Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

High Speed video. Cats. Physics. Weightlessness. Of all my videos, if you don't share this one, you probably never will. Please consider sharing by clicking here: GiGi was not hurt during the making of this video. We took great care to make sure she would be safe. Next I'll explain how the physics involved in flipping cats allow us to operate Space Telescopes (Seriously).
So as simple of a question as this is, it turns out to be a MAJOR POINT OF STUDY in Physics, Robotics, Space Satellite Control, Weapons Development, Biomedical Engineering, etc. It's stumped scientists and engineers since Newton's day. Here's something interesting. The cat isn't twisting his back.. he's actually BENDING it. The next video will go into great detail about what's going on there, and explain how it relates to studying the farthest points in the universe (Seriously... the fact that a cat can do this allows us to study the Universe.. no exaggeration).
The high speed camera used was a Phantom Miro M320S. Rent one yourself by clicking here: Tell them GiGi the cat sent you
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The graphs are scientifically accurate!
Coming soon (because you asked): a poster of the flipping cat intro.
If you don't believe me that this involves some serious math... click here:
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  1. William Black

    William Black14 soat oldin

    This is really amazing-thanks for the in-depth analysis!

  2. tangerine man tambourine man

    tangerine man tambourine man2 kun oldin

    "Father, why do you do this to me."

  3. winged hussar

    winged hussar2 kun oldin

    A human can do this to u just have to drop from about 30 feet

  4. Fadh_MC

    Fadh_MC2 kun oldin

    My cat: "show 9 totem of undying"

  5. bit_mate ֫

    bit_mate ֫3 kun oldin

    I wonder why no one has reported this for animal abuse

  6. Milo Lehman

    Milo Lehman3 kun oldin

    i love cats

  7. Im Babey

    Im Babey3 kun oldin

    I wanted to try this on my cat but I’m scared she’ll just hit the floor😭

  8. Josh McNaughton

    Josh McNaughton4 kun oldin

    This is the cutest science video ever

  9. ICU

    ICU5 kun oldin

    How did you survive this? Cancel culture shipped you but it always returns

  10. C Peterseb

    C Peterseb5 kun oldin

    Interesting that the cat continues to participate in this physics lesson.. I know cats.. If they don't want to , they will go hide under the bed or something. :)

  11. Duha Mohammad

    Duha Mohammad7 kun oldin

    The music is so high, I can barely hear you.

  12. Jim W

    Jim W7 kun oldin

    First thought.... who cares. but man that is interesting. Like an ice skater doing a spin - fast and slow - arms tucked, arms extended. Roll Tide!!!

  13. Ocellw

    Ocellw7 kun oldin

    The cat runs away to distribute more energy without pain

  14. Kimbol Calingayan

    Kimbol Calingayan9 kun oldin

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  15. John Gonzalez

    John Gonzalez9 kun oldin

    The cat: I have the force you fool that is my external force

  16. S.E. Wagger

    S.E. Wagger10 kun oldin

    You're holding the cat far too high. You wanna see how really fast they are???? Hold the cat just a foot from the ground. He will ALWAYS land on his feet!!!!

  17. Dean Drover

    Dean Drover11 kun oldin

    Cats that ACCIDENTLY fall from a 7 storey building are less likely to survive than cats falling from a 12 storey building. Supposedly, the farther they fall, the more they relax. Study found from CBC's The Nature of Things.

  18. Daniel Meanor

    Daniel Meanor12 kun oldin

    So since bread always lands butter side down, what happens when you strap a few slices butter side up to a cat's back then drop it upside down. Surely bread/butter beats cat

  19. Ex0tic Z

    Ex0tic Z13 kun oldin

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  21. Jade

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  22. SirSpaceCow

    SirSpaceCow7 kun oldin

    Ah yes, initiating a natural instinct is “animal abuse”.

  23. Gabby M

    Gabby M16 kun oldin

    This is a terrible video why am I watching it

  24. Squeaker Life

    Squeaker Life16 kun oldin

    Gigi is chill, my cat would skin me alive.

  25. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald12016 kun oldin

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  26. Mr_kiwi676

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  27. RyanSpacePineapple

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  28. Shayleen Lopez

    Shayleen Lopez20 kun oldin

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  29. Big Falcon Rocket

    Big Falcon Rocket21 kun oldin

    Anyway you explain it, it's STILL anomalous a/f 🤔. BTW, no fun at all being dropped repeatedly from an equivalent "human" height of 50 feet.

  30. Big Falcon Rocket

    Big Falcon Rocket17 kun oldin

    @OSCAR MIKE If the cat dug it, it woulda come back for more, which it clearly did not do. It's still anomalous a/f tho 😄


    OSCAR MIKE17 kun oldin

    Don't think the cat is considering such nor cares...Plus, have you ever been dropped repeatedly from 50ft onto an air pad or foam padding??? Anyone who has practiced half-pipe snowboarding or Xtreme Motorcross has experienced many other things I can think of...However, I will give you credit for finding a single video of the millions of UZnick to use your word of the day, "anomalous"... Why not say..."'s STILL NOT NORMAL..." but then again, perhaps some learned what "anomalous" means and therefore, SMARTER EVERY DAY...

  32. VloggyBunny

    VloggyBunny22 kun oldin

    1:13 that face- I cant XDDD

  33. Muneeb Ahmad Farjad

    Muneeb Ahmad Farjad22 kun oldin

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    Rescue Lady24 kun oldin

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  36. Rescue Lady

    Rescue Lady15 kun oldin

    @OSCAR MIKE Oh, you're a T Rumpster, that explains everything in your uneducated comment. Your president is gone, get over it already. As for the cats, no they don't enjoy that. You obviously know nothing about cats.....or a lot of other things for that matter.


    OSCAR MIKE17 kun oldin

    I don't think the cat is suffering from PTSD after this...In fact, off-camera it was sitting licking its own butt again...BTW, what's your recommendation for your Presidential candidate's dogs... who currently are in the Whitehouse although it's obvious they are being forced into a much more stressful environment than this cat was....those poor dogs are being tortured and neither the candidate nor the dogs should be in the the way, I'm sure that cat is pampered and loved and has a great life (or had) with places to roam and fresh air to breath...not to mention probably falling a few times a week due to whatever it was getting into...

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    SexyScottishMan18 kun oldin

    Shut up

  39. Johan

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    HAHA_don’t_care_.28 kun oldin

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    OSCAR MIKE17 kun oldin

    Never what? Land on your feet? With practice....maybe

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    Adam BjörnströmOy oldin

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    OSCAR MIKE17 kun oldin

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  70. ORGR1

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    Sam AdamsOy oldin

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  74. L. Sarah Todd

    L. Sarah ToddOy oldin

    there is no reason to drop the cat - especially to illustrate a youtube video. It is called motion graphics, animation or existing stock footage. This is just stupid bravado pretending to be science. Wow - I dropped my cat and it flipped over. Wow, who woulda thunk it? Idiot


    OSCAR MIKE17 kun oldin

    trust me, the cat's ok...I had access to the outtakes of this video and the cat was sitting off-screen licking its butt so it's all good.

  76. Camila Rojas

    Camila RojasOy oldin

    Its to explain something, there explaining how it works and why cats fall on their feet, the cat will be fine. Idiot. Also motion graphics aren’t going to simulate something as good as real life. And since the cat wont get hurt, cats fall all the time, then its okay to do that, as long as the cat isn’t getting hurt. Also we learned this in the first place by dropping cats as tests, anything can be science if your trying to find out the answer to something or explaining it.

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    Kim Chu ninOy oldin

    Isaac Mewton

  78. ICan'tSleepAtNights

    ICan'tSleepAtNightsOy oldin

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    Iric AlexisOy oldin

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  80. just one youtuber

    just one youtuberOy oldin

    Everyone is talking science in the comments while I'm out here laughing at "ear gyros"

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    Anitha SureshkumarOy oldin

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  103. King of Ice-Cream Sandwiches

    King of Ice-Cream Sandwiches2 oy oldin

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    FLUFFY BISCUIT2 oy oldin

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    OSCAR MIKE17 kun oldin

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  116. Wolf Song Art And Animations

    Wolf Song Art And AnimationsOy oldin

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