Tame Impala - Elephant (Official Video)

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Music video by Tame Impala performing Elephant. (C) 2012 Modular Recordings


  1. Harpa Ramadhan

    Harpa Ramadhan3 soat oldin

    guess what im here because of the Tame Impala.

  2. Buddy_

    Buddy_9 soat oldin

    Who else thinks Kevin did a really good of this cover of this wiggles song

  3. Rehan Taj

    Rehan TajKun oldin

    One of the most underrated songs to this day!

  4. It's me Darkie

    It's me DarkieKun oldin

    Am i like the only one that's not here because of the Wiggles?

  5. Izdawg_Starrskreem

    Izdawg_Starrskreem2 kun oldin

    Aside from like a version, I saw the wiggles cover this in their show on the weekend - if I didn't know any better I would've said it was one of their own tunes.

  6. Luis de la Torre

    Luis de la Torre2 kun oldin

    Viaje weed?

  7. Jose David Villada Cardona

    Jose David Villada Cardona2 kun oldin

    This could a John Lennon song in Abbey Road.

  8. TH3LAST H3R0

    TH3LAST H3R03 kun oldin

    Lowkey sounds like John Lennon

  9. Parli Summers

    Parli Summers4 kun oldin

    Is it just me or does he sound like John Lennon? 👀 🎶

  10. Aiden Lul

    Aiden Lul4 kun oldin

    anyone else here from the tiktok?

  11. Lois Eliza

    Lois Eliza6 kun oldin

    let’s stop talking about the wiggles and focus on kevin’s talent pls

  12. Lois Eliza

    Lois Eliza6 kun oldin

    i don’t think my soul will ever recover from this song- its so amazing

  13. Maryam Numan

    Maryam Numan7 kun oldin

    Who’s here because of duplicity the Vegas montage..

  14. SilversteinRescue

    SilversteinRescue8 kun oldin

    Sounds so much like the Beatles in the beginning

  15. SilversteinRescue

    SilversteinRescue8 kun oldin

    Okay not just the beginning, the whole song haha. Other elements in the music but damn he sounds just like John Lennon.

  16. JEIL

    JEIL10 kun oldin

    Fruit salad! Yummy, yummy!

  17. Blind Wulf Vlogs

    Blind Wulf Vlogs10 kun oldin

    Love this song!

  18. federico novolissi

    federico novolissi12 kun oldin

    Suonds very simalar to the suits theme.

  19. C877 H115

    C877 H11512 kun oldin

    Hello nick, how’s your mum? -Thatcher

  20. Ibbos Channel

    Ibbos Channel13 kun oldin

    When he sings who hears a little of John Lennon's voice in there? Or is it just me?

  21. Benson Hedges

    Benson Hedges13 kun oldin

    This is Euphoric

  22. Ameth

    Ameth13 kun oldin

    El bajo es espectacular

  23. Albert Gérard

    Albert Gérard13 kun oldin

    who did it better: earth wind and fire, Abba, or tame impala

  24. Atish RAMU

    Atish RAMU14 kun oldin

    who are these people copying the wiggles

  25. Narnit

    Narnit14 kun oldin

    "And I will make it hurt. For the rest of your miserable fucking lives."

  26. smartacus88

    smartacus8815 kun oldin

    Lots of occult imagery in the vid.

  27. smartacus88

    smartacus886 kun oldin

    @Darthdump5 Just an observation.

  28. Darthdump5

    Darthdump56 kun oldin

    Uh... okay? Is this a problem?

  29. SILVER Azlan

    SILVER Azlan15 kun oldin

    Thought it was "Call Me" at first

  30. Kent kevin Ogates

    Kent kevin Ogates15 kun oldin

    Im here because of the Nokia phone Ad and still viben

  31. Hammy 2.0

    Hammy 2.017 kun oldin

    Sorry, but the Wiggles cover is better

  32. Joelle Ferreira

    Joelle Ferreira17 kun oldin

    Vrai Musique qui Pulse 🎶🎼... for ever I love this song.... 🎵🎶🎵🎼 Tame Impala : não há igual desde Pink Floyd's See Emily Plays 🔊Joëlle Ferreira 24 04 2021

  33. Jayden Bourke

    Jayden Bourke17 kun oldin

    Tame impala is a great artist

  34. f

    f18 kun oldin

    Reminds me of the Airwolf intro song.

  35. Dylan Larson

    Dylan Larson19 kun oldin

    Remember when you heard this and wanted more of this but now you get no rock and all pop with synthy mcSynth a roobie doobie layered up the back hole

  36. Aksirt

    Aksirt19 kun oldin

    dzięki krecie

  37. Soufiane Tinoudi

    Soufiane Tinoudi20 kun oldin

    A very angry old British man who hates laser sights in a bar

  38. Mar G

    Mar G22 kun oldin

    That one time when acid took John Lennon.

  39. Burak Yeşilyurt

    Burak Yeşilyurt22 kun oldin

    POV: You messed with an angry British guy's brother

  40. DragonZaler

    DragonZaler23 kun oldin

    im here after the wiggles like a version!! you guys are my childhood

  41. tommy casias

    tommy casias24 kun oldin

    Can't listen to this without bobbing the head...

  42. Moon Man

    Moon Man25 kun oldin

    Inspired by bands that made real music.

  43. Ale Lollipop

    Ale Lollipop25 kun oldin

    Alternative title: Brianstorm

  44. Victor Palasi

    Victor Palasi29 kun oldin

    2:41 to 2:44... 🤔 It sounds like the Pink Money from Floyd

  45. John McCallum

    John McCallumOy oldin

    Had the Beatles, had everything in between, nowI have Kevin and the Tames, thank god xxxx

  46. L0U13 __

    L0U13 __Oy oldin

    Eres the money ma brother owed ya

  47. O K

    O KOy oldin


  48. Nara

    NaraOy oldin

    it sounds like John Lennon is singing

  49. Ibbos Channel

    Ibbos Channel13 kun oldin

    That exactly what I've just commented lol. At least i know i don't feel alone with this

  50. Dan

    DanOy oldin

    muito foda

  51. David Cordero

    David CorderoOy oldin

    This is probably what LSD feels like.

  52. Marty Key

    Marty KeyOy oldin

    Elephant, Artist Tame Empala, writers Jay Watson and Kevin Parker, the wiggles did a cover end of story.

  53. Tommy Griffin

    Tommy GriffinOy oldin

    Who's here from listening to this in the car when it came out?

  54. Jimmy Nitrogen

    Jimmy Nitrogen21 kun oldin

    That's exactly why I'm here

  55. Felix D.

    Felix D.Oy oldin

    Is this played with every string tuned down 2 steps?

  56. Ingrid

    IngridOy oldin

    Here because FIFA

  57. Daniel Beotich

    Daniel BeotichOy oldin


  58. Rapperinthecrapper

    RapperinthecrapperOy oldin

    does anyone else kinda' prefer the wiggles' version?

  59. Neo Faelnar

    Neo FaelnarOy oldin

    really gives me John Lennon vibes

  60. Michael Brannelly

    Michael BrannellyOy oldin

    I hope they are paying royalties to the wiggles now :)

  61. Chantal Finn

    Chantal FinnOy oldin


  62. Amber

    AmberOy oldin

    This song makes me feel like I'm listening to a cover of something classic rock. Amazing

  63. thecamperofbriggs

    thecamperofbriggsOy oldin

    I'm from thatcher

  64. Eric Smith

    Eric SmithOy oldin

    John Lennon donated his vocal chords to this man

  65. Elden Daniel

    Elden DanielOy oldin

    Here because of r6

  66. Scott Eckersley

    Scott EckersleyOy oldin

    I'll be the first to point out the late 60s influence. You're all welcome.

  67. Disgusting Milky Water.

    Disgusting Milky Water.Oy oldin

    Lmao all these new comments about “The Wiggles” or who the fuck that may be, but I’m here from the Rainbow Six Siege animatic: “The hammer and scalpel.” Banger of a vid, go watch it

  68. Xavier

    XavierOy oldin

    Editor: "So how many stock psychedelic effects do you want?" Tame Impala: *Puts 8 squares of LSD in his mouth* "Y E S"

  69. Rowdy Eggplaad

    Rowdy Eggplaad2 kun oldin

    Kevin, who is seeing God because he's so high: Definitely

  70. Eva Mercury

    Eva MercuryOy oldin

    I was hoping to hear ‘fruit salad’ from kevin

  71. Justin Bliven

    Justin BlivenOy oldin

    Here because Tame Impala is a great band.

  72. Luis Ángel Islas Olmos

    Luis Ángel Islas OlmosOy oldin

    Los nietos de Syd Barrett

  73. Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman

    Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing womanOy oldin

    This is the original artist for Elephant they wrote the song for it the wiggles just covered it and did a heck of a good job of it. now im debating if i should go to a wiggles concert even tho im 22 years old.

  74. Nature Sky

    Nature SkyOy oldin

    Haha me too!

  75. zigzagwandra

    zigzagwandraOy oldin

    Cool John Lennon song.

  76. NKDT

    NKDTOy oldin

    This isn't the original guys, doesn't even have the "fruit salad" bit.

  77. MikeDoesContent

    MikeDoesContentOy oldin

    where's the fruit salad part

  78. *-*

    *-*Oy oldin

    This song: plays My brain: ⊂_ヽ   \\    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\    /  / \\    レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / /   / /|  ( (ヽ  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / ノ )  Lノ (_/

  79. Juno Fisher

    Juno FisherOy oldin

    am i the only one not from the wiggles :(

  80. fanny tunggal

    fanny tunggalOy oldin

    I want fruit salad

  81. LNLonelyness

    LNLonelynessOy oldin

    My brain went random and thought of this music video as "psychedelic King Crimson"

  82. AJ Is On The Highway

    AJ Is On The HighwayOy oldin

    The Wiggles brought me here

  83. Jason Wohl

    Jason WohlOy oldin

    I didn’t like the wiggles cover lol. Pretty generic

  84. isaac page

    isaac pageOy oldin

    beatles beatles beatles

  85. Baby Head

    Baby HeadOy oldin

    Boo 👎🏽 no “fruit salad yummy yummy” 😂 I’m out

  86. Braden McKay

    Braden McKayOy oldin

    How'd they cover a song from 2021 back in 2012?

  87. saınTessa

    saınTessaOy oldin

    Always been into Tame Impala songs, but until The Wiggles covered this I had no idea they were fellow Australian. 😳😊

  88. saınTessa

    saınTessaOy oldin

    @Browndoog ikr lol

  89. Browndoog

    BrowndoogOy oldin

    Whhaat. I didn’t know that until this comment 😂😅 I’ve been listening to them for ages howw

  90. Ella

    EllaOy oldin

    bruuhh this is the original song people rly be thinking the wiggles made it-

  91. Oliver Thinks

    Oliver ThinksOy oldin

    Fruit Salad..... Yummy Yummy!

  92. Noneya Business

    Noneya BusinessOy oldin

    no fruit salad? not yummy yummy :(

  93. Steve White

    Steve WhiteOy oldin

    *Thatcher is pissed*

  94. Pablo

    PabloOy oldin

    Yummy Yummy

  95. Nick Hawdon

    Nick HawdonOy oldin

    What happened to this Tame Impala his newest album is so lame

  96. Grand wizard man

    Grand wizard manOy oldin

    I'm high

  97. Riley

    RileyOy oldin

    Imma bout to call the Wiggles, this guy stole their song smh can't have shit in detroit

  98. Smile Jenkins

    Smile JenkinsOy oldin


  99. romulo vieira

    romulo vieiraOy oldin

    "Muse - Uprising" says hello.

  100. obrainys

    obrainysOy oldin

    Never thought the Wiggles would be the reason people first heard this song. If you're here because of the Wiggles. Stay for Tame Impala.

  101. MrShaneobueno Snodgrass

    MrShaneobueno SnodgrassOy oldin

    I'm here because I love everything this guy Kevin Parker does. WTF is a wiggle?

  102. Remy Lucai

    Remy LucaiOy oldin

    Fruit Salad?

  103. Awful Waffle

    Awful WaffleOy oldin


  104. Fleaper

    FleaperOy oldin

    british pub fight brought me here


    RAINPAINOy oldin

    Never knew that master Kevin did a cover of elephant by the wiggles :0

  106. alexz stuff

    alexz stuffOy oldin

    what the FUCK is wiggles

  107. YoungEaglez

    YoungEaglezOy oldin

    Zanzarosiiiiiii Non negateci un po' di sano qualunquismo

  108. Agam J.

    Agam J.Oy oldin

    its kinda sad that everyone's here cause of the wiggles