The Most UNEXPECTED Auditions EVER!

Top Most Unexpected, Shocking Auditions Ever On Britain's Got Talent
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00:00 - Saulo Sarmiento gets YES without doing anything
02:54 - Let the beat controls your body with DJ John
07:47 - Aaron Marshall with his death metal version of 'Let It Go'
11:35 - Henry Gallagher writes and sings for his secret lover
18:09 - Don't mess with karate kid Jessie
21:07 - Luca Calo drives judges crazy
23:56 - Nicholas Bryant plays piano, but you did not see that coming


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  2. Sedra Hamis

    Sedra Hamis8 kun oldin

    hlllo dear

  3. Andrei Pufu

    Andrei Pufu22 kun oldin

    Fock me, mate, who the hell would have seen that coming?

  4. Angelo Lorenzetti

    Angelo LorenzettiOy oldin

    lol kawaii

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  8. Demonic Magus Ako

    Demonic Magus Ako3 soat oldin

    8:30 Am I the only one Who find this Guy more corageous than anybody. He still singing even if the audience wasn't clapping, on his way straight

  9. i. a.

    i. a.10 soat oldin

    The last performance was just amazing

  10. Willow Willow

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  11. Hop Boi

    Hop Boi14 soat oldin

    David is my fvt one😁

  12. Darlene VanEtten

    Darlene VanEttenKun oldin

    Be honoured ppl you have just witnessed a one of a kind performance. BRAVO 🎉

  13. chilstyle1

    chilstyle12 kun oldin

    It's like satin singing it! 😂😂😂😂 I loved how the audience started to sing too.

  14. chilstyle1

    chilstyle12 kun oldin

    Yo the views of this video!

  15. Demonic Magus Ako

    Demonic Magus Ako2 kun oldin

    How old are you 28 Ok that's good 😏

  16. Lisbeth Acosta

    Lisbeth Acosta2 kun oldin

    21:57 song?

  17. liu siu ik

    liu siu ik2 kun oldin

    I'm leo too saulo 😍

  18. Dos Dahrk

    Dos Dahrk2 kun oldin

    Could've made a killing if iwas selling drinks that day...sooooo many thirsty gals......truly disgusting how they are predators staring at meat ..if a man stared at a woman like that ...jail

  19. vjergina

    vjergina3 kun oldin

    Amanda hated Aaron Marshall because he did not sing the typical way of singing a song. You're not cute Amanda, you're looking a bit childish and a little egotistic. Hahahahahahahaua

  20. Fernando fiorin domingos Fiorin domingos

    Fernando fiorin domingos Fiorin domingos3 kun oldin

    Aquele cara da música da frozen é doidão

  21. Kamang Gang

    Kamang Gang3 kun oldin

    Simon was like a jealous boyfriend when David started flirting 😂

  22. Levi's_will_to_kill

    Levi's_will_to_kill3 kun oldin

    I can see the pain in the eyes of the cello player saying "Were playing a song not a 'piece' I hope you like it so I can go home now and PraCtICe some INteRestInG pieces 😀" 😂

  23. Gerry McPartland

    Gerry McPartland3 kun oldin

    That young man wont have any problems when it comes to girl.they will be hanging off him .Breath of fresh air.

  24. steve Pepke

    steve Pepke4 kun oldin

    Let the beat control your body???? Omg that was horrible!!!

  25. Marian Gyasi

    Marian Gyasi4 kun oldin

    Oh my God, after all this years am now with smart phone watching this unique performing but White people are too unique and is my biggest dream to win White person as a friend

  26. madperson876

    madperson8764 kun oldin

    Me: * sits at computer drinking a glass of coke * Jessie: * starts sword fighting crazily * Me: * chokes on drink *

  27. Charity Ezumezu

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  28. Charity Ezumezu

    Charity Ezumezu22 soat oldin


  29. Cathy Niehaus

    Cathy Niehaus4 kun oldin

    Love Henry


    HIMANSHU SHARMA4 kun oldin

    That Ninja girl man😏😏😏

  31. Vincent James Voice

    Vincent James Voice4 kun oldin

    "LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!!!" 19:27

  32. Carmen Bedoy

    Carmen Bedoy5 kun oldin

    What a beautiful surprise. I'd love to had been there!!!!


    DD SMASH ENGLISH5 kun oldin

    To everyone, don't mess with that girl ever if you see ,please 😭😭🙏


    DD SMASH ENGLISH5 kun oldin

    To everyone, don't mess with that girl ever if you see ,please 😭😭🙏

  35. Remi's AMV

    Remi's AMV6 kun oldin

    three of them were hitting on him 😂

  36. jenisha thapa

    jenisha thapa6 kun oldin

    Why does Simon look like mrbeast Anyone agree?

  37. lakshya world

    lakshya world6 kun oldin

    Henry 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  38. Army WatsonRose

    Army WatsonRose7 kun oldin

    yo viendo el video del wey con las zapatillas yo: "Taehyung le gana" xd

  39. Ma.Esther

    Ma.Esther7 kun oldin

    Love the last performers👏👏👏😀

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  43. cobra khai no mercy

    cobra khai no mercy9 kun oldin

    Dj john

  44. Trending on Tiktok

    Trending on Tiktok9 kun oldin

    Any news from HENRY and his crush? 😂

  45. Trending on Tiktok

    Trending on Tiktok9 kun oldin

    8:31 Amanda is so cute. 😂 she was dissapointed 😂

  46. Charles W

    Charles W9 kun oldin

    DJ John got the grove. Can't be too snobby about entertainment as long as it's fun.

  47. Courtney McIntosh

    Courtney McIntosh9 kun oldin

    Saulo comes on : David : its a yes from me Alisha : what's your star sign Saulo : Leo David : same as mine Alisha : are you married Leo : No David : wonderful news 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Mariah King

    Mariah King9 kun oldin

    Umm I never expected a man named Luca to be dancing in a pair of high heels.

  49. Tauqilla

    Tauqilla9 kun oldin

    Luca....well that escalated quickly😩😁😂

  50. Empress Pauline

    Empress Pauline10 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂David is funny "it's a yes from me" he doesn't even know what the guy will do😂😂

  51. Hiren Gohil

    Hiren Gohil10 kun oldin

    Aron Marshall just nailed Amanda😂

  52. abyalew teklu

    abyalew teklu10 kun oldin

    2:19 the way she was biting her lips😂

  53. Natayla Bennett

    Natayla Bennett11 kun oldin

    2:20 i laughed sooo hard

  54. Sophia Blaiseシ

    Sophia Blaiseシ11 kun oldin

    1:44 my baby puppy who bites reaaly strong grabboing the broomstick and me trying to get it:

  55. 117 Swapnil Singh

    117 Swapnil Singh12 kun oldin

    Simon was Batman

  56. Rajveer Rastogi

    Rajveer Rastogi12 kun oldin

    Is that a real song on UZnick the last performance

  57. s s

    s s12 kun oldin

    Can anyone tell me the song name he sang after DJ john ????

  58. Tricia Anne Shiristani Solina

    Tricia Anne Shiristani Solina12 kun oldin

    Fun fact: the girl that henry like was the karate girl hahaha

  59. Harlyn Simora

    Harlyn Simora12 kun oldin

    It is now year 2021 and m still watching this 👇👇👇 Gimme a like!

  60. Joy Trangia

    Joy Trangia13 kun oldin

    I LOVE DAVID👏👏👏He's so Funny😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘

  61. Eva Vroen

    Eva Vroen13 kun oldin

    25:40 Simon looked so confused 😂

  62. Ali Nasir

    Ali Nasir13 kun oldin

    Big fan john

  63. Athena

    Athena13 kun oldin

    that little girl with the katana isn't getting bullied-...

  64. royola urriza

    royola urriza13 kun oldin

    Brilliant musicians

  65. royola urriza

    royola urriza13 kun oldin

    So talented I can say that his parents are so lucky...❤️

  66. Ayub Dadu

    Ayub Dadu13 kun oldin

    David is most funny guy among the Judge, love it❤

  67. Riduan Muhammad

    Riduan Muhammad13 kun oldin


  68. CR football

    CR football13 kun oldin

    I pray for the sword girl's future boyfriend my prayers are with you

  69. Blue

    Blue14 kun oldin

    23:57 perfect

  70. Blue

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  71. Irawan Nafeeza

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  72. Atharva Tambe

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  73. Jeffrey Ottinger

    Jeffrey Ottinger15 kun oldin

    Guy in high heels literally Monty Pythoned Britain’s Got Talent.

  74. Jeffrey Ottinger

    Jeffrey Ottinger15 kun oldin

    It’s great when I understand DJ John an Simon can’t 😂.

  75. Daisy Gallardo

    Daisy Gallardo16 kun oldin

    Que pena tan bonito entretenimiento no podamos disfrutarlo plenamente por no saber inglés, deberían pensar un poco en eso y poner una solución, para no disfrutarlo a medias

  76. Guy with Glasses

    Guy with Glasses16 kun oldin

    15:00 is he harry kane son😂

  77. Des merc

    Des merc16 kun oldin

    Simon looks like Raffy Tulfo

  78. Reards.K

    Reards.K17 kun oldin

    9:22 🤣🤣

  79. kstt baby

    kstt baby17 kun oldin

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeee David a lot !

  80. ricky setiawan

    ricky setiawan17 kun oldin

    23:57 This cool

  81. Ha Ha

    Ha Ha17 kun oldin

    Awkward moment HAHAHAHA

  82. Reaction time with Malena

    Reaction time with Malena18 kun oldin

    14:30 so cute and romantic ❤️❤️

  83. xxcocofluffxx '

    xxcocofluffxx '18 kun oldin

    All you gotta do is "let the beat control your body"

  84. Destiny Matthie

    Destiny Matthie18 kun oldin

    I just want everyone to know that I'm terrified of the little girl with the katana... 😂💯

  85. i. a.

    i. a.10 soat oldin

    @Zoey Cerniglia LMAOOO RIGHT

  86. Zoey Cerniglia

    Zoey Cerniglia13 kun oldin

    she looked like she legitimately wanted to murder them all at the end. lol.

  87. Kimi Hime

    Kimi Hime18 kun oldin

    Dj john meresahkan😂😂

  88. Letícia

    Letícia18 kun oldin

    7:54 início de um sonho / deu tudo errado

  89. Vrishin Gattu

    Vrishin Gattu18 kun oldin

    What's brock lesnar doing on bgt?

  90. Tia Longz

    Tia Longz18 kun oldin

    Best judges ever Simon, Amanda, Mel B, David, Howie, and ya Heidi.. Sorry for the spell 💕💕💕

  91. WorldPeace1

    WorldPeace119 kun oldin

    That DJ John guy was stupid as hell... Not even sure why they even let him on the show.

  92. • milky pastel •

    • milky pastel •19 kun oldin

    Who do you think should have gotten the golden buzzer?


    DRAGONSLAYER19 kun oldin

    Me - Simping Saulo Sarmiento😀🍌👬 David : wonderful , its a yes from me 😍👬

  94. Young_Disaster

    Young_Disaster19 kun oldin

    Amanda’s face turns to 😆 then to 😩

  95. BlackDevil gaming

    BlackDevil gaming21 kun oldin

    the last orchestra was worth a golden buzzer man !!!!!!


    METALIK GAMING21 kun oldin

    hilarious, it can be the same as the title, I like your video

  97. Anurag

    Anurag21 kun oldin

    Actually I think that Simon is a certified chutiya..

  98. Ayesha Curry

    Ayesha Curry21 kun oldin

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  104. Andrei Pufu

    Andrei Pufu22 kun oldin

    I think I'll watch Britain's got talent instead of anything else just to hear "Blimey!" more often. Sod, I was born too far east of Her Manjesty...

  105. Dhanika

    Dhanika22 kun oldin

    Are you married? No Wonderful news! 😂🤣

  106. Music Melody

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  107. Coco21212

    Coco2121222 kun oldin

    23:56 BGT didn't know how to mic that properly

  108. Rosanna Joy Dano

    Rosanna Joy Dano22 kun oldin

    I sooo love Amanda 😘

  109. Rosanna Joy Dano

    Rosanna Joy Dano22 kun oldin

    That face when the judge gets pissed off 🤣🤣🤣

  110. Wills Barthelemy

    Wills Barthelemy22 kun oldin

    2:20 she just ...

  111. Sky zombie45

    Sky zombie4523 kun oldin

    To be honest if aaron Marshall had real vocal talent that rendition could've been perfect. But that's just eh

  112. TerkaMLBB

    TerkaMLBB23 kun oldin

    That boy with guitar was amazing! I hope Simon singned with him right there

  113. Redon Gallapeni

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    The Karate girl is little Anne Marie

  114. Julia Ribeiro Freitas

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