Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

Experience the nostalgic story from Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl in a new adventure.
#PokemonBrilliantDiamond and #PokemonShiningPearl arrive on the Nintendo Switch in late 2021! 💎✨
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  1. MambaPlus

    MambaPlus4 soat oldin

    redo the style it looks awful

  2. Cobra Gamez

    Cobra Gamez11 soat oldin

    I’ve waited 4 no 5000 years for this

  3. F J X

    F J X14 soat oldin

    Oh my god 🤦‍♂️ what in the hell are you doing Nintendo?

  4. iAMBETO

    iAMBETO21 soat oldin

    Original better than new honestly

  5. Sakee

    Sakee22 soat oldin

    I swear if you didn't remake the pokemon platinum

  6. Haunted

    HauntedKun oldin

    this looks like it was made in fucking 2015 what the actual hell its hideous to look at I- POKÉMON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF

  7. Scottie Willy

    Scottie WillyKun oldin

    I have been waiting for this for years

  8. Brandon Memes

    Brandon Memes2 kun oldin

    I think the old version looks so much better than this chibi art style I mean It looks like something off of a mobile game. Like why not follow in the footsteps of let’s go it made the kanto region how I would of expected it to look like in modern and then diamond and Pearl look like this come on put a little bit more effort in.

  9. Protanu Ghosh

    Protanu Ghosh2 kun oldin

    pretty bad graphics relative to gen 8 games. Definitely not worth playing

  10. - JacobTD -

    - JacobTD -2 kun oldin

    This just doesn’t look good. It looks kind of worse than Sw/Sh. The artstyle is eh, but no new animations (I think), and probably no national pokedex, lets be real here

  11. HaveButOneLife

    HaveButOneLife2 kun oldin

    I love the original but this just looks bad. Like "it needs another year in the oven" kind of bad.

  12. Priya Chandrasekaran

    Priya Chandrasekaran2 kun oldin

    1 thing though: Will there be exp share? I dont know cause ive not played pokemon remakes and i dont know if there is exp share

  13. Augusto De Candido

    Augusto De Candido2 kun oldin

    Disappointment level 100%

  14. Aisu Tistoto

    Aisu Tistoto2 kun oldin

    This is Shit. They look stupid. We wanted it to look like sun&moon or like Sword&Shield, not this shit. And we wanted Platinum's storyline. The one that was better. We don't want a shitty rushed delta episode again. We want the definitive version. NINTENDO NEEDS TO STOP RUINING EVERYTHING.

  15. Sean Chandler

    Sean Chandler3 kun oldin

    And another thing nobody really wants to play through the game as a set character they wanna pick for multiple characters customize and then be tall when they’re running through the game and not some little short little thing if we wanted that then just remake red blue yellow silver gold crystal Ruby and Sapphire an emerald which would be so good to do I just put the original versions of those on the switch people would buy the crap out of that game

  16. Henrique Oliveira

    Henrique Oliveira3 kun oldin

    This looks like a 12th grader attempt on a final Arts project. A failed attempt, mind you!

  17. Henrique Oliveira

    Henrique Oliveira3 kun oldin

    I have never been this disappointed with the announcement of a new Pokemon game lmao

  18. Evan Goulios

    Evan Goulios3 kun oldin

    Why did you pick that thumbnail...

  19. Sean Chandler

    Sean Chandler3 kun oldin

    Funny how they put all this effort into it but they still can’t get what people want remakes that look as good as games do now is not a little people anymore we want the big people that you can customize and go to the game with but a remake be better if some fan can I just actually make these games in pokemon And not screw up every single darn time

  20. Youngspy

    Youngspy3 kun oldin

    I really hope they take the feedback and repair this game. Not only does it seem like the exact same game with a higher price tag and terrible art style, but it's a huge disappointment for people like me who would've loved to see our childhood game come back to life. If they fix it up I'd consider buying it despite being incredibly disappointed by this trailer, but if they make a remake of Black and White (my personal favorite) and ruin that game then it's safe to say I'm done with Pokemon entirely.

  21. Vinicius Milani

    Vinicius Milani3 kun oldin

    kinda looks like garbage not gonna lie

  22. trenthayesx

    trenthayesx3 kun oldin

    Yea no I’m good thanks. Cancel this shit, we don’t need 2 games this year I’m sure legends will do, finish one game at a time so then you have the space to actually produce the game yourself not give it to some company that’s never been heard of before

  23. Colin Braun

    Colin Braun3 kun oldin

    *Pros* : - Faithful - Probably National dex - More Details to routes *Cons* : -Chibi designs look terrible -Does not have the vibrant colors that all pokemon games have - Same pokemon animations - Possibly the same gameplay from the first Sinnoh Game (Faithful) - Probably no National Dex - The models look like they came from the 2nd unreal engine - Is made by the same company that made Pokemon Home, that a lot of us have problems with. - Copy and Pasted Cutsences I'm sorry if this sounds biased to anyone who likes the remakes. I tried to support both sides but I could not find any pros. I can explain my thoughts and criticism. I'm not trying to hate on the Chibi designs. But I don't think the Chibi designs mix well with the realistic textures. And it's really hard to look at it too. If they fix the textures and contrast to make it fit with the Chibi theme then I'll be fine with the remakes. But it's frustrating because I don't think they will change this problem. If you like the chibis, that's great. But they should not charge you 60 dollars for a game that's literally the exact same as the og that you can play for a cheaper price.

  24. kailoid channel

    kailoid channel4 kun oldin

    it doesn't look like a nintendo switch game

  25. Skibot99

    Skibot994 kun oldin

    I’m pretty nervous about them talking about being faithful to DP specifically and keeping the same character and overworld designs seems like a missed opportunity

  26. ShadowYeen XV

    ShadowYeen XV4 kun oldin

    Please let us have a Distortion World episode...

  27. Mangle The PokeNerd19

    Mangle The PokeNerd194 kun oldin

    you have Pokémon brilliant diamond and Pokémon shining pearl but where is Pokémon (insert name here) platinum

  28. ShadowYeen XV

    ShadowYeen XV4 kun oldin

    Incredible Platinum?

  29. Taffee

    Taffee4 kun oldin

    "So we gonna make those Sinnoh remakes this year?" "Didn't want to but like what else could we do" "Yeah ok, just make it look mildly better" "We gonna add anything new?" " *_Haha, No_* "

  30. BostonBraxo

    BostonBraxo4 kun oldin

    I remember playing Pokemon platinum and I enjoyed it but now this is just amazing!

  31. Rafael Nunez

    Rafael Nunez4 kun oldin


  32. Brighton Nelson

    Brighton Nelson4 kun oldin

    The most exciting part of this announcement (to me at least) is that we’re going back to Sinnoh in the Adventures manga! DP was one of my favorite chapters

  33. ShxdyNeo

    ShxdyNeo4 kun oldin

    imagine we remake all the games and pokemon will look like they're moving

  34. treinador pikachu PROFISSIONAL

    treinador pikachu PROFISSIONAL4 kun oldin


  35. Arthur Rabelo

    Arthur Rabelo4 kun oldin

    Oh Smoll

  36. Bugemaster

    Bugemaster4 kun oldin

    You really gotta leave out platinum, the best one?

  37. Attimi

    Attimi4 kun oldin

    @ShadowYeen XV That's what I'm hoping too, and maybe they could give us a mythical at the end like they did with Deoxys

  38. ShadowYeen XV

    ShadowYeen XV4 kun oldin

    They'll probably do a Distortion World episode, kinda like how they did the Delta Episode for Rayquaza in ORAS. At least I hope so. I really want Giratina :(

  39. Attimi

    Attimi4 kun oldin

    @Bugemaster ah, my bad (You are right though)

  40. Bugemaster

    Bugemaster4 kun oldin

    @Attimi Ik i was just joking. I wasnt expecting them to make a plantinum remake. (Thought it was the best of the three)

  41. Attimi

    Attimi4 kun oldin

    They didn't do Yellow, Crystal, or Emerald either, they just don't remake the third games. But it'll probably have elements of Platinum

  42. Allars Potężny

    Allars Potężny5 kun oldin

    please add to this game the ability to release pokemon from pokeballs and travel with them please🥺

  43. EagleEyes

    EagleEyes5 kun oldin

    i really dont like the chibi artstyle and my first pokemon game was D&P. I would prefer a newer, S&S/Pkmn Go artstyle and i wouldnt mind waiting longer for that.

  44. big rocc

    big rocc5 kun oldin

    Just because it's a remake doesn't mean you can't charge full price for any idiots willing to pay twice for the same game! Milk that cow Pokemon!!

  45. Kori Jenkins

    Kori Jenkins5 kun oldin

    The 2D games genuinely look better than this. They TRIED back then and you could see it. When you half ass 3D it shows.

  46. Woken Red Pill

    Woken Red Pill5 kun oldin

    I'm just thankful were getting a remake for this game finally. Don't care too much for the graphics cause this one sits well for me. 😎🙏🏾💸💸💸

  47. GamerAtLarge7891

    GamerAtLarge78915 kun oldin

    Wow so looking past every other single reason that this trailer couldn't be more ugly, let me ask you guys this. 0:55 Who the hell decided the male MC will be a 50 year old balding man with a fuzz fade? Someone must be hitting the hottest crack pipe of the season over there to be able to overlook the hilarity of how terrible this looks.

  48. Gandalf 1098

    Gandalf 10984 kun oldin

    Seriously, it looks so awful! I actually really like the protagonist design of Gen the old games, but what they did to them in the remakes is a proper crime! I hate how the remakes look so far :/

  49. ウイクトル

    ウイクトル5 kun oldin

    DPP are probably the most popular pokemon games overall and the remakes were more anticipated than everything else and we get his.. xD Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the art style itself but the overworld sprites of the people are just too weird. Hope they'll still change this somehow...

  50. Kali McCoy

    Kali McCoy5 kun oldin

    Why does this game look so busted?

  51. Joshua Luke

    Joshua Luke5 kun oldin

    Oh no!

  52. Shranos

    Shranos5 kun oldin

    Stop whining.

  53. Oyfum白

    Oyfum白5 kun oldin

    This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in a Pokémon game in my life I would rather play the original platinum

  54. Ghost Type

    Ghost Type6 kun oldin

    I think Game Freak and ILCA should've came together and worked on these remakes. I understand that Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a more original project (WHICH I APPRECIATE) but I prefer quality over quantity. That of course doesn't promise adequate profits for your investors and shareholders, does it? :(

  55. Simon A

    Simon A6 kun oldin


  56. Critter Bones

    Critter Bones6 kun oldin

    That moment when the pixelated version looks better than the 3d one

  57. Dillon Hall

    Dillon Hall6 kun oldin

    To be real with you, they should've called it *Dusk Diamond* to match the first letter

  58. Horowin

    Horowin6 kun oldin

    ok I go back playing platinum sry.... it's not even a remaster. I don't even know what it is, but I know one thing for sure, I won't buy it.

  59. Clan Korblox

    Clan Korblox6 kun oldin

    Crazy diamond this video is gonna be filled with jojo references

  60. bubi

    bubi6 kun oldin

    pedly jeaben kgowno

  61. Aries Micheal

    Aries Micheal7 kun oldin

    I wanted it to be a open world like shield and sword but like for the map you could have some areas like forest to run around to catch Pokémon. Like have big spots of grass to catch Pokémon or at least have the main guys as tall as the guys shield or sword. Idc as long as they are as tall as the gen 8 guys

  62. Omar Villa

    Omar Villa7 kun oldin

    I didn't know we were playing Lego Star Wars💀

  63. 32rush

    32rush7 kun oldin

    @Kevin lozada it looks like lego

  64. Kevin lozada

    Kevin lozada7 kun oldin

    I don't get the joke.

  65. TheAlexThePro666ISBACK!

    TheAlexThePro666ISBACK!7 kun oldin

    It would also be good if they made "sparkly platinum"

  66. TheAlexThePro666ISBACK!

    TheAlexThePro666ISBACK!6 kun oldin

    @32rush thats better lol

  67. 32rush

    32rush7 kun oldin

    brilliant diamond, shining pearl, polished platinum

  68. Pizzelle Playz

    Pizzelle Playz7 kun oldin

    This was my first Pokemon game ever (pearl). But its not faithful if I can't slip through the wall and get darkrai.

  69. Pizzelle Playz

    Pizzelle Playz6 kun oldin

    @AntasmaSonic naw infernape your whole way through wdym 😂😂

  70. AntasmaSonic

    AntasmaSonic6 kun oldin

    Or if the battles don't take 10 years because of the HP going down.

  71. isaac rodriguez

    isaac rodriguez7 kun oldin

    I think i would have been better for a “faithful remake” to do a style like octopath traveler. Keep the pixel style but add shadows, animations, and and some realistic textures. I think that would have caught the nostalgia while giving the game an entirely new feel.

  72. IceSorceress

    IceSorceress7 kun oldin

    Everyone mad because they're not realizing that the old games are good because nostalgia and new games don't have that per default.

  73. IceSorceress

    IceSorceress7 kun oldin

    This is so cuuuuute love the s,all game sprites

  74. MRS

    MRS7 kun oldin

    This looks like a copied paper made with a different letter type just an hour before the deadline... Hopefully, they make a platinum version with the concept of the Arceus one.

  75. Smudge

    Smudge8 kun oldin

    It looks kinda scuffed but idk... I still want it!

  76. Best Whale Boy

    Best Whale Boy8 kun oldin


  77. Mr AL

    Mr AL8 kun oldin

    Looks like mobile games,AHAHAHAHAH..

  78. Charx

    Charx8 kun oldin

    Looks terrible.

  79. Kevin lozada

    Kevin lozada7 kun oldin

    Then don't buy it

  80. Yash Surana

    Yash Surana8 kun oldin

    They better not keep this as the final footage It's something which pisses you off RIDICULOUS

  81. giovanny

    giovanny8 kun oldin


  82. Shaden

    Shaden8 kun oldin

    Ils ont chiés sur le personnages frr ça ressemble à rien en chibi

  83. Emeraldstar716

    Emeraldstar7168 kun oldin


  84. Emeraldstar716

    Emeraldstar716Kun oldin

    @Brandon Memes lol

  85. Brandon Memes

    Brandon Memes2 kun oldin

    I can

  86. Emeraldstar716

    Emeraldstar7168 kun oldin

    unova it's gonna be gen 10 lol 1+1 2 gen 1 remade in gen 2 (granted gen 1 is also remade in 3 and 4 5 was a reboot 7 has the let's go games) gen 2 remade in gen 4 2+2 =4 gen 3 remade in gen 6 3+3+=6 gen 4 remade in gen 8 4+4=8 gen 5 will be gen 10

  87. Wackaz 2.0

    Wackaz 2.08 kun oldin

    Just want Masuda to know we love him for his work on the original Gen 4.

  88. Wackaz 2.0

    Wackaz 2.08 kun oldin

    No matter what you think about the look of this game, you can't deny the first 30 seconds of this trailer are absolutely perfect. They give me the chills right down to my core.

  89. Mudkip86

    Mudkip868 kun oldin


  90. Brandon Memes

    Brandon Memes2 kun oldin

    @Kevin lozada yeah in 2d pixel style which looked a lot better than this 3D chibi style garbage

  91. 32rush

    32rush7 kun oldin

    @Kevin lozada "used to"

  92. Kevin lozada

    Kevin lozada7 kun oldin

    But the other Pokemon games used to looked like that before.

  93. KinXslayer

    KinXslayer8 kun oldin

    Flat colors, land textures, and poor 3d models. The chibi is a nice throwback back, but this graphics quality doesn't pass for a 2021 game. it wouldn't even pass for a 2010 game.

  94. Saiko

    Saiko8 kun oldin

    Despite how long people waited for this, I don’t like seeing old games put into Rtx 2080 form. I already don’t like let’s go pikachu and eevee because they remade OG kanto instead of FRLG kanto, the obviously superior remake. Imma stick to the ds versions. Last thing we need is an rtx Cynthia model. People already way too down bad. 👌

  95. Belody

    Belody8 kun oldin

    This is why I was scared instead of excited for d/p/pt remakes. It seriously looks like a fan game made in a couple of weeks, not a product from the most successful media franchise in the world.

  96. Mohammed Baalid

    Mohammed Baalid8 kun oldin

    hope we get new megas or gigantamaxes

  97. Vater Der Spiele

    Vater Der Spiele9 kun oldin

    Delete this awful Remakes everbody hate this Remakes we hate this chili styles, we Would love if you make this Remakes in sword and shield style

  98. Vater Der Spiele

    Vater Der Spiele6 kun oldin

    @Arceus100 breathe deep in the paper bag breathe deep in the paper bag

  99. 32rush

    32rush7 kun oldin

    @Kevin lozada they are both bad lol

  100. Vater Der Spiele

    Vater Der Spiele7 kun oldin

    Wait but who ?

  101. Arceus100

    Arceus1007 kun oldin

    Yeah them hot "chili" peppers styles do sucks it too spicy

  102. Vater Der Spiele

    Vater Der Spiele7 kun oldin

    @Kevin lozada Ok but this is more a remaster not a remake its like I pay a Higher expensive price and i must buy a switch what is also expensive for the same game i Played before on my ds this also why the most of the people hate it its the same game nothing changed at all, most of the people dont like chibi style, the most of the people would rather play sword and shield style than chibi or i would be satisfied when they would make the sinnoh remakes in rubin and Saphir Remakes style, sorry i if its hard this Comment its should not be hard, Gamefreak Destroyed my childhood, have a good day

  103. Oliver Choi

    Oliver Choi9 kun oldin

    Smol dawn

  104. Eternal Bliss

    Eternal Bliss9 kun oldin

    I really hope they bring back megas and add new ones

  105. John Doe

    John Doe9 kun oldin

    Ah, Diamond Pearl and Platinum... The last truly good Pokemon games. Black White was okay, but XY, SM and SS all sucked

  106. TridKP

    TridKP9 kun oldin

    They missed out big time on not naming the games Shining Diamond and whatever.

  107. TridKP

    TridKP9 kun oldin

    Oh shit. And Star Platinum.

  108. Cooper Saffell

    Cooper Saffell9 kun oldin

    In a few years people are going to come back and say how great this game is, especially the art style. It’ll be just like when Wind Waker came out on GameCube.

  109. Conner Richey

    Conner Richey9 kun oldin

    I can't wait for pokeball seal,s to return

  110. 32rush

    32rush7 kun oldin


  111. RESLEK

    RESLEK9 kun oldin

    I think the worst thing about the graphics is how it goes from this garbage outworld nonsense into those absolute stunning looking battles. It almost looks like 2 separate games with wildly different effort put into them that have been merged into 1 game. Hate to say it but I'd prefer if they delayed it by a year and made it look far better. Feels like I could pull out my 3DS and not only play these games on that console...but also just play the original games, get the exact same experience as these 'Remakes' and save myself the money in the process

  112. ROBUX MAN

    ROBUX MAN9 kun oldin

    If remakes look like this from now on I don’t think we need remakes anymore

  113. noskram

    noskram10 kun oldin

    "You can battle Ethan in Sinjoh Ruins in this remake" Just some thought tho hope this is real

  114. Stink Kop

    Stink Kop10 kun oldin


  115. aquatiq

    aquatiq10 kun oldin


  116. Vortex Beats

    Vortex Beats10 kun oldin


  117. Padlock Pictures

    Padlock Pictures10 kun oldin

    I like the artstyle Oops, here come the pitchforks.

  118. Mateo Andrés Granada Barrera

    Mateo Andrés Granada Barrera10 kun oldin


  119. Foxfire0002

    Foxfire000210 kun oldin

    Better have the effing national dex. No excuses this time Gamefreak/creatures inc./Nintendo. National dex existed back then and should have the same if not more Pokemon from the original edition.

  120. Jesús Alberto Cavazos Calderón

    Jesús Alberto Cavazos Calderón10 kun oldin

    This looks like GameCube graphics made by a fan lol

  121. Leighton Ivy

    Leighton Ivy10 kun oldin

    Fucking Mobile game 📱. So ass.

  122. Sebastián Pedroza de Santos

    Sebastián Pedroza de Santos10 kun oldin

    This game better have a nostalgic soundtrack accompanying it

  123. Blur Trash

    Blur Trash11 kun oldin

    Ah yes Pokémon sword and shield with mods

  124. ashutosh singh

    ashutosh singh11 kun oldin

    We all say that its graphics are bad but in reality Everybody is hyped for it

  125. ashutosh singh

    ashutosh singh2 kun oldin

    @Brandon Memes hyped for the game not the graphic lmao

  126. Brandon Memes

    Brandon Memes2 kun oldin

    No not at all really

  127. potatocatzzツ

    potatocatzzツ11 kun oldin

    Every time a Pokemon game releases and gets called bad, the next gen is worse? Like imagine gen 5, it was bad when it first came out the next games were even worse, kinda like with swsh.

  128. Dark Goblin

    Dark Goblin11 kun oldin

    The character models look stupid... I'd rather have the old ones honestly.

  129. Brandon Memes

    Brandon Memes2 kun oldin