The Future of War, and How It Affects YOU (Multi-Domain Operations) - Smarter Every Day 211

It's a strange feeling to share this aspect of my life. I'm taking a break to go back to school, but here's a peek into the part of my life I've kept hidden from the internet for many years. I was asked if I wanted to film my last mission and use it as an opportunity to explain "Multi-Domain Operations" to the public. After much consideration, I decided that this topic (especially the cyber-domain issue) was important and chose to help inform the public.
My mission was to participate in a missile and torpedo engagement exercise at Pacific Missile Range Facility as part of RIMPAC 2018. RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) is the largest naval exercise in the world. It's used to test interoperability and the ability to work as an international force.

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I was invited to discuss multi-domain operations with General Brown:
Exercise RIMPAC
Where we performed the exercise
We fired the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile
JGSDF Fires Surface-to-Ship Missile during RIMPAC SINKEX
For the last 15 years I have worked for the Army Test Evaluation Command. My favorite thing about ATEC is that our motto is simply "Truth".
I served for 15 years as a Department of the Army Federal Civil Servant at The Redstone Test Center.
Multi-Domain Operations
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
I coordinated this mission with U.S. Army Pacific Command
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Footage contained in this video has been reviewed and is approved
for public release in accordance with DoD Directive 5230.09.
The views and opinions of the narrator do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Army. Filmed at RIMPAC 2018, Edited 2019
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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay2 yil oldin

    I've kept this side of my life off the internet intentionally for 15 years. It's been strange being a dual UZnickr/Missile Tester, because obviously this side of my life feels very important and the main driver for many of my life decisions. I'm more than just a person who makes videos and puts them on UZnick, and I feel like I'm kind of introducing you to the other side of me with this video. I thought long and hard about putting this online after I was asked if I wanted to film my last mission. I ultimately decided to post this video to let you know that Multi-Domain Operations are real.... and you're in the cyber domain. I didn't understand the full extent of what the implications of this were until I dug into it more. Over the course of the next several videos we're going to explore these cyber issues in a very real way. I hope you'll explore this with me.

  2. NightRogue

    NightRogue26 kun oldin

    @JayVal90 i was with you til the end lol

  3. JayVal90

    JayVal9026 kun oldin

    The idea that the military is expanding its operations to include informational domains should be terrifying. That domain is supposed to be left to the press and the elected politicians in a free society. The military only gets that authority to operate in a declared war. What you’re describing is undeclared wartime actions.

  4. astro_viking2

    astro_viking2Oy oldin

    I share your excitement to talk to a General!

  5. Jim Freeman

    Jim FreemanOy oldin

    Thank you, Destin.

  6. NightRogue

    NightRogueOy oldin

    @Wagner Tom thats very cool of you to say. regardless of how i feel about my government, and all it’s BS aside, the US has been (trying to) keeping the world safe for many moons now. it’s just.... humans, you know? 😅

  7. Pandometer

    Pandometer2 kun oldin

    this video rings very true in 2021

  8. Ryan

    Ryan2 kun oldin

    Bro. You handled that minigun perfectly...

  9. Preacher 113

    Preacher 1132 kun oldin

    Man would I love 2 have the play aspect of ur job lol like shooting off mortars and shooting out a bird etc...

  10. Azhar Abbas

    Azhar Abbas2 kun oldin

    Peace is everything you need.

  11. Blue Oxide Airsoft

    Blue Oxide Airsoft4 kun oldin

    what a cool job

  12. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald1206 kun oldin

    whats the 6th domain????

  13. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald1206 kun oldin

    Human domain??? is that it?

  14. alfie hood

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  16. Yvan Harvey

    Yvan Harvey7 kun oldin

    It is interesting to hear a General Mentioning other nation manipulating information to affect other nation population. It also well documented that the U.S. government has done the same thing with its population to go to war. Gulf of Tonkin. The Japanese fleet been on its way to Hawaii. The Irak war. to name a few. I have participated in the Rimpac exercise while in the Canadian Navy. I also escorted U.S. vessel in the Persian gulf so they would not get bomb like USS Cole. So I see the world with a different point of view than the U.S. Government. I would just like to point out that even if the American constitution is seen as the best one in the world, Its Democracy has been hack by Corporation and CEO's wishing for less regulation. But you make a point to seek facts and truth in all the information that our media propagate. Even from our government. Canada included. I do think that there is a movement in the U.S. to seek the truth about many subject. I do wish the American people to find a way to resolve these issues tearing apart the basic of their society. Trust.

  17. Kol Andy

    Kol Andy8 kun oldin

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  18. Chris Perry

    Chris Perry8 kun oldin

    This video makes me very proud of my service onboard USS Racine. She was so flexible that she could take a couple of bull pups multiple arty hits and the MK 48 took the bow and knocked the 120ft bow ramp off the tracks, but conceivably still beach (reference USS Pittsburgh). I have watched this ship hog and sag as well as take torsion forces in heavy seas. With a 7.5 second roll period she has tons of meta centric height & righting arm. I hope her sinking yielded great data as well as international relations.

  19. The Dude

    The Dude8 kun oldin

    war... War never changes.

  20. Chris Perry

    Chris Perry9 kun oldin

    You kept saying that Racing had a bad day, but from my perspective the fleet had a bad day, as she was still floating after all that direct ordinance. Racine had some great flexibility and of course expansion joints. I was her Damage Control Assistant & Navigator for three and a half years. Interestingly I helped test the "P" variant seeker head for the stinger missile on that ship.


    OSCAR MIKE10 kun oldin

    The 4 star General looks like Al Bundy's Father...

  22. Eagle

    Eagle11 kun oldin

    I will never follow my country into war with the US. This weapon works for sure.

  23. LittleTimmyJr

    LittleTimmyJr11 kun oldin

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  25. Class.od.ua13 kun oldin

    Ask Ukrainian Cyber Alliance and InformNapalm about the cyber domain in war with Russian aggression!

  26. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie14 kun oldin

    4:16 SO its like a Car meet? but with Ships? And with people all over the world, sounds like my kinda meeting xD I MEAN NO HATE WHEN I MAKE THIS COMMENT, IT IS PURELY A JOKE AND I APOLOGISE IF THIS UPSETS PEOPLE.

  27. Dusko Knezevicc

    Dusko Knezevicc14 kun oldin

    Hope you are proud of being a part of industry that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and for developing those awesome offensive weapons that have blown children to pieces and turned countries into rubble.

  28. NatoDeltaForce

    NatoDeltaForce15 kun oldin

    This video holds truth to today especially in the cyber domain

  29. Dirtyharry70585

    Dirtyharry7058518 kun oldin

    Fast forward to Tech companies acting like Marxists, muting freedom voices which they dont like...

  30. Juan Brits

    Juan Brits18 kun oldin

    and the divide was found and weaponized, political divide and racial divide, and Americans are falling right into their trap

  31. Alec Monafis

    Alec Monafis18 kun oldin

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  32. _DARPLes_

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    That is hyper intelligence, sir.

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    Send him to Afghanistan

  36. Juan Brits

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    Why? so that you can show off you goat love making skills?

  37. Justin T.

    Justin T.22 kun oldin

    This video was released 2 years ago, and I believe the algorithm worked for me as in the last days I paid more attention to the news over the west Philippine sea, and the way that China is trying to maneuver pre conflict (or so it seems). This comment will be awfully long if I dig in too much, but, this video might be a very relevant topic now considering the escalation over those territories. Anyways, what am I but a random idea on the internet? But we young men will die if ever there are wars, and so before the shtf, I want to say something.

  38. Muhammed Jawad

    Muhammed Jawad24 kun oldin


  39. Emmanuel Coquet

    Emmanuel Coquet26 kun oldin

    And yet, I can't help but notice the amount of money spend to "deter those who would do us arm". This is to protect the population right ? But this is to protect from a threat, something that has not happened yet. And at the same time, how many people are suffering from disfunctioning public services ? Something that is affecting people right now (but maybe not the "right people").


    OSCAR MIKE10 kun oldin


  41. JayVal90

    JayVal9026 kun oldin

    This seems especially pertinent given the US military’s recent DIRECT public dressing-down of a civilian for offering up his opinion on certain military policies. If what this guy says about multi-domain warfare is true, does that mean that the military by taking that action directly engaged in warfare with a US citizen?

  42. Brent Blankenship

    Brent Blankenship27 kun oldin

    The division is what hurts the most. I’m not losing sleep over Covid, but I miss the days when we didn’t care so much what people’s political opinions were

  43. Aj Jones

    Aj JonesOy oldin

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  44. Hayden Cribb

    Hayden CribbOy oldin

    Omg this looks awesome

  45. Britton Green

    Britton GreenOy oldin

    I'm not pro war but I hope we are cyber-attacking China & Russia just as much as they are attacking us.

  46. J Wat

    J WatOy oldin

    I absolutely see what you're talking about but it boils down to the same thing as it's been only on steroids. The general when he was young said he could say something but only a few people would hear it. You on the other hand can say something with hundreds of thousands hearing it. With in that realm you get the same results, but because you can influence more people the results are magnified affecting more people.

  47. Bill Koskie

    Bill KoskieOy oldin

    The 6th domain, the human domain, definitely needs to be a formalized part of multi-domain operations. Every since the first guided missiles, there have been those trying to minimize the human element. History since then has shown the contrary regardless of the march of technology. The addition of the US Space Force is an important recognition of the space domain. The USAF has had ongoing operations with Cybercommand for many years now. So formalizing the human domain is another important addition that needs to be recognized and included in multi-domain operations. Great video, Destin!

  48. Purple Chrissy

    Purple ChrissyOy oldin

    my Facebook messenger was spoofed last night. That is a form of cyber crime.


    OSCAR MIKE10 kun oldin

    I deleted FB, Twitter and the only reason I still give UZnick my time are due to channels such as this...

  50. El Bearsidente

    El BearsidenteOy oldin

    The battlefield hasn't changed. Brown's a bit of an idiot, isn't he? Nobody will be stupid enough to fight the US? The Taliban have been doing pretty well so far. Almost 20 years in and they're still operational. Same for Al Qaeda. Beaten back but undefeated. Even Daesh is undefeated. They've stopped operating on large scale in the open and went back to the traditional way of fighting such wars. Win a conflict in the future? How's about winning the current conflict? Oh yeah, that's too hard for a Pentagon dipshit who doesn't want the Forever War to end.

  51. HoboGrifter

    HoboGrifterOy oldin

    Differences are that we can fight large conflicts but we can't fight guerilla warfare.

  52. Le Goupil

    Le GoupilOy oldin

    They're gonna find the division, and amplify it. The division : *coughs coughs*

  53. CapitainTV

    CapitainTVOy oldin

    Oh man this guy has the best life I could imagine for myself

  54. Herke Fabius

    Herke FabiusOy oldin

    Hi Destin, About the future of war: Drones are of use, but drones are also an issue especially the swarms and if you don't want them (attacking, foreign) what to do? Would it be possible to have a very locally placed EMP blast near to such a swarm of drones (frying their electronics and anything conductive) and make them drop out of the sky like flies? How would one generate such a local EMP blast? Thanks



    The only terrorists that exists are the Us army .


    OSCAR MIKE10 kun oldin

    Thanks for the insight...GEEZ...

  57. Sachel GD

    Sachel GDOy oldin

    Very interesting video, keep up the amazing work

  58. Hon Paul

    Hon PaulOy oldin

    LoL.... I first saw the submarine video and after that, this one. Now it finally makes sense. It struck me as weird that you were so "into it" regarding all the army stuff, now I know why

  59. MrElofix

    MrElofixOy oldin

    Its easy when you have the biggest army in the world ;)


    OSCAR MIKE10 kun oldin

    Didn't happen over night or without massive sacrafice

  61. Kolb Seletski Jerzy

    Kolb Seletski JerzyOy oldin

    Wow😲 I want to be like u💪👍

  62. Joel Anderson

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    Thank you for this revealing information!!

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  64. Your Local F.B.I Agent

    Your Local F.B.I AgentOy oldin

    This is Psycologycal Warfare. This is Cyber Warfare. People think of some fancy Matrix Worlds when they hear these words. But reality is this.

  65. Laurie Cook

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  66. elmo ji

    elmo jiOy oldin

    27:10 same thing is done by religious org like missionaries and after that people of different cultural than people who have first access to speak in public..i think if you think as chinies person China is doing pretty better job in this domain i.e. cyber domain

  67. jjcoola998

    jjcoola998Oy oldin

    Still blows my mind that people don’t understand there are literally office buildings full of people trying to divide us 24/7

  68. Annie Logwood

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  69. E

    EOy oldin

    imagine ur dad shooting a fking minigun

  70. Y3arZer0

    Y3arZer0Oy oldin

    That sandbox is insane.. also it's declassified. Imagine what they actually use.

  71. morgan wright

    morgan wrightOy oldin

    I typically don't comment on things but felt the need to share. I am going into the field of cyber security and I found this video very interesting. I would like to recommend the book Countdown to Zero Day by Kim Zetter, and the documentary name Zero Days. Both of these give more perspective on cyber warfare capabilities.

  72. Daquan Adams

    Daquan AdamsOy oldin

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  74. CoderDBF

    CoderDBFOy oldin

    The future of warfare should be peace. There's no such thing as being so strong no one would want to attack you. The enemy might have a weaker military, but they'll outsmart you no matter how prepared you think you are. The US's focus on military strength does the world more harm than good. If you were to spend those hundreds of billions of dollars a year on making a better world instead of spending it on 'defense' you wouldn't have any enemies in the first place.

  75. Roger Fernandez

    Roger FernandezOy oldin

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  76. richard refling

    richard reflingOy oldin

    My dad was stationed on the USS Racine back in the 70s! I’ll have to show him this.

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    Only thing I can say @SmarterEveryDay is please try and keep the videos to around 10min or less so I can add them to the playlist for our foster kid to watch before he heads off to school in the moring. We use your videos as an incentive to not dwaddle in the morning! :-D

  80. The Psychic Spoon

    The Psychic SpoonOy oldin

    Is everybody going to ignore that is the coolest sandbox anybody has ever seen.

  81. Jeff Bassetti

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  83. Andrew Schnick

    Andrew SchnickOy oldin

    We already do multi-domain operations in the US military. I never served or enlisted in any military service but the biggest advocates of the A-10 Thunderbolt isn't the the USAF but the US Army because it is a useful tool to assist US Army ground ops (i.e. like in the first non-animated Transformers movie with Scorponok). I have been waiting for the day they can do multi-domain ops in video games like Call of Duty but they always stick to ground ops.

  84. Jed-Henry Witkowski

    Jed-Henry WitkowskiOy oldin

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    This seems like a great job. You get to play with all the cool military toys, but won't be sent to actually fight in a war. This is pretty close to proverbial having a cookie and eating it too.

  87. A Wingedbull

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    23:22 that is best advice to be successful in life in general

  88. Mike Adams

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  89. True

    TrueOy oldin

    And the divide has widened beyond any predictions unfortunately.

  90. Eric Rooney

    Eric RooneyOy oldin

    How do I get an office like that (without enlisting). FYI, 4 star is the highest rank during peace time

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    How does this video have so few views. This may not be as flashy as a "super sonic anything" but it is important.

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    27:06 More important than anything right now, thanks for sharing.

  98. James Ivy

    James IvyOy oldin

    I went to Fork Union Military Academy and it was run by a General Jackson, just the notion that a General is a stones throw away is awe inspiring especially at that point in time there were battle hardened WW2 officer

  99. Dr. Doom

    Dr. DoomOy oldin

    This video couldn't be anymore relevant right now after Biden's bombing of Syria 5 weeks in office.

  100. Dr. Doom

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  102. Jab Hutt

    Jab HuttOy oldin

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  103. Oscar Egbogu

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  107. Undying Legends

    Undying LegendsOy oldin

    i kinda think its funny how most of american tech originated from germany and then they say "no one would fight us cause we are so good" all of your tech you can mostly thank germany/germans, the ability to get americans to the moon and your atomic bombs would not be there if it would not be for germans so maybe so a bit of gratitude to other countries instead of seeing them as your enemy because in the end we are all one species and we should act like one, and then there is america telling and showing us that we should not behave like we are one species, and america does it best as we can see with their black lives matter protest and then compare it to the storm on the capitol.

  108. Dan Lewellyn

    Dan LewellynOy oldin

    Seriously, how do I get your job? I was a 27x in the Army and have 20 years in semiconductors.

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