The Voice UK 2021: Best Blind Auditions & Moments of Season 10

The Voice UK is back! And we’ve selected the best Blind Auditions and Coach moments of The Voice UK season 10! Which Blind Audition and/or Coach moment is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 The Coaches sing “You’ve Got The Love” by Florence + the Machine
02:57 Lauren Drew sings “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J
04:39 Wura Abimbola sings “Strange” by Celeste
06:20 Benjamin Haycock sings “Restlessness” by Benjamin Haycock, original song
08:48 The Coaches explain the Block Button
09:17 Joe Topping sings “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan
11:23 Sir Tom Jones gets a surprise 80th birthday gift
14:18 Esther Cole sings “Let Me Down Slowly” by Alec Benjamin
16:08 Jérémy Levif sings “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding
17:49 Coach Anne-Marie sings “2002”
20:22 Mariam Davina sings “Anyone” by Demi Lovato
22:10 Nathan Smoker sings “Can’t Pretend” by Tom Odell
23:59 Coach Sir Tom Jones sings “Cry To Me” by Solomon Burke
27:17 Hannah Williams sings “Stay With Me Baby” by Lorraine Ellison
28:59 Craig Eddy sings “Make It Rain” by Foy Vance
30:48 The Coaches sing “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” by Solomon Burke
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  1. Best of The Voice

    Best of The VoiceOy oldin

    What’s your favorite Blind Audition of The Voice UK 2021? ✌️

  2. timeBandit

    timeBandit4 kun oldin

    Wura Abimbola

  3. Giandomenico Scibelli

    Giandomenico Scibelli5 kun oldin


  4. Giandomenico Scibelli

    Giandomenico Scibelli5 kun oldin


  5. Reveron Everon

    Reveron Everon8 kun oldin

    Beautiful selection of songs tnk 💓💕👬🌻🌹🌎🌍🌏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏The One and only

  6. Bob Pease

    Bob Pease13 kun oldin

    The pretty girl in yellow dress who sang “my way”!

  7. PascaleMyriam

    PascaleMyriam10 soat oldin

    The second ... her voice need more credit !!! Wow

  8. Dik Koff

    Dik Koff21 soat oldin

    Том Джонс это просто супер дед какой то - завалил всех, так легко владеет голосом в 80 лет!

  9. John Rose

    John Rose21 soat oldin

    Jeremy Levif's voice is absolutely STUNNING!

  10. Cyle Clark

    Cyle ClarkKun oldin

    Tom Jones had been and will always be an inspiration to the world! What a blessing!

  11. Diana Boerninghaus

    Diana BoerninghausKun oldin

    how can i get the voice uk in US can i download something ya'll are the best better than US

  12. Greena Elopre

    Greena ElopreKun oldin

    I commend David Tench. 😍 Band director

  13. Greena Elopre

    Greena ElopreKun oldin

    Tom Jones 💕❤️

  14. Pat McGaha

    Pat McGaha2 kun oldin

    Loved The Day We Fell In Love

  15. Данила

    Данила3 kun oldin

    Tom is cool

  16. Maciel Rodriguez Maciel

    Maciel Rodriguez Maciel3 kun oldin

    Ídolos, Grandes, me emociona!!! Dios!!! Fany

  17. Vittorio Marcelloni

    Vittorio Marcelloni3 kun oldin

    Tom is a living legend!

  18. Christopher Davison

    Christopher Davison4 kun oldin

    Really scrapeing the barrel with ollie murs no?

  19. association Les 7 Voiles

    association Les 7 Voiles4 kun oldin

    benjamin song it's very good

  20. snakegemini

    snakegemini4 kun oldin

    Sir Tom Jones!

  21. Kevin K

    Kevin K5 kun oldin

    The blocking is ridiculous I think. It is more focused on a battle between the coaches. Some contestants/performers might have a dream to work with someone and that person might believe in them and still don't get to chose them. I can understand the first seasons are more about creating artists and now it is only entertainment for the viewers.

  22. R.J. BAIDOO

    R.J. BAIDOO5 kun oldin

    Awww. Anne Marie got me falling in love with her voice.

  23. Anton MRASEK

    Anton MRASEK5 kun oldin

    Einfach klasse

  24. D*1*M

    D*1*M7 kun oldin

    сука как же клева Том жжент вместе с Мари-Энн сингл очешуеть

  25. ERSAJO 23

    ERSAJO 237 kun oldin

    this judges are really amazing so much respect for all of them. bravo. and the band too.

  26. Ronald Villalobos

    Ronald Villalobos8 kun oldin

    You know, maybe is a little strange, but I am here in my country (Costa Rica) a thousands miles far away from UK, enjoying every song. It is the miracle of the social networks or telecommunications....., whatever. It seems also a little crazy.

  27. Aunty Gogo

    Aunty Gogo8 kun oldin

    Hey 80 looks good on you Tom


    A LIFE OF DIVERSIONS8 kun oldin

    Wow, Stevie’s words, Tom’s face, my tears...Thank you 🙏

  29. Agustina San Martín

    Agustina San Martín8 kun oldin

    Anne Marie is adorable, her reactions look so pure. There's something so bright about her, don't you think?

  30. Little Cinder Girl

    Little Cinder Girl8 kun oldin

    I don't like the block button I feel that the person that's performing should get to pick the coach that they want if the coach turns around.

  31. daniel calvi

    daniel calvi9 kun oldin

    My favourite: the coaches singing at the beginning...:)

  32. Mirco Petrolati

    Mirco Petrolati9 kun oldin

    Tom still the best

  33. Астик М

    Астик М9 kun oldin

    And now i know how does John Coffey's sister looks like🤪

  34. Alberto Martínez

    Alberto Martínez10 kun oldin

    jeremy levif es increíble...hacia mucho q no escuchaba una voz así...

  35. Dalibor Salapura

    Dalibor Salapura10 kun oldin

    Tom Jones G.O.A.T.👆

  36. Vlad Vadimov

    Vlad Vadimov10 kun oldin

    Hannah Williams is insane!

  37. Ellie P

    Ellie P11 kun oldin

    Damn, Anne-Marie’s note at 2:09 was stunning and very very cool. Also, Tom is such a boss.

  38. Maciel Rodriguez Maciel

    Maciel Rodriguez Maciel12 kun oldin

    Guauuu, bunisimo genial, únicos ídolos!!! Fany

  39. Chairo Neko

    Chairo Neko12 kun oldin

    Ma man Tom is so fucking impressive this voice this appearance this dude is a king periodt.

  40. Yamileydi Montejo Valdes

    Yamileydi Montejo Valdes13 kun oldin

    Ay Dios me encantó esta audicion que deleite chapo.Gracias,Gracias, Gracias

  41. Yamileydi Montejo Valdes

    Yamileydi Montejo Valdes13 kun oldin

    Me encanto la actuacion xfin podimos deleitarnos primero con el jurado wow

  42. Andrew Kimberlin

    Andrew Kimberlin13 kun oldin

    The lavish otter critically practise because hippopotamus demographically camp absent a unused bun. ancient, swift pisces

  43. Ruth Anne Brown

    Ruth Anne Brown14 kun oldin

    And, Tom Jones is only three years older than I am!! So cool!! I think I like this version of The Voice best.

  44. Debra Tracy

    Debra Tracy14 kun oldin

    Damn, Sir Tom is still sexy and still has his beautiful voice. Love him

  45. Suparna

    Suparna14 kun oldin

    Honestly the musical ability of the band just blows me away!

  46. exslnator 95

    exslnator 9514 kun oldin

    The „the voice UK coaches“ are in my opinion the best ones.... they are ALWAYS 100% with the contestants and always try to make it the best time for the viewers.... I love them so much

  47. lasha sesitashvili

    lasha sesitashvili15 kun oldin

    Tom is best !!!!! his voice even in 80 years old sounds more and more better than the other young artists !!!

  48. D dunnguard

    D dunnguard16 kun oldin

    So glad to see Anne Marie finally gain an audience in the U.S. Her British Capital performances are some of the best.

  49. Jaime Manuel Curva

    Jaime Manuel Curva16 kun oldin

    Wonderfull!!! When the couches singing. it's really nice.....

  50. Phil Anderson

    Phil Anderson16 kun oldin

    Funny how Olly is going crazy cos he can't hit the button for Craig Eddy!

  51. Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan

    Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan16 kun oldin

    I'd like to know where I sign up to donate a few years of mine to Sir Tom Jones.

  52. painful1978

    painful197817 kun oldin

    That young Drew Barrymore sings beautifully (Anne-Marie)

  53. Quincy Nace

    Quincy Nace18 kun oldin

    Anne’s voice is divine 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  54. Milan Rodrigo

    Milan Rodrigo18 kun oldin

    Tom jones is just incredible dude🔥 His voice give me chills

  55. james white

    james white19 kun oldin

    RESTLENESS IS THE ////////////////////

  56. james white

    james white19 kun oldin

    tom jones is legend

  57. Diedra Simone

    Diedra Simone19 kun oldin

    The girl that sang let me down slowly sounded amazing

  58. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Sir Tom still has it!!

  59. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Sir Tom sings us a song! Don’t you feel like crying! ❤️❤️❤️

  60. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Nathan! 🥰

  61. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Amazing singers

  62. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Esther! Wow!

  63. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    So beautiful

  64. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Steven wonder sang a song for Tom jones! I’m doing the Carlton dance! 🥰

  65. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Love the block button on these shows!

  66. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Benjamin is amazing too! Love his tribute to his dad😢

  67. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Wuru! Omg her voice is so low an beautiful! She should win the whole show. I wasn’t expecting her voice to be that low!

  68. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Lauren! 😳

  69. alvarez0223

    alvarez022320 kun oldin

    Just watching the coaches sing was amazing! Can’t wait for the contestants sing😬

  70. Sky zombie45

    Sky zombie4520 kun oldin

    Benjamin haycock is amazing

  71. Stéphane Goneau

    Stéphane Goneau20 kun oldin


  72. TheToonses1

    TheToonses120 kun oldin

    Tom Jones still has the powerful voice that rises to the top.

  73. Jenipher Odongo

    Jenipher Odongo21 kun oldin

    The uk judges are a family beautiful to see like the us doesn't matter if there is a new one... kelly's team needs this.. they don't have it like the others...

  74. Dolores McEachren

    Dolores McEachren21 kun oldin

    This is fabulous thank you.

  75. Mary Elhalfy

    Mary Elhalfy22 kun oldin

    I love all the hosts on the show I watch all the time on UTube.👌👍😘😘😘

  76. Charles Conway

    Charles Conway22 kun oldin

    The shrill heart prognostically sip because turn directly moor below a stimulating page. dull, frantic decision

  77. lupus A

    lupus A22 kun oldin

    9:39 C'est la première fois que je vois bloqué ... un fou rire . Merci

  78. Jasmin Reisinger

    Jasmin Reisinger22 kun oldin

    Wow... Love this version of you've got the love. All of them have very unique voices ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  79. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa4 kun oldin

    Music is the ideal way to live life with more passion

  80. Manisha Hamal

    Manisha Hamal22 kun oldin

    No wonder they are judges.

  81. Da Liu

    Da Liu22 kun oldin

    The red bassoon naturalistically disapprove because shake apparently wink a a drab alcohol. thirsty, magnificent random

  82. Marcos Olivieri

    Marcos Olivieri22 kun oldin

    That was great

  83. Mok cikjai Mok cik

    Mok cikjai Mok cik22 kun oldin

    14:16 when Sir Tom Jones says Thank you to Will.. Man.. its too deep.. i mean really deep... 💯

  84. Frozen Bladez

    Frozen Bladez23 kun oldin

    Awe man Stevie and Tom got me tearing up ❤️ #Legends

  85. Yamotero

    Yamotero23 kun oldin

    wow! tom jones! ur amazing ❤️

  86. Sandra Bagayas

    Sandra Bagayas23 kun oldin

    Tom the LEGEND...

  87. uppanadam74

    uppanadam7423 kun oldin

    You know!! I kind of like the virtual audience better than the real audience!! LOL!!

  88. uppanadam74

    uppanadam7423 kun oldin

    Suddenly feel like watching Dirty Dancing at 5:30 in the morning!! LOL!!

  89. Aubrey Hash

    Aubrey Hash23 kun oldin

    I love tom Jones he is so classy and I just love his voice it has just such a classy man tone to it and it sounds great

  90. Rayleen Gale

    Rayleen Gale24 kun oldin

    This was so entertaining! Tons of talent! 🤩

  91. IKG Grenon

    IKG Grenon24 kun oldin

    🎼🐛🦋 WOW. I think you motivated minstrels & musically gifted, may have helped rescue more than a few: neglected, dejected, isolated, anger-bedeviled & grieving folks from suicide with your amazing grace. Seriously! Grace of the Holy Spirit inhabits & works with & THROUGH our loving God-hospitable hearts, through distinctive & meant to be divinely developed personalities! Through Love-aligned INDIVIDUALS, & sibling souls of humankind: regardless of our subjective trajectories of learning, or age, or generation, or gender or geneology or wrinkles or warts on our faces. And listen up people: Hate-fueled quackademic dogma pervading self- proclaimed "progressive politics" & terrorizing urban areas is a quagmire & a malicious assumption-sparked dumpster fire, spear-headed by liberticidal merciless Marxists & Soros-sponsored anti-American Antifa provocateurs. Mad dogma of divisive victimology & vigilante vindictiveness that is undermining along with tyrannical COVID totalitarian lockdown insanity, our liberties, up-ending livelihoods, culling small businesses, & the doing of GOOD. Pigment distribution has absolutely zero to do with bona fide dignity of character, internal integrity of BEING, derived from disciplined Golden Rule-loving service- Brotherhood of man civility-striving values & benevolant humble meaningful behaviours.

  92. Kenneth Hansen

    Kenneth Hansen24 kun oldin

    reported for match fixing , how to ruin a show

  93. Ezrita Parrow

    Ezrita Parrow24 kun oldin

    I was brought up listening to Tom Jones because my mom loved him!! He sang so smooth and his moves was so sexy to me when he was in his prime. His voice is still amazing!! Love listening to him sing

  94. Minutsi

    Minutsi25 kun oldin

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Tom Jones you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wish you more of the best - you are beautiful from inside and out. Love from Denmark (Please Wish me a little luck in life).

  95. Sabin Chan

    Sabin Chan25 kun oldin

    Wow...from nepal

  96. Antonio Santos

    Antonio Santos27 kun oldin

    Anne Marie is so honest when she said that she got an emotional experience when Sir Tom Jones sang. Younger singers get humbled back to their places after Sir Tom sings. Tom was and still is as badass a singer as he has always been. God has blessed him with such an awesome singing voice. God bless us all.

  97. Unique Drika

    Unique Drika27 kun oldin

    Olly's energy when he performs🔥🔥

  98. Moala Imsong

    Moala Imsong27 kun oldin

    Most humblest and simplest judges. Annie marie in the right place around co judges. This people makes world more beautiful. It's worth watching. Salute.❤️👍👍👍

  99. BBQ Bob

    BBQ Bob27 kun oldin @ 32:22 LOL... Luv that guy!

  100. Liezel Kok

    Liezel Kok27 kun oldin

    Think I've been living under a rock. Who is Anne-Marie?

  101. Garry

    Garry28 kun oldin

    Happy Birthday & may God Bless Tom Jones 80 years young! In Jesus name!

  102. Keh-Dalia

    Keh-Dalia28 kun oldin

    Tom and Stevie Wonder should sing together again!!!!! Two very very precious souls!!! My God I am so thankful for both of them, but Stevie Wonder is simply one of the most beautiful and amazing people to ever grace this planet! I love Stevie Wonder so much and he brought me to tears many times, AND he never lost his faith nor veered from his faith in God! That's why one of the greatest musicians of ALL time, Stevie Wonder was and is still not highly promoted in mainstream... Yet we are so blessed that he is still here and still going strong! I pray Stevie Wonder will be here until Jesus comes back! So much love to you sir bright star!

  103. Ellen Shazel

    Ellen Shazel28 kun oldin

    What Stevie said about Tom had me in tears...he really spoke from the heart.

  104. Ede-Jo Madden

    Ede-Jo Madden28 kun oldin

    judges sing a ridiculous song. crap.

  105. Jennifer Schwien

    Jennifer Schwien28 kun oldin

    That's it... I want an Olly, I'm moving to the UK 😂🤣

  106. Jennifer Schwien

    Jennifer Schwien28 kun oldin

    Restlessness... brilliant