The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) - Smarter Every Day 189

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NOTE: Turns out they screwed up and put the same video feed on both of the bottom quad views. I had being wrong in a Smarter Every Day, but obviously I was trying to get this out. Seriously... I will think about this video error for years.
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  1. Kurulus Ayan

    Kurulus Ayan2 soat oldin

    its like a war is going on

  2. Jackson McCarthy

    Jackson McCarthy7 soat oldin

    You’re a version of myself that did what I haven’t !! Thank you!!

  3. Interstellar13 YT

    Interstellar13 YT18 soat oldin

    Nice Video.

  4. Metoobie

    MetoobieKun oldin

    that.... WAS FANTASTIC!!! I started listening to this with my eyes closed just to get my brain calibrated. Loved all the little booms of the controlled explosions (aka thrust) on liftoff! Thank you for making these videos!

  5. Dragon Master_2000

    Dragon Master_20007 kun oldin

    Jesus that is loud especially from afar, just imagine the sound of Saturn V launch, in that same distance.

  6. マティアス

    マティアス8 kun oldin

    imagine 28 raptor engines

  7. Gunner8

    Gunner89 kun oldin

    I was luckily able to see a Space X launch when I visited Florida a while back. The sound from this video is spot on to what it sounded like. The only difference is that in real life you can feel it in the ground as well.

  8. nicholastrawinski

    nicholastrawinski11 kun oldin

    i keep coming back to this video for the awesome audio, and i also keep winding up unhappy that around 5:00 when i realize that the 2 boosters landing are actually just 1 feed thats been doubled ...

  9. Till2908

    Till290813 kun oldin

    Just Insane

  10. Train Gaming

    Train Gaming14 kun oldin

    one of the few videos to peak my audio at full volume xD Noice

  11. exercitatus

    exercitatus15 kun oldin

    Sry I've only heard 2x 3-sonics booms

  12. Terox

    Terox16 kun oldin

    Everytime I get new headphones i watch this. By now i know the dialogue xd

  13. Willy Madison

    Willy Madison17 kun oldin

    The embarrassed retailer supposedly pop because grandson fortuitously sign out a military ground. kind, roomy underclothes

  14. Thomas Cushing

    Thomas Cushing18 kun oldin

    Dude! You really aughta be filming with a stereo camera, so we can view using Oculus, or even Google Cardboard, or Daydream! Now THAT would be awesome!

  15. Michael Arsenault

    Michael Arsenault19 kun oldin

    If I had to pick a "favourite sound in the world," this would be it for me. Right at 3:51, that is the most perfect sound I've ever heard. I haven't seen a launch in person for quite a while now, but hearing and feeling the sound was always my favourite part of the experience.

  16. SurfShawnSurf

    SurfShawnSurf23 kun oldin

    The BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION gave me chicken skin!

  17. avilabetty26

    avilabetty2625 kun oldin

    Tbh, I thought that was fireworks to celebrate a successful mission. 😂

  18. TheCat aliasTNT2k

    TheCat aliasTNT2k25 kun oldin

    How does this work? How do you record the audio that way? Would be great if I can do it for myself when flying in a plane or something I want to record....

  19. Silver Wolf

    Silver Wolf26 kun oldin

    It’s 1-2-3 and 1-2-3 with echo. From every engine.

  20. Dylan Minecraft

    Dylan Minecraft26 kun oldin

    wow it really is alot different

  21. SKM

    SKM26 kun oldin


  22. digitaldirt777

    digitaldirt77727 kun oldin

    A space launch is the greatest thing in my life, you made a video that made me skip every section, that is not a good sign. What are you doing and why?

  23. Shawn Johns

    Shawn Johns29 kun oldin

    This sounds also sounds really good in a car with a good surround sound system.

  24. Peter Ikalukjuak

    Peter IkalukjuakOy oldin

    Your so freaking awesome smarter everyday


    ASTHETICSOy oldin

    For some reason this put a smile on my face.

  26. Ryan Baileys

    Ryan BaileysOy oldin

    How do the legs generate a sonic boom though?

  27. Melvin

    MelvinOy oldin

    5:06 It actually is the exact same video, just offset a little. You can compare the flames frame by frame, they are exactly the same

  28. lonorising

    lonorisingOy oldin

    That was absolutely spectacular. Thank you.

  29. Peter Liljebladh

    Peter LiljebladhOy oldin

    How far away from the launchpad are you situated?

  30. Luis H

    Luis HOy oldin

    This is absolutely amazing!

  31. JTL 123

    JTL 123Oy oldin

    6:47, theres 4 100%, right?? lol (per booster)

  32. Eric Allie

    Eric AllieOy oldin

    Next thing we need is a vr version of this in 360

  33. Simon Kocher

    Simon KocherOy oldin

    how do people belive this is fake...

  34. erick staehnke

    erick staehnkeOy oldin

    I love 3-D audio. Actually, i’m totally blind and we have these things called audio games which use the same method, 3-D audio. Nice work.

  35. Melissa Duran

    Melissa DuranOy oldin

    I was there in 2020! INCREDIBLE.

  36. Kader Khan

    Kader KhanOy oldin

    One of your best videos ☺️.

  37. Nigel Holland

    Nigel HollandOy oldin

    I have watched this about 8 times today. Maybe just one more! Who am I kidding this will never get old.

  38. Nigel Holland

    Nigel HollandOy oldin

    Wow how did I miss this one. Amazing sound. Coming from the Uk we don’t get much chance for this sort of thing. Great job.

  39. Mavrick1509

    Mavrick1509Oy oldin

    I'm going to refer back to your comment when visiting the ULA, there's just something emotional about this. Thank you for this video and helping us to feel what it's like to be there in person, it's a dream of mine to be present at a launch and this was as close as I've ever been. I love your content and I spent hours last night watching all your videos while I was tinkering with my RC cars. A+ work Destin!

  40. it's just Chloe

    it's just ChloeOy oldin

    5:10 when you look closely at the plume, that is acutally the same booster played on 2 screens

  41. Roel Schroeven

    Roel SchroevenOy oldin

    Indeed, the original SpaceX video erroneously showed the same camera feed twice. They later corrected it: the official SpaceX video now has two views from slightly different viewpoints.

  42. Nihal Kumar

    Nihal KumarOy oldin

    My ASMR Session took a drastic turn. I woke to rocket noises LoL

  43. Ratatouille

    RatatouilleOy oldin

    Why do I only hear 6 sonic booms?

  44. ShotYall

    ShotYallOy oldin

    I heard six booms right away is there something I missed?? Boom boom boom, boom boom boom. Maybe I’m just not understanding?

  45. Alecvip

    AlecvipOy oldin

    I heard 6 sonic booms not 10

  46. hardwire

    hardwireOy oldin

    i have never been to a nascar race but my brother said the same thing about that (dont care if you like it you need to feel it at that point there is nothing new to hear your ears cant do it you feel the sound at that point) i want to experience the shuttle launch (wont happen i know unless someone gets real lucky and time travel becomes a thing) and the start of a nascar race (gentlemen start your engines that part) but i also want to experience NHRA Top fuel they accelerate faster than the shuttle thats got to be impressive.

  47. WoTBot

    WoTBotOy oldin

    sounds so much better then all those videos on yt

  48. Starhopper

    StarhopperOy oldin

    I wanna her this without binaural just so I know the difference

  49. Starhopper

    StarhopperOy oldin

    This combined with VR is what I really want

  50. kylian piroux

    kylian pirouxOy oldin


  51. Cedric Summers

    Cedric SummersOy oldin

    You just keep blowing my mind... thank you for being


    COD_KIREXOy oldin

    I love this ☺️

  53. Slick Sauce

    Slick SauceOy oldin

    Who is here after Trevor threatened to sue ThunderF00t?

  54. isaac

    isaacOy oldin

    Uhhh is there a video or something?

  55. raf fer

    raf ferOy oldin

    1:30 my first thought: "Hey this looks almost like the rocket hangar in Kerbal Space Program" as if the builders were mimicking the game, not the other way round xD

  56. Larry Olson

    Larry OlsonOy oldin

    Thank you

  57. Svenska Tåg

    Svenska TågOy oldin

    very EPIC

  58. ZAPIX

    ZAPIXOy oldin

    *She ate too many beans...*

  59. Muhammad Abrar Husain

    Muhammad Abrar HusainOy oldin

    My goodness it sounds like chopper.

  60. Juan Treto

    Juan TretoOy oldin

    This video just blew my mind, absolutely amazing what you do ❤🙏 thanks brother

  61. 東のAnatoliy

    東のAnatoliyOy oldin

    Thank you for this piece of reality!

  62. Venomspike 3306

    Venomspike 3306Oy oldin

    God bless the holy mackerel

  63. Kunal Dongre

    Kunal Dongre2 oy oldin

    G o o s e b u m p s

  64. LiftOrGTFO

    LiftOrGTFO2 oy oldin

    I'm very high right now and that thunderous noise made by Falcon....such a surreal moment.

  65. freemancarl

    freemancarl2 oy oldin

    *@ **6:55** HOLY MACKEREL!* 😂🤣

  66. Raymond Siebert

    Raymond Siebert2 oy oldin

    The halting height consequently possess because whale karyologically fetch aboard a acceptable cushion. overjoyed, annoyed garlic

  67. mrsus

    mrsus2 oy oldin

    Now imagine this is VR

  68. Tonnie Town

    Tonnie Town2 oy oldin

    ahhh! Sound waves!! My ears thank u!

  69. Tanha Gamer

    Tanha Gamer2 oy oldin


  70. Metal Among us

    Metal Among us2 oy oldin

    OMG Thanks for this video 😍😍

  71. Z Blackmer

    Z Blackmer2 oy oldin

    It So gorgeous and funny that something that small looking can emit that much sound for miles and miles.

  72. CosmoNaut Onni

    CosmoNaut Onni2 oy oldin

    Aerospatiale/airbus helicopter flying around camera sound getting drowned out at precisely 4:02

  73. Ali Fatih Yılmaz

    Ali Fatih Yılmaz2 oy oldin

    like shooting to eardrums with 50 cal

  74. Steven Lovell

    Steven Lovell2 oy oldin

    I can't believe it has taken me this long to listen to this. Thank you!

  75. Fonzies HW68

    Fonzies HW682 oy oldin

    Saw this 3 years ago and amazed me, just saw it again 2021 and it still amazes me.

  76. Robert K

    Robert K2 oy oldin

    Every once in a while i come back here to listen for it 10 times straight again

  77. Disco

    Disco2 oy oldin

    Trying out 360 Audio on Samsung Galaxy pros

  78. Khánh Thẩm

    Khánh Thẩm2 oy oldin

    Sound is just toooo slow. Even a car could go faster than it

  79. Nicolas H.

    Nicolas H.2 oy oldin

    if only it was done in 5.1,then it would've been amazing

  80. Deezy

    Deezy2 oy oldin

    also little tip (if you have a iPhone) go to accessibility in settings and go to audio and turn off mono audio, legit sounds like surround sound

  81. Technologic

    Technologic2 oy oldin

    my 15" subwoofer loves this video

  82. patrick

    patrick2 oy oldin

    Can you upload this video to internet Archive

  83. Max Harrington

    Max Harrington2 oy oldin


  84. vpmcgeath

    vpmcgeath2 oy oldin

    Came to watch this in preparation for Starship SN9. And I forgot he did the binaural sound, luckily this time around, I have a phone with stereo sound!

  85. Jason Greenaway

    Jason Greenaway2 oy oldin

    Thanx from the uk

  86. Planet Dragon

    Planet Dragon2 oy oldin

    When that rocket launched Holly god the only thing I could do was smile and laugh. It is such a great sound and feeling

  87. Mar Lon

    Mar Lon2 oy oldin

    wheir is the link on the screen to the sound video?

  88. Kuroda sayuri 黒田

    Kuroda sayuri 黒田2 oy oldin


  89. ian folan

    ian folan2 oy oldin

    6 not five

  90. infamous dropbear12

    infamous dropbear122 oy oldin

    So basically it's like a giant machine farting it's way to the sky

  91. Georg Anatoly

    Georg Anatoly2 oy oldin

    would be neat to superimpose a translucent copy of the launch but positioned where the sound originates from, to demonstrate the lag of the speed of sound versus seeing it - I say that because the sound isn't really indicative of what the camera focuses on so in a sense your hearing 'in the past' versus what you're looking at

  92. flâner Pete

    flâner Pete2 oy oldin

    Totally awesome "first person" experience!!!

  93. Qi Qi

    Qi Qi2 oy oldin


  94. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker2 oy oldin

    Seriously incredible audio! Great video! Falcon heavy is in a league of no other

  95. Andrew Phillips

    Andrew Phillips2 oy oldin

    I just wish the geeks could have kept quiet during the entire thing.

  96. Prajwal Thapa

    Prajwal Thapa2 oy oldin

    0:47 it also works on my laptop speaker

  97. naveen yadav

    naveen yadav2 oy oldin

    Thanks for this video

  98. Tofifi Channel

    Tofifi Channel2 oy oldin

    3:15 if you're here only for to hear the rocket

  99. mitkabz

    mitkabz2 oy oldin

    Thanks so much!! How can i get the sonic boom sound of spacex without the back round chattering and clicking? Thanks in advance for any response🙏

  100. Jerry Gundecker

    Jerry Gundecker2 oy oldin

    Have you ever done a video on the difficulty of spinning a satellite/space station to make an artificial gravity? Someone at NASA once said, "I don't know if we even know how to do that". If anyone can figure it out, or find someone who can, it's you. I hope you do it. Good luck!

  101. Scott Strang

    Scott Strang2 oy oldin

    Your ATh50's have a disintegrating headband coating like mine.

  102. Anna nishikinomiya

    Anna nishikinomiya2 oy oldin

    Only 3 our 4 minutes on orbit OMG!!!