See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps) - Smarter Every Day 177

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  1. abisz007007

    abisz0070073 yil oldin

    you have to give props to Gordon for that incredible incredible sounddesign.

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  3. Loic Merrien

    Loic Merrien3 oy oldin

    @Alex Leach xr

  4. Amaury Delesalle

    Amaury Delesalle4 oy oldin

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  5. Chris Huddleston

    Chris Huddleston8 oy oldin

    I was just about to comment something similar... haha

  6. 5150 Eddie

    5150 Eddie8 oy oldin

    You'd definately enjoy Huntsville.

  7. digital subliminal messages

    digital subliminal messages9 soat oldin

    S R B And catching them would just make them / more evasive //

  8. John Wolf

    John Wolf10 soat oldin

    Why can't engineers build a decent car cheap? Japanese at least come close....hmmm

  9. steven martinez

    steven martinez12 soat oldin

    Best video I’ve seen on suppressors 👍👍

  10. Francis Miller

    Francis Miller16 soat oldin

    Awesome video and just got my 2 hello fresh package!!!!

  11. Red Guerrero

    Red Guerrero3 kun oldin

    can you test the Form 1 suppressors? Using that same glass "tube"

  12. SpotifaiPrimium

    SpotifaiPrimium3 kun oldin

    The video starts at 2:18

  13. Ad-888 Hunter

    Ad-888 Hunter4 kun oldin

    iyehh mayuhh ken terro taoah kok... iyehh peredam kak... bahas peredam kan? mayuhh nyimak kok cak

  14. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald1204 kun oldin

    6:45 oh, I thought it was flexing from lensing through the exhaust vapors

  15. august smith

    august smith5 kun oldin

    Suck you

  16. AtariXcore

    AtariXcore5 kun oldin

    Why don't they make a tesla valve and add the helix style there.

  17. Swirrll the Doggo

    Swirrll the Doggo5 kun oldin

    FYI, your video is being used by "fuel filter" suppressor manufacturers on youtube to advertise.

  18. Jak dat Boi

    Jak dat Boi6 kun oldin

    2:24 what you came for


    OPERATOR PANTHER8 kun oldin

    That's me when inside my girlfriend

  20. kasim12341kasim

    kasim12341kasim9 kun oldin

    These are some nice looking fuel filters

  21. JayR

    JayR9 kun oldin

    what about integrating a tesla straw shape into a suppressor

  22. SpongebobPro Poiuytrewq

    SpongebobPro Poiuytrewq10 kun oldin

    Its very very silently but still noises

  23. Kevin

    Kevin11 kun oldin


  24. Tim the pool man

    Tim the pool man12 kun oldin

    Use a Tesla valve

  25. HabuMan

    HabuMan13 kun oldin

    This is the first video I saw from your channel. As soon as I saw the content you created, I immediately pressed the SUBSCRIBE & LIKE button. WHAT A GREAT CHANNEL. KEEP SPIRIT. I LOVE THE CONTENT YOU CREATE 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  26. Cary

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  27. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga14 kun oldin

    2:30 I saw a add that used this clip for the suppressor

  28. SJF Media

    SJF Media17 kun oldin

    I'm from Munford!

  29. The Dark Phantom

    The Dark Phantom17 kun oldin

    I live 20 miles away from munford I live in another small town in talladega county it's so cool to hear your home country be called out 😂

  30. duMaurier

    duMaurier20 kun oldin

    Dude werent you on Trailer Park Boys??

  31. Captain Whalee

    Captain Whalee21 kun oldin


  32. Seth Hughes

    Seth Hughes27 kun oldin

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  34. 宋秉钧

    宋秉钧28 kun oldin

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  35. 594bolt

    594bolt28 kun oldin

    one time i had a bong implode when the bowl was plugged

  36. George Of The Jungle

    George Of The Jungle28 kun oldin

    Por qué está siempre sonriendo como un imbécil?

  37. Ethan Ebang

    Ethan Ebang28 kun oldin

    Imagine replacing the suppressor with an explosive that explodes when it hits the ground

  38. Mikimbo Beats

    Mikimbo Beats29 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who slows down the video even more

  39. D-monster 43

    D-monster 43Oy oldin

    You subtitling for the thick southern speech

  40. pemburu Alam bebas

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  41. Lee Kronforst

    Lee KronforstOy oldin

    I think the acrylic exploding is possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen and all my 43 years.

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    Kristoforus HopeOy oldin

    Welcome 2021

  49. A N G E R Y. M A U S

    A N G E R Y. M A U SOy oldin

    6:13 post this on pub

  50. Joshua Spicer

    Joshua SpicerOy oldin

    Absolutely awesome

  51. The Darkness

    The DarknessOy oldin

    That president and party you are supporting wants to take these away (Joe Biden and the rest of the democratic party), and they are succeeding piece by piece. Along with all your other rights. Anything to keep you from being self sufficient and under their control. Like the true Tyrants, Communists, and Socialists the democratic party is composed of these days.

  52. tractor wars

    tractor warsOy oldin

    there is a clip of this being stolen for an ad on illegal suppressors just hope you know this

  53. Tim Karr

    Tim KarrOy oldin


  54. Almond Zebra

    Almond ZebraOy oldin

    Everyone can agree that theese are so satisfying 2:25 6:17

  55. Privacy Gg

    Privacy GgOy oldin

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  56. Wesley Wamsley

    Wesley WamsleyOy oldin

    There's some company that is selling suppressors "legally" by making you drill the hole yourself and they use your video. I can't remember the name of the company, starts with an S but I've seen the ad 20x in the last few days here on UZnick

  57. Ejay Matum

    Ejay MatumOy oldin

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  58. Unspeakable Peeps

    Unspeakable PeepsOy oldin

    The SPR 308?

  59. EDDE

    EDDEOy oldin

    can you use a Tesla valve?

  60. StaySlow_RBLX

    StaySlow_RBLXOy oldin

    I cannot see this guy 5:30

  61. Randy Peddycoart

    Randy PeddycoartOy oldin

    Awesome Video!

  62. Buff Alien

    Buff AlienOy oldin

    Amazing! Well done

  63. HowlingCurve Tech & Gaming

    HowlingCurve Tech & GamingOy oldin

    Looks to me like most suppressors work in a similar way to a tesla valve.

  64. Mr. K

    Mr. KOy oldin


  65. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezOy oldin

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  67. JL Media

    JL Media2 oy oldin

    now do it with a complicated bong

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    mimi r2 oy oldin

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  69. Single-cell Shark

    Single-cell Shark2 oy oldin

    Ohhh so you needed Hello Fresh to sponsor you so you could get it for free? ooooohhhhhh

  70. LowKey233

    LowKey2332 oy oldin

    This is honestly one of the only videos I’ve come back and watched every couple of months it’s that fulfilling in many ways

  71. Chad Miettunen

    Chad Miettunen2 oy oldin

    2:24 Two projectiles for the price of one.

  72. Barbara Martin

    Barbara Martin2 oy oldin

    Love the Deep South!

  73. Axolotl

    Axolotl2 oy oldin

    The sound effects guy is good

  74. Matt ThatBrassHatAlleyCat

    Matt ThatBrassHatAlleyCat2 oy oldin

    This needs a revisit

  75. M e t h o d M a n

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  78. Mindle

    Mindle2 oy oldin

    I like how whenever Destin is around other people with Texan accents his own gets stronger

  79. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez27 kun oldin

    yeah! the same thing I thought, his accent for sure changed.

  80. Harley Garcia

    Harley Garcia2 oy oldin

    I understand that sponsorships pay the bills but it alwas kills credibility for me. Nothing wrong with doing something you like and finding a way to make money off it but ads are so lame specially when they include the family in on it Veritasium does it too; "oh yeah out lives were horrible before *insert product name* but then we discovered *product name* and begged to shill for them" yeah right lol.

  81. kingmike40

    kingmike402 oy oldin

    Try using a tesla valve as a suppressor.

  82. Jim Jackson

    Jim Jackson2 oy oldin

    So how would a Tesla valve work?

  83. Timothy Berlinski

    Timothy Berlinski2 oy oldin

    The one that blew up what if the tube was aluminum, would the gun have blown up instead? And when adjusting gas blocknfor supressor do you use less or more gas?

  84. Satvik Singh

    Satvik Singh2 oy oldin

    I can make a youtube channel otta that camera

  85. ARMY RANGER9215

    ARMY RANGER92152 oy oldin


  86. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson2 oy oldin

    I absolutely love this channel. Y'all hear destins southern accent come out? Hahah, Southern slang/broken english mixed with complex engineering. we might talk funny but we're smarter'n yew.

  87. Liam O

    Liam O2 oy oldin

    in the beginning he mentions that he uses a fine thread (UNF I assume he means)... isn't that why the thread failed on the .308 test? UNF threads are more vibration resistant for aerospace applications because they give larger surface areas of interface between the inner and outer threads while UNC are more load bearing, right?

  88. Benjamiguel Mariñas

    Benjamiguel Mariñas2 oy oldin

    can you use the tesla valve design as a baffle system in a suppressor for firearms ???

  89. müptezel derler

    müptezel derler2 oy oldin

    Cant you just make a 10 second video

  90. Nick Galley

    Nick Galley2 oy oldin

    7:01 best one

  91. Stuqidest

    Stuqidest2 oy oldin

    There's two minecraft sounds in this video lmao

  92. Joey Morrison

    Joey Morrison2 oy oldin

    I have a suppressor design that I’d like to patent. Any tips?

  93. David Spector

    David Spector2 oy oldin

    What is a "suppressor"?

  94. Reathety

    Reathety2 oy oldin


  95. pere hortes

    pere hortes2 oy oldin

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  96. Seventh Seal

    Seventh Seal2 oy oldin

    Theres facebook ads for these things. Under the guise of fuel filters.

  97. Brewce Rawdriguez

    Brewce Rawdriguez2 oy oldin

    Wow! What a neat way to learn about engineering, baffle design, etc. This is a real cool video. Enjoyable Vid! 👍

  98. pere hortes

    pere hortes2 oy oldin

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    S2 oy oldin

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  100. Questão ?

    Questão ?2 oy oldin

    Jesus ama vocês e está voltando

  101. Tibbs

    Tibbs2 oy oldin

    Steve, That first suppressor you ever made/thin acrylic, was the most beautiful explosion though. High Speed Cameras!

  102. Mr_McFatback

    Mr_McFatback3 oy oldin


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    BrickerG23 oy oldin

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