Sister Sings in front of brother for the first time but his reaction was priceless 😍😘

Sister Sings in front of brother for the first time but his reaction was priceless 😍😘


  1. Voices BOX

    Voices BOX4 oy oldin

    Did you enjoy watching the video 🤔 ( let know PLEASE 😍 )

  2. Kay Smith

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  3. Kimberly Jones

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    AJANAE CAMPBELL8 kun oldin

    Yes the reactions were very funny

  5. eleGurl400 xo

    eleGurl400 xo10 kun oldin

    You totally shoulda went with a different title

  6. Debra Blake

    Debra Blake13 kun oldin

    YES .. IT WAS GREAT YA ALL.. ! W.V. ❤

  7. Miss. I. Sam-Laing

    Miss. I. Sam-Laing2 soat oldin

    Wowzers! There is most certainly quite a few good raw voices fresh Talent awaiting to be acknowledged

  8. TechniPhobiA

    TechniPhobiA2 soat oldin

    These people over here singing awesomely in front of people and a camera- And then me when singing and I know someone's recording recordings someone I either shut tf up or start singing like I'm joking around-

  9. Jesse Wylde

    Jesse Wylde3 soat oldin

    Lol the girl in the stairwells cat came up from its nap like "daaamn"

  10. AngryRed Banjo

    AngryRed Banjo4 soat oldin

    8:31- very well done! Respect for the melody, smooth and right on pitch, an amazing voice with that little bit of growl. The next girl was in the perfect place for her voice, well sung! very nice and the reverb in that stairwell almost twinned her voice, like she was singing two notes at the same time. Very cool.

  11. Hilal Küçükoğlu

    Hilal Küçükoğlu5 soat oldin

    that one brother who rolls over the bed when his sister sings

  12. Oenfoefoe Power

    Oenfoefoe Power5 soat oldin

    Wow they are good owo

  13. Afton Breaux

    Afton Breaux8 soat oldin

    Ok Agatha....

  14. Patta Mensforth

    Patta Mensforth9 soat oldin

    I love them all incredible voices 👍👏

  15. KIM바샤이르

    KIM바샤이르10 soat oldin

    1:43 what's the name of the song

  16. Xx_Galaxy Gacha_xX

    Xx_Galaxy Gacha_xX10 soat oldin

    note to self: NEVER WATCH THESE!! bc it will only make me feel bad about myself

  17. Joeand theHoe

    Joeand theHoe13 soat oldin

    The man singing "Put your head on my shoulder" was amazing!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Aish

    Aish14 soat oldin

    7:06 Her smile is like people in movies who sometimes pretend to be a statue when the gangster is in front of them n they hv no place to hide.... 😂

  19. IamDoogy

    IamDoogy18 soat oldin

    What’s with all of the YODELING?

  20. Terry Black

    Terry Black19 soat oldin

    The girl in the shower Titanic

  21. Terry Black

    Terry Black19 soat oldin

    American Anthem. Bravo

  22. Archana Kashyap

    Archana Kashyap20 soat oldin

    8:09 min, dat is why@biologybyte said to her people , *if you guys going to learn any foreign language so please don't go for learn to Chinese language,😖* 😂😂

  23. Martha Nygaard

    Martha Nygaard20 soat oldin

    9:11 DANGGGGGG

  24. melissa nicholson

    melissa nicholson21 soat oldin

    really wish you had credited these artists, pretty shitty you've gotten all these views/money for their talent without enabling them to receive anything from it. disgusting

  25. Lilly Flower

    Lilly Flower21 soat oldin

    When they sing it better than the original

  26. Celeste Lee

    Celeste Lee23 soat oldin

    I grew out of being able to sing well. Just don't ever y'all take it for granted. Blessed!

  27. Lindsey Head

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  28. cat Moore

    cat MooreKun oldin

    Brilliant what a world we live in .fantastic voices 👏

  29. Penny Putt

    Penny PuttKun oldin

    The young lady humming the titanic theme song gave me goose bumps, voice of a angel

  30. Rozy perez

    Rozy perezKun oldin

    Omg to all of them I love them XD especially the piano one lol

  31. CC Long

    CC LongKun oldin

    Can we talk about the girl singing the Titanic song OMG I'm speechless!

  32. Barinia Lamare

    Barinia LamareKun oldin

    Where's the guys on pool singing to halo theme

  33. kirjovi

    kirjoviKun oldin

    0:55 this is heaven play this song when i go to heaven lol its so good

  34. M. T. L.

    M. T. L.Kun oldin

    Anyone know the song at 10:21? Sounds so amazing sung by her

  35. Vivi Luna

    Vivi LunaKun oldin

    Heather by conan gray it's on tic tok

  36. Jo Burrow

    Jo BurrowKun oldin

    Love, love. Love.......!!!!!

  37. Tom Himawan

    Tom HimawanKun oldin

    7:29 like haven like god

  38. Tom Himawan

    Tom HimawanKun oldin

    6:25 so cool🥺

  39. Jaimie Sharkey

    Jaimie SharkeyKun oldin

    Yep. I'm done. It's over.

  40. iISimpli•Royal•MintyIi

    iISimpli•Royal•MintyIiKun oldin

    *girl sings in front of brother* Her brother: we are rich! Me: *sings in front of brother* My brother: *Screams* SHUT UP NO ONE WANTS HEAR UR VOICE

  41. Anna Turner

    Anna Turner2 kun oldin

    You guys should hear my sister she’s pretty good to visit @Elizabeth Sustar

  42. Anna Turner

    Anna Turner2 kun oldin

    Girl: sings like an angel Her broth: HECK YEAH WERE GONNA BE RICH

  43. Jessi Wynn

    Jessi Wynn2 kun oldin

    I lost it at the Batman one. 😂😂😂😂

  44. Fundayswbella live,learn&havefun

    Fundayswbella live,learn&havefun2 kun oldin

    Yeah we're Rich 🤣🤣😂

  45. StellarSeen

    StellarSeen2 kun oldin

    When 1:36 sang... 'I Have Nothing' *I got chills!* Who was 'she'? Her voice is *AMAZING!*

  46. J Secrest

    J Secrest2 kun oldin

    The most set up "random first times" rofl.

  47. Cano Real

    Cano Real2 kun oldin

    Well all sings great 👍 my voice is diffrent but I love to sing that's what I do 👈

  48. spy boy

    spy boy2 kun oldin

    The name of the song 2:20

  49. mymisstash

    mymisstash2 kun oldin

    Who is the girl humming the titanic song? She’s amazing. I want to hear more from her.

  50. jessicawearsbra

    jessicawearsbra2 kun oldin

    8:32 & 10:23 title of the songs plsss 😢

  51. Grace Alexandrea

    Grace Alexandrea2 kun oldin

    Y'all have some supportive neighbors lol.

  52. Taniiaa Y

    Taniiaa Y2 kun oldin

    *9:12 not gunna lie, I got the chills .

  53. PUPPYLUNA_Rosie

    PUPPYLUNA_Rosie2 kun oldin

    Did anyone else think the slime was chocolate ? Or just me 0~0

  54. Virginia Mills

    Virginia Mills2 kun oldin

    Wow! Great voices


    MANGÖ’S WORLD2 kun oldin

    Imagine there was someone in the parking lot when he was singing

  56. Juanita Antioco

    Juanita Antioco2 kun oldin

    I got emotional listening to them. They sound amazing.

  57. Makurrado Shi

    Makurrado Shi2 kun oldin

    2:42 (somersault, bang bang) YEAH! WE'RE RICH! 😂

  58. CiCi Pleasure Box

    CiCi Pleasure Box3 kun oldin

    I love this!!!


    ISABELLA QUIROGA3 kun oldin

    9:11 Her voice is like an angel it’s majestic 🤩🤩

  60. Martha Kurinij

    Martha Kurinij3 kun oldin

    What is going on??? All these people is just amazing 🤩

  61. TheLogicJunkie

    TheLogicJunkie3 kun oldin

    Empty parking garages and stairwells are supreme places for singing

  62. Jaime Mackay

    Jaime Mackay3 kun oldin

    5:05 I am small so that is my reaction All my friend are taller than me to so it makes it worse

  63. Jaime Hannah

    Jaime Hannah3 kun oldin

    it’s is so like idk what to say but the things they are singing is cool

  64. xochitl garza

    xochitl garza3 kun oldin

    YEA WERE RICH killed me!!

  65. Deb Trethewey-TerVree

    Deb Trethewey-TerVree3 kun oldin

    @8:09 HILARIOUS🤣🤣🤣

  66. Becca Colson

    Becca Colson3 kun oldin

    10:34... What's the song???

  67. Paul e Rice

    Paul e Rice3 kun oldin

    That last girl... I think her name was "brit" HANDS DOWN THE BEST OUT OF 8 OF THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS I JUST WATCHED!!! TO CALL HER VOICE AMAZING FEELS LIKE I JUST DEGRADED HER. I WISH I COULD DESCRIBE HER.... MAGICAL?...... BEAUTIFUL?....... BREATHTAKING?.... VOICE. BUT ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A PERFECT, PERFECT VOICE. They say "a voice of a angel" well I say "her voice is what the angels listen to". Next to the word sing or singing in the dictionary should be her picture with a soundclip of her singing!!! WOW. IM STILL AMAZED. WOW!!!

  68. Noreen Mountain

    Noreen Mountain3 kun oldin

    Stay home we need you new generation alive and singing so our lord our God almighty is merciful upon us

  69. Noreen Mountain

    Noreen Mountain3 kun oldin

    Awesome awesomeness awesomely

  70. Sabrina Beving

    Sabrina Beving3 kun oldin

    Imagine being confident enough to sing in front of people

  71. Sydney Taylor

    Sydney Taylor4 kun oldin

    bruh that one girls laugh tho omfg

  72. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake4 kun oldin

    They all have beautiful voices

  73. amelia preddie

    amelia preddie4 kun oldin

    omg the third one sounds amazing and the rest of them also . Me singing : I sound very nice . Recording my voice I sound like a dying rat.😢😢

  74. Brie brok

    Brie brok4 kun oldin

    All of them melted my heart ❤️🤩 they were amazing!

  75. Zatara Driftwood

    Zatara Driftwood4 kun oldin

    Sister with the deep voice you definitely need to go do something with that. I do know Talent when I hear it. Go do something with your voice. I promise you will go far

  76. Meh-

    Meh-4 kun oldin

    Such sweet voices they have 💖


    AM I AN ANGEL OR DEVIL???4 kun oldin

    Imma do this to my step mum

  78. Shania George

    Shania George4 kun oldin

    Please someone tell me who the guy is at 5:20 I like the way he does the beats

  79. 14Wendylou

    14Wendylou4 kun oldin

    My sister thought my friends were being "nice" when they said I could really sing. When she finally heard me, she cried because it was so beautiful.

  80. Heather M

    Heather M5 kun oldin

    8:30 Great voice! Not really that deep, but I like it!

  81. Heather M

    Heather M5 kun oldin

    8:16 I had no idea the Batman theme was about saving grandma's bacon! 😆

  82. Heather M

    Heather M5 kun oldin

    5:17 is my fave so far...

  83. Bobthemanleyman

    Bobthemanleyman5 kun oldin

    Hahah I can sing like a siren

  84. minihoney13

    minihoney135 kun oldin

    Wow, everyone's fabulous. Can everyone in the world sing except me???

  85. Jason Marden

    Jason Marden5 kun oldin

    That dude playing Billie Eilish was awwwesome!!

  86. Lyrical Love

    Lyrical Love5 kun oldin

    My brother hated when I sang, because it was usually broadway songs. Or repeating songs I was learning for choir. Honestly though, the one time he told me my voice was pretty made me really happy.

  87. Sophia Birlem

    Sophia Birlem5 kun oldin

    The 3rd was shocked me I was like YASSSS U GO GURL

  88. madeleyinc

    madeleyinc5 kun oldin

    Lots of high pitched screechy singers. 2 out of the lot were good vocalists.

  89. Francisco Nisihura

    Francisco Nisihura5 kun oldin

    At least i can sing better than one person in this video 😅

  90. Ka'Shay Frazier

    Ka'Shay Frazier5 kun oldin

    8:08 😂😂😂😂

  91. MsSugarbear6

    MsSugarbear65 kun oldin

    The bowling ally guy and the girl after have me chuckling!!

  92. P0TxTx :p

    P0TxTx :p5 kun oldin

    8:31 my voice is that deep ;-;

  93. Sasha Brzezinski

    Sasha Brzezinski5 kun oldin

    6:59 - 7:12..... 😱 im scared.

  94. The Freestyle Garage

    The Freestyle Garage5 kun oldin

    OMG the titanic girl @ 9:12 was the best one!!

  95. Amy Walker

    Amy Walker6 kun oldin

    The voice of an angel.

  96. Erica Tyraiyah Hamilton

    Erica Tyraiyah Hamilton6 kun oldin

    Omg the titanic one made me cry 😭 sing it girl

  97. Rachel Haynes

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  98. Calleigh Meyers

    Calleigh Meyers6 kun oldin

    Who is that at 8:47 ?

  99. IamCheech

    IamCheech6 kun oldin

    The dude in parking garage holy moly

  100. Scarlet Kurenai

    Scarlet Kurenai6 kun oldin

    8:30 those are the type of voice I like to hear. Somehow for me those type voices touch me so much.

  101. Cyndi D

    Cyndi D6 kun oldin

    Kentucky students...isn't it amazing when the acoustics cooperate?? Kudos to you & your director!!

  102. Cyndi D

    Cyndi D6 kun oldin

    Ok...many of you should consider Idol or The Voice. The rest, Broadway. Very good & entertaining.

  103. brittanypartridge17

    brittanypartridge176 kun oldin

    Omg time 7:02 into the video... lmao girl in pink pull over kills me 🤣😂🤣😂

  104. Tammy Calhoun

    Tammy Calhoun6 kun oldin

    Beautiful voices ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  105. jjcchi

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    So many beautiful voices...

  106. The Neon Eagle II PTFS

    The Neon Eagle II PTFS6 kun oldin

    3.07 i amaze