The Many Shades of Jotaro Kujo

JoJo's star child!
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Artist: GrandGuerilla
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  1. Brent Vaughn

    Brent VaughnSoat oldin

    Jotaro got Benjamin button syndrome confirmed


    RANDI UTSTRAND11 soat oldin

    You forgot to put in OVA Jotaro.

  3. Zepollo

    ZepolloKun oldin

    He was just late to realize the knives and he could've saved both world and Jolyne. Welp, they got sliced in half. I guess right now we focus on part 8 and part 9. I heard part 9 has emporio being the protaganist.

  4. Edvin Kettunen

    Edvin KettunenKun oldin

    "one of da boys"

  5. Sir Cookie223

    Sir Cookie2232 kun oldin

    But Joseph didn’t die

  6. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna3 kun oldin

    Did u forget part 5?

  7. RestarterZero

    RestarterZero3 kun oldin

    If you think about it, Jotaro could of pushed Jolyne out of the way of the knives, and then use star finger on pucchi...

  8. Zaklox

    Zaklox5 kun oldin

    Jotaro: *Travels the world with a stand ability* Also jotaro:*sees a dolphin* *WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN*

  9. Armia Khairy 0293

    Armia Khairy 02935 kun oldin

    Jotaro's age is moving backwards

  10. IronPuppy69

    IronPuppy695 kun oldin

    Jotaro is *_Mega Tsundere_*

  11. CATEXE

    CATEXE7 kun oldin

    technically Jotaro has a sister The invisible baby

  12. Faded

    Faded8 kun oldin

    Why does him in part 6 look ugly af

  13. BellowD Gaming

    BellowD Gaming8 kun oldin

    All I know he ages backwards. He was DILF when he was young and in Stone Ocean he looked as young as his daughter.

  14. bloxer108

    bloxer1089 kun oldin

    in part 3 Jotaro wanted to save his mom in part 4 JOTARO WANTED to save everyone part 6 Jotaro wanted to keep Jolyne safe

  15. _.ChiropteraxX

    _.ChiropteraxX10 kun oldin

    Space lion. Nice

  16. Mr Crabs

    Mr Crabs11 kun oldin

    Jojo muscle joseph muscle dio muscle jotaro muscle rest of the parts are all skinny now

  17. Delanam

    Delanam11 kun oldin

    I still don't get how his hat works

  18. DaRealGoonSQuad

    DaRealGoonSQuad11 kun oldin

    That fact is in stone..... Ocean *Nobody alright Lol that line bro

  19. Zogers _Bonkers

    Zogers _Bonkers12 kun oldin


  20. Zogers _Bonkers

    Zogers _Bonkers12 kun oldin


  21. Xspired ψ

    Xspired ψ12 kun oldin

    Wow, his chin really let itself go. Damn.

  22. Aryo Hamarasheed.

    Aryo Hamarasheed.13 kun oldin

    the first shade is the best

  23. Foxboi Vr

    Foxboi Vr13 kun oldin

    The start of the video: No U C A N not dumass. Part of cowboy bebop lol, I dragged Michael reeves right in

  24. aurav

    aurav13 kun oldin

    puberty hit hard for jotaro

  25. Gon Freecs

    Gon Freecs14 kun oldin

    fun fact: araki had plans of making jojos till part 6 from the start of part 1. and he knew how they would look like. in the opening of part 1 very start it shows all of the joestars satrting from jolyne till joesph but in a drawing(like manga) and then it shows jonathan with his pose

  26. Gon Freecs

    Gon Freecs9 kun oldin

    @mayonaise if so then ok i didnt know, i just saw the joestars as a drawing

  27. mayonaise

    mayonaise9 kun oldin

    I don't rlly think that's correct. Araki has stated that in a interview that he writes the story/characters as the story goes on. Plus that fact is stupid cause jojo has been going on for 20 years +. Phantom blood anime came out in 2011 when part 8 manga came out. Araki had already designed and finished the original universe story.

  28. RCQR

    RCQR14 kun oldin

    He picked his daughter and was disappointed when watching her in heaven cos she died and got carried by emporio

  29. Julius Mickevicius

    Julius Mickevicius14 kun oldin

    i like how jotaro has a manly face until part 5 then part 6 his face back to manly face

  30. 1bigbruhmoment

    1bigbruhmoment15 kun oldin

    ngl when i saw the title, i legit thought he was gonna talk about how his outfits has changed over the parts-

  31. ???

    ???15 kun oldin

    your name is my name

  32. somthing private not really private

    somthing private not really private16 kun oldin

    Is nobody body gonna talk about how jotaros hat is basically his hair??? Edit:just grammar mistakes

  33. Preyfix

    Preyfix16 kun oldin

    The most bizzare thing about Jotaro is how he looks younger as he gets older

  34. Valero Lovren Go

    Valero Lovren Go16 kun oldin

    yo bro backwards its kujo jotaro

  35. YoshiTVChannel

    YoshiTVChannel17 kun oldin

    If he was intelligent, why didn’t he use garlic to kill dio?

  36. kingkay14

    kingkay1417 kun oldin

    Jotaro has always had a genuine heart, he cared for those that surround him and he definitely showed that in stone ocean During the 80s he’s a teen and the “cool” guy so that’s the attitude you’re going to get from that part From 4-6 he’s much more calmer acting like a father to josuke in certain situations and a mentor to koichi.

  37. James Kelleher

    James Kelleher18 kun oldin

    Every time he gets a new animation he looks less menacing

  38. 苦いレモン

    苦いレモン18 kun oldin

    Jotaro is nerfed so much after Stardust Crusader :(

  39. Discord Mod

    Discord Mod18 kun oldin

    He's a Bizarre Man

  40. Alex Dawgo

    Alex Dawgo22 kun oldin

    Anyone wonder why his hat and hair are so weird

  41. joseph joestar

    joseph joestar22 kun oldin

    in part 6 for pucci jotaro are the most dongerus one he need to beat him to win

  42. randeep dhillon

    randeep dhillon22 kun oldin

    Is it just me or does jotaro look like a kid in part 6

  43. Juergen Francisco

    Juergen Francisco22 kun oldin

    He doesn't curse cause he has daughter

  44. Bailey Law

    Bailey Law23 kun oldin

    “I’ve always...cherished you.” -Jotaro Kujo 2012 R.I.P. Jotaro Kujo Date of Death: March 21st 2012

  45. Dragon

    Dragon23 kun oldin

    missed part 5 jotaro.

  46. Captain_Quarke

    Captain_Quarke23 kun oldin

    i think he forgot about part 5

  47. Lillian Lim

    Lillian Lim25 kun oldin

    Btw all the people sticking their hands out the cage are now dips servants but they are dead now

  48. SimplyBobby

    SimplyBobby25 kun oldin

    the title: different shade of jotaro the thumbnail: different aprt of jotaro

  49. Ckthegoat_ 15

    Ckthegoat_ 1525 kun oldin

    I like part 4 art style the best

  50. RphyserLive

    RphyserLive26 kun oldin

    man, anyone else feel sad for jotaro? i mean he saved probably alot of stuff in p3 and then now hes....... a father? i mean, thats my opinion and its based on how jotaros my favourite character.

  51. Ya Boi Judge

    Ya Boi Judge26 kun oldin

    Best Dad

  52. Daniel White

    Daniel White26 kun oldin

    He ages… Just backwards

  53. João Pedro Soares Meirelles Durval

    João Pedro Soares Meirelles Durval27 kun oldin

    Jotaro believed that jolyne could save the universe from pucci he was wrong.

  54. Affaan Wahid

    Affaan Wahid27 kun oldin

    I guess you could call it... bizarre.

  55. 02 Zerooo

    02 Zerooo27 kun oldin

    You are just the best

  56. M O

    M O28 kun oldin

    The people who disliked wanted to see part 5 jotaro but couldn't since there wasn't much info

  57. Rex Bork

    Rex Bork28 kun oldin

    There is in fact 50 shades of jotaro

  58. Animadumb or Animatroxa

    Animadumb or Animatroxa29 kun oldin

    Now let's wait part 9 jotaro

  59. Tyrone Jeqiaivus

    Tyrone Jeqiaivus29 kun oldin

    Notice how kaleb Has 200k subs but 1.9 mill views??

  60. BlandyBoi

    BlandyBoi29 kun oldin

    Part 6 is the only part where the villain has succeeded so far

  61. Lain

    Lain23 kun oldin

    Except that he didn´t succeded at all

  62. Dareious _21

    Dareious _2129 kun oldin

    Every jojo they add him in he looks younger ever jojo

  63. Shade 007

    Shade 00729 kun oldin

    Jotaro the older he is the younger he looks lol

  64. Tord as a child

    Tord as a childOy oldin


  65. Dmitry9000YT

    Dmitry9000YTOy oldin

    When is he gonna get a break

  66. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoOy oldin

    Damn, what happened to me

  67. TheElite Slaughter

    TheElite SlaughterOy oldin

    I’m sorry but his hat confusing me is it hair is it hat what how much is it hair it’s confusing

  68. Something Idk

    Something IdkOy oldin

    That baby is joylne?

  69. Shenon_pc

    Shenon_pcOy oldin

    decided to re watch this video after stone ocean being confirmed. cant wait.

  70. mryahmys

    mryahmysOy oldin

    The definition of evil is DIO

  71. Swittle

    SwittleOy oldin

    so pumped to see it animated

  72. Khun Vakhim

    Khun VakhimOy oldin

    That background music tho😭


    GRYTOS TVOy oldin

    JJBA Stardust crusader: The Bulky jotaro JJBA DiU: The Aged Backwards Jotaro JJBA GW: The Skinny Jotaro JJBA Stone Ocean: *Fish man* 🐟

  74. Lain

    Lain21 kun oldin

    @jyri miettinen He don´t need to look older, he is only 28 there

  75. jyri miettinen

    jyri miettinen28 kun oldin

    Diu live action looks more japanese and older.

  76. Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao

    Charyll Gabriel C. AclaoOy oldin

    i swear he gets nerfed each time he shows up

  77. TheAlivePumpkin

    TheAlivePumpkinOy oldin

    I really wish all Joestar is on stone ocean

  78. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon SlayerOy oldin

    I know guy this is just a video but like the thing is he got the thumbnail of of Google even tho you could make your own thumbnail for free

  79. rem is best girl thats facts

    rem is best girl thats factsOy oldin

    Jotaro is the best guy

  80. Yoshi 2000

    Yoshi 2000Oy oldin


  81. Shambles

    ShamblesOy oldin

    this guy is like an anime preacher

  82. Rasmus Flodberg

    Rasmus FlodbergOy oldin

    Long story short he is the Kratos of jojo

  83. pepe gaming

    pepe gamingOy oldin

    part 3 jotaro: 17 year old edgy teen with a body like a fridge part 4 jotaro: 28 year old tall guy with a regular body and PTSD part 5 jotaro: part 4 jotaro but skinnier part 6 jotaro: dad but with no stand

  84. Leander Logožar

    Leander LogožarOy oldin

    The different skins of jotaro

  85. OopsMySpaghett

    OopsMySpaghettOy oldin

    Jotaro is literally so powerful he was able to beat the main villains of 2 parts and the only reason he lost to pucci is because pucci used jotaro’s daughter to his advantage. *also he likes dolphins*

  86. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoOy oldin

    Me :0

  87. Boxing Doge

    Boxing DogeOy oldin

    Part 6 looks like a monke

  88. 1getgot_yay

    1getgot_yayOy oldin

    Stardust crusaders wasnt jotaros part it was polnareff

  89. Clark Swain

    Clark SwainOy oldin

    0:59 T H E B O I S

  90. e gaming

    e gamingOy oldin

    When I was very new to JoJo (Only parts I knew at the time was Phantom Blood and Golden Wind) and I thought "Damn Jotaro went through a shit ton of phases during this stardust crusaders part jesus christ" *Little did I know, all those "Phases" were Jotaro parts 3,4, and 6*

  91. Lain

    Lain25 kun oldin

    @e gaming Now that i think about it It would be cool If all Jotaro's phases was all put in Stardust Crusaders 🤔 I think people would understand his character better

  92. e gaming

    e gaming25 kun oldin

    @Lain well it IS very complicated and yes

  93. Lain

    Lain25 kun oldin you watched this video before reading parts 2,3,4 and 6? lol Also how did you not got confused jumping from part 1 to Golden Wind?

  94. yes1947

    yes1947Oy oldin

    He has ptsd

  95. Tanamas Saptadji

    Tanamas SaptadjiOy oldin

    Idk but the left Jojo is most cool

  96. ken Brook

    ken BrookOy oldin

    Hell noooo i will not watch Stone ocean never on my life i don wanna see my fav chárter in to be on the ground i will never accetp the fact the men who used to call Girls bitch is going to be dead ='c

  97. miregal

    miregalOy oldin

    10:10 Why didnt he use Star finger on JOLYNE NOT PUCCI he could have launched her back or stopped the knives after quickly breaking puccis skull

  98. Blaze It

    Blaze ItOy oldin

    Came here almost immediately after reading Stone Ocean. Also it's 2 days until SO anime, I'M HYPED AS HELL.

  99. 권유빈

    권유빈Oy oldin

    The doubtful bookcase inspiringly fry because save pharmacologically last near a grotesque reduction. same, giddy boundary

  100. ricardo .compere

    ricardo .compereOy oldin

    Kujo 1 fist of the east star dust crusader Kujo 2 hanging out with dolphins is great for my skin ITS TRUE Kujo 3 eh i dont know you got any ideas

  101. InboundsBead590

    InboundsBead590Oy oldin

    9:15 “WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOIIIIING!?” Heh, Jolyne DOES care about Jotaro after all Edit: I don’t watch Jojo’s Bizarre, but I know pretty much the general stuff about it, so I could be wrong, and that’s ok

  102. Sylvester Johnson Jr

    Sylvester Johnson JrOy oldin


  103. Insert generic username

    Insert generic usernameOy oldin

    In every part that has the name jotaro in it the next part is better

  104. Kevvy

    KevvyOy oldin

    Jotaro after he moved to spain😔

  105. Syndro Dome

    Syndro DomeOy oldin

    is this damien from emkay?

  106. GOH YEE HIN -

    GOH YEE HIN -Oy oldin

    Every installation of jotaro makes his lips bigger.

  107. Ramos Zyrus

    Ramos ZyrusOy oldin

    Gyro: Nyo ho

  108. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoOy oldin

    Yare Yare Daze