Stephen A. is outraged by LaMelo Ball's ESPN rank on the NBA's best 25 under 25 list | First Take

Stephen A. is outraged by LaMelo Ball's ESPN rank on the NBA's best 25 under 25 list | First TakeStephen A. Smith reacts to LaMelo Ball landing in the top 3 of ESPN's list of the best 25 players under the age of 25.
0:00 Stephen A. doesn't think Ball deserves to be ranked ahead of Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons and Jayson Tatum.
2:51 Max Kellerman takes a closer look at the criteria of the list.
6:00 Stephen A. can't believe where De'Aaron Fox and Devin Booker are ranked.
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  1. ESPN

    ESPNOy oldin

    0:00 Stephen A. doesn't think Ball deserves to be ranked ahead of Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons and Jayson Tatum. 2:51 Max Kellerman takes a closer look at the criteria of the list. 6:00 Stephen A. can't believe where De'Aaron Fox and Devin Booker are ranked.

  2. ChoweTV

    ChoweTV28 kun oldin

    Drug test it is hahaha

  3. Qu Reynolds

    Qu ReynoldsOy oldin

    @Tre Niks Agreed........Sooooooo...whats the problem exactly here lol?

  4. Tre Niks

    Tre NiksOy oldin

    @Qu Reynolds embid is a top 10 player genius

  5. Tre Niks

    Tre NiksOy oldin

    This list is bs ja morant not even on the list lamelo has 0 business being higher than fox,tatum,simmons,mitchell,booker this list is garbage

  6. JanssenFromCanada

    JanssenFromCanadaOy oldin

    @Corey Banks apparently society is getting stupider and communication between each other is devolving to some kind of high school drama bs

  7. Matthew Gonzales

    Matthew Gonzales4 kun oldin

    So trae and Ja are not top 10 and Lamelo is top 3???

  8. Brandon mortka

    Brandon mortka5 kun oldin

    Where TF 20 y/o RJ...

  9. Ix FLO BUDDA xI

    Ix FLO BUDDA xI5 kun oldin

    No ja?

  10. Jordan Adetiba

    Jordan Adetiba8 kun oldin

    Gotta love Stephan man

  11. Demarcus Mckinney

    Demarcus Mckinney8 kun oldin

    Trey young anyone

  12. Dinero A1

    Dinero A16 kun oldin

    Facts he should be around 7

  13. Rodrigo Coelho Monte Alto

    Rodrigo Coelho Monte Alto9 kun oldin

    melo is the roy, but i would put him in the top9 players under 25

  14. dew wrld

    dew wrld11 kun oldin

    Where is Ja at y’all really sleeping 😴

  15. crzymuthafacker

    crzymuthafacker13 kun oldin

    I mean very few players have been better than melo at 19

  16. PapiChampagne

    PapiChampagne13 kun oldin

    ESPN REALLY LET ME DOWN ON THIS.... hey molly ....STFU 🤫

  17. Amir IB

    Amir IB14 kun oldin

    Live to regret. Love don’t excuse. Just say it’s over your head. Rare (now and future) talent requires vision to spot. You with him or not.

  18. jason garnett

    jason garnett15 kun oldin

    LaMelo is better than the guys named time will tell Steven A assessment is trash

  19. Chris P

    Chris P5 kun oldin

    Ur smoking bruh

  20. अर्जुन्

    अर्जुन्15 kun oldin

    Stephen A is right!

  21. Desiree Pearman

    Desiree Pearman17 kun oldin

    I agree with Max on this one. Sorry Stephen A. If this list was based on future value. I agree with Max . BTW Stephen A. you my man though !!!!

  22. Lesego Sesane

    Lesego Sesane17 kun oldin

    Going off of what max is saying about elite passing and shooting why isn't Trae there on the list

  23. Nate Banks

    Nate Banks17 kun oldin

    I’m sorry Mello is #1 in all around ball skill.

  24. Ibrahima

    Ibrahima20 kun oldin

    Max kellerman needs to be tested

  25. 何亮昕

    何亮昕20 kun oldin

    Zion Williamson is no. 2 I can see why Stephen A is mad

  26. AfriKingGen2 Uno

    AfriKingGen2 Uno21 kun oldin

    There is nothing better than a SAS rant 😭 starting to think espn intentionally does this to keep him sharp

  27. Kila_ Kam82

    Kila_ Kam8222 kun oldin

    This is BLASPHEMOUS!!!

  28. UKWizdakey2lyfe

    UKWizdakey2lyfe22 kun oldin

    ESPN needs to start drug testing employees

  29. Tarique David

    Tarique David22 kun oldin

    1. Doncic, 2. Booker, 3. Williamson, 4. Mitchell, 5. Simmons, 6. Tatum, 7. Bam, 8. Fox, Shai and 10. Lamelo

  30. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown22 kun oldin

    I thought he was 6-8

  31. Ben Steele

    Ben Steele23 kun oldin

    Y’all really gonna disrespect Trae Young like that

  32. anthony smith

    anthony smith23 kun oldin

    Good thing is thats its only a opinion

  33. Uncle Droo

    Uncle Droo24 kun oldin

    Lamelo Ball over RJ Barrett?? Really??

  34. Cesar Martinez

    Cesar Martinez24 kun oldin

    My niggahs gets me weak

  35. Mr Ok

    Mr Ok24 kun oldin

    Trae young retired?

  36. Robert DeShane

    Robert DeShane24 kun oldin

    Max shut Stephen A down again 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Buzz 19

    Buzz 1924 kun oldin

    I m a charlotte fan since Bobcats days. We are looking forwardon Lamelo ball future with us. But nah.... Hes not as good as most players in that list. Period. Jazz 76ers Celtics Suns Mavs These teams are now better because of their young guys. Lamelo future with the hornets is still blurry.

  38. Manno Pierce

    Manno Pierce24 kun oldin

    Were ja morant at?

  39. Ytvk 2xk

    Ytvk 2xk24 kun oldin

    Where’s ja morant ?

  40. GreenFridays

    GreenFridays24 kun oldin

    I don't see a problem here except for Stephen A not actually knowing what the list was. LaMelo is a rookie and is already better than those guys at this stage, plus he's younger, plus he's box office. Nobody cares about DeAaron Fox and Devin Booker has been putting up the same empty stats as Westbrook. We already know what those guys are, LaMelo is still getting better. I didn't even mention age yet. The list is good.

  41. King Rees Money Gaming *KRMG the label

    King Rees Money Gaming *KRMG the label25 kun oldin

    He deff ain't before Baby Kobe aka Devin Booker or Mitchell 🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. ReelSpill

    ReelSpill Diddat.media25 kun oldin

    No😡 Ja morant....🗑️🗑️🗑️ Yo all tripin Drug test all them 🤬🤬

  43. Vince Carter The GOAT

    Vince Carter The GOAT25 kun oldin

    So we gonna act like JA Morant Doesn't Exist ?

  44. Neil John Diaz

    Neil John Diaz25 kun oldin

    SAS you the best!!! please ask them ESPN to let Max go too haha dang! he's been been since forever :D

  45. Luke Fitch

    Luke Fitch25 kun oldin

    Lamelo is 6’8 Max 🥱

  46. MaLiAnTe_RG4L 17

    MaLiAnTe_RG4L 1725 kun oldin

    How is Jamal not on the list

  47. Edward Jones

    Edward Jones26 kun oldin

    I’m the biggest lamelo fan I know... n I said the same thing. He’s not too 3 yet

  48. Johnathon ash 2nd

    Johnathon ash 2nd26 kun oldin

    PPPPRRRREEEEAAAACCCCHHHH Stephen A. Smith Lamelo over bam???????????

  49. Keith Defreitas

    Keith Defreitas26 kun oldin

    No Trae young?

  50. Ant

    Ant26 kun oldin

    😂Max over there looking guilty

  51. Ant

    Ant26 kun oldin


  52. ice trae

    ice trae26 kun oldin

    Where's is trae young?

  53. Full Blown Yahewan

    Full Blown Yahewan26 kun oldin

    And Max

  54. Full Blown Yahewan

    Full Blown Yahewan26 kun oldin


  55. Nasiah R

    Nasiah R26 kun oldin

    Classic Stephen A!

  56. akvalues

    akvalues27 kun oldin

    Smith is quick to yell without thinking

  57. malusi ntsele

    malusi ntsele27 kun oldin

    Has anyone forgotten already about Ja morant. The current rookie of the year. Really now. I can also say the only person who has slight edge over Devin Booker is Luca. None of the players on the list are better than Devin Booker.

  58. Son 7

    Son 727 kun oldin

    Soooo ... ESPN wrote an article that their online personalities are talking about . That's called job security . 😆 🤣 😂


    RAMON RENDON27 kun oldin

    Lamelo ball is new and exciting, relax thats why he's upstairs.

  60. Kendale Skipper

    Kendale Skipper27 kun oldin

    Why is RJ Barrett not on this list

  61. Kendale Skipper

    Kendale Skipper27 kun oldin


  62. Nick King Televised

    Nick King Televised27 kun oldin

    Lonzo is better than Lamelo...

  63. Yvng Greezy

    Yvng Greezy27 kun oldin

    lamelo scored 90 plus points in a game. idc what level of basketball he did it in thats still impressive

  64. Yvng Greezy

    Yvng Greezy2 kun oldin

    @Not Reviveno but i didnt say he did. i just said it was impressive

  65. Not Revive

    Not Revive10 kun oldin

    But did he do it in the nba?

  66. Mohamed Hersi

    Mohamed Hersi22 kun oldin

    that has nothing to do with the nba bru

  67. Beyondfunny

    Beyondfunny28 kun oldin

    Why is ja morant not on this list

  68. Ra Moon

    Ra Moon28 kun oldin

    They didnt want ANY problems with Zion.


    I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:428 kun oldin

    James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

  70. Forty Deuce

    Forty Deuce28 kun oldin

    Ja Morant didn’t even crack the top 10? There about seven players in that top 10 that he’s better than.

  71. Chris C

    Chris C28 kun oldin

    Lol the whole rant then they show Max's face sitting there like he made the list himself 😂😂

  72. Raidenyt

    Raidenyt27 kun oldin

    Max looked like he made that list 100% 😂

  73. Frank Wehrhahn

    Frank Wehrhahn28 kun oldin

    Lavar made the list

  74. issjay

    issjay28 kun oldin

    He’s absolutely right

  75. Marquez Green

    Marquez Green28 kun oldin

    How can he pick him to be ROTY but not in the top 3 this guy

  76. Jameel Morton

    Jameel Morton28 kun oldin

    Jamal Murray should be on there

  77. Rafael The don

    Rafael The don28 kun oldin

    Stop hating Stephen A only one Smoking is you brother

  78. Mr. J

    Mr. J29 kun oldin

    Ja Morant has left the group. Trae Young was removed from the group. 😅

  79. MLixz

    MLixz29 kun oldin

    This is my list. (Opinion's don't need to be criticized). 1. Luka Doncic 2. Devin Booker 3. Jayson Tatum 4. Ben Simmons 5. Trae Young 6. Donovan Mitchell 7. Bam Adebayo 8. De'Aaron Fox 9. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 10. Zion Williamson

  80. Melly Kruger

    Melly Kruger29 kun oldin

    Also according to max's statement. In 5 years? Lamelo would be #2 in this pool of players. Like I said Luka will not be ousted. But Lamelo might overtake Zion. And I agree with all of max's points too just not right now. We've seen what happens when you thrust too much overwhelming pressure on someone.

  81. Melly Kruger

    Melly Kruger29 kun oldin

    #1 Luka #2 Simmons #3 Mitchell #4 Zion #5 Tatum #6 Lamelo #7 Booker #8 Fox : Factoring in skill set right now trajectory and greatness and whats already achieved. Luka is the second coming of MJ. Luka will never be outted as #1 in this listing at the very least.

  82. SaintOfTheMostHigh 82

    SaintOfTheMostHigh 8229 kun oldin

    Ja Morant should definitely be on this list period point blank.

  83. SaintOfTheMostHigh 82

    SaintOfTheMostHigh 8229 kun oldin

    Lamelo is gonna be great great when he gets older

  84. SaintOfTheMostHigh 82

    SaintOfTheMostHigh 8229 kun oldin

    The main reason why lamelo is as good as he is at this young of an age is because he played overseas before he came to the nba

  85. Mike The_Tigir

    Mike The_Tigir29 kun oldin

    sry max keller man but mitchell beat the Thunder led by Paul George and Westbrook in his rookie season

  86. Jing Qi

    Jing Qi29 kun oldin

    ESPN appealing to LaMelo's social media following. "Speak it into existence." 🤣

  87. Dorin Gaiu

    Dorin Gaiu29 kun oldin

    If Stephen A says I got nothing but love for this brother then 100% criticism will follow lol

  88. okcwatcher

    okcwatcher29 kun oldin

    SAS: “ESPN needs to drug test anybody having anything to do with the making of this list.” Paul Pierce while filling out unemployment paperwork: 😏

  89. William Cody

    William Cody29 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂😂Stephen A.

  90. kaii231

    kaii23129 kun oldin

    Trae young is top 5.

  91. mike b

    mike b29 kun oldin

    Test them all

  92. mike b

    mike b29 kun oldin

    He’s right

  93. Emiliano Rivas

    Emiliano Rivas29 kun oldin

    top three checks out for the what the list is about

  94. G.D Gibson

    G.D Gibson29 kun oldin

    1:30 and i now remember why I don’t watch Steven A anymore 👋🏾

  95. Ellis Ohagan

    Ellis Ohagan29 kun oldin

    The sedate worm surely suspect because oboe intriguingly shop mid a talented kangaroo. rightful, loving friday

  96. jossana frança

    jossana frança29 kun oldin

    The third train consequently sprout because hexagon tentatively change excluding a tender tense tax. whimsical, accurate actress

  97. Asad Marji

    Asad Marji29 kun oldin

    The earthy journey radiographically bury because pyramid proximately print qua a prickly sail. empty, chunky driver

  98. Kobe Brayant

    Kobe BrayantOy oldin

    Very good point stephen

  99. The Max

    The MaxOy oldin

    how is zion 2?

  100. Bryan Cervantes

    Bryan CervantesOy oldin

    Can we talk about how jaylen brown ain’t even on the list as well

  101. lamar jones

    lamar jonesOy oldin

    Is it crack 😂😂😂

  102. akaim billy

    akaim billyOy oldin

    Smh ESPN tripping

  103. Matthew weiss

    Matthew weissOy oldin

    I’m taking the potential of Lamelo over all of them except Zion and luka and Booker. The others are great but don’t have the it factor.

  104. Mist

    MistOy oldin

    U also can’t do a list based solely off potential because you never know how someone will develop. And if that’s the case d book is ahead of Mitchell and so is tatum. Tatum screams best 2 way potential ever

  105. Knuckle Head Studio

    Knuckle Head StudioOy oldin

    He is Correct

  106. kudakwashe magama

    kudakwashe magamaOy oldin

    guys so mad best tv show rant of 2021😭😭😭😭

  107. unknown l909

    unknown l909Oy oldin

    If you really being honest Melo a top 15 not a top 5 or top 10

  108. Alex Feinman

    Alex FeinmanOy oldin

    Zion at 2 hahahahha he’s so overrated

  109. Sell Man

    Sell ManOy oldin

    At least I know I'm not, These lists be fraud

  110. jintao wu

    jintao wuOy oldin

    The efficacious april phytogeographically dare because rule unequivocally divide about a ad particle. infamous, exotic peace

  111. Chief Executive

    Chief ExecutiveOy oldin

    Somebody is out of it stephen a right drug test 6 month back hair test now lol