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  1. Liza Koshy

    Liza Koshy3 yil oldin

    For those of you who don't have me on snapchat (@lizakoshysnaps)... you fake. Lol, but I announced that I will be uploading on Thursdays until I am done shooting Freakish! AND THIS IS THE LAST THURSDAY HONEY! But you know I'll be late again lol. I'm just trying to trigger more hate comments lol. ALSO: Sorry for the multiple spasms in this video, I drank waaay too much coffee. Don't do drugs. Ok see you guys next Thursday! Or saturday! lol

  2. i got no tea sis

    i got no tea sis2 oy oldin

    You are so funny 🐱 do more videos like this ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ plzzzz

  3. bleu ras

    bleu ras2 oy oldin

    Ello liza

  4. Sibling Wars

    Sibling Wars2 oy oldin

    I love Liza!

  5. zoya mustafa

    zoya mustafa3 oy oldin

    Love you

  6. Lil20

    Lil204 oy oldin

    I love you

  7. Alex John

    Alex John2 soat oldin

    She's the man!

  8. Leigh Martin

    Leigh Martin4 soat oldin

    Hahahah this girl is funny we need more people like her

  9. Kyra Allen

    Kyra AllenKun oldin

    Ok I know im late but how can people be so mean?

  10. zed.k.

    zed.k.Kun oldin

    Fenomenal with an F

  11. Katriel ༄

    Katriel ༄2 kun oldin

    Im crying watching thiss🤣🤣🤣

  12. Cintyyaaa Lester

    Cintyyaaa Lester3 kun oldin

    The way she just bosses all of those comments.. Liza is a true queen 👑

  13. Loyal Fam

    Loyal Fam3 kun oldin

    It's ok everyone haves hate but you really make me laugh 😂 and literally like that emoji so don't have to be a guy

  14. -Amelie-

    -Amelie-4 kun oldin

    Liza Koshy is really funny

  15. Shadowdemon666 Gaming

    Shadowdemon666 Gaming4 kun oldin

    She is so funny

  16. Chloe Egan

    Chloe Egan4 kun oldin


  17. Shana Kae

    Shana Kae5 kun oldin

    Liza I am not even joking I have whatched this video like 20 times I love you

  18. Claire Lavallee

    Claire Lavallee5 kun oldin

    You are so funny I’m dying

  19. Talias tablet

    Talias tablet5 kun oldin

    I just realized i have already commented on this video..

  20. Talias tablet

    Talias tablet5 kun oldin

    Bro..these hate comments... like dude STFU, SHE IS A PERSON LEAVE HER ALONE... Anyways, love you liza.

  21. Maryam essa

    Maryam essa5 kun oldin

    I love liza

  22. Willow Bird7

    Willow Bird75 kun oldin

    i love how she is so confident when it comes to this also i find it hilarious that she is just casually sitting in her dryer and bath 😭😭 you amazing liza

  23. just.there.

    just.there.5 kun oldin

    How does she fit everywhere 😳

  24. k8yla B

    k8yla B5 kun oldin

    they're hating but watching her videos LMAO. make it make sense.

  25. The Lochness girl

    The Lochness girl6 kun oldin

    It's the fact that she's so positive for me. Love u😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Triple 2s

    Triple 2s6 kun oldin

    👁👄👁 bruh girls are funny I make my friends laugh

  27. Melissa Ali

    Melissa Ali6 kun oldin

    Don't listen to them ! You're awesome!

  28. Lilly Ballard

    Lilly Ballard7 kun oldin


  29. Kageyama Tobio

    Kageyama Tobio7 kun oldin

    not me thinking.... "step bro... im stuc-

  30. Wen D

    Wen D7 kun oldin


  31. Akyre Hunter

    Akyre Hunter7 kun oldin

    "I did... I just got addicted to it"

  32. Taisir Kassem

    Taisir Kassem7 kun oldin

    I love the way she replies to her mean comments😂

  33. Paul Prather

    Paul Prather8 kun oldin

    I love your videos!!!!!!!

  34. Micolett Lawrence

    Micolett Lawrence8 kun oldin

    My name is 🥰🥰Londyn🥰🥰 I love you I love your videos I watch do you want Apple there and I just love you you are my idol

  35. Nugget Playz

    Nugget Playz8 kun oldin

    Liza: I should read the hate comments in the washer/dryer


    BHOOMIKA P8 kun oldin

    someone ; i hate this hoe liza ; oh use a shovel it is better for bodies me 'laughing so hard when i read this line

  37. Estella Holmes

    Estella Holmes9 kun oldin

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  38. Goodness Orieke

    Goodness Orieke9 kun oldin

    They are jealous.

  39. Shayma Elaly

    Shayma Elaly9 kun oldin

    Hiiiii ur a queen

  40. Kayon Dallas

    Kayon Dallas9 kun oldin

    And when they talk about drugs they are drugs

  41. Mihle Ndzo

    Mihle Ndzo10 kun oldin

    Beautiful gall

  42. val cain

    val cain10 kun oldin

    Liza I adore your enthusiasm and every video you post just reminds me that we need more care free people like you .Keep going Girl !!

  43. *Annie _Hunny*

    *Annie _Hunny*10 kun oldin

    I love how she just laughs and doesn’t get upset

  44. Seagull

    Seagull11 kun oldin

    it's not that she isn't funny it's that you have no humour at all :)

  45. Hani Lami

    Hani Lami11 kun oldin

    You’re the best!!❤️❤️

  46. Cayleigh Bergen

    Cayleigh Bergen11 kun oldin


  47. natalia desiderio

    natalia desiderio13 kun oldin

    I love her she makes me laugh so much she reminds me of me

  48. cblount80

    cblount8013 kun oldin

    Iove you

  49. Lilly

    Lilly13 kun oldin

    the fact that she indirectly dissed every mf who hated on her in a funny and adorable badass way is fascinating don't ya think?

  50. Harper Dizzle

    Harper Dizzle13 kun oldin

    Liza don’t listen to those haters! All of those comment are not TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your AMAZING! Your supper funny and kind don’t ever let anyone tell you your not amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Amber Price

    Amber Price14 kun oldin

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  52. Kristene Maiso

    Kristene Maiso14 kun oldin

    anyone from 2021?

  53. CookieMonster

    CookieMonster15 kun oldin

    She crack me up I love her

  54. Aryanna Cox

    Aryanna Cox16 kun oldin


  55. Darla Sheckler

    Darla Sheckler16 kun oldin

    some of these comments are sexist af

  56. Yarn_boi gaming

    Yarn_boi gaming16 kun oldin

    excuse me but what the frik is this video and why is it recommended to me

  57. hazzaandboo bear

    hazzaandboo bear14 kun oldin

    this is a master piece

  58. Isabelli Yume

    Isabelli Yume16 kun oldin

    Liza, I love you

  59. R.T 28

    R.T 2817 kun oldin

    I have missed her so much that this popped up on my recommendation

  60. space pastry-

    space pastry-18 kun oldin

    But none of them was even creative

  61. Annie Rankine

    Annie Rankine19 kun oldin

    This made me laugh so much! Always keep smiling!

  62. Raven

    Raven19 kun oldin

    Liza and I deal with hate the same We take it as compliments 🙂

  63. Kinley D

    Kinley D20 kun oldin

    How does she have haters?

  64. Girly Girl

    Girly Girl20 kun oldin

    When she said “I’m coming I’m coming” I tried my best not to say....”That’s what she said”

  65. anne chan

    anne chan20 kun oldin

    i am the only one,or you guys think too that she looks like Ella from lucifer?

  66. Genevieve Mayuri

    Genevieve Mayuri20 kun oldin


  67. Quinn the lion Cook

    Quinn the lion Cook20 kun oldin

    This is my nice comment I love you

  68. travel with me drai

    travel with me drai21 kun oldin

    U r so funny🥰😘

  69. Kailey Todd

    Kailey Todd21 kun oldin


  70. night blue sky

    night blue sky21 kun oldin

    If you hate liza.... That is crazy she is the best I love her

  71. Angie Harger

    Angie Harger22 kun oldin


  72. Eden Speaks

    Eden Speaks22 kun oldin

    Why people saying women ain’t funny and you have to be a man to be funny...the only humor men have is misogynistic humor

  73. Adela Vidales Rueda

    Adela Vidales Rueda23 kun oldin

    Back make the haters back off so dumb that you’re ugly you’re not beautiful you’re the mean words rather turn on that stupid that’s my girl that makes me really mad because you’re my favorite you tuber and I’m actually really mad🤬🤬😡😡Do you see those emoji’s that’s how mad I am about the people I wanna say but I want to them and get them so yeah

  74. Arti Mann

    Arti Mann24 kun oldin


  75. Emma Polen

    Emma Polen24 kun oldin

    Hi Liza I am a big fan

  76. Lospi

    Lospi24 kun oldin

    Is she transgender? No, she‘s just flat I‘m just a boooy 😂😂😂😂

  77. TributeToTheLiving

    TributeToTheLiving24 kun oldin

    i never thought that these kind of videos would fit my liking, but she's funny af

  78. madison Lankford

    madison Lankford25 kun oldin

    You are amazing don't let anyone say otherwise

  79. Selena Quintanilla-edits

    Selena Quintanilla-edits26 kun oldin

    Your so pretty

  80. Delise Laryea

    Delise Laryea26 kun oldin

    Don't mind these comments

  81. -Edward-

    -Edward-26 kun oldin

    How does she do this 🤣

  82. arya havale

    arya havale26 kun oldin

    I loveeeee herrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrr

  83. shruthi sivakumar

    shruthi sivakumar26 kun oldin

    literally no one: me:scrolling to see hate comments

  84. Febe Prins

    Febe Prins27 kun oldin

    Liza your so funny 😂

  85. B R

    B R27 kun oldin

    Okay if you put hate comments then say it to her face cuz if y'all don't like her then each another video like jezz🙄🙄 but lizaaaa is a true queennnn💗💕👑

  86. Paisleys Life

    Paisleys Life28 kun oldin

    *cat noises* Liza: wait I don’t have a dog-

  87. Blaze The baby boy

    Blaze The baby boy28 kun oldin

    You and beyonce have the same things in common Both from Houston Texas, brown girls, sexy, amazing and queens

  88. Kynlee McIntyre

    Kynlee McIntyre28 kun oldin


  89. Jordany Roney

    Jordany Roney28 kun oldin

    You make me laugh everytime lol

  90. French Bunny

    French Bunny29 kun oldin

    The way she just roasts them back- 😂😂😂

  91. Layla Dot plays

    Layla Dot plays29 kun oldin

    Don't Listen to them I are amazing 🤩

  92. Dana

    Dana29 kun oldin

    I like u lizaaa

  93. Lotte Deliens

    Lotte Deliens29 kun oldin

    i love you lizzza don't lisssen to other people

  94. gayatri abburu

    gayatri abburu29 kun oldin

    I love you and you are the best always remember that

  95. live laugh love fun

    live laugh love fun29 kun oldin

    She is amazing how could people say that she is soooooo funny and cool

  96. Zunera Atiq

    Zunera AtiqOy oldin

    How to get rid of the haters

  97. nicole kayongo

    nicole kayongoOy oldin

    them: she has a bigger set than some men lizza: is he calling me fat

  98. Delaney Asbury

    Delaney AsburyOy oldin


  99. William Johansen

    William JohansenOy oldin

    stooppppp hahahaha

  100. Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA

    Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHAOy oldin

    I thought this would be sad but I laughed so hard

  101. I am bree bree

    I am bree breeOy oldin

    "Someone didn't get attention growing up" Liza: I did, I just got addicted to it LMAO, that's one of my favorite replies.

  102. Phoenix

    PhoenixOy oldin

    I want a part two

  103. Manny Spawshkie

    Manny SpawshkieOy oldin

    I love ur vids❤️😀😊🙂

  104. Maithili Shah

    Maithili ShahOy oldin

    she is so funny and energetic. i love her replies to the hate comments. and who the heck do those people think they are, saying that women cant be funny or cant be this and that..........WOMEN, no, actually, CAN BE WHATEVER AND HOWEVER THE HECK THEY WANNA BE!!! ......................... sorry I exploded up ur vids Liza!!!!

  105. Mitzy Djm

    Mitzy DjmOy oldin

    This is my all time fav vid.

  106. Brandi Steele

    Brandi SteeleOy oldin

    hi you are the best i love you and you are not a boy you are a girl but go girl I LOVE YOU :]