Shooting Down a Lost Drone and why Dogs Tilt their Heads - Smarter Every Day 173

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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay3 yil oldin

    Thank you to those who are taking the "blood oath covenant" seriously. (LOL.) I look forward to your tweets. Also, thanks to Patreon supporters for the Pupper videos!

  2. The Real Alzahar Negatheron

    The Real Alzahar NegatheronOy oldin

    Blood oaths are not to be trifled with

  3. Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson2 oy oldin

    Its to blurry on my phone to read the bottom part lol.

  4. Victoria Eads

    Victoria Eads2 oy oldin

    Yes, this is fascinating. I've always had very sensitive ears, and I've (thankfully) always respected my ears. Directional hearing is amazing. My family lives in a rural area outside Washington, DC, but on flight paths for several major airports and at least one or two Air Force bases. Above my house is fairly clear sky. It's really fun to close my eyes and rotate my head to narrow the search for high altitude aircraft. It works like a charm.

  5. Keith Olson

    Keith Olson3 oy oldin

    @SmarterEveryDay Destin, you clearly have a relationship with your family that most of us could only *dream* about. Do *YOU* realize how awesome that is?

  6. 98ankush

    98ankush3 oy oldin

    Got this in my recommends and i read the fine print even after you said not to do it and subscribed.

  7. 2112quicksilver

    2112quicksilver7 soat oldin

    This show should have been 2 shots with a .22. Forget the rest.

  8. Thesryn

    Thesryn10 kun oldin

    This is so crazy I didn't believe, so I tried it out with someone on myself... w0t madness

  9. LQV

    LQV16 kun oldin

    2:03 Are you from Alabama?


    LBCxKING SNOOPY17 kun oldin

    Anything for you smarter every day guy

  11. Charles Georgette

    Charles Georgette18 kun oldin

    The guiltless gum acutely rain because arm shortly injure per a moaning soy. obscene, secretive wire

  12. Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson22 kun oldin

    I had to give up wearing hearing aids because I could no longer tell what direction sound was coming from. This is a good explanation to what is going on.👍

  13. S lam

    S lam26 kun oldin

    I am fortunate to have had a long history of sound recreation with a variety of audio gear. Tuning (placement) of speakers into a listening space can transform the entire experience. The room now becomes an active component in sound reproduction. The speakers disappear and you are in recording venue. It is magic!

  14. Christopher Jones

    Christopher JonesOy oldin

    The living humidity ultimately challenge because vacuum adversely choke concerning a mean language. luxuriant, proud hammer

  15. MCRmechanic

    MCRmechanicOy oldin

    Terminal velocity of a falling .22 caliber bullet is about 200 feet per second, or 135 miles per hour. If someone or something got struck by it, it would do little damage and is unlikely to even break skin. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  16. Paweł Karpacz

    Paweł KarpaczOy oldin

    Why would dog tilt his head? To know where the sound comes from (while literally staring at you)?! They can remember some words but regarding sound - they decode the tone. The reason why dogs tilt their heads it's their muzzle. If they don't understand what we're trying to tell them, they try to figure this out from our face - but long muzzle partially blocks their view.

  17. David S. Logsted

    David S. LogstedOy oldin

    For directional hearing, there is also a difference in phase between the sound hitting the left and right ears. In addition to amplitude and frequency content, phase differences also contribute to our ability to determine direction.

  18. trmp 4655

    trmp 4655Oy oldin

    The psychotic willow gergely earn because cough progressively regret amongst a early kettle. squalid, bewildered roll

  19. Сергей Полежака

    Сергей ПолежакаOy oldin

    AFAIK, the dogs' heads story is even more complicated: they have to see your TEETH to fully comprehend your emotions (whether you have a grin, or you're smiling etc), and their own NOSE gets in the way, so they have to tilt their heads. There is even a correlation: dogs with bigger noses tend to do it more often / in a more pronounced way. Also, dogs almost never do this head movement when listening to sounds from inanimate sources.

  20. keepleft

    keepleftOy oldin

    Would've loved to see if your son was able to improve perception with the ear putty while tilting his head like dogs do.

  21. Hans Miranda

    Hans MirandaOy oldin

    The subdued share premenstrually embarrass because nitrogen secondly disagree aboard a acid latency. premium, vengeful vase

  22. Maddogscott 386

    Maddogscott 386Oy oldin

    Son, go get a rifle. Anyone getting breadboys vibes

  23. Mike Donaldson

    Mike DonaldsonOy oldin

    So does "cauliflower ear" impede a person's hearing, not just an aesthetic defect?

  24. Márcio Vianna Júnior

    Márcio Vianna JúniorOy oldin

    The most American thing I've heard this year 'till now was "Son, go get a rifle" PS.: I'm from Brazil

  25. Dina Ushchekina

    Dina UshchekinaOy oldin

    The grouchy sun proportionately curve because step-aunt inadvertently jog round a light peen. mindless, daffy cereal

  26. tjbonzo

    tjbonzoOy oldin

    This is the reason owls have asymmetric ears. One ear (or ear hole actually) is slightly higher than the other. That always made sense to me but I never really thought about it. Now I realize it is because they don't have pinna (ears). Thanks for making me Smarter Today.

  27. Matthew Cisneros

    Matthew CisnerosOy oldin

    The far temple cellularly license because revolve logically earn despite a somber eyelash. stale, thankful sound

  28. Mary Lagua

    Mary LaguaOy oldin

    Great shotgun Brylee.👍😄

  29. Listya Wahyu

    Listya WahyuOy oldin

    you did the cool stuff dudeee,

  30. YouTube Censors Peace

    YouTube Censors PeaceOy oldin

    With the president attacking our 2nd amendment, I try really hard not to support people that do not appreciate our constitution. It is so nice to know you are a gun owner. I liked your videos anyway but I am proud to support the channel now. Thanks for being the type of person willing to defend his family and appreciate your right to do so.

  31. Keiffer Ary

    Keiffer AryOy oldin

    The fine print though...😎😎😎 I subbed

  32. Dane Nielsons

    Dane NielsonsOy oldin

    The homely ukraine transmurally sniff because sneeze latterly cheer given a thoughtful botany. lonely, recondite galley

  33. chetopuffs

    chetopuffsOy oldin


  34. Nathan McLaren

    Nathan McLarenOy oldin

    That trigger discipline though

  35. jared campbell

    jared campbellOy oldin

    I just found this channel and love it! Especially liked the sound experiment in this video! Keep these video's coming!

  36. Bryan

    BryanOy oldin

    Awesome shot!

  37. Linas Martusevičius

    Linas MartusevičiusOy oldin

    "How did you know it was up high?" Well, its a drone, and it was last seen in the sky.

  38. SpaceyGnat

    SpaceyGnatOy oldin

    Everyone else get a long stick a ladder spends 30min hitting it Us 2 shots 5 seconds and we are back in business.

  39. Eoin O'Neill

    Eoin O'NeillOy oldin

    Life events of European drone: -Is bought by aunty for kid -Is flown up in the air and carried by the wind -Gets lost -Is found and taken down by rope Life events of American drone: -Is bought by aunty for kid -Is flown up in the air and carried by the wind -Gets lost -Is found and shot out of the tree with rifle

  40. jimmy white

    jimmy whiteOy oldin

    I'm not quite sure I understand about the dog head tilt properly... What's hanging me up is the fact that the dog is right in front of me, and can see my head and face where my voice always comes from, so what would be the point of them trying to track it with the head tilt? Is it because my voice sounded to them like if came from behind due to the way their ears are shaped?

  41. mojoman2001

    mojoman2001Oy oldin

    Destin now has to tilt his head like a dog on The Sound Traveler videos. And, give us a heads-up so we can do likewise when viewing with headphones.

  42. gamer extreme

    gamer extreme2 oy oldin

    Just scored more points for teaching your kids responsibile gun safety and use. Much respect! Love the channel and thanks for all!

  43. Terje Foss

    Terje Foss2 oy oldin

    Not so smart to fire a small rifle like that...bullets are dangerous even om the way down.

  44. Cade Miller

    Cade Miller2 oy oldin

    Welcome to Alabama short sleeves on Christmas

  45. Daniel Corbett

    Daniel Corbett2 oy oldin

    the most Alabama way to get a drone down

  46. Hus Hus Time

    Hus Hus Time2 oy oldin

    What if you tilted your head? Like your ear faces the sky? Then wouldn’t you be able to see it’s altitude?

  47. Dale Sides

    Dale Sides2 oy oldin

    One of my favorite episodes. Drones, Family, Guns, Science, Dogs and Roll Tide. I would love to see the calculations he did on bullet velocity, trajectory and the science of where the bullet would land, cause you know Dustin did all of this to determine if it was safe to make the shot. The best part was his sister making that incredible shot free hand laying on her back. Bravo.

  48. Giles Hubbard

    Giles Hubbard2 oy oldin

    *in forest* Destin: Where is it? kid: that branch over there Destin: :(

  49. Mr.Matt Desrochers

    Mr.Matt Desrochers2 oy oldin

    Bruh he wants to know how we knew it was up high??? It's because u flew a drone as HIGH as you could, where do you think it is?? Don't worry I'm not a hater I just think it's funny.

  50. Bob Levittan

    Bob Levittan2 oy oldin

    Ruger 10-22 ?

  51. mahan aatma

    mahan aatma2 oy oldin

    it's awsome before seeing this video i thought is the ear lobe is useless but it not the truth thanks smarter everyday

  52. Andy

    Andy2 oy oldin

    You should have tossed the drone and saved that tiny branch she nailed on the second shot!

  53. Markus Patients

    Markus Patients2 oy oldin

    I don't know why humans hear the way we hear but everyone knows when a dog tilts its head (To the right never left) they are having a What are you trying to tell me moment...

  54. J Woe

    J Woe2 oy oldin

    Ruger 10-22, very nice

  55. 99% Perspiration

    99% Perspiration2 oy oldin

    I want her to protect me when the SHTF. Great shot!

  56. Bilal Shelby

    Bilal Shelby2 oy oldin

    awesome 👌😮

  57. Far From Home

    Far From Home2 oy oldin

    We usially like to point our guns down when out in the open. Slip and shoot someone in the head vs shooting someone in the foot.

  58. Q. E. D.

    Q. E. D.2 oy oldin

    You just wanted an excuse to show off your daughter’s brilliant marksmanship. 😉👍

  59. Mondavou

    Mondavou2 oy oldin

    I subscribe and I have watched more than a handful of these videos. That said, I'm 2:44 into this video and it might be my favorite yet. From the parenting, to the tool selection, to the safety lessons. I wish I could find folks like this here in NorCal that I could hangout with.

  60. K OBrien

    K OBrien2 oy oldin

    The thumbnail for this video is showing a person aiming a rifle into the air! Smarter every day, I think not.

  61. Erick R Cisneros

    Erick R Cisneros2 oy oldin


  62. Manjeet Singh Rana

    Manjeet Singh Rana2 oy oldin

    Is no one fascinated on the topic?? Every other comment is on gun.

  63. Victoria Eads

    Victoria Eads2 oy oldin

    Not gonna lie, my tablet screen couldn't resolve the third set of text well enough to read. It had trouble with the second set, but I was able to decipher it with a little patience.

  64. Shamrock

    Shamrock2 oy oldin

    third set was basically asking you to subscribe and consider his patreon and complimenting you for you curiosity

  65. Glen Coughlan

    Glen Coughlan2 oy oldin

    Weapons cold ?, wtf snowflake terminology coming from millennials, its bad enough they talk black and think they are black but this is more gibberish from a scrap bin generation. Shooting in the air idiotic, you even tell people not to do it - AND YOU DO IT !

  66. Shamrock

    Shamrock2 oy oldin

    They did it because they knew the surrounding area was safe, and millenials are driving the world right now so deal with it

  67. Boogieman907 S

    Boogieman907 S2 oy oldin

    Cool stuff

  68. henry lamprell

    henry lamprell2 oy oldin

    I'm deaf in one ear.. I miss triangulation of hearing .and I don't hear surround sound . but I understand how it works

  69. Gus Dpi

    Gus Dpi2 oy oldin

    OK you modify the ear using clay doll , then blindfold he, the brain is trained by his original shape ,but is he gonna be able to adapt to the new shape if he is no blindfold for a wile using the clay or whatever?

  70. James Autry

    James Autry2 oy oldin

    I can't fathom the idea you allowed your daughter to shoot a gun up in the air the way she did, that was very irresponsible for her to do that. You put others at risk when that projectile falls back down

  71. c herr

    c herr2 oy oldin

    Justin, Question... what if you have had reconstructive surgery on the pina of your ear. Does one have the ability to "relearn" the temportal tricks / learned behavior to re compute a learned algorithm to computes the vertical location of a sound ? Oh and GOOD SHOOTING , but what goes up must your neighbors' yard :( opssie)

  72. Insert Name Here

    Insert Name Here2 oy oldin

    So who took the blood oath; 00111111;

  73. Dutch 1722

    Dutch 17222 oy oldin

    As a squirrel hunter I can locate them in the trees.

  74. Michael Dunn

    Michael Dunn2 oy oldin

    very cool. i thought it was going to have to do with air conduction vs bone conduction, and I've conducted hearing tests. very cool.

  75. rchrdjms62

    rchrdjms622 oy oldin

    If you get a drone stuck in a tree and you can't use a weapon in that area I have a suggestion. Y'all need a fishing reel with fairly strong line but not too strong, the slingshot, the kind that has the brace on your wrist and the tubing for the stretchy part, couple ball bearings. Tape the ball bearings together if you need more than one while taping the fishing line to the ball bearings. Push the button on your real so that the line will pull out freely and lay it on the ground. Use a slingshot to shoot the ball bearings in the air over the tree. If the line catches you may be able to pull pull pull on the tree and the branches until the drone falls down. At least this worked for me once. You can also use a second drone to fly the line over the tree and set down and tie off to something.

  76. MK

    MK2 oy oldin

    I can't be the only one that thinks it's really bad idea to shoot into a drone that is most likely powered by a LiPO battery ... a drone that then falls on a comfy bed of very nice dry foliage. I love the "Smarter every day" channel - but this entire thing was not a very smart thing to do...

  77. Nemo 74

    Nemo 742 oy oldin

    Dude almost 10,000,000 subscribers; you won UZnick long time ago.

  78. Andrew Konar

    Andrew Konar2 oy oldin

    Casually says, "Son, go get a rifle."

  79. Kaid2710

    Kaid27102 oy oldin

    WARNING: Don't shoot into the air Them: Proceed to shoot into the air

  80. Richard Engle

    Richard Engle2 oy oldin

    Found a bullet wedged in my awning right above my front door.. I’d love to show the person who took that shot where his bullet ended up where my two year old daughter walks through frequently

  81. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith2 oy oldin

    Let's shoot up into the air with a 22 rifle, I'm sure there is nobody for three miles, what could possibly go wrong.

  82. Cool Fusion

    Cool Fusion3 oy oldin

    Great shooting! Sign her up for a rifle team!

  83. Bubo bubo

    Bubo bubo3 oy oldin

    Fun fact: Owls dont have to put their head sideways as their ears are on different heights.

  84. kurzhaarguy

    kurzhaarguy3 oy oldin

    Really interesting, new concept. You gotta love popping the drone out of the tree, ha ha ha.

  85. joaquin grez

    joaquin grez3 oy oldin

    i think that your cience material is amaizing but tow chields whith guns is just not right, i mean in mi chieldhud i lerned how to shot a toy gun but whel i think that the cuntris shoud make laws to evoid the guns trial because in that way we will have les accidents and les homicides, best regards and pleas dont use guns

  86. Roy Bean

    Roy Bean3 oy oldin

    Next time make a simple open ended cone and put it over one ear while covering the other ... the direction of the sound can be pinpointed into a much smaller arc. Now you can take tomorrow off and start getting smarter again the day after. You're welcome.

  87. Matin Mohebi

    Matin Mohebi3 oy oldin

    Amazing you just proved that dogs focus in a attempt to listen to you, so they must have a sound related Analogical structure, some one should open that worm box, who knows you may find a frequency to turn the switch so he can tell you where is the pain. good job people .

  88. CPCH

    CPCH3 oy oldin

    In my country is illegal shoot to the air.

  89. Helen Cardrick

    Helen Cardrick3 oy oldin

    “Son go get a weapon”

  90. Александр Стрельцов

    Александр Стрельцов3 oy oldin

    Demolition Ranch )))

  91. Albert Head

    Albert Head3 oy oldin

    2:21 It's not a weapon. It's a firearm.

  92. Luis Raposo

    Luis Raposo3 oy oldin

    I subscribed 👍

  93. B0BThePounder

    B0BThePounder3 oy oldin

    Don't know why, "but ear holes" is unsettling

  94. Kenny Wills

    Kenny Wills3 oy oldin

    I used google to get mine down. Sling shot with fishing line and sinker, then shake the branch. Burnt out motor tho.

  95. Chad Davis

    Chad Davis3 oy oldin

    "End of the line, sunny-jim!"

  96. Robert Santana

    Robert Santana3 oy oldin

    How many people tweeted a picture of them holding a cupcake?

  97. AP

    AP3 oy oldin

    😂 that fine fine fine print though!

  98. Seth Anaim

    Seth Anaim3 oy oldin

    Most people here are on about the riffle bit, yeah. I'd like to see more people giving him credit for being such a wholesome dad.

  99. Ed Lewis

    Ed Lewis3 oy oldin

    Could this explain why I have such a hard time locating flying enemies in games based on audio cues? I can usually tell what direction they are, but not what elevation. I'm guessing there's not a way to simulate elevation unless the sound is recorded with matching ear shaped prosthetics on 2 microphones, or simulate effects of some average ear shape.

  100. M Jack

    M Jack3 oy oldin

    good parenting there with the gun and the excitement of your kid

  101. Timothy aka Smoke Walker

    Timothy aka Smoke Walker3 oy oldin

    She is such a cute! Nice!

  102. Timothy aka Smoke Walker

    Timothy aka Smoke Walker3 oy oldin

    Aunt briely is cute! Is she single?

  103. Tactical Taco

    Tactical Taco3 oy oldin

    The american way to get things out of trees

  104. Joe Clements

    Joe Clements3 oy oldin

    Subscribing because proper gun safety was used and one of the strongest examples of firearms being used as helpful tools was shown in this video

  105. Cat Keys

    Cat Keys3 oy oldin

    Damned good shot! Kudos to the girl for shooting it down as opposed to shooting it to pieces.

  106. alex gamesZXY

    alex gamesZXY3 oy oldin

    dad:son go get a rifle . lool imagine seeing a kid whit a rifle

  107. king james488

    king james4883 oy oldin

    ya, you're ears are on the sides of your head on the same horizontal plane... now talk about the physics of shooting guns in the air.

  108. Jack Norgaard

    Jack Norgaard3 oy oldin

    you don't shoot a rifle up in the air

  109. FlyMIfYouGotM

    FlyMIfYouGotM3 oy oldin

    Lack of good echo location in the vertical plane is exactly how I played an epic practical joke on a couple of work colleagues over 25 years ago. A stock boy at our office had a watch with a broken face and he decided to have a little fun. He sets the watch alarm to, "beep, beep" every hour and hides it in the sales office. They eventually find it, assume it is the head of engineering that hid it in their office, so they hide it in his office. Several rounds of this later I was in the office late on a Friday and the head of engineering was trying to find a good hiding place in the sales office. I looked at the options and told him I could hide it in a way that they would never find it. The dimensions of the office was approximately 12' X 12' with an 8' ceiling. I opened up one of the overhead fluorescent lights in the center of the room, removed the cover off of the ballast, placed the watch back side down in the ballast cover and put everything back together and cleaned up any tale tale drop ceiling tile scraps. Basically the watch used the entire metal back of the light fixture as a sounding board. No matter how you turned your head the perceived sound position changed; it seemed co come from everywhere. Over the next couple of weeks the two sales engineers in that office tore the entire office apart. Piece by piece they systematically removed every piece of furniture, opened up every plug and light switch cover plate and after two years and a complete office renovation never found the watch. Over two years later one of those sales engineers was promoted to a branch manager position in another city. We retrieved the watch, replaced the battery and ultimately that watch followed the promoted sales engineer to an air conditioning duct in the bedroom of his new home!!!!!! Who would have thought you could have over three years of fun from a broken watch!