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The new season of "Star Trek: Discovery" coming late 2021, exclusively on Paramount+.
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  1. Cows Against Capitalism

    Cows Against Capitalism29 daqiqa oldin

    A thousand years later Starfleet is still filling their.consoles with exploding ROCKS

  2. Cows Against Capitalism

    Cows Against Capitalism29 daqiqa oldin

    A thousand years later Starfleet is still filling their.consoles with exploding ROCKS

  3. Sterling Kesler

    Sterling Kesler7 soat oldin

    Music is: Dauntless by Audiomachine.

  4. J S

    J S9 soat oldin

    LMAO This crap is into its 4th season? No wonder Paramount Pictures have been losing market shares and waning ticket sales for the last 7 years.

  5. Michael Metzler

    Michael Metzler9 soat oldin


  6. Emperor Constantine 1.

    Emperor Constantine 1.12 soat oldin

    Season 4 of suck, suck, fake-Spock “emotional “ and whamen being in charge/only we are smart. Doomcock’s review will be most amazing and I would love to be a fly on the wall when Kurtsman hears him tear apart his shit of a show yet again!!!! LONG LIVE RODDENBERRY, DOWN WITH KURTSMAN TREK!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  7. Rob

    Rob12 soat oldin

    I'm thinking this will be the final season, it's no longer the same type of show as in season one either, which I liked.

  8. l l

    l l13 soat oldin

    Lol..its a gaye night club. Nobody is gonna watch this trash.

  9. NextWorldVR

    NextWorldVR14 soat oldin


  10. NextWorldVR

    NextWorldVR14 soat oldin

    CENSORSHIP IS STRONG HERE! LOL Can't be honest...

  11. Allen Knott

    Allen Knott17 soat oldin

    Hard Passed. This should be called Mass Effect: Discovery.

  12. Wango Tango

    Wango Tango17 soat oldin

    a new season of whining crying and hey im a guy not a girl bullshit to boldly go where no star trek has .... wait that's insensitive more crying and lovey dovey bullshit

  13. Sousabird

    Sousabird18 soat oldin

    St:d always gives me a weird burning sensation

  14. Nun Yas

    Nun Yas18 soat oldin

    I just can't watch this show anymore. Season 3 was a huge steamy pile. 4 will be no different. Maybe Strange New Worlds will be like what Gene had envisioned. Today's "Trek" is just garbage. Sorry, Patrick but should have left well enough alone.

  15. me myself & I

    me myself & I22 soat oldin

    Star Trek Discovery is a generic sci-fi thriller, It has nothing to do with star trek, the only Star Trek thing about this show is the name. Other than that, it's a generic sci-fi show. I think that the writers and creators of Star Trek Discovery doesn't really like the old star trek, they probably hate generations, don't like deep space nine, and can't stand voyager. Because they are doing everything in their power to stay away from those plots and story lines.

  16. asdfrewq40475

    asdfrewq40475Kun oldin

    End this abomination of a show and give David Cronenberg his own spin off.

  17. DeafDiver3279

    DeafDiver3279Kun oldin

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I thought last season was last. YAY!!!

  18. EchoJae

    EchoJaeKun oldin

    I’m old enough to remember when the majority of Trek fans weren’t so whiney and b[i]tchy. Those were some good times... Good times😔

  19. hot pataita

    hot pataitaKun oldin

    I hope Georgiou makes a cameo this season.

  20. Marcos Casias

    Marcos CasiasKun oldin

    Could the anomaly be the same anomaly that happened in Voyager where it was some kind of yellow that travel warp speed. Come out of warp once in awhile and it trapped a early earth spacecraft. Voyager found it in the delta quadrant

  21. Jacob Yin

    Jacob YinKun oldin

    I feel like who ever made this only ever watched the J.J. Abrams movies and the odd numbered Star Treks.

  22. superzentredi

    superzentrediKun oldin

    Really makes you pine for the days of simple episodic adventures doesn't it?

  23. ryan Thoroman

    ryan ThoromanKun oldin

    You always know when a tv show hits a creative wall.They become grounded realistic emotional.

  24. Righteous628

    Righteous628Kun oldin

    Worst Star Trek series besides that one with Scott Bakula

  25. Frank Balistreri

    Frank BalistreriKun oldin

    At least they're not going into the mirror universe YET AGAIN or traveling in time YET AGAIN! It still looks horrible, though.

  26. Brendan T

    Brendan TKun oldin

    Season 1 and 2 awesome... season 3 a disasters, it as if they replaced the entire writing staff with a bunch of high school students... i gave up on season 3 half way through, just couldn’t watch anymore... I’m pessimistic on season 4, Saru has got to be the most annoying of the lot.

  27. Edward Washington

    Edward WashingtonKun oldin


  28. DB1701

    DB1701Kun oldin

    Ready for it! Glad they are continuing!

  29. K L C

    K L CKun oldin

    I didn’t this abomination would last even last two seasons

  30. Terrible at Fishing

    Terrible at FishingKun oldin

    I love that show!

  31. Andrew Carranza

    Andrew CarranzaKun oldin

    Are people really that stupid in this comment section? The anomaly is what brings the federation back together because its going to take all worlds to stop it. gosh people need more imagination.

  32. Loo Biggerthanyoo

    Loo BiggerthanyooKun oldin

    As of April 13 ....2.6 million views (a lie) only 2 k likes (dubious) 1 k Dislikes (from what was deleted) Get WOKE Go BROKE

  33. Zack Slater

    Zack SlaterKun oldin

    CAPTAIN BURNHAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

  34. M.A. Ray

    M.A. RayKun oldin

    What is this even? How is this still considered Star Trek? It just looks like random sci fi blockbuster with the Enterprise thrown in.

  35. M. Jackson

    M. JacksonKun oldin

    Okay, CBS... What porn is kurtzman blackmailing you with???? These writers suck. The characters suck. This isn't science fiction. This is teen drama bullshit. Why are you so consistently stupid??? Why can't you just give a show to Noah Hawley???

  36. Rodney F

    Rodney FKun oldin

    Can they PLEASE cancel this terrible show already.

  37. Derek Beaudry

    Derek BeaudryKun oldin

    I really miss the days when star trek episode were different each week. Like the crew dealing with some new small threat or problem to solve. Don't get me wrong the overall arch of the season should be there but i miss the days of how voyager/tng used to be.

  38. Vape God

    Vape God2 kun oldin

    Just stop and go back and redo season 2, whoever's is in charge of hair and makeup should be fired and the person who greenlit these scripts with these actors should be imprisoned.

  39. Dax Jacobson

    Dax Jacobson2 kun oldin

    Who was saving the universe during the thousand years (930) they jumped into the future in whatever season that happen (not asking don't care, rhetorical question) ? The Universe seems like it was only slightly "burned" and 95% fine for most of the time STD was not around. You put the camera on Michael Burnham and millions of people die just for our "entertainment" , what is this, Battlestar Galactica ?

  40. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne2 kun oldin

    When are you gonna cancel this pos show

  41. Vicious Alien Klown

    Vicious Alien Klown2 kun oldin

    Why is this show still on, no one watches it. CBS themselves proved this when they aired it on broadcast TV and the ratings were terrible. Take a cue from Batwoman and self cancel.

  42. Sam Gordon

    Sam Gordon2 kun oldin

    0:46 yooo is that lady a Denobulan??

  43. Ivan Vojt

    Ivan Vojt2 kun oldin

    2.5 million views and only 4,000 votes.

  44. Austin Jacobs

    Austin Jacobs2 kun oldin

    This looks poop. Nothing will be as good as the first season unfortunately.

  45. titovalasques

    titovalasques2 kun oldin

    Hmm! Discovery has turned into The Walking Dead, another lazy show that repeats the same plot points in slight variation every season. How do people not get bored?

  46. Joe Espin

    Joe Espin2 kun oldin

    it looks like another season of substandard trek but why should it be any different from the three seasons of failure that we have endured. kurtzman trek is was and always will be bullshit.

  47. OctoSavage

    OctoSavage2 kun oldin

    this is getting a 4th season?

  48. Robert Espinoza

    Robert Espinoza2 kun oldin

    This show has been breaking the fourth wall ever since it started. Now the crew are wearing those uniforms that they hated so much. This is not star trek show this is just plain revenge for past mistakes. This show actually makes you forget lieutenant uhura, Captain Sisko and Janeway.

  49. James Abrams

    James Abrams2 kun oldin

    I'm surprised this shit wasn't canned. Who is actually watching this? I stopped after a couple episodes into season 2.

  50. jazinegrrrl

    jazinegrrrl2 kun oldin

    I thought after S3 they would have learned their lesson. You got rid of Pike in S2, then you got rid of Philippa in S3. They need to get rid of the executive producer and get someone who can right this ship on course to being a compelling series Everything from the bad storylines, bad character development, lack of tension, using music that feels like they lifted out of the copyright-free section bin that is so generic and doesn't connect at all to the viewers, didn't seem to wake them up. They don't know how to write stories so they keep putting Discovery in crisis annihilation mode with mindless, boring action sequences to make up for the fact they don't know how to tell a good narrative. When it was revealed what caused The Burn I knew the writers didn't know what they were doing. They think over the top and corny sentimentalism can make up for poor storytelling. It doesn't.

  51. Justin Ray Santiago

    Justin Ray Santiago2 kun oldin

    I can’t wait!!

  52. j mcfarland

    j mcfarland2 kun oldin

    Can't wait.

  53. J L

    J L2 kun oldin

    Star boldly go where no straight white men have gone before SMH. They got rid of all of them and ruined the show with all the forced virtue signaling and leftist ideologies.

  54. K Y

    K Y2 kun oldin

    So they will do 7 months of promo and teasers, again?

  55. MinnieMcc1

    MinnieMcc12 kun oldin

    I don't care which way they take the series.. I'm just happy that it's renewed for a fourth season. #LoveMeSomeDiscovery

  56. Matthew Cohen

    Matthew Cohen2 kun oldin

    can we not

  57. Elliejay Jay

    Elliejay Jay2 kun oldin

    I can't wait!

  58. Jackson Sauce

    Jackson Sauce2 kun oldin

    I dont get all the hate, sure, it completely ignores a lot of what made ST great, but that being said, its a good show and I will be watching it. ANOTHER giant threat? Jeez come on we been there done that.. I hate to see this show with so much potential destroy itself.. galactic threats are only cool once in a while, but surely your high paid writers know this..?!

  59. Ray MacDhomhnuill

    Ray MacDhomhnuill2 kun oldin

    STD is a disease

  60. Brian Levine

    Brian Levine2 kun oldin

    Cue The Critical Drinker's vomit meme.

  61. Jose Colon

    Jose Colon2 kun oldin

    Viacom must have money to throwaway.

  62. Samuel Powell

    Samuel Powell2 kun oldin

    This not star trek spock had no sister .there just reaching its god dam joke

  63. Arletta Sloan

    Arletta Sloan2 kun oldin

    Oh my word ... I heard someone listening what appears to be an irate Scotsman reviewing this show. Which is the only reason I know this show exists. So, since I didn't agree with everything he said about olther shows, I decided to look it up. And, here I am, reeling in horror and agreeing with him wholeheartedly. Blegghhh! Reminds me of the scene in SG-1 where they imagine the horror of their characters played by young, "edgy" actors. Ughh!

  64. Charles Johnson

    Charles Johnson2 kun oldin

    I think Grudge is a Flerken.

  65. David Cole

    David Cole2 kun oldin

    Wow I thought this show was done after last year? OK with that..

  66. Jason Buff

    Jason Buff2 kun oldin

    Damn already I'm still watching season 3 on dvd. and the dvd was disappointing by the way no special features like the previous seasons and the footage was slow at times. It seemed rushed and unfinished probably because of the covid. Hope it won't happen with season 4

  67. Mr Robot

    Mr Robot2 kun oldin

    I can't wait for 'Strange New Worlds' with Anson Mount as Cap't Pike!

  68. Metal Overlord

    Metal Overlord2 kun oldin

    I'm not watching this to see if the HUMANS survive. I'm watching this to make sure Saru and the cat survive.

  69. Alan Day

    Alan Day2 kun oldin

    Wow super vague and just whatever.

  70. Mark M

    Mark M3 kun oldin

    Coming in 2021. Bulls**t. I want a date. Month and Day dammit. All my favorite shows that are coming in 2021 are doing the same thing. This is ridiculous and making me not care anymore about these shows. Wake up Hollywood! I know the pandemic is to blame but if your all ready in production, you should have some kind of idea when it will be ready to air. Your going to lose your audience with this non-sense.

  71. domiciliphile

    domiciliphile3 kun oldin

    Very much looking forward to seeing more of Captain Burnham!

  72. Rional Gaming

    Rional Gaming3 kun oldin

    oh god.. please come up with something fucking new besides control 2.0

  73. Caesar Plasencia

    Caesar Plasencia3 kun oldin

    rebuilding the Federation. I like it!

  74. Gavan Baxley

    Gavan Baxley3 kun oldin

    How could you not make this season about rebuilding the federation...

  75. Apollo Jack

    Apollo Jack3 kun oldin


  76. Carl Grogan

    Carl Grogan3 kun oldin


  77. Shiven patel

    Shiven patel3 kun oldin

    Star Trek lower decks is more Star Trek then discovery and its a comedy cartoon

  78. Rich B

    Rich B3 kun oldin

    The only captain that cries too freaking much.

  79. Ryan Schindler

    Ryan Schindler3 kun oldin

    Oh joy, another season of "OMG the worlds gonna end" and "everyday something big blows up" and "we might not make it through this one, only to escape at the last second, again". This is just a Michael Bay sifi death defying explosion fest action series now, no real substance or story telling. The old ST series did it so so so much better, but I guess that was a different time :( Now Im even more excited to see what The Orville brings next cause that show is 1000 times more Star Trek than Discovery will ever be.

  80. mykyrox

    mykyrox3 kun oldin

    Watch it’s the Caretaker of their timeline! J/K😂‼️

  81. James Scott

    James Scott3 kun oldin

    Meh! Female Space Ninja Michael Best;est evvar is on the case and she is totally in charge.. So she will save everybody including the Q from their toxic masculinity and they will finally wipe out the Klingon Empire because they won't use the Federation's preferred pronouns..........that is the real threat. Not some gravity thingy but not using proper pronouns......

  82. James Scott

    James Scott2 kun oldin

    @P B qeylIS.

  83. P B

    P B2 kun oldin

    @James Scott I really hope that's a stroke

  84. James Scott

    James Scott2 kun oldin

    @P B tlhIngan maH. taHjaj!

  85. P B

    P B2 kun oldin

    Stay fragile

  86. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas3 kun oldin

    Long time Trek fan but Discovery is well, awful. Especially season 3. They need writers who can realize the Michael Burnham is not the only character on the show. Looking forward to Strange New Worlds.

  87. Ivan Ooze

    Ivan Ooze3 kun oldin

    time for some more dramatic whispering

  88. Jason V

    Jason V3 kun oldin

    Ugh. I'm going to shit in my hand and rub it in my hair.

  89. Jose Glenn

    Jose Glenn3 kun oldin

    on second though I'm done with this i'm out canceling my sub.

  90. Jose Glenn

    Jose Glenn3 kun oldin

    the New Star Trek is getting Gayer and more Woke every year. I think it's time for Independant film makers to take over the franchinse.

  91. ElevenAce

    ElevenAce3 kun oldin

    Lmao..... Can you please just explore the dam galaxy??? Every dam season it's some over the top michael bay shit! Like it's ok to have a season finale where there's some sort of life threatening event but you guys make it the whole dam plot for the season! So anyway when is Lower Decks coming out with a new season?

  92. x Matrocitus x

    x Matrocitus x3 kun oldin

    Hail Doomcock!

  93. Alex

    Alex3 kun oldin

    Please cancel this garbage. Horrible

  94. Jake Meyer

    Jake Meyer3 kun oldin

    Whatever faults Discovery has, I can't get enough of Michael Burnham. I'm a middle-aged white hetero male that is pretty far removed from identity politics, and I'm aware that an African American woman starship captain is in of itself meaningful...but honestly I don't care. Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham is just awesome. Strange New Worlds will give me the old school exploratory things that made Star Trek so great, and it has the absolute perfect cast to do so...but I want Michael Burnham staring down apocalypses, chin high and fists clenched.

  95. chictownguy

    chictownguy3 kun oldin

    woke trek.... terrible .. bring back REAL star trek. this is complete garbage. who cares .

  96. MrRinoHunter

    MrRinoHunter3 kun oldin

    STD.... The freaken genius who named this show. Where is captain Martha focker to top this off?

  97. Morbo Kzzuta

    Morbo Kzzuta3 kun oldin

    I see that Discovery is _still_ focused on overblown galactic threats and weepy melodrama, rather than... discovery. SMH.

  98. Josh Bittner

    Josh Bittner3 kun oldin

    I’ll say this - if they ended season 2 with a bit more finality to close the story off for good, then it would have been an uneven but mostly good show. But S3, oof on many levels. S4 looks to be a disaster. Cancelled my sub back in February and I see no reason to resubscribe lol

  99. Chefkey Boards

    Chefkey Boards3 kun oldin

    Star Trek has been dead since the Next Generation

  100. RealityPoet

    RealityPoet3 kun oldin

    Looks like a great plot for the premier/first big two-part episode. Excited to see what the rest of the season will be about.

  101. Gordon Gentry

    Gordon Gentry3 kun oldin

    The Expanse is way cooler and you can binge it

  102. Robert Thompson

    Robert Thompson3 kun oldin

    Try all you like Paramount. You will never be as awesome as Prelude to Axanar

  103. Michael Busch

    Michael Busch3 kun oldin

    This show is always geared to women's feelings, and woman's tears, and women's pain, and women can't do crap anymore, they shouldn't be in a dang spaceship!! this is stupid!! I will never watch this goofball show again, where is Captain Kirk or Jean Luke Picard when you need them!!.. watch the first three seasons, after the end of the third season, lost all its meaning and I just lost interest.. take it off the air, I wouldn't pay to watch this if u gave it to me!! Blow up the SHIP N END THIS PITIFUL BABY SHOW.

  104. Willy Wonka

    Willy Wonka3 kun oldin

    End me now, I can't take any more of this utter garbage. #shittrek

  105. P B

    P B2 kun oldin

    Good riddance?