The JoJo Iceberg Explained

This is my last video of 2020. As we approach Christmas, I would like to take the time to dive deep into the JoJo Rabbit Hole. The critically acclaimed series written by Hirohiko Araki has many layers of depth to it, and with this video I plan on showing you the most obscure of oddities. Welcome to The JoJo Iceberg Explained!
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This video feels like a culmination of everything over the past year: my editing style, tone, comedy, etc. If there was one word I could use to describe it, it's the most "Shuckmeister" video you've probably seen yet.
I want to sincerely thank everyone who Subscribes, Likes, Comments, and has All Notifications turned on for the awesome year you made it. Despite all of the hardships everyone faces, I was always able to find solace knowing that certain content creators could cheer me up. Knowing that the videos I make bright a smile to people's faces is worth enough doing this. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Duwang, and check out the links below for more fun times!
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Music in order of appearance:
Snowpoint City
Restaurant Bar
Obstacle Course (Fall/Winter)
Victory of the Wonders of Nature
Il Vento d'Oro
Route 10
Saving Friends
Life at Garrag Mach Monastery
Celestial Valley
The Stardust Man Appears
Sly 2 Theme
Dimitri Disco Battle
Last Surprise
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  1. The Shuckmeister

    The Shuckmeister4 oy oldin

    Some quick edits and corrections: Traitor Fugo also refers to Araki's original plans for Fugo to fight the gang after leaving, but due to his depression while writing Part 5, he omitted that Enormous Rat is a reference to the censored version of the Death 13 fight which has a dead rat instead of a dead dog Deadly Queen is also an infamously bad Killer Queen cosplay The Morioh tourist is a goofy looking fellow who's another meme in Japanese culture Dio's Laser Eyes were used in the Part 3 CD drama from 1992 The Bottle was less of a big hit and more of Araki's first real attempt to get published

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    You forgot the avdolfunny subreddit

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    You dumass , you should Say spoiler allert before telling us that jotaro Is going to die in season 6, thank you sooo much.

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    Dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using insta portal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

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    I don't know if I'm grateful or disappointed to learn about "Girls by Night"

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    "oh emporio. Perfect timing." Please no...

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    I got spoiled about jotaros death idk why I thought it was a good idea to watch this with out reading stone ocean

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    Dude same here, I don't think it was necessary to even include that on the iceberg at all?

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    Why is your avatar a female?

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    Shoko Nakagawa is bae, and Sorairo Days (Gurren Lagann) is the greatest song ever made

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    Jojo fans who havent reached Season 6: Hahaha Jotaro is too badass for Tohth's predictions to come true

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    Bro I can literally see jotaro dies in part 6 on the bottom of the screen😭😭😭😭😭😭 now it's spoiled I was going to skip the average part😭😭😭😭

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    10:30 Bruh you gave me a heart attack for a second

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    You didn't include Josuke's clone killing a random guy out of canon and you call this an iceberg?

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    Ok but what about that one time Rohan got a Gucci bag from his grandma and it had a stand

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    ive only read part 6

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    Okay so I have friends who don't even know what jojo is, they think anime is just naruto and my hero, though they use the YO ANGELO! copy pasta without a shred of knowledge what it means, there should be a higher category for common household knowlegde

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    Araki just forgot to age, change my mind

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    A good addition to the iceberg would be Araki's bold claim in JoJo 6251 that if Aryton Senna of McLaren retires, he'll stop watching racing on TV. Idk why but he into F1

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    Shuckmeister: jotaro dies ... Hahaha sort of spoiler Me: 😐

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    The Shuckmeister: Spoilers in Average Fan Tier about a character's death. Also The Shuckmeister: Briefly shows entire iceberg during intro. It's alright though man, spoilers are a risk when watching these kinds of videos. I should read the manga lol.

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    I find it really funny that the Legal Drug protag got onto the iceberg ('stoner kakyoin') but hes just one of MANY jotaro and kakyoin influenced characters in clamp's manga, and it goes aaaall the way down 😭 most obvious is Wish where theres a non binary angel kakyoin and a jotaro, but theres lots of other characters influenced by both of them (some VERY OBVIOUS... ) if you look through their different series! its really funny to meme about but it seems like they definitely diversified and got a bit less clear cut over time, at least character wise, moving away from their fanon a bit to do different interpretations, but im no expert on them so dont take my word 😭 one of my favourite characters of all time is one of their later 'jotaro clones', though, and hes definitely very much his own character and very unique so thats something. i wonder if their originally fanon jotakak 'clones' helped to popularise jotaro's character type/design influence because there's a whole bunch of characters influenced by him nowadays and it couldve been a bit of a factor 🤔 Added bonus point! Their oc egg baby (jouta) from Clamp In Wonderland actually features in the 'Clamp In Wonderland' first animated music video, right at the end, in his grown up form lol you can find it on UZnick

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