viisaus #shorts


  1. Sachin Kumar

    Sachin Kumar12 daqiqa oldin

    What is an Idea ?? How an idea is born in our brain ??

  2. Volkan Savaş

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  3. Emma

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  4. oifikd1

    oifikd137 daqiqa oldin

    Lol! The funniest thing is that a Finnish person with a thick accent might actually pronounce Vsauce like that😂

  5. oompa lumpus

    oompa lumpusSoat oldin

    God out there be playing weird games of destiny.

  6. WhiteFire GD

    WhiteFire GD2 soat oldin


  7. lol lol

    lol lol3 soat oldin

    Mad shit right here

  8. Memeguppy

    Memeguppy3 soat oldin

    Hey wisdom, michael here

  9. PadSmid

    PadSmid4 soat oldin

    Now translate swish to sweden

  10. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga5 soat oldin

    Why is everyone saying TORILLE or to the market square? What’s the connection?

  11. Mark Hashman

    Mark Hashman5 soat oldin

    Language is funny like that.

  12. Pico

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  13. Fatrades 47

    Fatrades 477 soat oldin

    There’s technically more positives than negative if you include 0

  14. Pedro Valenzuela

    Pedro Valenzuela8 soat oldin

    Just a headsup someone is clipping your vids on tik tok , and they ain’t you

  15. Aaron Buley

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  16. Brandon Latchman

    Brandon Latchman9 soat oldin

    DUDE you brought back so much memories omg,I used this site alot back in 2011

  17. Pranav Lende

    Pranav Lende9 soat oldin

    Finland is reportedly the happiest country in the world, and now they've got another thing going for them....

  18. Bebek721

    Bebek7219 soat oldin

    So are we wisdom or what??

  19. Jennifer Chagas

    Jennifer Chagas9 soat oldin

    Very well

  20. Morter 4

    Morter 410 soat oldin

    As an American, I can confirm that I’m not Finnish

  21. Deepanshu Sharma

    Deepanshu Sharma10 soat oldin

    Welcome my Finnish friends. Don't break the line. Everyone will get a chance to comment.

  22. OffCyclone

    OffCyclone10 soat oldin

    Are you the best Vsauce -(just an idea)

  23. MirOsama BinMuhammadMansha

    MirOsama BinMuhammadMansha11 soat oldin

    #Vsaus=wisdom :}

  24. Karpalo lonkero

    Karpalo lonkero11 soat oldin

    I'm a simple man, I see Finland, I click

  25. James Keating

    James Keating13 soat oldin

    Hi Michael I have a question for you, if you could somehow make a copy of yourself (a clone) and you met them or where put in the exact same scenarios would they say and or act the exact same way? I was just curious and would love to know the answer:)

  26. Ramson Cole

    Ramson Cole14 soat oldin

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

  27. Davor Horvat

    Davor Horvat14 soat oldin

    Findland is a made up country! You wont fool me!

  28. Dasus

    Dasus14 soat oldin

    As a Finnish person, I never really realized that V-Sauce sounds like Viisaus until this video. They do sound alike. VERY MUCH alike. The point I'm trying to make is that the sounds you hear and the cognitive reaction you get FROM them is relative to how you've perceived those things previously. Thanks for the videos Michael! Especially for this one, short and sweet, LOVE IT.

  29. microwave 123

    microwave 12315 soat oldin

    torille vittu

  30. Halo18

    Halo1815 soat oldin

    It's not a coincidence The Finnish wanted to add this as an Easter

  31. Khada Jhin

    Khada Jhin15 soat oldin

    V saws Say whaaaaaaaa

  32. Youtube Algorythm

    Youtube Algorythm15 soat oldin

    *wii* sauce

  33. Merlin

    Merlin16 soat oldin

    I have a question or a video Idea: Can a human shut off their emotions?

  34. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga5 soat oldin

    Not all at the same time, just certain ones, that’s how psychopaths work or people with schizophrenia

  35. ThomasZiano

    ThomasZiano16 soat oldin

    This is your new video after 3 months, you bastard?

  36. Erkin

    Erkin16 soat oldin

    hey vsauce can a metronome work on space?

  37. Mikki_ da_Mouse

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  38. Hyppivä Laama

    Hyppivä Laama16 soat oldin

    Suomi Finland Perkele etätorilla tavataan moment

  39. Justus Salmi

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  40. Sarpale666

    Sarpale66617 soat oldin

    Nyt meen kyllä torille vaikka yksin!! ❤ VIISAUS Vsauce ❤

  41. Sasuuz

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  42. Suomi Finland PERKELE

    Suomi Finland PERKELE17 soat oldin

    Secret calling of Finnish people - VSAUCE. Leaked (6.4.2021).

  43. Suomi Finland PERKELE

    Suomi Finland PERKELE17 soat oldin

    Perkele viina tuo VIISAUDEN!

  44. robob _

    robob _17 soat oldin

    As a Finnish person

  45. robob _

    robob _17 soat oldin

    Captain Vsauce: Finland ... Assemble!

  46. laadukas.mp4

    laadukas.mp418 soat oldin

    Finland: is mentioned Every Finnish person: *TORILLE TORILLE TORILLE*

  47. Jaakko Vuori

    Jaakko Vuori18 soat oldin

    I've been telling people about this for months (native speaker of Finnish, just not very fast at noticing these things), and nobody took it seriously.

  48. 5imp1e

    5imp1e18 soat oldin

    Hello as there is finnish mentioned in this video I must as a finnish person comment as that is what a good finnish person would do thank you

  49. L U C I F E R

    L U C I F E R18 soat oldin

    Wounds like VSauce but with a south accent lol

  50. MachoJoe

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  51. Fax PopoM

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  52. aw s

    aw s18 soat oldin

    We Finland people have been summoned

  53. unkind-jerppu_YT

    unkind-jerppu_YT19 soat oldin

    Viisaus means smart

  54. unkind-jerppu_YT

    unkind-jerppu_YT19 soat oldin

    kinda tipe viisas

  55. Sisu

    Sisu19 soat oldin

    Mitä vittua on tämä?

  56. gaminate

    gaminate19 soat oldin

    Describing Vsauce in 3 words Man with viisause

  57. Affiliate Marketing Beast

    Affiliate Marketing Beast19 soat oldin

    vsauce at home: vsaws

  58. Pate The0NE

    Pate The0NE20 soat oldin

    As a Finn, i can say that im from Finland.

  59. crystal

    crystal20 soat oldin

    Torille perkele

  60. Just da youtuber

    Just da youtuber20 soat oldin

    saying wisdo- instead of wisdom sounds more like it.

  61. Jere

    Jere20 soat oldin

    mitä vittua

  62. AppleSlayer333

    AppleSlayer33320 soat oldin

    That's impossible, Finland doesn't exist how did this happen...

  63. YuriCarrot

    YuriCarrot21 soat oldin

    You summoned them

  64. silas frisenette

    silas frisenette21 soat oldin

    I looked it up, and it's as suspected; borrowed from proto-germanic, wisaz (with long i) into proto-finnic viisas (plus -uus, similar to the english suffix -dom), so the 'viis' of viisaus is the same word as English 'wise' 😀😁

  65. BMR

    BMR21 soat oldin

    saying waaaaaaat

  66. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre20 soat oldin

    A person Once Said that a puukko IS swedish... That triggered me hard

  67. Damien Equilibria

    Damien Equilibria22 soat oldin

    When your bf is Finnish

  68. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre20 soat oldin

    Jei Finland spotted

  69. shine guy

    shine guy22 soat oldin

    these shorts are the one thing keeping me alive

  70. Jelle

    Jelle22 soat oldin

    Taas torille jätkät, omat makkarat ja kaljat mukaan !

  71. Nawaf Almelfi

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  72. Rob Likozar

    Rob Likozar22 soat oldin

    That's it? THAT'S IT?!?!

  73. Rees Davidson

    Rees Davidson23 soat oldin

    Okaaayyyy....that's coinkydinky

  74. Tim Idi

    Tim Idi23 soat oldin

    Hey Vfoof

  75. Slurpbzs

    Slurpbzs23 soat oldin

    I'm from finland, and you know the rest...

  76. Akirelya

    Akirelya23 soat oldin

    As a Finnish person, perkele.

  77. Free Time

    Free TimeKun oldin

    0:37 that sound...o my god

  78. tornado O.o

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  79. RapierMike

    RapierMikeKun oldin

    That's actually pretty cool

  80. CF Nudel

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  81. Hilpeä Lölli

    Hilpeä LölliKun oldin

    Jei Finland spotted

  82. Hilpeä Lölli

    Hilpeä LölliKun oldin

    A person Once Said that a puukko IS swedish... That triggered me hard

  83. LudaeusAlt

    LudaeusAltKun oldin

    As a non finnish person living in finland and trying to learn finnish I too shall rally the call of my adoptive nation.

  84. Minecraft TomaTo

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  85. iiBxzzare’s Shenanigans

    iiBxzzare’s ShenanigansKun oldin

    So nobody is going to point out how he nailed the ‘say whaaaat?’ perfectly?

  86. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga5 soat oldin

    He nailed the ‘say whaaaat’ perfectly There, I’ve pointed it out. Do you also start comments with “is everyone gonna ignore...?” “Why is no one talking about...?” and “Can we take a moment to appreciate...?”

  87. Al44.09

    Al44.09Kun oldin

    Yes the viisaus

  88. Garvit Rathi

    Garvit RathiKun oldin

    I have a question, why can't -1 be square root of positive 1 because -1 × -1 results in positive 1

  89. Christiann Jay Hanoplo

    Christiann Jay HanoploKun oldin

    Hi how to basic 😁😁😁

  90. Solly

    SollyKun oldin

    To the local market place we go fellow Finns.

  91. Liggliluff

    LiggliluffKun oldin

    Pronounced /ˈʋiːsɑus/ if you were curious; very close

  92. SmellTheL

    SmellTheLKun oldin

    Can’t be a coincidence

  93. BeotsBruh

    BeotsBruhKun oldin

    Vsauce : *Talks About Finnish* People From Finland : Hehe, now the comment section belongs to me

  94. Niko K

    Niko KKun oldin

    As a Finnish person im obligated to comment on this video

  95. Kalzu

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  96. Skelolion

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  97. Hello There

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  98. emppu w

    emppu wKun oldin

    LoL i'm from Finland Suomi

  99. Tony Stark

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  100. Uchiha _Itachi

    Uchiha _ItachiKun oldin

    V sus

  101. Arjun the Rage Guy

    Arjun the Rage GuyKun oldin

    Yo, is Vsauce wisdom?

  102. AkAtu

    AkAtuKun oldin

    Oh yes!!! I'm from Finland

  103. Lejend Dairy

    Lejend DairyKun oldin

    Am I the only one that thinks the finish translator sounds like Idubbbz 😂

  104. Vertical Development Team

    Vertical Development TeamKun oldin

    I asked Vsauce what 1+1 is and then I learned how quantum mechanics work

  105. run

    runKun oldin

    as a non Finnish person, i can lie to people i don't care about and claim i'm Finnish