 33 Billion blocks in minecraft on average

  64. Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy2 kun oldin

    Strange, I find that baby zombie villager so often that it is actually annoying

  65. MP L

    MP L2 kun oldin

    My chances of getting a girlfriend are rare. The odds of a) finding a girl who likes girls is rare, and b) her liking me is rare.

  66. mjc514

    mjc5142 kun oldin


  67. ChumBue

    ChumBue2 kun oldin

    Can someone tell me how big a world is on PS4 minecraft??

  68. Loaf

    Loaf2 kun oldin

    10:32 :(

  69. vess

    vess2 kun oldin

    I just had the best orange of my life

  70. Ture Pokemon

    Ture Pokemon2 kun oldin

    Whatviff i tell u i found a 14vain of emralds

  71. Mihajlo Bakalic

    Mihajlo Bakalic2 kun oldin

    You just remembered me im single thx

  72. Khaled Waleed

    Khaled Waleed2 kun oldin

    wait a minute this is the same guy with us on the Mr beast gaming server I know you

  73. Richard Paredes

    Richard Paredes2 kun oldin

    did u mension about a fossil and bedrock being at (height) 5 with 7 ender eyes on a ender portal well what's rarer about that is... having to spawn around 300 blocks from the Minecraft border btw that baby zombie uhhh.....

  74. Braydon Vanvelzor

    Braydon Vanvelzor2 kun oldin

    hes not wrong my chances of getting a girlfriend are 1 in 69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to put that in perspective i could have won the lottery 23,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times before i get a girlfriend

  75. Griffin Cripe

    Griffin Cripe2 kun oldin

    No way I actually got killed by a killer bunny a long time ago omg

  76. Adyan Azeem

    Adyan Azeem2 kun oldin

    do you even have a gf?

  77. Will He Survive ?

    Will He Survive ?2 kun oldin

    POV: I believe I can fly

  78. HAILFIRE 5445

    HAILFIRE 54452 kun oldin

    Can someone give me the seed and cords to the pig spawner thing? This video seems very sketchy from the fact none of those were included

  79. Morgan and Savannah

    Morgan and Savannah2 kun oldin

    “The rarest chance is actually you getting a girlfriend” Me,who already has a girlfriend: damn,I’m so rare!


    THE SONG BROS22 soat oldin

    @MAMA KOFI his name says it bruhh

  81. Mister Creeper #302

    Mister Creeper #302Kun oldin

    @MAMA KOFI The actual chances are 1 in 594 in one day.


    MAMA KOFI2 kun oldin

    How do u have a gf

  83. Mister Creeper #302

    Mister Creeper #3022 kun oldin

    @George Răbuș You don't know what's possible.

  84. George Răbuș

    George Răbuș2 kun oldin


  85. Mari Jafaridze

    Mari Jafaridze2 kun oldin

    10:29 uum yes it’s rarest thing because IM GIRL WHO IS NOT LESBIAN!

  86. oDdLy PoTaTo

    oDdLy PoTaTo2 kun oldin


  87. ツcrocs9ti

    ツcrocs9ti2 kun oldin

    2 snow golems spawned when my world finished loading and thought herobrine was in my world

  88. Atlantic eyes Nolen

    Atlantic eyes Nolen2 kun oldin

    10:31 biss im not lesbo >:^

  89. Quokka Waka

    Quokka Waka2 kun oldin

    I had a world where I spawned in a swamp. Then after a bit of exploring, I found a village, and one of those big houses had the design in the thumbnail. Also, near the village, was a pink sheep and a ruined nether portal. Definitely the luckiest seed I've had.

  90. Marek Ptak

    Marek Ptak2 kun oldin

    5:19 In demo version (and i think in bedrock too) you can still create a snowgolem without carving a pumpkin.

  91. Nancy Vega

    Nancy Vega2 kun oldin

    Him: The rarest thing is you getting a girlfriend Girls: Is that a threat?

  92. Nancy Vega

    Nancy Vega2 kun oldin

    Then noticing that he is a boy, lol

  93. Aura Maftei

    Aura Maftei2 kun oldin

    Matilda behind

  94. Sysel 88

    Sysel 882 kun oldin

    The “Your chances of getting a girlfriend” hits hard.

  95. WolfClaw Gacha

    WolfClaw Gacha2 kun oldin

    Wanna know what else is rare..? Spawning in a jungle

  96. Soviet Boi

    Soviet Boi2 kun oldin


  97. Anant Gupta

    Anant Gupta2 kun oldin

    Bruh I saw a jungle edge biome and ignored and I don't remember the coords 😭😭😭😭

  98. no pls

    no pls2 kun oldin

    dreams speedrun

  99. Nancy Andrade

    Nancy Andrade3 kun oldin

    Those thngs was rare? I would usually blow em up

  100. Barney ,

    Barney ,3 kun oldin

    3:22 dudes holding oak planks yet inventory is a oak log???

  101. matthew hayball

    matthew hayball3 kun oldin

    "The last rare occurence is your chance on getting a girl friend" Yep now 1 in 12000 people are subscribed

  102. Jamesstaion66 2

    Jamesstaion66 23 kun oldin

    My chances of getting a girlfriend is exactly 0% only because I am gay. 😶

  103. Myles Adams

    Myles Adams3 kun oldin

    What enchants does the zombie- chicken jockey have?

  104. kimkimisawesome 1

    kimkimisawesome 13 kun oldin

    2:32 Actually, I'm not sure if that is a true zombie, it looks more like a zombie villager based on the fact that it has a nose. Aka, its even more rare becuase zombie villagers will only spawn in zombie villages which only has a 2% chance of spawning naturally. with the way it spawned, its likely that it spawned along with other zombie villagers meaning that it was enough to spawn an entire zombie village

  105. Genesis Pierantoni

    Genesis Pierantoni3 kun oldin

    When I was a kid and spawned in my survival word I went 5 or 4 blocks forward then digged straight down and for the end portal can someone tell me the chances of this happening?

  106. Wolf pack 2000

    Wolf pack 20003 kun oldin


  107. Gamer girl The pro

    Gamer girl The pro3 kun oldin

    I’ve seen the rarest mob in Minecraft before😲😲😦😮😱😱😱


    ATREMPLAYZ_YT3 kun oldin

    Jokes on you I have a rich one LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO