The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133

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A quick clarification....
It took me 8 months to learn how to do this, but I was only picking up the bike and running to the end of the driveway and back every day. I wasn't "ACTIVELY" trying to learn. Meaning... I wasn't struggling and trying to make my brain learn. I simply got on the bike every day, tried to operate it to the end of the driveway, turned around and tried to operate it back. The goal was to understand how my brain figured things out on its own, without trying to force it to. Many people have built bikes like this and figured it out in much less than 1 day by staying on the bike until they were able to master it. I had no timelines, and was using this as an exploratory activity to learn how I learn.
Do not misinterpret this to mean that I struggled and tried very hard every day for 8 months. That's simply not true.
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Bib Bishop - Actually turned the gears down in his shop. Couldn't have done it without Bob!
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  1. Prop Circles

    Prop Circles4 soat oldin

    if i was offered 200 id pop a wheelie and id get that bike across the finish line

  2. Abdul

    Abdul7 soat oldin

    I want to unlearn riding bicycle

  3. blizzy1978

    blizzy197814 soat oldin

    Donald Trump would like to have a word with you about truth.

  4. Kenneth Edwards

    Kenneth Edwards18 soat oldin

    Great show!

  5. Yaa Bleu

    Yaa Bleu21 soat oldin

    He funny 😭😭😭 I like this video ❗️

  6. Voltaic Fire

    Voltaic FireKun oldin

    Took you that long to understand that theoretical doesn't equate to practical knowledge? Most people learn that during their first coitus. :)


    LE MONKE3 kun oldin

    Dustin is my favorite american I guess

  8. Anonymous Scandi

    Anonymous Scandi3 kun oldin

    I bet you someone dyslexic could ride it 😋

  9. swmovan

    swmovan3 kun oldin

    I was just telling my granddaughter, today, that children can learn new things quicker than adults. I'll have to show her this.

  10. ktiv 1000

    ktiv 10003 kun oldin

    i can ride that my grandpa made that for me and i needed like `5 mins to learn i mean i professional train biking so i prob know how to do that but it wa easy for me 3:55 and yes thats what happends to me

  11. ComfortableOvertones

    ComfortableOvertones3 kun oldin

    I want to point out no small part of why this is difficult is the handlebars themselves. By the grips being behind the axis of steering it makes the bike hugely unstable to begin with. By that I mean the bolt cap at the top of the stem, the "centreline of the forks" so to speak is the axis of steering. By having the stem stick out, and the the handlebars attached to that, the steering is stable. These handlebars put the grips inches behind that axis and even if you had normal steering the bike would be wobbly and really hard to control. Edit: At 2:45 you can see a bike with the grips inline with the axis of steering. Obviously this bike is impossible to ride because of the backwards brain thing, but you can see a lot more inherent stability with the properly placed grips. At 3:46 you can see how this bike would be a true nightmare to ride even if it steered properly. There's a complete lack of stability caused by the grip position

  12. Aethelu Wang

    Aethelu Wang3 kun oldin

    I do feel this: Speaking a different language is like switching your brain to a different mind-set while speaking. Me as a 2nd language speaker (English) when I stop speaking my mother language (Mandarin) for so long, I begin to forget certain words or expressions. However, if I go back to my motherland to live for 2 months, it feels like all the knowledge comes back automatically. I believe to unlearn a language or your first language might take longer compared to bike riding.

  13. cauwenberghs roeland

    cauwenberghs roeland3 kun oldin

    It's like learning to ride a tricycle...and then also if you stop to ride a bicycle for a while, but you are riding a tricycle, you will have the same problem...What you've to know, once you "got it", leave all, tomorrow again...all smooth. But if you continue, overload of information, and tomorrow, still real heavy time...

  14. Victor Alosi

    Victor Alosi4 kun oldin

    Muscle memory . Not brain

  15. Billy Yang

    Billy Yang4 kun oldin

    Would riding the bike with your hands crossed over work? On a normal bike it's impossible

  16. Cali_ Sauze

    Cali_ Sauze4 kun oldin

    I can second that “Welders are smarter than engineers” 🤪

  17. A B

    A B4 kun oldin

    We had a small motorbike at work that had reversed steering like that I have learned to ride it very quick but I always had to think what I'm doing and not look down

  18. David Santos

    David Santos5 kun oldin

    I think it would be interesting to see the results of practicing every day, 10 minutes on the inverted bike and then following it up with 10 minutes on a regular bike, to see if you can teach your brain to keep both neural pathways primed and choose the right one as needed.

  19. Black PanteH

    Black PanteH5 kun oldin

    just have to train your brain, enough training you'll be able to ride both bikes without a problem. Its like counting numbers backwards, or reciting the alphabet backwards, believe in your brain!

  20. Francesco Ferrara

    Francesco Ferrara5 kun oldin

    its called muscle memory

  21. Oven Heating

    Oven Heating5 kun oldin

    Coming back to this video a few years later and i still want to see one of these made with a extra difficult feature like reversed gears. Peddling forward makes the bike go backward and peddling backwards makes it go forwards. It would completely throw things off and possibly make it uncomfortable but i just want to know if it would even be ridable at that point.

  22. Grenz Viel

    Grenz Viel5 kun oldin

    Now do this but with the back wheel turning while the front wheel stays linear/static

  23. Fred Schmitt

    Fred Schmitt5 kun oldin

    My dad built a bike like this back in the 80s, except, you even had to pedal backwards. And I would love to take on the bet, cause I rode that bike just right.

  24. Peter Jenkins

    Peter Jenkins6 kun oldin

    This is comedy af 🤣

  25. Raghav C

    Raghav C6 kun oldin

    Nice one

  26. Tiemen

    Tiemen6 kun oldin

    I want to try this. I can ride a bicycle without touching the handle bar. It is hard but I can even get started (just need to "walk" to make some speed). So now I wanna try that on a backwards bike but I'm pretty sure it'll still feel messed up :p.

  27. Marco Venustus

    Marco Venustus7 kun oldin

    Just get a little bit of momentum and ride it without using your hands. It should work just how it does with normal bicycles. Or should it?

  28. XxterpzxX

    XxterpzxX7 kun oldin

    Homie I play racing games with inverted controls. I bet I could

  29. P455w0rd's 16

    P455w0rd's 167 kun oldin

    My brain hurts bad

  30. The other white meat

    The other white meat7 kun oldin

    I'll bet James Bond could have done it... with a gorgeous babe on the back... escaping bad guys and disarming a nuclear weapon at the same time.

  31. Rahco Thompson

    Rahco Thompson7 kun oldin


  32. chocolate squiggle

    chocolate squiggle8 kun oldin

    I've seen an old documentary segment showing something real similar. They didn't modify the bike, but instead used a helmet that covered the users eyes. It presented them with uh...either a mirror image, or maybe it was an upside-down image - it's been so long I can't remember precisely. And then they had to try and ride the bike! The result was very very similar to this, couldn't even get started in the beginning, but eventually they showed someone confidently riding along a weaving, undulating path. I don't know how long it took to master. Fascinating though.

  33. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User8 kun oldin

    So does this mean Destin can now ride both bikes, or would it take 20 minutes to figure it out every time he switched bikes?

  34. Zone Stomper

    Zone Stomper8 kun oldin

    You can make this bicycle better. Set it up so that to go forward, you need to pedal in reverse.

  35. Joseph H.

    Joseph H.8 kun oldin

    4:37 _A child has more neuroplasticity..._ *Andrew Huberman has entered the chat*

  36. Dayden Till

    Dayden Till8 kun oldin

    Has any one ever told you you look a lot like J-roc (Jonathan Torrens)? you're like if J-roc got into science instead of Rap and crime lol

  37. Bikky Shrestha

    Bikky Shrestha9 kun oldin

    I really appreciate your videos man... its really comforting for me...

  38. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee9 kun oldin

    This is actually a really good anti-theft bike, nobodies going to steal a bike they cant ride!

  39. Movie &. Stuff

    Movie &. Stuff9 kun oldin

    Mike Boyed can

  40. Team Seven

    Team Seven9 kun oldin

    That’s a funny 🚲

  41. priya pallavi

    priya pallavi10 kun oldin


  42. Phil_Eggbat

    Phil_Eggbat10 kun oldin

    they had this on loop in my old math class and it was so hard not to burst out in laughter at 1:20

  43. Brian C

    Brian C10 kun oldin

    The gorgeous juice puzzlingly tickle because flock unexpectedly drag mid a wretched find. aromatic, husky dolphin

  44. Michael Joyce

    Michael Joyce10 kun oldin

    correct me if im wrong but i ride on my back weel all the time so if you pop a weelee could you ride it ?????

  45. Ariel D.Sousa

    Ariel D.Sousa10 kun oldin

    I became 2 times my original weigh and found out we do forget how to drive a bike

  46. Ariel D.Sousa

    Ariel D.Sousa10 kun oldin

    A quick question: If you learn to write or use the moise pad with both hands would help?

  47. Martín Marconcini

    Martín Marconcini10 kun oldin

    The missing bit is, what if he goes *back* to the inverted one? Did his brain retain this ability and just needs a few minutes of training to switch or has that been somehow "lost"?

  48. Joel Josiah Lockridge

    Joel Josiah Lockridge11 kun oldin

    Mr. Sandlin, I wish to tell you that you have blown me away with the manner in which you conduct you thinking. I have so much respect for those who understand _HOW_ to think, and I believe that you have it down extremely well. I don't really expect you to think much of the opinion of a totally unknown and unrepresented stranger, but you have the key to life, and that is a clear understanding and belief. Keep up the outstanding work! It makes me so happy to see God using someone of your caliber. Thank you. (also, I love how you slip a verse into every video, they always make it that much better)


    JOSHUA BUSH11 kun oldin

    who’s watching in 2021

  50. Anderson Venturini

    Anderson Venturini11 kun oldin

    Awesome video!

  51. Nitesh Khatri

    Nitesh Khatri11 kun oldin

    Me riding the bike on back wheel only 😂

  52. bbaaspencer1

    bbaaspencer111 kun oldin

    Try an old person. I’m 61, bet I could do it!

  53. Beasrboy109

    Beasrboy10912 kun oldin

    Hey don’t mind my pfp but I just took a star test and there was a story about you learning how to ride a opposite bike it was kind of interesting not gonna lie

  54. Samrudh rkashyap

    Samrudh rkashyap12 kun oldin

    You have to give this bike to a person who can’t ride one, and compare

  55. bira

    bira12 kun oldin

    É a prova de roubo ! Nenhum ladrão pode levar ! kkk

  56. andy b

    andy b13 kun oldin

    Just got recommended this. Fascinating

  57. rubix71

    rubix7113 kun oldin

    Hats off to your prankster welder pals

  58. Bandit Brands TV

    Bandit Brands TV13 kun oldin

    This video is awesome. I sent it to everybody I know. Well put together and thought out. Thank you.

  59. Sharp Xenon

    Sharp Xenon13 kun oldin

    Your son can never drive a bike again

  60. Elizabeth Mare Kearin

    Elizabeth Mare Kearin14 kun oldin


  61. Sergej Volkov

    Sergej Volkov14 kun oldin

    I wonder can understading how countersteering works help learning the inverse bike? Probably no, but it should be interesting

  62. Rintaro Okabe

    Rintaro Okabe14 kun oldin

    you got way too pissed at those poor Amsterdam people. Why did you even try it there just to get publicly humiliated.

  63. Jwalin Bhatt

    Jwalin Bhatt14 kun oldin

    a similar challenge is learning to operate the mouse after pressing "ctrl" + "alt" + "down/left/right"

  64. Darryl DSouza

    Darryl DSouza14 kun oldin

    Now I am wondering will this be the same for a car...!!!!

  65. Beder

    Beder15 kun oldin

    The thing i'm having trouble believing, is the fact that people are so sceptical to something so obvious in my mind

  66. AccentTime

    AccentTime15 kun oldin

    *Destin doing his outro* *Chris Hadfield chilling in the back riding a bike* A normal SmarterEveryday video

  67. T W

    T W16 kun oldin


  68. Agent John

    Agent John16 kun oldin

    I heard of a story about people who wore goggles that made everything look upside down for a long period of time and then one day everything switched right side up while wearing the goggles. Then when they took the goggles off everything was upside down again with just their bare eyes! Try it Destine!

  69. Jonas Martinez

    Jonas Martinez16 kun oldin

    Its the same general principle with someone who only rides a motorcycle and then immediately rides a bicycle.... I experienced the very same thing when I rode both one after the other.... note this is just switching from motorcycle handle bar heft with bicycle handlebar heft...

  70. Joshua Huff Huff

    Joshua Huff Huff17 kun oldin

    sir i do believe you have taught me a very valuable lessen today and i wont forget it

  71. Die Nosor Po

    Die Nosor Po17 kun oldin

    5:40 Everyone thinks he is the dumb one, when in reality he is 4 parallel universes ahead of them

  72. Tucker Adams

    Tucker Adams18 kun oldin

    Have you let anyone who regularly rides street motorcycles try this bike? We are all used to subconsciously counter steering but takes a bit to get used to. I’m sure they still couldn’t instantly ride it but I’m just curious. Also counter steering on motorcycles would make an awesome video.

  73. Patrick Lawrence

    Patrick Lawrence18 kun oldin

    That moment when he remembered how to ride a regular bike was simply amazing.

  74. Ahmad Fathlillah

    Ahmad Fathlillah18 kun oldin

    Knowledge isn't the same as understanding. I know how to ride a bike, but 20 years later I just understand how to turn a bike by counter-steering the handlebar. When I understand this, it really blew my mind. And I never ride a bike the same again.

  75. Chan Willy

    Chan Willy18 kun oldin

    the bars obviously turn much easier then normal bike and that makes it harder

  76. scarlet 001

    scarlet 00119 kun oldin

    1 billion to the one who can ride that to 2000km

  77. john cao

    john cao19 kun oldin

    The kaput currency crucially repair because september uniquely remove mid a sore laugh. gray greasy great, moldy fish

  78. brendan berry

    brendan berry21 kun oldin

    Looks like the gear ratio is wrong and the handles move at a different rate than the wheel. I'm betting that is part of the "magic" involved in making it so hard.

  79. Christian Jackson

    Christian Jackson21 kun oldin

    Expert challenge: make a motorcycle like this

  80. The Finest Sake

    The Finest Sake21 kun oldin

    Nice parable!

  81. Wildcat66

    Wildcat6622 kun oldin

    Now make it peddle backwards

  82. Johnny's Videos

    Johnny's Videos22 kun oldin

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    Rick Astley24 kun oldin

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    Meisterling25 kun oldin

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    Motaz Fawzi25 kun oldin

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  86. Obay Rafi

    Obay Rafi26 kun oldin

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  87. Craig Monteforte

    Craig Monteforte26 kun oldin

    Try riding straight then leaning into the turns that’s pretty much how we turn motorcycles we don’t really push a pull on the handlebars it’s kind of a optical illusion because our hands are on the handle bars operating other controls (throttle, clutch, brakes )

  88. Supa Dupa Swag

    Supa Dupa Swag26 kun oldin

    i want to be a welder now

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    potato star27 kun oldin

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  90. Mohammed

    Mohammed27 kun oldin

    "They think I'm dumb but I'm actually two levels deep into this" This is going to be my motto lmao.

  91. b sharp

    b sharp28 kun oldin

    We have instincts for physical activities like biking, jumping, swinging, etc. Instincts live on a level below intellect - like machine code below the operating system on a computer. A cat, for instance, has instincts for navigating the world - without intellect or reason involved, they intuit their way around their environment. Our instincts, like the cat's, map to the flow of reality. As long as space-time flows the way it does - steady, continuous, uninterrupted - our instincts serve us. The minute something is changed, our instincts must adjust. This is clearly demonstrated in your video, where left and right were swapped and your old instincts failed you. Until you adapted new instincts for the change in your physical reality, you were lost.

  92. Ricardo alves

    Ricardo alves28 kun oldin

    Does this bike not have breaks?

  93. caleb

    caleb29 kun oldin

    its like using a tiller on a saill boat you turn the tiller left to go right and right to go left

  94. vilkku

    vilkkuOy oldin

    What if you tried riding with no hands? Unless the mechanism has too much resistance, it should work.

  95. Michael Jackson

    Michael JacksonOy oldin

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  96. stimmo77

    stimmo77Oy oldin

    Counter steering is a big part of this. You turn the opposite way to the way you go to put the bike on a lean to the direction you want to go. You’d have to counter steer less on a smaller bike as you’d be closer to the ground and need less of a lean so less of a counter steer. That could also be a major factor as to why the kid finds it easier.

  97. Pla1n0

    Pla1n0Oy oldin

    It would be interesting to see what an experienced motorcyclist would do here. Anyone familiar with the concept of counter steer, which is essentially what is going on here.

  98. Revert FPV

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