The MOST we’ve spent on eBay chicken eggs.

Ebay hatching eggs & a new incubator to test out. Let’s go…
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0:00 Jakob Ahlbom - The Gordian Knot
1:03 Daniel Gunnarsson - Like Stone
2:09 Nickolas Jones - A Better One
3:38 Major Tweaks - Close Call
5:40 Gavin Luke - Impressions of You
7:11 Clarence Reed - Never Say No
8:50 Lo Mimieux - Cain
9:59 Clarke Russo - Sweeping Frills
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  1. Caroline Kolisang

    Caroline KolisangKun oldin

    You open the incubator way too often. Like that really changes the " brooding climate". Opening the incubator really messes the eggs up.

  2. Bheng Josol

    Bheng Josol2 kun oldin

    hahaha im laughing 😂 i think becky will know 😂

  3. Dipu Arif

    Dipu Arif3 kun oldin

    i want it, i will hatch chicken eggs. and im from chittagong, bangladesh

  4. Julie Maggard

    Julie Maggard4 kun oldin

    I’d like one I hatch chickens in missouri in the us

  5. Richard Langhammer

    Richard Langhammer4 kun oldin

    Izzy looks like a Dampierre

  6. Pure Luck

    Pure Luck4 kun oldin

    Your children are so cute 🥰 i have 2 of my own and love seeing kids interact with animals

  7. Clint W.

    Clint W.5 kun oldin

    I am wrong or does a buy it now button not end all of this. Pick a price you are happy with. Can you not do this with animals(I have never tried tbh)

  8. Foxery

    Foxery6 kun oldin

    i want incuebater i hatch normal chicken egg i from bangledesh

  9. William Brown

    William Brown6 kun oldin

    The incubator wasn't worth five dollars the company that you bought the mix from or to make some of them good if not the incubator from them if not then your responsible Billy Brown Washington North Carolina and yes I'd like to have some little baby bar drops

  10. Sophie Byrnes

    Sophie Byrnes6 kun oldin

    Hi I would like the incubator, I want to hatch bantam chicks and Swedish flower chicks , I live in Ireland by the way 🙏💙I’m Sophie by the way

  11. Jack Rogers

    Jack Rogers7 kun oldin

    2 out of 12?

  12. Omario Marsh

    Omario Marsh7 kun oldin

    We have a lot of those chicken 🐓 in Jamaica

  13. neighbor channel

    neighbor channel7 kun oldin

    That is the incubater I used

  14. neighbor channel

    neighbor channel7 kun oldin

    And 1 buff orfington and 1 americana

  15. neighbor channel

    neighbor channel7 kun oldin

    I have 2 copper maron hens

  16. Garrett W

    Garrett W8 kun oldin

    Hi, I would like to win the incubator. I'm going to hatch lavender guineas. I live in Chillicothe Missouri.

  17. Sarah Lunafire

    Sarah Lunafire8 kun oldin

    LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! What video editing software do you use? I have a year subscription to Adobe Premiere Rush,but it has become very glitchy and constantly crashes right after booting up on my Samsung phone. On my PC laptop is ok but dispite advertising as totally cross platform usable, has NOT allowed 75hrs worth of editing work on a 35min video transfer from my phone to my PC.

  18. Alecto Extreme

    Alecto Extreme9 kun oldin

    I buy 25 weeks old chickens exactly like 0:02, marans chicken ( only femele ) with about 60$ from a bird fair, now i have to buy a male... all of this in romania ....

  19. Rana Muhammad Sikander RMS

    Rana Muhammad Sikander RMS9 kun oldin

    Love to hatch ayam cemani eggs

  20. Lil gucci ea

    Lil gucci ea11 kun oldin

    Hey Jake I wanna win the incubator I’m gonna hatch chicks and ducks and I’m in London England

  21. Sister Mary Redundant

    Sister Mary Redundant11 kun oldin

    @White House on the Hill *Curious why you would use an un-tried incubator on a group of very expensive eggs that you want successful hatchlings from??? Why not use your most successful incubator on those and experiment with the cheap incubator on some inexpensive eggs???*

  22. Ian Counter

    Ian Counter12 kun oldin

    I want it I will hach pigons Uk

  23. Lavender Wolfbound

    Lavender Wolfbound12 kun oldin

    The greenish blue I would guess would be Easter Eggers or one of the other blue egg chickens(would say what breed but i can't spell it to save my life) and the brown ones look like rodeisland reds

  24. Wascher Homestead

    Wascher Homestead13 kun oldin

    I would love the incubator if it’s not over yet. I’m in South Carolina and we currently incubate chicken eggs. Both barnyard mixes and pure bred silkies.

  25. Jack Keating

    Jack Keating13 kun oldin

    O and love your amazing videos thanks I live in Ireland

  26. Jack Keating

    Jack Keating13 kun oldin

    Can I have it I'm 10 and I would like a inqbater sorry about my spelling but I'd be interested in hatching some of my chickens eggs

  27. Sara Ewen

    Sara Ewen13 kun oldin

    If you never got it up to temp, you should never have used it. Why not give away a Brinsea instead of the cheapo one that didn't work well from the start?

  28. Sara Ewen

    Sara Ewen13 kun oldin

    I'm really surprised that you spent $130 on eggs (the most you've ever spent) and then put them in a questionable incubator. Why would you do that? That Brinsea should have been the incubator of choice with those rare breed eggs. Seems like a waste.

  29. Daniel K.

    Daniel K.14 kun oldin

    I will have the incubator

  30. Christopher Watson

    Christopher Watson14 kun oldin

    I would like the incubator and I would be hatching round head eggs game chickens

  31. Teal Kerberus

    Teal Kerberus15 kun oldin

    Hearing those chicks calling to their mother as they hatch and getting no reply is pretty devastating - poor little things, they're orphaned before they take their first breath. I know most domestic hens are abysmal mothers, but they need a sound recording of a mother hen to comfort them.

  32. C J

    C J16 kun oldin

    2:04 XD XD

  33. Tank 8780

    Tank 878017 kun oldin

    I want to win it and I’m going to hatch a regular breed and I’m from st.Pete and I live in the us

  34. Metehan Gelgel

    Metehan Gelgel17 kun oldin

    This rooster are very common in turkey its like 10-30 bucks

  35. dalylers 1996

    dalylers 199618 kun oldin

    Why use such expensive eggs while testing!? And why not add insulation when it wasn’t hot enough?

  36. LynnDell Cox

    LynnDell Cox18 kun oldin

    I want it here in southern utah to hatch some chicks to build our little farm folk

  37. SunBearLogic

    SunBearLogic18 kun oldin

    Someone I know has a $500 chicken maybe more I forgot

  38. Aura Haze Farm

    Aura Haze Farm18 kun oldin

    Our first Crevecoeur chicks were from Greenfire Farms and we have hatched our own since then. Thought of hatching eggs to start, but can't stand auctions. Watching you and your kids was fun, though! Btw, our chicks were $23/each, so you might have saved a lot of money at $10/egg! Still a lot, but worth it 👍🏼

  39. Ann Garcica

    Ann Garcica19 kun oldin

    I want to win the incubator so that I can hatch 🐣 some playmouth chicks and silkies i am from USA Arizona 🌵

  40. Aarush Gupta

    Aarush Gupta19 kun oldin

    In india you can get black copper marans chicken hatching eggs 2 or 3 eggs for 1 dollar

  41. Derek Brown

    Derek Brown20 kun oldin

    I got ten chicks that were like 3 dollars each

  42. Allain Capitanea

    Allain Capitanea20 kun oldin

    I want to win it I'm from the Philippines 🥰

  43. David Punzel

    David Punzel20 kun oldin

    No thank you

  44. xXvinnyX x

    xXvinnyX x20 kun oldin

    My guess is.......a chicken

  45. Kenney K

    Kenney K20 kun oldin

    I’d love to win the incubator as I was going to hatch my first ever ducklings I’ve got 6 eggs and I was going to hatch them from a Brodie chicken but it isn’t Brodie anymore and I’m from England

  46. Michelle J

    Michelle J21 kun oldin

    Why would you Test such expensive eggs in a cheap untested incubator???? And then, why would you give that faulty incubator away???? I am asking because I just do not understand???

  47. justin .y

    justin .y21 kun oldin

    Msn i remember this cannel when it was 125k subs

  48. Alex Whittaker

    Alex Whittaker21 kun oldin

    The first three eggs look like cream legbar eggs

  49. Chinthan Shetty

    Chinthan Shetty21 kun oldin

    I want the incubator.. I'm from india.. and I'm currently trying to breed fighter hens

  50. Lorraine Marquez

    Lorraine Marquez22 kun oldin

    Buy eggs from Cogg Hill Farm they are awesome. Check out there channel.

  51. Jamie Deer

    Jamie Deer22 kun oldin

    I have the same incubator. I used it for the first time. I didn’t know you can take off that wire for the rollers once it was put together. Good to know:) I had 11 or 12 eggs and 6 hatched successfully, 2 other ones were trying to hatch out but for some reason died almost out of the egg. I hatched road island reds (I know it’s the wrong spelling). I like my incubator:) I just need to learn a bit more about it, hopefully to have a higher hatch rate next time:)

  52. Wolvi Menezes

    Wolvi Menezes22 kun oldin

    That incubator is actually great, really high percentage hatch rate for us. Instructions say to keep the styrofoam with the packaging to insulate the plastic bin but I'm guessing you threw it out. Great video!!

  53. j hansen

    j hansen22 kun oldin

    lol dude, just take your kids to the movies or something next time. SMH

  54. Shadow Claw923

    Shadow Claw92322 kun oldin

    This is so cute thanks for the tip i going to buy a incubator and some real eggs to have chickens again thanks for the tips :)

  55. Shirley Lodden

    Shirley Lodden22 kun oldin

    I would like to have that incubator. I want to try hatching quail. I live in Michigan.

  56. peter pan

    peter pan22 kun oldin

    shitty incubator he dont want so gives it away :)

  57. peter pan

    peter pan22 kun oldin

    the dudes math is terrible he spent 120 so thats 10 dollar an egg:)

  58. Alex Bryant

    Alex Bryant23 kun oldin

    I will have the incubater please. I'm Alex from London, I currently have quail but have bred chickens and ducks in the past. I two females left so would be nice to have some more

  59. Hasan Basri Koksal

    Hasan Basri Koksal23 kun oldin

    1. How is it that so many viewers have the sense to not use an untested incubator on expensive eggs - and you don't? 2. Looks like only about HALF of the eggs were even fertilized. Is that acceptable from a professional breeder? How about a refund?

  60. Susan Susan

    Susan Susan23 kun oldin

    As much as those eggs were, I never would have put them in an untested incubator... that was heartbreaking.

  61. Damian olvera

    Damian olvera23 kun oldin

    i whant the cubuter aim gona hach chiken eggs usa

  62. Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers23 kun oldin

    The ebay listing says don't candle... not worth the views man

  63. Anna Dela Cruz

    Anna Dela Cruz23 kun oldin

    It is always great to see you do your testing and letting us know what you think about the incubators. I read some of the comments and it was your choice, not ours on what incubator you used. I love the fact that you kept the birds in and had the boys play with them. I know I would have loved to play with them. It is always exciting to see the new chicks hatch and watch them grow. I watched Bamboo grow and that was truly a lot of fun. Thank you all and hopefully when I get my place. I will have learned enough to get started and be as happy with my animals as you are. Hugs and smoochies...Anna Banana Big smile here!

  64. Syed Muhamma

    Syed Muhamma23 kun oldin

    i want the incubator why because i want to hatch a egg i want to hatch a black chicken egg and i am from pakistan karachi asia

  65. Zuhayr Bayat

    Zuhayr Bayat23 kun oldin

    I want to win and I want to hatch a chicken I am in South Africa

  66. Harrison bruno

    Harrison bruno23 kun oldin

    I want it I wanna hatch chicken eggs I am from Botswana

  67. A normal guy on the internet with a dog

    A normal guy on the internet with a dog23 kun oldin


  68. sclasscustoms

    sclasscustoms23 kun oldin

    Love my black copper marans they have the best tasting eggs

  69. v beacher

    v beacher23 kun oldin

    why spend 120 bucks on eggs to try hatching them in a completely failed incubator? Come on man you're smarter than this! we all were so locking forward to 12 chicks and the incubator killed at least 8 of them! BURN THAT INCUBATOR!

  70. Clara Mae

    Clara Mae24 kun oldin

    :O cute beans smol beans :D

  71. Subhajit Basu

    Subhajit Basu24 kun oldin

    I want the incubator I am from India

  72. caroline haupt

    caroline haupt24 kun oldin

    Please don't kill and eat your chickens it just sad

  73. Bill Manos

    Bill Manos24 kun oldin

    Little confused with this video.... is it a video on what not to do? First off Greenfire has always been over priced.... don’t get how people spend that type of money for what amounted to 2 chicks.... Second who would use an untested incubator on over priced eggs? ...Third, trying to unload an incubator that has what a 15% hatch rate? Who in their right mind would take that incubator even for free?.... Still like these guys though....

  74. NFiltr8Red

    NFiltr8Red24 kun oldin

    You have an awesome little farm. If your breeding for meat, add some game breeds to your flock to make a leaner and more tasty flavor.

  75. Kaleem Hannan

    Kaleem Hannan24 kun oldin

    I'm back, again

  76. Robert Laws

    Robert Laws24 kun oldin

    2:09 LOL

  77. John Dowd

    John Dowd25 kun oldin

    I have the same incubator..the turner doest stay working.kind of crappy.

  78. atmm89

    atmm8925 kun oldin

    put $120 worth of eggs into an untried incubator, not sure this was wise, just saying

  79. Jack E Powell

    Jack E Powell25 kun oldin

    where can i get an emu

  80. Alissa Lauffer

    Alissa Lauffer25 kun oldin

    Hi from Missouri as well!!! I was wondering what you think about the Little Giant incubator? I bought mine at Orshlen's and love it. Personally I manually turn the eggs and have a a 90% hatch rate. Hope you all are having a fantastic day when you read this.

  81. connor McGregor

    connor McGregor25 kun oldin

    I want the incubator I'm going to hatch rare big red rd island red, game birds and parrots

  82. Bryson Compton

    Bryson Compton25 kun oldin

    If you still want a bealfeader I have 4 rosters you can have if you pad shiping

  83. LIL 7309

    LIL 730926 kun oldin

    We are going to hatch silkys and rhode island red

  84. Brandi Rohlman

    Brandi Rohlman26 kun oldin

    i have a low budget. what incubator works well at low cost

  85. Moises Nunez

    Moises Nunez26 kun oldin

    I want Expensive eggs 🥚 my Cuzsin mom has lot of shaking eggs so I want too do something nice for my aunt

  86. Zain Pulliam

    Zain Pulliam27 kun oldin

    I live in Missouri and ill hach quail and pheasant

  87. Max and cooper

    Max and cooper27 kun oldin

    I want it For chickens New Zealand

  88. Highly Spontaneous

    Highly Spontaneous27 kun oldin

    Very interesting.

  89. Live Silkies

    Live Silkies27 kun oldin

    Unfortunately I spent a fortune on Silkie Duds 😶 if the incubator doesn't work for you, why give it to someone to let them down, plus buying fert eggs isn't cheep🐓

  90. Janet Listy

    Janet Listy27 kun oldin

    Hi I just recently found your videos. This is my second year to raise chickens and I cant wait to start hatching them myself. I have a road island red and a black orpington chicken. I do have a rooster that is a mix between a silkie and a bantam. I enjoy your videos very much! I also am in missouri.

  91. M J

    M J27 kun oldin

    I hope that the award for the egg incubator is my share. I am from the country of Libya. You can send it to me via Aramex. I will pay the freight. lol 💜😂🤲

  92. Kiran Mishra

    Kiran Mishra28 kun oldin

    I want the incubater and I am from 🇳🇵Nepal

  93. Emanuele Catalano

    Emanuele Catalano29 kun oldin

    Hi from italy

  94. Prince Raj

    Prince Raj29 kun oldin

    I want to hatch barn owl egg .from india

  95. Stacy Burdick

    Stacy Burdick29 kun oldin

    Would love an incubator we are going to get turkeys in June but have hens, and was just gifted 2 roosters. We have a small farm that I blog about but not to UZnick yet, but love your channel. From Florida

  96. John Cspine

    John Cspine29 kun oldin

    None are Black Copper Marans..they aren’t dark chocolate eggs..

  97. Pude Touch

    Pude Touch29 kun oldin

    Sound 1/5!

  98. The Perverted Monk

    The Perverted Monk29 kun oldin

    I just need to know for my own sanity, did you clone your children or are they organic? Lol Hey, i wouldnt put nothing past a guy whos a master egg hatcher!

  99. Ella Rose

    Ella Rose29 kun oldin

    i might be getting ducks so i’m doing as much research as i can your videos are really entertaining and they’ve helped me get quite a lot information written down

  100. panagiotis_da

    panagiotis_daOy oldin

    Hello from Greece🇬🇷