Scott Disick Ready To Marry Kourtney "Right Here, Right Now" | KUWTK Exclusive Look | E!

Kim, Kris, Khloé & Tristan encourage Scott to propose, but Kourtney reveals the one thing she needs first. See the final season exclusive peek of "KUWTK" on E!
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Scott Disick Ready To Marry Kourtney "Right Here, Right Now" | KUWTK Exclusive Look | E!


  1. Aghali Achumi

    Aghali Achumi2 kun oldin

    For me this show is all about Kourtney ❤️

  2. Anne Wahl

    Anne Wahl2 kun oldin

    The rude jeff univariately peck because index psychophysically decay notwithstanding a grubby gruesome feature. nasty, exciting exclusive vacuum

  3. Icy Blue Queenie

    Icy Blue Queenie3 kun oldin

    I love Kims smile at 0:29. She looks so different somehow but in a good way.

  4. reem al jaber

    reem al jaber3 kun oldin

    I'm kind of sad after watching this....he actually loves her deep down...

  5. Hannah Mitcheson

    Hannah Mitcheson3 kun oldin

    Kourtney do you realise how much this dude loves you

  6. Angel Chen

    Angel Chen3 kun oldin

    Travis Barker is soooooo much better though

  7. sierra sudjana

    sierra sudjana4 kun oldin

    Lol I actually can't believe that kim just immediately asked that

  8. Crystlegirl 525

    Crystlegirl 5256 kun oldin

    Fun Fact: you can actually hear Scott’s heart breaking in this scene

  9. angela lasorsa

    angela lasorsa6 kun oldin

    They are better than Khloe and Tristan lmao that couple is ridiculous and she should be embarrassed

  10. Julia Gulia

    Julia Gulia9 kun oldin

    imagine being sofia and watching this and knowing that ur ex bf has always felt this way about his baby mama

  11. Ana Anchy

    Ana Anchy10 kun oldin 💖💖💖

  12. chantal & cole

    chantal & cole11 kun oldin

    They clearly love each other in a way that goes beyond, all these years. Why wreck it with this pressure? Lol nah, they don't need to get married. They can just be.

  13. Matthew Chua

    Matthew Chua12 kun oldin

    This family just loves Scott so much

  14. Jayve Marie

    Jayve Marie12 kun oldin

    I love how kim is silently finding a way for scott and kourtney to get married

  15. Malory Rothschild Kardashian Poutine Smith 8

    Malory Rothschild Kardashian Poutine Smith 812 kun oldin

    Im not sure your good enough for my sister sorry bro 😍🤣

  16. P White

    P White13 kun oldin

    Do you know what I'm just gonna say it, Scots too good for her

  17. jannah bayani

    jannah bayani13 kun oldin

    “Make my daughter respectable”

  18. Adore Jayy

    Adore Jayy13 kun oldin

    I think this is hurtful to Sofia

  19. Géssica Rocha

    Géssica Rocha15 kun oldin

    I have a feeling that Scott and Kourt will end up getting back together at some point. Just look at him... He loves her 😍

  20. gigga143

    gigga14318 kun oldin

    poor Scott, he loves her so much and he’s just waiting for her.

  21. Angles

    Angles18 kun oldin

    Kim pushing for Kourtney to reveal about her life but won't talk about her own life? Cute.


    GLOWING OWL19 kun oldin

    Once you lose respect for someone , you’re no longer sexually attracted to them , and there’s no coming back from that 😬 period

  23. Leo Manoban

    Leo Manoban19 kun oldin


  24. byers adventure

    byers adventure20 kun oldin

    Isnt like scott like 5 yrs younger than kourtney am i right?

  25. Allison Marie

    Allison Marie20 kun oldin

    That was uncomfy lmao Kourtney got so awkward

  26. Jaqy Bebba

    Jaqy Bebba21 kun oldin

    So he’s basically down when ever she is ready !

  27. Tamara D

    Tamara D21 kun oldin

    Kourtney is over him

  28. Erika Martinez-Torres

    Erika Martinez-Torres22 kun oldin

    All cast members looks so well put together! Great presentation!

  29. Joy annie Queen

    Joy annie Queen24 kun oldin

    I would love them 2 grow old together. On a side note does anyone else think Kims face looks strange. Really tan and like it cant move. She was very pretty before all the work. I wish LA girls and famous girls would keep their original face. Yikes!

  30. Yaya Jacobus

    Yaya Jacobus24 kun oldin

    Stormy black daughter🙊🙉🙈

  31. Barbara Samuel

    Barbara Samuel24 kun oldin

    Let her be happy. They make great friends and co-parents

  32. Carys

    Carys24 kun oldin

    The blur filter is ridiculous, are they filming this through Snapchat? Gave me a headache.

  33. Ashwini Purandare

    Ashwini Purandare24 kun oldin

    this is such an inappropriate conversation for a dinner table. 😆 Kim's face after dropping the question 😆😆

  34. sweet _eyes_ th

    sweet _eyes_ th24 kun oldin

    Traitor never stop betrying don't😒 forgive him k

  35. Samsonite Hill

    Samsonite Hill24 kun oldin

    I wish they were together and married cause just love them!!

  36. Dina Chalhoub

    Dina Chalhoub24 kun oldin

    I dont care what other people say i am in LOVE with this family.

  37. Red Bottoms

    Red Bottoms25 kun oldin

    Kourtney was reflecting because she needs to work on her self in order to marry or even think about getting back with Scott. She haven’t forgave him yet for everything he’s done to her truly and its tough knowing a man loves you but cant love you properly 💯

  38. Red Bottoms

    Red Bottoms25 kun oldin

    Scott has loyalty since season one 😍💯

  39. Elena Marie Buyo

    Elena Marie Buyo25 kun oldin

    0:29 my gosh Kim's reaction😆. This is literally my reaction tho

  40. Judy Stanford

    Judy Stanford25 kun oldin

    Omg Scott... that's why Courtney keeps him around...they have a beautiful relationship!!!

  41. Nicole Saraceno

    Nicole Saraceno26 kun oldin

    What more can he do to prove himself to her? To me it looks like he is back on track, a good father. I don’t know the family but come on that was so sweet! 💜

  42. Charity Mberi

    Charity Mberi26 kun oldin

    Drunk Scott

  43. S S

    S S26 kun oldin

    I hateeee the skin smoothing it's too much

  44. Julie Kirk

    Julie Kirk27 kun oldin

    Kourtney would have married Scott a decade ago ! It's always been his wanting to stay part of the show and wanting younger girls! Come on

  45. Julie Kirk

    Julie Kirk27 kun oldin

    My opinion is Scott doesn't want her but he doesn't want another guy to have the SPOTLIGHT

  46. Puppylove

    Puppylove27 kun oldin

    Ughhh can they just get married already

  47. Kirst The Astrologer

    Kirst The Astrologer27 kun oldin

    I give it 6 months tops they’ll be together

  48. Megan Goberdhan

    Megan Goberdhan28 kun oldin

    To me kourtney is just being difficult honestly she wants to be with him he knows it she knows it everybody knows it so get together already

  49. Maristella Santos

    Maristella Santos28 kun oldin

    because the mother said so. and the camera is rolling.

  50. mercy botha

    mercy botha28 kun oldin

    Clearly they still love each other scott waiting on kourtney and kourtney still scared of getting hurt by scott ...forgive and move on what if one eventually moves on ....

  51. Sheree Whitfield

    Sheree Whitfield28 kun oldin

    the filter is too much, kris is blurry af

  52. Louis Gambito

    Louis Gambito29 kun oldin

    been watching this for sooo long, and still waiting for scott and kourt to get married 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  53. harley skawronik

    harley skawronik29 kun oldin

    I hope Kourtney and Scott get back together I've always liked them, another couple I miss is Khloe and Lamar but just like Kourtneys relationship drugs were a problem.

  54. Erica Bates

    Erica Bates29 kun oldin

    I think "hell yeah Baby No4 & Marriage" would be a great end to KUWTK 😁💕 x

  55. isabel C

    isabel C29 kun oldin

    is there like a filter in the cameras there faces look so smoothed over.

  56. Sonia Hawkins

    Sonia HawkinsOy oldin

    He did say right here right now hon 🙏🏽😊

  57. Sonia Hawkins

    Sonia HawkinsOy oldin


  58. Mary Deherrera

    Mary DeherreraOy oldin

    Sure he say it then goes off and sleep with some young girl.

  59. Nicole Simmons

    Nicole SimmonsOy oldin

    Scott wanted to get married her way back than and she didn't want it. I think they both belong together. He already has kids want to settle but now running around with young girls maybe helping his ego

  60. sharron munyi

    sharron munyiOy oldin

    If they get married they better stay that way

  61. Lora *-*

    Lora *-*Oy oldin

    I would feel bad for the ex girlfriend who was in between two people who still loved each other.

  62. Me,he&3

    Me,he&3Oy oldin Together

  63. Dannett Taylor

    Dannett TaylorOy oldin

    I love Scott him and Kourtney belong together

  64. Emelie oli

    Emelie oliOy oldin


  65. sebaspaz0103

    sebaspaz0103Oy oldin

    How much does he has to prove himself? Like he’s been maturing and this has been going on for over 10 years now. Feel bad for the fella

  66. David Reyes

    David ReyesOy oldin

    I had always felt like Khloe has a crush on Scott. And so she feels jealous of Kourtney.

  67. classic bea

    classic beaOy oldin

    me to like they are really close i mean she used to hate him to death

  68. Sunshine Parocha

    Sunshine ParochaOy oldin

    Lets admit it, Scott and Kourtney, they are really fkr each other.

  69. Judith Rosas

    Judith RosasOy oldin

    Scott and Kourtney should get marry and live happy ever after

  70. Lucimar Gomes

    Lucimar GomesOy oldin

    essas mulheres não deviam pensar em casa nunca

  71. tee

    teeOy oldin

    Going to miss y’all on tv ❤️

  72. almira widya

    almira widyaOy oldin

    i mean...😭❤️ whatever the drama theyve been through all this time, hes loyal enough tho

  73. Mythical Legend xoxo

    Mythical Legend xoxoOy oldin

    I hate how people think marriage is just a in the moment thing. Marriage is a contract between two people, they’re partners, it’s not gonna be a marriage for money fame or just a there and then decision. You spend the rest of your life with that person Ridiculous 🙄

  74. Amy Forbes

    Amy ForbesOy oldin

    Wish they would get back together Scott will always love Kourtney

  75. Mariama Pamela

    Mariama PamelaOy oldin

    "I'm ready to marry you. right here. right now." voice on the back : "wait were you saying some real words?!"

  76. TK N

    TK NOy oldin

    How can Tristan be at the family dinner table. Oh wait, how can Scott be at the family dinner table....oh yes. This family rewards disturbing behaviour 🤦‍♀️

  77. Su_1480

    Su_1480Oy oldin

    “make my daughter respectable” O.o

  78. Shiloh llamas

    Shiloh llamasOy oldin

    Yea but too bad kourtney is with Travis barker

  79. シ

    Oy oldin


  80. Lylia Chanez Che

    Lylia Chanez CheOy oldin

    Anybody here can help me please?!

  81. Maru Ty

    Maru TyOy oldin

    She deserves better and I stan Travis Baker 🙄❤️

  82. VegasNoir

    VegasNoirOy oldin

    I used to dislike Scott but I really want them back together

  83. justhuman

    justhumanOy oldin

    Nah kourtney is toxic af

  84. Shaun Arriaga

    Shaun ArriagaOy oldin

    They should work it out for the kids

  85. MzUnderstood

    MzUnderstoodOy oldin

    I want them together so bad it hurts....

  86. P o o m

    P o o mOy oldin

    I tried to watch a minute of this - wow they are so moronic it's obviously created and edited to dumb down young people.

  87. Fil C

    Fil COy oldin

    1:04 "Wait Wait, he saying some real words." lol

  88. Jen Jen

    Jen JenOy oldin

    It’s an ongoing saga with him. Dating 21 yr olds waiting for her. Like come TF on. Marry her.

  89. Kym Duncan

    Kym DuncanOy oldin

    Kourtney has moved on.. Be Blessed 🙏

  90. Sarah Jones

    Sarah JonesOy oldin

    He wasn't joking he meant that!! I agree with him they should get married or adleast get back together°

  91. Haley Landry

    Haley LandryOy oldin

    is it just me or are their faces.... blurry?

  92. eilat

    eilatOy oldin

    Scott is the most loyal to the Kardashian family he really loves them

  93. Van Guard

    Van GuardOy oldin

    Yea thats b'cuz thats the only fam he got left.

  94. jrbland18

    jrbland18Oy oldin


  95. V Colón

    V ColónOy oldin

    Kourt was making a joke by saying "you can work on yourself" and it seemed to fly over everyone's head LOL. That's what she told him for 15 seasons while he carried a torch for her.

  96. Samar SM

    Samar SMOy oldin

    Is he the father of her kids?

  97. Rich Leang

    Rich LeangOy oldin

    If Scott continues to be the good father and friend and co parent as he is now. Kourt will forgive him one day. She’s still not over the hurt he’s done but she will if he keeps up

  98. Isabella Serova

    Isabella SerovaOy oldin

    kourtney is sooo difficult. she knows that scott has been in love with her forever she just tries to avoid the inevitable (marriage) ever since she started having kids. she needs to grow tf up

  99. dani Benitez gauto

    dani Benitez gautoOy oldin

    Escot es muy Hermoso

  100. N

    NOy oldin

    we are in the last days!! [Matthew 24:3-14] "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" [Matthew 4:17] "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" [John 3:16] Know that God desires "all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" [I Timothy 2:4] To my brothers and sisters in Christ, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" [Mark 16:15]

  101. it's Ariel Fernández

    it's Ariel FernándezOy oldin

    Que bella khloe

  102. nybsbfan18

    nybsbfan18Oy oldin

    He better stay sober...