STUNNING Singer! Willie Spence Shines Brighter Than Any Diamond - American Idol 2021

Willie Spence has conquered many challenges this past year and his American Idol audition wasn’t about to be one that he didn’t absolutely SLAY! After performing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, Lionel gives Willie a standing ovation. Luke was all smiles during Willie’s audition, telling him that he didn’t want it to end. Watch here to enjoy Willie’s breathtaking performance, and to hear the vocals that Katy referred to as “a voice that stops people in their tracks.”

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.


  1. Piccoli Carini

    Piccoli Carini10 daqiqa oldin

    top 10?

  2. James White

    James White49 daqiqa oldin

    I’ve never voted before for this show but I’m voting for this guy. Just amazing.

  3. Vincent Florio

    Vincent Florio51 daqiqa oldin

    I'd pay a decent amount of money for a concert of that voice tonight, regardless of if he wins. That's unreal.


    KRIMSON TID54 daqiqa oldin

    Him and Alyssa W... hands down. Remember I said one of these 2 will win

  5. Drayah's Fun Time

    Drayah's Fun TimeSoat oldin


  6. John Flores

    John FloresSoat oldin

    425 people that disliked this video are clueless about music and singing.

  7. Miss Leeward

    Miss LeewardSoat oldin

    Omg that's a talent from heaven

  8. becky Dalton

    becky Dalton2 soat oldin

    I just wanna give him a hug

  9. KhaosRiding

    KhaosRiding2 soat oldin

    Frick auto tune we got Willie

  10. Will's World RS

    Will's World RS2 soat oldin

    got this kept on repeat

  11. MegaRadric

    MegaRadric3 soat oldin

    He sound so feminine

  12. c mac

    c mac3 soat oldin

    reminds of Charlie Wilson

  13. Molly World

    Molly World3 soat oldin

    Any singer singer can hear where his execution of notes cld of been pitchy ...cld have been...buuuuuuuttttttt he knew where to bring it back catch it and make the last note beautiful! I love singers who listen to them selves... U can tell he listens ... And s/o to him on losing weight i see it!

  14. Jackie Loscomb

    Jackie Loscomb3 soat oldin

    This is so good I swear, since idol has started this year I've watched this young man sing more times than anyone who's auditioned.

  15. Corey Motionless

    Corey Motionless3 soat oldin


  16. beverlee davis

    beverlee davis4 soat oldin

    Good LORDttt!!! This brother can saaannnggg!!!!!

  17. Stackz-357

    Stackz-3575 soat oldin

    Damn..... Kelly in her feelings, No reaction but somewhere condescending !!!

  18. Zahira Padilla

    Zahira Padilla5 soat oldin

    I know I can’t be the only one that cried 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. kingDLiving13

    kingDLiving135 soat oldin

    That beautiful, flawless, gentle run at 1:25!

  20. Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson5 soat oldin

    Sry but all the judges should of stood for that one .... I seen far worse and they stand

  21. robhernandez37

    robhernandez376 soat oldin

    His voice is like diamonds in the sky!!!🎤👏💪🔥

  22. PNW503 BestCoast

    PNW503 BestCoast6 soat oldin

    First note.....straight Chillz!

  23. Twin Flames Reality

    Twin Flames Reality6 soat oldin

    Imagine disliking this 🤯 chills the entire time

  24. Kristy's Edits

    Kristy's Edits7 soat oldin


  25. The M3

    The M37 soat oldin

    Wow wow !!!! You got all my emotions … you are my winner already ✨✨✨🙏🏽🙏🏽

  26. Mr05chuck

    Mr05chuck7 soat oldin

    Sia. Would approve.

  27. mskoolkid8808

    mskoolkid88087 soat oldin

    It's so crazy you can feel the Magic in his voice hearing the song just makes me want to cry

  28. Marques Araújo

    Marques Araújo8 soat oldin

    Canta muito

  29. Lititita Shelley

    Lititita Shelley8 soat oldin

    Hes going to win... I love him

  30. Cece

    Cece8 soat oldin

    I loved this but Luke lost me at the word “Grammy.” That’s not what’s it about. That’s not what any of it is about. The gift of music is simply about joy, profound creativity, blessing the gift of music onto others and telling the truth. Telling stories to others. There’s plenty of sh***y artists who have no integrity and don’t know good if it was in front of them who have won Grammys. Grammys ain’t sh**. If one does not live a truthful and honest life, then to me they have very little… No matter how much they have.

  31. Danny Cunningham

    Danny Cunningham8 soat oldin

    Beautiful man with a diamond in that voice!!! Love him!! American Idol.

  32. Jay Ugly

    Jay Ugly9 soat oldin

    He should go to the voice

  33. Jay Ugly

    Jay Ugly9 soat oldin

    I need him to sing I will always love u

  34. Jay Ugly

    Jay Ugly9 soat oldin

    This man don’t deserve to be here he to good for that show smh 🤦‍♂️

  35. faye gavin

    faye gavin10 soat oldin

    Had to come back and watch him again. A beautiful voice. I close my eyes and just hear his voice. Flawless.

  36. Marilyn lua

    Marilyn lua11 soat oldin

    So beautiful!!

  37. Me G

    Me G11 soat oldin

    Wicked wicked wicked... Wow he's great. Gave me chills too cos he's so damn good 🤞🏾😋🖐🏿🖐️ Good luck for your future from the 🇬🇧

  38. Ericka Miller

    Ericka Miller11 soat oldin

    I need 417 newspapers to slap the ones who gave a thumbs down to this man! 🤷🏾‍♀️ This here is what you call SAANGING! My chill bumps made me think something was crawling on me! 🙌🏾🥰

  39. Rosalind Black

    Rosalind Black11 soat oldin


  40. Patrick Squire

    Patrick Squire11 soat oldin

    Definitely never know disrespect to the original artist but he saying that and he's definitely going to be a finalist I wasn't excited about item this year cuz I haven't watched either in years even when they took it off the air but the auditions that I've been seeing blew me away at such as this one so I will be tuning in

  41. DUBLANDO Coisas

    DUBLANDO Coisas11 soat oldin


  42. Ms. B Karaoke B

    Ms. B Karaoke B12 soat oldin

    SPEECHLESS !!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  43. Franko Merino

    Franko Merino12 soat oldin

    It made me cry

  44. Franko Merino

    Franko Merino12 soat oldin


  45. Joseph Schmitz

    Joseph Schmitz13 soat oldin

    I stopped watching AI years ago but this guy and Alyssa wray have brought me back to it. Such beautiful talents and people.

  46. crown nkandu

    crown nkandu13 soat oldin

    I love his performance but am still waiting for the performance which will top laporsha ranae performance

  47. prissybell16

    prissybell1614 soat oldin

    You better sang boy!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  48. Nisha G

    Nisha G14 soat oldin

    Absolutely love it!! ❤❤

  49. Wayne Jordan

    Wayne Jordan14 soat oldin

    Willie, I see the love in you and feel the truth that you are. Hands down. The best American Idol EVER........ God Bless you big guy. You truly are a caregiver.... Shine Brite

  50. MyraJay

    MyraJay14 soat oldin

    US OUTSIDERS (Redd and Lil Bit) put me on to Willie!! I love you honey! 😍 you NEVER FAIL TO AMAZE!

  51. Linda Mommy T Lady Howard Linda Howard

    Linda Mommy T Lady Howard Linda Howard14 soat oldin

    Lord Jesus This Send Chill Down My Spine I Love This SONG.

  52. Suri Benji

    Suri Benji15 soat oldin

    Is this Willie from "Us Outsiders"? I love him!!!

  53. smh

    smh15 soat oldin

    He's amazing. I have nothing else to say.. he's amazing.

  54. Khairilanuar Othman

    Khairilanuar Othman16 soat oldin

    Time for Katy Perry to be a movie star. It's like she just puts on a different shade of beautiful from the cupboard each day.

  55. Alexis Hicks

    Alexis Hicks16 soat oldin

    True God given voice

  56. Huy Nguyễn

    Huy Nguyễn16 soat oldin

    hay quá, rớt nước mắt

  57. Crystal

    Crystal16 soat oldin

    Perfection ❤️

  58. deborah thompson

    deborah thompson16 soat oldin


  59. mark battle

    mark battle17 soat oldin

    Yes yes ........::let’s vote 😂

  60. mark battle

    mark battle17 soat oldin

    Man dude voice is just so strong. It’s crazy

  61. Sasha Dee

    Sasha Dee17 soat oldin

    yes, the winner has arrived

  62. Shaundell Middleton

    Shaundell Middleton17 soat oldin

    Such a STRONG voice! Awesome brotha!!!!

  63. Michael Lindholm

    Michael Lindholm18 soat oldin

    This is why I come to UZnick at night! To catch all the awesome people I missed from these shows without having to watch all the bs between! This man is beautiful sung that with ease!

  64. Ayu Reez

    Ayu Reez18 soat oldin

    I can’t stop listening this Diamond!!

  65. Eder Saturnino

    Eder Saturnino18 soat oldin

    Canta muito ... #brasil

  66. JosePe TV

    JosePe TV18 soat oldin

    No auto tune or what thats amazing voice you got there buddy may god bless you in next 3 years 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  67. DJ MixUp

    DJ MixUp19 soat oldin

    Giving me Ruben Studdard Vibes 🔥🔥🔥🎶


    GABBY BEINGME19 soat oldin

    Let me tell you something, I aint watched American Idol in years, I will be watching. This chile song his whole azz off! I mean you sang this dang song. I been replaying this audition all morning! Good lord chile, you are blessed! If he dont win American Idol...... Yes, yes, yes!!

  69. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou19 soat oldin

    Between him, and the young lady who sang "One Night Only" last night....WHEW CHIIILE.

  70. Ramzi Ossamusicca

    Ramzi Ossamusicca19 soat oldin

    When the cover sounds more beautiful than the original 🎤💗

  71. Jessica Poplawski

    Jessica Poplawski19 soat oldin

    I'm from Australia and fell in love with his voice when I found the video on UZnick of him singing this song.he is amazing.i could listen to his beautiful voice all day.

  72. Skylark K

    Skylark K19 soat oldin

    0:21 is where Lionel Richie starts getting the chills!

  73. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou19 soat oldin


  74. Linda Ramon

    Linda Ramon20 soat oldin


  75. Yours Truly

    Yours Truly21 soat oldin

    You betta sang Big ❤️ 🥰🙌🏽

  76. Khanyiso Mgijima

    Khanyiso Mgijima23 soat oldin

    he's good. i hope he makes it far not only in this competition, but in life too.

  77. Amanda Bailey

    Amanda Bailey23 soat oldin

    My absolute favorite!!!

  78. B Green

    B GreenKun oldin

    OMG!, I didn’t know he was on here. I first seen him on Redd and Lil Bit’s UZnick channel. He is talented for sure.

  79. Jonathan Broederlow

    Jonathan BroederlowKun oldin

    Goosebumps 🔥

  80. Peacemaker Logic

    Peacemaker LogicKun oldin

    katy low key hating.

  81. Midgvt

    MidgvtKun oldin

    I would love to see this man sing a Katy Perry song 😍 so much soul

  82. Keenan Myers

    Keenan MyersKun oldin

    dude literally came out with his ultimate move

  83. Shane Dell

    Shane DellKun oldin

    Him + Rod Wave 👀 oh wait.. he already opened for him. Only real ones know

  84. Shane Dell

    Shane DellKun oldin

    He’s the winner, mark my words

  85. Adam kahn

    Adam kahnKun oldin

    i just hope, honestly speaking, that he's able to back off a tiny bit on how nasally he can let his voice get. maybe it was because of the range of the song, but i knew when he was stressing his voice almost beyond its limits. just some constructive criticism for a great performance. i was brought to tears, but wanted to offer my opinion

  86. Gregory Allison

    Gregory AllisonKun oldin

    That man can sang👏🏾🙏🏾

  87. jaime Hernandez

    jaime HernandezKun oldin

    1:22 waoo

  88. Dynasty Jackson

    Dynasty JacksonKun oldin


  89. Junior Anderrson Rivera

    Junior Anderrson RiveraKun oldin

    Ete sech

  90. Pearl Kennedy

    Pearl KennedyKun oldin

    My Savior he sounds better than alot of famous singers!!!!!! AMAZING RUNS!!!! Yassssss!!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Come on hea!!!!!!

  91. Luke Jack

    Luke JackKun oldin


  92. The Masked Nomad

    The Masked NomadKun oldin

    God, he sounds like he’s singing through auto tune. What vocal control. I can’t believe that.

  93. Facts Only

    Facts OnlyKun oldin

    This don’t make no damn sense..... Raw Talent.

  94. Big Dog

    Big DogKun oldin

    What a Beautiful Soul ‼️‼️🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊😊

  95. Neida Pimentel

    Neida PimentelKun oldin

    He is going to make the TOP 10 I KNOW IT!!!! HE’S GOING TO WIN IT ALL!!!!!

  96. Katrina Doll

    Katrina DollKun oldin

    He’s the new Luther Vandross

  97. Katrena Miles

    Katrena MilesKun oldin

    He sounds like Joshua Ledet 🥰

  98. Cédtavious Hernandez

    Cédtavious HernandezKun oldin

    I do not forget faces he went viral singing this song at school and he recorded a studio version video of this song he has like 20 million views combined

  99. Kitty Daniels-Henry

    Kitty Daniels-HenryKun oldin

    🗣🗣🗣THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL FLAT FOOTED SANGING!!! Simply beautiful ❤️

  100. AustriaProo

    AustriaProoKun oldin

    OH.....MY....GOD ! You are a Diamond !

  101. Bio Bot

    Bio BotKun oldin

    I remember him from End of The Road cover with his friend.