Ranking the Terrible JoJo Localization Names

People have made tier lists before, but has anyone made a tier list on the most important part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - the terrible copyrighted name changes?
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Beach Overworld - Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympics
Main Menu - Kirby Star Allies
Il vento d'oro - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Bang! Bang! Big Hornes Explosion - Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Italian Restaurant - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
A Blossoming Love - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Groose's Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Oingo Boingo Brothers Theme - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
The Hand - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Friends! Friends? - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Diamond is Unbreakable Main Theme - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Kira's Theme - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Shop Music - Blue Omen Operation
Incursione - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Tousouchuu - Yokai Watch
In the Zipper - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Rebels - Food Wars Season 3 OST
Jolyne Cujoh Battle BGM - JoJo Eyes of Heaven
Can You Really Call This A Hotel - Undertale
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  1. Robloxboigamer

    Robloxboigamer14 daqiqa oldin

    What was this thing so I can’t rank blueford sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss tier

  2. 1.1 Mathematics

    1.1 Mathematics22 daqiqa oldin

    Not a stand but aesidesi

  3. Caidi lady

    Caidi lady31 daqiqa oldin

    The ultimate stand: Coco Chonker

  4. Platy the Perrypus

    Platy the Perrypus2 soat oldin

    Stand name: bite the dust Localized name: *consume dead skin*

  5. Marcie Mae Walker

    Marcie Mae Walker4 soat oldin

    Oddly enough "dirty acts at a reasonable price" is my usp

  6. Milk man

    Milk man5 soat oldin

    Stand name: D4C Localized name: Quick succ for a quick bucc.

  7. DogLamflar

    DogLamflar6 soat oldin

    I prefer the dub names, although I prefer the sun anyway, I’m sorry but I can’t stand Japanese :|

  8. Oliver Channing

    Oliver Channing8 soat oldin

    The worst is za warudo being changed to the world

  9. Irppa

    Irppa14 soat oldin

    Original name: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap Localized name: Maximum hoe for minimum dough

  10. TheDoge 777

    TheDoge 777Kun oldin

    Trash channel coco large is S

  11. TheDoge 777

    TheDoge 777Kun oldin

    Disliked because you tried to put coco large on A

  12. DerpWolfy

    DerpWolfyKun oldin

    Killer Queen: Bites the Dust Evil Emperor: Consume the Dirt

  13. Lucy Ravenwoods

    Lucy RavenwoodsKun oldin

    I agree with everything expect deadly queen should be in new

  14. Yousef Plays

    Yousef Plays2 kun oldin

    Name: echoes Localized name: sound that repeats itself

  15. Tay Yang

    Tay Yang2 kun oldin

    Damn, writing fugo outta this one too Huh?

  16. iBlewupthemoon

    iBlewupthemoon2 kun oldin

    Enya’s translated name was weird, they basically took the Japanese translation for “Enya the Hag” (Enya-ba) and just made that her name

  17. Translate this リックロールを取得する

    Translate this リックロールを取得する2 kun oldin

    Stand name: King Crimson Localized name: Emperor Maroon

  18. Fake Pixel

    Fake Pixel2 kun oldin

    Stand name :The Emperor Localized Name : A Queen

  19. Big Doge

    Big Doge2 kun oldin

    I always thought, while watching dubbed part 5, green tea was named green D, yeah.

  20. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper3 kun oldin

    Who heard Burford when they watch the DUB; without knowing the localization name

  21. Why

    Why3 kun oldin

    The universe:alternate universe

  22. • Bot •

    • Bot •3 kun oldin

    Stand name:Sex Pistols Localised name:P*rn Gun

  23. mr. gamer

    mr. gamer3 kun oldin

    zenyatta mondatta is also should be copyrighted

  24. Spider-Man

    Spider-Man3 kun oldin

    Stand name: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Localized name: C R I M I N A L T A S K D O N E A T A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E

  25. Hunter

    Hunter3 kun oldin

    What's the song being played when worse company is announced?

  26. Richieaidan

    Richieaidan3 kun oldin

    Jouske: why is my non copy right stand name “shining Diamond”

  27. justarandomalt

    justarandomalt3 kun oldin

    Stand name: killer queen: bites the dust Localized name: murderous empress: eats the debris Stand name: killer queen sheer heart attack Localized name: murderous empress complete cardiovascular disease

  28. Julia Yang

    Julia Yang3 kun oldin

    14:50 to 14:54 there are a few more stands there

  29. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum3 kun oldin

    4:54 *ENYA THE BAG*

  30. EdwardDoesThings

    EdwardDoesThings4 kun oldin

    I don't know what drugs you guys are on, but I'd love to take them.

  31. Armin Arlert

    Armin Arlert4 kun oldin

    blueford makes me think of a blue toyota ford truck

  32. :isyraqizzzihni3:

    :isyraqizzzihni3:4 kun oldin

    Stand name : Gold Experience Localized : Golden EXP

  33. Jonah Palomo

    Jonah Palomo4 kun oldin

    Me after laughing my arse off after watching the video: Why is sheer heart attack taking so long.

  34. Dimmer Rocket 9

    Dimmer Rocket 95 kun oldin

    Me and my pals would refer to "STICKY FINGERS" as... "Me after a BBQ" yes we are stupid

  35. The New Kid in The Kingdom

    The New Kid in The Kingdom5 kun oldin

    Character name: Steely Dan Localized name: Ironic Daniel

  36. Shadow

    Shadow5 kun oldin

    Criminal acts done cunningly

  37. Kevin glmt

    Kevin glmt5 kun oldin

    For the names of the stand of part 5 in france they didnt have the autorisation to keep the same names si its why there are lil bomber or ziper man

  38. Kevin glmt

    Kevin glmt5 kun oldin

    Or emperor krimson

  39. Jerry

    Jerry5 kun oldin

    Instead of babyhead: it should be BLUEFACE BABY

  40. Lame Liam

    Lame Liam5 kun oldin

    Stand name: mr steal yo girl Localised name: sr thieve your grill

  41. Bernabe Pierce

    Bernabe Pierce5 kun oldin

    Dirty deed done dirt cheap D4c Filthy acts for a reasonable price Dimes 4 crimes Amoral acts at affordable cost Maximum kill 4 minimum bill Sadistic services so suprisingly economical Objectionable occurences on special offer A series of nefarious actions executed for a price lower than would be expected in the market system i ain't gay but $20 is $20

  42. Miet3k Śmiet3k

    Miet3k Śmiet3k5 kun oldin

    Stand name: bad company Localized name: naughty soldiers

  43. Nicolas Cruz

    Nicolas Cruz6 kun oldin

    Stand Ability: Crazy Diamond Localized Name: Eccentric Jewel

  44. Rat Butt

    Rat Butt6 kun oldin

    Coco large should have been in blueferd

  45. Burn Your Words

    Burn Your Words6 kun oldin

    It’s been a while since i’ve laughed that loud

  46. Oniii -san

    Oniii -san6 kun oldin

    No wonder I saw the sub say zipper man but it was actually sticky fingers

  47. Epic Face

    Epic Face6 kun oldin

    stand name:killer queen bites the dust localized name:deadly empress chomps the soil

  48. Depressio

    Depressio6 kun oldin

    Dan of Steel is superman's accountant cousin

  49. Equinox main

    Equinox main6 kun oldin

    song names

  50. The Real Sprites

    The Real Sprites6 kun oldin

    Idk bro I just watch sub and shining diamond sounds a hell of a lot better than crazy diamond

  51. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna7 kun oldin

    Original name :crazy diamond Localized name : S H I N I N G D I A M O N D

  52. Death Man20

    Death Man207 kun oldin

    I seen this like 6 times over the years it came out and I still enjoy it

  53. Slowed.editzz

    Slowed.editzz7 kun oldin

    12:52 lmao

  54. Moldy Gravel

    Moldy Gravel7 kun oldin

    Blueford can’t be compared to anyone else he’s to good

  55. mr.totolose

    mr.totolose7 kun oldin

    Stand name: Hermit Purple Localized name: shy shut-in Violet

  56. Shadowofcalamity4

    Shadowofcalamity47 kun oldin

    These are the types of videos that give me inspiration. Because as a wise Man once sad: "high end mediocrity is better than success from the start" - martincitopants

  57. Jalen Adams

    Jalen Adams7 kun oldin

    breh its name is zipper man in english how is that a bad name

  58. TheRandomYTDude

    TheRandomYTDude8 kun oldin

    Stand name: dirty deeds done dirt cheap Localized: dimes 4 crimes

  59. Hermix

    Hermix8 kun oldin

    I watched this video 4 times. I wonder when will be the next time I watch it

  60. Alec

    Alec8 kun oldin

    i didnt realize that about king crimson either. wow...

  61. Muffin

    Muffin8 kun oldin

    Dooo more

  62. Blueboyninja8 Gaming

    Blueboyninja8 Gaming9 kun oldin


  63. Jorge Huertas

    Jorge Huertas9 kun oldin

    This is the funniest video on UZnick

  64. The Diamond Pie

    The Diamond Pie9 kun oldin

    6:50 most of the names in part 3 were changed to other music references

  65. TheDunsparceGames

    TheDunsparceGames9 kun oldin

    for the grateful dead they should’ve done what the earthbound localization team did and named it the peaceful rest

  66. Muhammad Nasrullah

    Muhammad Nasrullah9 kun oldin

    Dirty deeds done dirt cheap nah it's more like filthy acts at a reasonable price

  67. Seifchen

    Seifchen9 kun oldin

    whats so bad about super man?

  68. Kyungho Choi

    Kyungho Choi9 kun oldin

    Jojo: d4c Me: sinful tasks completed for little monetary value

  69. ShibuNub 犬

    ShibuNub 犬7 kun oldin

    Unruly behaviors exhibited at close to nonexistent prices

  70. FearlessCloth84

    FearlessCloth849 kun oldin

    God Flaccid Pancakes and Filthy Acts At A Reasonable Price had me dying

  71. Majora_64_3d

    Majora_64_3d9 kun oldin

    D4C... Unsanitary Chores at an Affordable Cost

  72. JoJo Player

    JoJo Player9 kun oldin

    F L A C C I D P A N C A K E vs zIpPeR mAn

  73. Sgtwoof75

    Sgtwoof7510 kun oldin

    when one of them said black album they didn’t even realize that that’s the name of a metallica album lmao

  74. Tzvi Rabinovitch

    Tzvi Rabinovitch10 kun oldin


  75. Muhammad Said Ibragim

    Muhammad Said Ibragim10 kun oldin

    They killed all of the musical references

  76. SANair

    SANair10 kun oldin

    deadly queen has no weakness

  77. nobody important

    nobody important10 kun oldin

    Anything that is still a reference to the song, or actively mocks the fact it has to be localized is immediately S tier

  78. stew

    stew10 kun oldin

    The thing about these names, is that the caption says something other than the name. Like Bucciarati's stand, on crunchyroll, the caption says "Zipper Man" but he says "Sticky Fingers" out loud.

  79. Benji_

    Benji_11 kun oldin

    FA3RP is my favorite

  80. SinSlasher505

    SinSlasher50511 kun oldin

    13:00 when you learn King crimson's ability.

  81. The Egg Lord

    The Egg Lord11 kun oldin

    Little Feet = Small toe

  82. Walker Justus

    Walker Justus11 kun oldin

    C O C O L A R G E

  83. GoD_ARlES

    GoD_ARlES11 kun oldin

    zιρρєя мαη!

  84. Kaz

    Kaz11 kun oldin

    Dojyaan, YES YES!!

  85. Vationix

    Vationix12 kun oldin

    What the fuck, I was watching random Roblox videos a few hours before, how this get into my recommended?

  86. Gulasaurus

    Gulasaurus12 kun oldin

    changing crazy diamond to shinning diamond makes sense cause of the actual song lyrics

  87. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo12 kun oldin


  88. Warped Bill Clinton

    Warped Bill Clinton12 kun oldin

    Stand name: Dave matthews band Localized name: David's band

  89. NerdCuddles

    NerdCuddles12 kun oldin

    Bad Company Worse Company

  90. Adina Chiprianov

    Adina Chiprianov12 kun oldin

    I love the JoJo community

  91. pogflyboi

    pogflyboi12 kun oldin

    put d4c in sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss its better then blueford

  92. Potbreakeer

    Potbreakeer12 kun oldin

    Weird thing is, Soul Sacrifice is the name of a song by Santana

  93. Mike the Knight

    Mike the Knight12 kun oldin

    Purple smoke sounds like a shitty roblox censor name when something tags

  94. Antholoh

    Antholoh13 kun oldin


  95. Tyler Onen

    Tyler Onen13 kun oldin

    Stand name:Purple Haze Localized name: mentally unstable humanoid creature with rabbies

  96. Legally Doodled

    Legally Doodled13 kun oldin

    What's the song at 13:45 ? I couldn't find it anywhere on the description.

  97. Cloudy Donna

    Cloudy Donna13 kun oldin

    Stand Name: Purple Haze Localized Name: Violet Fog

  98. Wael Ramdhane

    Wael Ramdhane13 kun oldin

    Stand name: the world Localized name: *e a r t h*

  99. Silas Animation

    Silas Animation13 kun oldin

    Does anybody have the FULL version of this video?

  100. Restran

    Restran14 kun oldin

    They changed Oingo Boingo, a band, to Zenyatta Mondatta, which is a The Police album.

  101. Chase Diamond

    Chase Diamond14 kun oldin


  102. XELLMO

    XELLMO14 kun oldin

    Billie jean nakakal in kuvshin