Tesla Model Y Auto park feature (by instagram sam.stolt) #Shorts

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  1. Tesla Nerd

    Tesla Nerd17 kun oldin

    Probably a feature for ladies lol.

  2. Nahida Sultana

    Nahida Sultana10 soat oldin

    Bruh sexist and boomer humor 😬 who found this funny?-

  3. 2CentsBear

    2CentsBear16 soat oldin

    @I TabbyCatz I and my comment was meant to be factual, not original

  4. 2CentsBear

    2CentsBear16 soat oldin

    @I TabbyCatz I you really did scroll through 100 replies though...

  5. Bonjour

    Bonjour19 soat oldin


  6. J Colby

    J Colby20 soat oldin

    @Al-amin Emiola Just because something is a joke doesn't mean it is ok to say something like that. If somebody said to a person of african heritage while there at a restaurant "What's it like drinking clean water for the first time" would it not be racist because it's a joke?

  7. firetiger1021

    firetiger10212 soat oldin


  8. Florian

    Florian6 soat oldin

    So slow

  9. •CheeseCake• UwU

    •CheeseCake• UwU8 soat oldin

    That is brilliant

  10. Melloster 56

    Melloster 568 soat oldin

    My 2015 Benz can do that lol

  11. Liam Malone

    Liam Malone10 soat oldin

    I could do that in my 2013 Toyota Corolla no backup camera needed.

  12. catatafishful

    catatafishful11 soat oldin

    I'd have just parked in his spot whilst he took like 5 minutes just to reverse park that pile of batteries..

  13. _emkt

    _emkt12 soat oldin

    by the time you put it in reverse id already be in the spot

  14. Phifolinko 8

    Phifolinko 813 soat oldin

    Our BMW X3 have the same

  15. Radoslav Andjelic

    Radoslav Andjelic17 soat oldin

    What's the name of this car TESLA or because this guy said something else I tried to understand but can't

  16. Birinder Singh

    Birinder Singh17 soat oldin

    Elon is just trying to make the average man useless

  17. Mr_Sentoo

    Mr_Sentoo17 soat oldin

    My old Mercedes GLK from 2009 did exactly that. Its nothing new 😅

  18. Cédric Duchesne

    Cédric Duchesne18 soat oldin


  19. Partee Time

    Partee Time19 soat oldin

    Damn I didn’t know parking with your own body was such a hard thing to do. Sucks to suck this bad

  20. DanTheFish

    DanTheFish22 soat oldin

    What do you do if something in the car breaks?

  21. Tony 2000

    Tony 200023 soat oldin

    You know, an even easier way to parallel park is to do-it-yourself. No buttons clicking, screen measuring, or camera scanning just park it.

  22. Lucas Olivo

    Lucas OlivoKun oldin

    Lazy People Are Our Future, how does that sound? I hate the sound of that

  23. MajesticBeard

    MajesticBeardKun oldin

    All women should be rejoicing!!!!!!!

  24. MrNickyDalenz

    MrNickyDalenzKun oldin

    Tom Hanks took time out of his busy day to teach us all how to park our Teslas.... bless that man

  25. George Scripcarul al 2lea

    George Scripcarul al 2leaKun oldin

    Wow, these days they make cars for people who don't know how to drive...idiocracy

  26. Chris topher

    Chris topherKun oldin

    Anndddd I would’ve stole your parking spot taking 10 years to park

  27. Kenneth Wong

    Kenneth WongKun oldin

    “So I noticed something funny…” No you didn’t. This isn’t funny at all.

  28. Marc Monsonego

    Marc MonsonegoKun oldin

    What’s so funny about that

  29. gruby 17

    gruby 17Kun oldin

    I would be parked and finished shoping by the time he would get that inn to a space

  30. HotShark420

    HotShark420Kun oldin

    I would have just backed in the spot in like 3 seconds

  31. letsgoracing78

    letsgoracing78Kun oldin

    Or here's a novel idea, park your car yourself like a normal person 🙄

  32. Kestrel McDonald

    Kestrel McDonaldKun oldin

    I want...

  33. Yie Yie

    Yie YieKun oldin

    wow auto p

  34. Collins Mutugi

    Collins MutugiKun oldin

    samir bought new tesla . he is about to rek the car.


    HIIRETSKun oldin

    I would say tesla ok if literally everyone always show of how nice and cool it is

  36. Gigabyte

    GigabyteKun oldin

    Must be for all the dudebros who cant park in one space

  37. CatsAreCute :3

    CatsAreCute :32 kun oldin

    My dad has a Toyota and he can’t do that but when he drives and leave his hands on the steering wheel it drives by itself

  38. Xehanort14

    Xehanort142 kun oldin

    Could have backed in a Stryker twice by the time it's done parking😂

  39. Timothy Zdroik

    Timothy Zdroik2 kun oldin

    To me doing it myself is far easier and faster

  40. R Winney

    R Winney2 kun oldin

    Lame. Learn how to drive

  41. DownShift

    DownShift2 kun oldin

    Classic tesla owners showing off one of the great features that serve perposes grandmas were in mind for when developing

  42. Patty Walpole

    Patty Walpole2 kun oldin

    Are we that f ing lazy now that we can't even park the car ourselves ? Geeze, it's no wonder. We have a couple generations with no dam sense...smdh..

  43. Tee Tee

    Tee Tee2 kun oldin

    Lol by the time you do that I could have parked already with my 2009 WW Polo.

  44. Daniel Linares

    Daniel Linares2 kun oldin

    I didnt know Tesla was for people who doesnt know how to drive!

  45. Suliman Bah

    Suliman Bah2 kun oldin

    If you need or use the auto/smart A.I. reverse, you really should NOT be driving NOR have a licence. Utter laziness.

  46. Tornado 1

    Tornado 12 kun oldin

    And while you figure out how to park someone has already driven in to your spot😂

  47. MoreF\_/N

    MoreF\_/N2 kun oldin

    if I want to buy a tesla, is model y worth it, if I have money for that, or is model 3 enough?

  48. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith2 kun oldin

    Damn I would have already been in the spot lmao

  49. I'm Sending Signals

    I'm Sending Signals2 kun oldin

    Electric shit

  50. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny Appleseed2 kun oldin

    You can’t reverse a car into a parking spot but you got a license.. great

  51. damo 87

    damo 872 kun oldin

    Whats funny to me is, im sure I could manually reverse park my car, lock-up and walk inside to put the kettle on in the time that took to park. Still cool though 👍

  52. Brotato Man

    Brotato Man2 kun oldin

    I’ve seen a lot of people do this on their phones

  53. Brotato Man

    Brotato Man2 kun oldin

    While on their phones

  54. Ezeahia

    Ezeahia2 kun oldin

    I am definitely getting a Tesla...their stock I mean.

  55. Nathan Clark

    Nathan Clark2 kun oldin

    so fing cool

  56. che keswani

    che keswani2 kun oldin

    This same thing was in a kia cee’d in like 2014 maybe? Idk the yead. But yeah u get the point

  57. Bluesuits

    Bluesuits2 kun oldin

    It would literally be faster just to park it myself. I'm never going to buy an EV. This shit is so unnecessary.

  58. Benjamin Kline

    Benjamin Kline2 kun oldin

    I'm gonna steal his spot and make sure he has insurance

  59. unspokenghost82

    unspokenghost823 kun oldin

    You really need a computer to park for you, lazy people lol

  60. V. W.

    V. W.3 kun oldin

    Stolen from Mercedes

  61. zazzle777i

    zazzle777i3 kun oldin

    Wow my cadillac ct5 v can do the exact same thing. It self parallel parks to

  62. Allphonetips

    Allphonetips3 kun oldin

    Probably a feature for blind people.

  63. PureNupe1

    PureNupe13 kun oldin

    I would never use that feature...it's faster to just park it myself

  64. Castelli tony

    Castelli tony3 kun oldin

    Je vais beaucoup plus vite ! Le temps c’est de l’argent !!!

  65. Rosemarie Miller

    Rosemarie Miller3 kun oldin

    Are you trying to flex?

  66. PC77YT

    PC77YT3 kun oldin

    My Jeep does that.

  67. Harrison Waltman

    Harrison Waltman3 kun oldin

    Damn son I want one now

  68. Daniel Griffiths

    Daniel Griffiths4 kun oldin

    One problem. Today trying to parallel park in a high street, where you'd expect people to be parking. Left indicator on. Slow down, slowly go past a space. Reverse gear.. and the person behind me is at my bumper. Oncoming traffic. I couldn't park, they couldn't reverse or overtake. Oncoming traffic clears and they overtake me... then everyone else does so I'm still stuck waiting to park.

  69. Andrei Nistor

    Andrei Nistor4 kun oldin

    If you need that feature to park a car you shouldnt be driving at all. Any semi skilled driver could have parked it 3 times faster


    JULIOCESAC4 kun oldin

    Pa que eso yo lo haría más rapido

  71. Bankallday

    Bankallday4 kun oldin

    Can’t wait to buy a Tesla so I can drink and drive responsibly

  72. Boucher Marley

    Boucher Marley4 kun oldin

    Successful people don't become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  73. Xotic

    Xotic2 kun oldin

    Amen, my plan is to continue learning how to script, when I'm 18 I'll use some of the money for trading and shared and bam, rich

  74. Michael Estrada

    Michael Estrada3 kun oldin

    What is it with these bots?

  75. Guillermina Galvan

    Guillermina Galvan4 kun oldin

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,and the second best time is now this is not the first time I hear people talking about this woman called yevgeny Svetlana

  76. Josefina Cervantes

    Josefina Cervantes4 kun oldin

    Good investment are life savers.

  77. Евгений Юрченко

    Евгений Юрченко4 kun oldin

    The world is gradually moving out of the I work for my boss era, and people who choose to be entrepreneurs are highly securing a brighter future for themselves.

  78. Todd J.

    Todd J.4 kun oldin

    i was really hoping that truck would snag that spot while he was screwing around with autopark

  79. Nikolov Angel

    Nikolov Angel4 kun oldin

    Every Tesla owner: His/her car moving: oh gotta make video

  80. Crazy Omoii

    Crazy Omoii4 kun oldin

    Wow do I feel like he is piloting a space ship lmao

  81. M. Noor Rijal

    M. Noor Rijal5 kun oldin

    Semua akan tesla pada zaman nya

  82. Ryan Ireland

    Ryan Ireland5 kun oldin

    Probably a feature for asians lol

  83. Vlad Tudorache

    Vlad Tudorache5 kun oldin

    I have plenty of time to steal your spot while the computer makes its calculations

  84. Infanato Suks

    Infanato Suks5 kun oldin

    This is just awful

  85. 320DLman

    320DLman5 kun oldin

    Why do we need this? Aren't humans already pretty lazy?

  86. Soldig

    Soldig5 kun oldin

    I guess I missed the fun part

  87. rebecca bowering

    rebecca bowering5 kun oldin

    Why do you have to drive past where you want to park

  88. Nisan Ja

    Nisan Ja5 kun oldin

    where are we going with all of this? we are being fucking too lazy so now cars are autoparking for us?driving instead of us? internet in the cars so you can check tik tok and other bullshit apps? as its not enough people are basically spending all day on cellphones but nooo ,put that shit in the car so God forbid you miss some idiot on tik tok.

  89. Aidan Bhuiyan

    Aidan Bhuiyan5 kun oldin

    If this was NYC some a-hole would pull into your parking spot already.

  90. Emerson Galvao

    Emerson Galvao5 kun oldin

    Definitely look like it took way longer

  91. YG BLAYZ

    YG BLAYZ5 kun oldin

    This embarrassing that u need a car to park

  92. FullMetalKaliber X

    FullMetalKaliber X5 kun oldin

    AAAAND somebody stole my spot

  93. FLOJOtube

    FLOJOtube5 kun oldin

    It’s MORE WORK to get the Tesla to park for you than to just do it yourself...... WHATS the point?????? With practice, I can zip into any spot backwards like this while being exactly in the middle... anyone can... This is promoting brainlessness and full spectrum dependency.

  94. Mr peanut Butter

    Mr peanut Butter5 kun oldin

    Imagine if there was some guy behind a futuristic computer and he was controlling the car like a video game lol

  95. Albert Garza

    Albert Garza5 kun oldin


  96. Minelaughter’s Geography

    Minelaughter’s Geography6 kun oldin

    When the auto park starts parking but you have a gas car

  97. brandonbdl

    brandonbdl6 kun oldin

    20 years from now people are gonna be considered master drivers for being able go park a manual car.

  98. Tales

    Tales6 kun oldin

    Look how much time he spend selecting when he could just park it by him self...

  99. No Way

    No Way6 kun oldin

    Imagine a car that automatically finds a parking spot and parks

  100. Steelers Country93

    Steelers Country936 kun oldin

    Parking for people who park like shit

  101. MSundis

    MSundis6 kun oldin

    Did any one notice the Mustang

  102. Candy King

    Candy King6 kun oldin

    To much work... could have been had that car parked

  103. Jon Scott

    Jon Scott6 kun oldin

    It’s great for people that don’t know how to park properly

  104. Saint Tropez

    Saint Tropez6 kun oldin

    Oooh a self parking car that takes 5 times longer than just parking it yourself...... wow

  105. Doge ˁ ̊ᴥ ̊ˀ

    Doge ˁ ̊ᴥ ̊ˀ6 kun oldin

    Now it just need a fleshlight

  106. JustCallMe Dawn

    JustCallMe Dawn6 kun oldin

    Slowest park job. 😭I’m not that patient. I can do that in like 5 seconds, but it’s hands free. . .cool though.

  107. A Hasidic

    A Hasidic6 kun oldin

    Smells like a feature for people who are terrible at parking, I’d prolly flex it a cpl times then never used it again

  108. OneHTereProppper3

    OneHTereProppper36 kun oldin

    Thanks Tom Hanks!

  109. mahmut123456

    mahmut1234566 kun oldin

    Lol my Golf could do the same 6 years ago. What a Tesla innovation 🤣

  110. Diemazt Black

    Diemazt Black6 kun oldin

    You can buy with DOGE 🚀

  111. Josh Drexler

    Josh Drexler6 kun oldin

    The day that this DOESN'T work and you redecorate the side panels of one of the cars on either side of you, will Elon pay the damages? Or does Tesla say you're on your own, sweetheart?