The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea

This is the story of the twists and turns, the great game, that drives the race to end 70 years of hostilities, and a historic summit with North Korea and a US president.
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The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea
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  1. National Geographic

    National Geographic2 oy oldin

    What intrigued you most about this video?

  2. Paul Starr

    Paul StarrSoat oldin

    north and south should thank god that i am not in power

  3. Dario No Harris

    Dario No Harris23 soat oldin

    Your level of TDS

  4. Savio Savio

    Savio Savio2 kun oldin

    ..Nothing is what it seems..

  5. Michael Sanders

    Michael Sanders3 kun oldin

    That you would rather uplift the dictator of North Korea over giving trump any credit for anything


    HARDGAANRECORDS3 kun oldin

    This was hilarious

  7. krow Worst

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  8. Vid eo

    Vid eoSoat oldin

    I hope he gets what he deserves and that North Koreans are freed

  9. Nephilimfield

    Nephilimfield3 soat oldin

    North Korea is literally 1984.

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  14. Carlos Acosta

    Carlos Acosta14 soat oldin

    Nk soldiers look malnourished 🤕

  15. Michael C

    Michael C16 soat oldin

    the music in the background is so annoying

  16. Henry Pham

    Henry Pham17 soat oldin

    I believe that people underestimate Trump diplomacy. Trump believe peace can only be obtain through strength. The best way to stop a bully is to punch them right in the face. At the end of the day, Trump proved that he is not a war president through his term, despite all the harsh words or the act.

  17. NinJazz Rhythm

    NinJazz Rhythm17 soat oldin

    There's no country more isolated than North Korea. Penguin: am I a joke to you?

  18. J Choi

    J Choi19 soat oldin

    Incredible how quickly this story emerged and then disappeared. Shame

  19. Ayie Xainan

    Ayie Xainan21 soat oldin

    Kim jong num and pablo esconar is same

  20. Don Robbo

    Don RobboKun oldin


  21. Mand Co

    Mand CoKun oldin

    All it takes is the assassination of the supreme leader and NK won’t know what to do, perfect time to infiltrate them and free the NK people.. but supreme leader is also extremely smart

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  25. Eduardo de jesus

    Eduardo de jesusKun oldin

    Lol at min 12:06 the guy in the back! "I better clap or else" .

  26. Rob Razzano

    Rob RazzanoKun oldin

    Ya know you're watching a good channel when 8 minutes in you've seen 3 ads!

  27. Cece Jones

    Cece Jones10 soat oldin

    This is a free documentary , at least watch the ad to support them .

  28. Kelvin Roman

    Kelvin RomanKun oldin

    cant believe how bad pence and trump almost screwed things up

  29. Paul Bates

    Paul BatesKun oldin

    I couldn't help but notice that when the documentary got to President Trump it first criticized him for threatening North Korea then he was criticized for being too diplomatic.

  30. Phil Chen

    Phil ChenKun oldin

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  31. ostmana1

    ostmana1Kun oldin

    You need remove his big brother Xijinpin first

  32. Roy S. Thørn

    Roy S. ThørnKun oldin

    why haven't they gotten rid of illbungo? aka killed

  33. Jordan Modi

    Jordan ModiKun oldin

    Fun Fact: the taxes south Korea collects only from their cultural exports like Kpop, movies, dramas is more than the entire North Korean annual budget

  34. Jonny Jonjon

    Jonny JonjonKun oldin

    North Korea gives me 'Wandavision' vibes

  35. Jonny Jonjon

    Jonny JonjonKun oldin

    To get rid of adverts just skip to the end of the video and then press reload and BOOM no more ads

  36. Maxwell Russell

    Maxwell RussellKun oldin

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  37. Satyam Bhatt

    Satyam BhattKun oldin

    The most awful thing is that north koreans think that what they face is faced by everyone in the world.They are completely isolated from rest of the world.


    PINAS TRENDSKun oldin

    The only country that the USA couldnt fool

  39. Koko Lim

    Koko LimKun oldin

    There is no leader like Trump

  40. Koko Lim

    Koko LimKun oldin

    Kim has made many changes. Good changes. Its great to see USA Trump meet at the DMZ. Its not perfect but its a good start

  41. 愤怒的小鸡

    愤怒的小鸡Kun oldin

    There is no country on earth that can solve the Korean issue unless China agrees. However, after watching the US massacre of civilians in Iraq and Syria, it is better for North Korea to maintain the current situation.

  42. Dian Putra

    Dian PutraKun oldin

    anyone know, why North Korea cannot have nuclear weapon but the US can ? I just wonder.

  43. Anthony Flomo

    Anthony FlomoKun oldin

    I wonder too why should America France Russia Great Britain and some super powers to have nuclear weapons but don't want others countries to have it.

  44. Yin Tai Ng

    Yin Tai NgKun oldin

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  45. Marcos Villa

    Marcos Villa2 kun oldin

    Trump is an idiot!

  46. Jax

    Jax2 kun oldin

    This video is missing one thing...more ads...says nobody anywhere. 🤨

  47. Korean Jesus

    Korean Jesus2 kun oldin

    You know. If they really wanted. The US could send in the Spec Ops or the UK could send in the SAS without anyone knowing. I get its not that simple, but I believe they could get the job done. Especially the SAS.

  48. Korean Jesus

    Korean Jesus2 kun oldin

    My people are suffering

  49. p.s ps

    p.s ps2 kun oldin

    Places like the UK and u.s are doing very similar sivk things and are eventually working twords this much control and brainwashing they are just way more secrete / sly at it

  50. eyenaras

    eyenaras2 kun oldin

    This is what kids in 2100 will learn in in history class

  51. Luis Elvis

    Luis Elvis2 kun oldin

    Dose anyone else feel like this a mobster story?

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    YahBoiHammy2 kun oldin

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  54. jayr braulio

    jayr braulio2 kun oldin

    The new beginning of the two big country building relationship into friendship is the best way to protect each continental region.

  55. 김우성

    김우성2 kun oldin


  56. Keith Cole

    Keith Cole2 kun oldin


  57. Mike Ramos

    Mike Ramos2 kun oldin


  58. Looden Mcflurry

    Looden Mcflurry2 kun oldin

    trump did a excellent job.

  59. Dylan Burns

    Dylan BurnsKun oldin

    You are an idiot

  60. Ifeoma Anagbogu

    Ifeoma Anagbogu2 kun oldin

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  61. Driver

    Driver2 kun oldin

    National Geographic is just another liberal-run "news" source bashing every single thing Trump ever did in his entire term....sickening...I think I'll stop watching these videos.

  62. Hunter Fletcher

    Hunter Fletcher2 kun oldin

    I’m not sure how I feel about this documentary because after Trump and Kim had their little tiff, North Korea had been pretty silent until Biden took office and now all I see and hear about are the threats and rocky situations in Asia and the Middle East

  63. Rohan Damodar S

    Rohan Damodar S2 kun oldin

    Source: Just Trust ME

  64. Michael Tang

    Michael Tang2 kun oldin

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  65. Peter Sweeney

    Peter Sweeney3 kun oldin

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different outcome-- US State Department....

  66. Tyler Cheung

    Tyler Cheung3 kun oldin

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  67. Heartdrive

    Heartdrive3 kun oldin

    I mean did you want Trump to just give in? just like every other president that has talks with north korea. If we keep feeding them its jsut going to get worse. It stated in the video near the start its what theyve done for decades. Escalate, escalate further for shock, offer peace in return for economic aid. Nothing will change if he were to simply just give in.

  68. terhdnjem jrhmendh

    terhdnjem jrhmendh3 kun oldin

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  69. Andresa Martins

    Andresa Martins3 kun oldin

    One of the main reasons why they needed to get rid of Trump.

  70. Perry Talledo

    Perry Talledo3 kun oldin

    The EVERY DAY NEWS is filled with harrowing reports on the devastating spread of the deadly coronavirus that originated in Wuhan Institute of Virology labororatory , China, site of a Chinese bioweapons facility in case you don’t know. . It seems that every hour, there are more reported cases of coronavirus in more countries around the world. With each report, we hear of more people being hospitalized and dying and more being quarantined for suspected contamination by the virus. (As of Today March 3, 2020 there are a total of world-wide contamination cases of 114,832,691 and worst of all 2,551,200 total number of DEATH in 190 countries of our world)…..LET US PRAYER FOR THE SOULS OF THE DEPARTED.

  71. A Hassen

    A Hassen3 kun oldin

    The thumbnail shows the biggest 'fake' handshake in the world. There's no friendship there from the great leader and there's no respite from hardships for his people. The nuclear weapons projects will go on for the empty plates at dinnertime for his people. The hostility and torture will continue as always. The world's largest prison is fully open!

  72. Priyangshu Nath

    Priyangshu Nath3 kun oldin

    I would love to do simping for kim's wife. She is beautiful.



    Saya sangat bersyukur hidup di indonesia

  74. Kalunga Wanje

    Kalunga Wanje3 kun oldin

    hizi nchi mbili zipigane tu hii story iishe!🤣😂😅

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    Christopher ERICKSEN3 kun oldin

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  78. Buffy Vamp

    Buffy Vamp3 kun oldin

    Trump and Kim playing game.

  79. Bart Jenkins

    Bart Jenkins4 kun oldin

    Joe biden is here to save us all!!!!

  80. Lewis Mcnamara

    Lewis Mcnamara4 kun oldin

    Blame the truman show why you all lost me

  81. Lewis Mcnamara

    Lewis Mcnamara4 kun oldin

    I lost every friend i had,you all proved yourselves

  82. phillycp3

    phillycp34 kun oldin

    Trump is the only president to make peace with north Korea and make a Middle East peace deal 💡

  83. KeepOn Gaming

    KeepOn Gaming4 kun oldin

    North Korea has over 35 submarines, I was shocked also their airforce has grown really fast too from old Korean jets to near modern jets

  84. Mo Saad

    Mo Saad4 kun oldin

    You should name the episode (how to attack TRUMP via North korea)

  85. Ben johnson

    Ben johnson4 kun oldin

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  87. C V

    C V4 kun oldin

    Obviously diplomacy is not working, it’s not the only tool we have

  88. dirac bracket

    dirac bracket4 kun oldin

    The great game that South-Korea keeps losing. They think they have so much more to lose than that backward other half. Never mind their soul, mind you... Just keep cozying up to that murderous regime.

  89. Fa Sa

    Fa Sa4 kun oldin

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    Hyun woo Lee4 kun oldin

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  92. WEI of the DRAGON

    WEI of the DRAGON4 kun oldin

    How naive and gullible were the Americans, LOL. Can't blame them, they have a history of only over 200 years and always have an outlook of only next four years(next election).

  93. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un4 kun oldin

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  94. I AM

    I AM4 kun oldin

    called moon-disaster in korean

  95. daily laugh dose

    daily laugh dose4 kun oldin

    Thankfully he can no longer tweet 🙏

  96. daily laugh dose

    daily laugh dose4 kun oldin

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 US doesn't want to wage war only because it's costly

  97. Rebel Rog

    Rebel Rog4 kun oldin

    I don't trust any of them. North Korea, the United States or any other government. And yes I'm an American. Their prison camps have wire fences and guns. Our prison camp uses technology and banking. They don't have elections, ours are rigged. Pick your version of Marxism, either system is meant to destroy the people.

  98. PirelliSuperHard

    PirelliSuperHard4 kun oldin

    44:40 motorsport manager

  99. DucDucGoose

    DucDucGoose4 kun oldin

    That could be America real fast under the Trump family.

  100. chipper Asterberg

    chipper Asterberg4 kun oldin


  101. John Akridge

    John Akridge5 kun oldin

    North korea may have Propaganda. But there is also alot of mainstream news channels pumping Propaganda too.

  102. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un4 kun oldin

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  103. Dynamite

    Dynamite5 kun oldin

    This is the biggest North Korean bootlicking documentary I’ve seen

  104. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un4 kun oldin

    Thank you!

  105. The Lastminmom!

    The Lastminmom!5 kun oldin

    These commentators really have no clue, what they’re even talking about in this video.

  106. Rafaela Gameiro

    Rafaela Gameiro5 kun oldin

    I mean but the usa is a muh bigger potency that north korea..a tiny country with only two million ppl and no great sources of income to the economy...

  107. Terri Clinton

    Terri Clinton5 kun oldin

    Just let an old country have a chat with North Korea America is too young to tell them how this will end.america and North Korea will end our planet.

  108. article 3

    article 35 kun oldin

    I want to see, in this lifetime, the freedom of North Koreans.

  109. Tom

    Tom2 soat oldin


  110. Rob Razzano

    Rob RazzanoKun oldin

    @TabdgGaming I agree and I don't see a revolution cuz they're so brainwashed they remain loyal.

  111. Rob Razzano

    Rob RazzanoKun oldin

    Doubt we'll see it cuz it seems we're headed in the same direction.

  112. ً

    ًKun oldin

    there was an attempted coup

  113. TabdgGaming

    TabdgGaming2 kun oldin

    I mean I doubt it. Unless there's a war or revolution. I can't see it happening peacefully

  114. Evaldas Majauskas

    Evaldas Majauskas5 kun oldin

    2:30 Thay read everything 😂🤣😂

  115. David Kang

    David Kang5 kun oldin

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  116. fabfatcat catblog

    fabfatcat catblog5 kun oldin

    Another dangerous thing that makes any rebellion act against Kim's clan hard: Kim clan makes there is zero figure that worth to be supported to lead North Korean rebellion act against the regime. Have you heard any figure that has different color from Kim's clan? Nope. Russians still gives tiny space for the rebels and opposition, but North Korea? Nada. Zero. None.

  117. Dr. Teferi Legese

    Dr. Teferi Legese5 kun oldin

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, as soon as Jon Bolton mentioned Libya, I started laughing.