The Wiggles cover Tame Impala 'Elephant' for Like A Version

The Wiggles cover Tame Impala for triple j's Like A Version.
Featuring Emma, Anthony, Simon, Lachy, Murray and Jeff.
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Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love. Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Childish Gambino, Lorde, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, HAIM, Gang of Youths, Halsey, DMA'S, Aurora, Arctic Monkeys. You can watch past sessions here:​​​​​ You can watch Like A Versions ad-free at​​​​​


  1. triple j

    triple jOy oldin

    Go behind The Wiggles Like A Version:

  2. Sherryl anne Lozano

    Sherryl anne Lozano11 soat oldin


  3. vivdimmick

    vivdimmick11 kun oldin


  4. Candy Cookie

    Candy Cookie27 kun oldin

    @Harold Rottencock h

  5. Candy Cookie

    Candy Cookie27 kun oldin

    @Aiden Allan j

  6. Candy Cookie

    Candy Cookie27 kun oldin

    @Geoff Hodder t

  7. Gary

    Gary2 soat oldin

    Better than the original...

  8. jimster805

    jimster8057 soat oldin


  9. Iggywiggywoo 3000

    Iggywiggywoo 30007 soat oldin

    How come Greg wasn't there? Was he unwell or did he have other commitments?

  10. Aaron Harriman

    Aaron Harriman11 soat oldin

    so sad not to see Greg here

  11. Francis Deangelo

    Francis Deangelo13 soat oldin

    Woah they had some of the original wiggles too?! This is awesome!

  12. Adam Waters

    Adam Waters18 soat oldin

    New Wiggles vs Old Wiggles? Nah, New Wiggles AND Old Wiggles.

  13. Dua Vang

    Dua Vang21 soat oldin

    I luv it!! I think im more of a wiggles fan than my kiddos! Luv luv luv the transitions!

  14. Damian Saucedo

    Damian SaucedoKun oldin

    Star Trek on their off time be like

  15. Jeboon

    JeboonKun oldin

    Wait what?

  16. moonshadow941

    moonshadow941Kun oldin

    The fruit salad transition tho!!!!This is too iconic

  17. Anthony Kennedy

    Anthony KennedyKun oldin

    I didn't know James May played guitar

  18. Gabrielle Pleming

    Gabrielle Pleming2 kun oldin

    I love the angle your taking but ditch the fruit salad bit!!

  19. Chris Walker

    Chris Walker2 kun oldin


  20. Corey Doherty

    Corey Doherty2 kun oldin

    Where was Greg Page

  21. Madison Bruce

    Madison Bruce2 kun oldin

    I is injuiiiiolluuullpou

  22. BIG Bodsta

    BIG Bodsta2 kun oldin

    Hottest song of the decade 2030

  23. JayBee

    JayBee2 kun oldin

    Here we go again *cranks volume to 100*

  24. It's Lachie!

    It's Lachie!2 kun oldin

    at first I didn/t like this but this version keeps popping back in my head

  25. Susan Kellner

    Susan Kellner3 kun oldin

    Gsaywaibe Excited

  26. Samuel Dillinger

    Samuel Dillinger4 kun oldin

    Aw, Jeff. You woke up, bro ;)

  27. Moon Man

    Moon Man4 kun oldin

    Not Tame at all. 😁

  28. Justin Lindle

    Justin Lindle4 kun oldin

    Emma's sick on the beats. The solos. Damn it's all on point. I would bleed for a wiggles cover album. Someone cover the pretzel

  29. gaming secrets

    gaming secrets5 kun oldin

    anthony in the elephant hat oml

  30. Kira Coffman

    Kira Coffman5 kun oldin

    One word for L’s hair: fluff

  31. 30fgallardo

    30fgallardo5 kun oldin

    Best thing I've seen in years

  32. ayrproductions

    ayrproductions5 kun oldin

    Ruined it with putting their own shit in there.

  33. kingcrank5

    kingcrank56 kun oldin

    James may is good on g tar

  34. Groove Crusader

    Groove Crusader6 kun oldin

    This is hells themesong

  35. SwagKirby

    SwagKirby6 kun oldin

    Anyone remember that Pokemon parody video from the birth of UZnick where Fruit Salad plays at one point? Even as I grew up the Wiggles were still with me

  36. Šeki

    Šeki6 kun oldin

    Not a fan of this, but i respect them for trying.

  37. Gareth Moore

    Gareth Moore6 kun oldin

    What the fuck is going on with the drums

  38. MrKneller

    MrKneller7 kun oldin

    Great cover. Have them back to do King Gizzard.

  39. Flan Plan

    Flan Plan7 kun oldin

    Okay now I want them to do an mtv unplugged session now.

  40. KishniaTwain97

    KishniaTwain977 kun oldin

    Of course Anthony is the one wearing the elephant head hahaha

  41. Cesia Martinez

    Cesia Martinez8 kun oldin

    I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without listening to this LIFE=COMPLETE

  42. mjohns908

    mjohns9089 kun oldin

    Shout out to everyone else who's favorite Wiggle is Jeff.

  43. Fabrice Habiyambere

    Fabrice Habiyambere9 kun oldin

    Too bad Greg wasn't here.

  44. Miriam Boyce

    Miriam Boyce10 kun oldin

    Wiggles fusion of music and Emma just bouncing on those drums.. Brilliance

  45. Anthony Ramirez

    Anthony Ramirez10 kun oldin

    If they made a full album of Alt music I would be here for it

  46. Benny

    Benny10 kun oldin

    Listening to a tame impala cover in bed and I almost thought I'd fallen asleep and woken up on a different song when they transitioned to fruit salad

  47. Lisa Carmen Knott

    Lisa Carmen Knott11 kun oldin

    The Wiggles were band from my house. UNTIL NOW. Now the toddler asks for "Fruit Salad" at least once a day.

  48. Neko

    Neko11 kun oldin

    All my homies love to see Jeff again

  49. Duván Andrés Solis Arrieta

    Duván Andrés Solis Arrieta11 kun oldin

    Hmm, they work for Willy Wonka. I feel sure to say that.

  50. Solo para mama Del solar

    Solo para mama Del solar11 kun oldin

    Sorry but I like more the original wiggles that times 😢

  51. lord FARTquad Beanz

    lord FARTquad Beanz11 kun oldin

    Elephants,wiggles,and fruit salad=AWESOME

  52. Stav Hirsch

    Stav Hirsch12 kun oldin


  53. Hunter Loves Film

    Hunter Loves Film12 kun oldin

    never knew I needed this 😭

  54. Wesley S

    Wesley S12 kun oldin

    They really ate down

  55. Jessica Cassar

    Jessica Cassar13 kun oldin

    This is everything!!! but I do kinda low key wish Greg was apart of this 💛❤️💙💜

  56. Skyliines

    Skyliines13 kun oldin

    What fkn time line is this

  57. Daniel N

    Daniel N13 kun oldin

    The Wiggles should cover another Australian Classic.. Just a suggestion but how about Kaan Kaant by Frenzal Rhomb ?

  58. Corey Offman

    Corey Offman13 kun oldin

    I know they said a curse word but what was it And wasn’t in the video or in the actual audio

  59. adrian jas

    adrian jasSoat oldin

    "Waving his big red trunk for the hell of it"

  60. Ok Google Play

    Ok Google Play13 kun oldin

    I can't believe this just happened 😂

  61. Aaron M

    Aaron M14 kun oldin

    Christ, Lachy can sing

  62. Spanky Dawson

    Spanky Dawson14 kun oldin

    This literally shit on every other like a version. Shut it down boys, you won’t be topping this one no matter how long you run this segment on the radio.

  63. Frank McFrank

    Frank McFrank14 kun oldin

    The Wiggles popping corn and psycadelic

  64. Logan Garnhum

    Logan Garnhum14 kun oldin

    I can’t stop watching

  65. Donnie Tesla

    Donnie Tesla15 kun oldin

    The Wiggles + Politics = triple J

  66. Caswillsaveme

    Caswillsaveme15 kun oldin


  67. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee15 kun oldin

    Missed opportunity for a "Big Red Trunk"

  68. Kate Daniels

    Kate Daniels15 kun oldin

    Still the best thing this year!

  69. William Bond

    William Bond15 kun oldin

    2:52 That moment between Emma and Murray!!

  70. travgpeters1

    travgpeters17 kun oldin

    there going to get it on now

  71. yoCrow_

    yoCrow_16 kun oldin

    this is next level shitposting

  72. Jean Brannum

    Jean Brannum16 kun oldin

    As a 24 year old I would totally workout to this song

  73. Life Unexpected

    Life Unexpected16 kun oldin

    My 18 month old and I rock out to this all the time, so funky!

  74. Santisima Trinidad

    Santisima Trinidad17 kun oldin

    Remember to always check the links in the description, they have the best music

  75. Nick Zuniga

    Nick Zuniga17 kun oldin

    2021 anyone??

  76. David Herrera

    David Herrera13 kun oldin

    @KingT 02 And its good ??

  77. KingT 02

    KingT 0213 kun oldin

    This vid is from 2021

  78. David Herrera

    David Herrera17 kun oldin

    Here in 2021. This cover is so good.

  79. Nilaye Thakrar

    Nilaye Thakrar17 kun oldin

    Tame Impala must reciprocate and cover Big Red Car.

  80. The_Watcher_13

    The_Watcher_1317 kun oldin

    Well, this is just... surreal. Awesome, but surreal.

  81. Pablo Muzzobar

    Pablo Muzzobar17 kun oldin

    What happened to the yellow guy

  82. TrainString

    TrainString17 kun oldin

    Hello, I'm back again for my 25th straight day of watching this video. Yummy yummy

  83. dorkultra

    dorkultra17 kun oldin

    This song is sick

  84. Absolute Absurd

    Absolute Absurd18 kun oldin

    What the fuck?

  85. Sigh borg

    Sigh borg18 kun oldin

    Thank you news without the bullshit

  86. your se1f

    your se1f18 kun oldin

    Whens tame impala doin fruit salad

  87. Dan Onil Galang

    Dan Onil Galang18 kun oldin

    Let's be clear,. This is real. We're not high, drunk, sick or dying seeing things. This is actually real. And we all fuckin love it.

  88. The Crab Man

    The Crab Man18 kun oldin

    This is an actual banger

  89. lebebop

    lebebop18 kun oldin

    629 people have never had fruit salad.

  90. SHR3D TALK

    SHR3D TALK18 kun oldin

    Did they add in the fruit salad part????? I'm so confused

  91. Francisco Villa

    Francisco Villa18 kun oldin

    My childhood father figures doing a cover of Elephant we’ve reached peak performance

  92. J_Mike214

    J_Mike21418 kun oldin

    Yoooo this was fucking awesome! I’d watch the wiggles sometimes when I went to my babysitters in the summer. Sometimes I thought they were for babies, sometimes I just wanted to see some guys in colorful shirts sing to me and teach me things lol

  93. ZuccTheAlien

    ZuccTheAlien18 kun oldin

    Whoa this is the real wiggles! I haven’t seen them since I was a child lol and that was a loooooong time ago haha I didn’t even know they were still a thing. Seems that have expanded a its members a bit?

  94. Daniel

    Daniel18 kun oldin

    I can't wait for a Hottest 100 of just Like a Version Covers

  95. Joseph

    Joseph19 kun oldin

    The wiggles omg

  96. Vinyl_Guynyl

    Vinyl_Guynyl19 kun oldin

    Me at 5 years old: unironically listening to The Wiggles Me at 25 years old: still unironically listening to The Wiggles

  97. Oh Yah

    Oh Yah20 kun oldin

    *When the Wiggles sound more like old Tame Impala than Tame Impala*

  98. Rosé

    Rosé20 kun oldin

    This is going down as the best thing in 2020s Australian History.

  99. El Jordinio

    El Jordinio20 kun oldin

    Nice job wiggles ❤️💛💙💜

  100. Neuro coco

    Neuro coco20 kun oldin

    What fucking timeline are we living 🤣

  101. Angelina zzstu Miller

    Angelina zzstu Miller20 kun oldin

    what ever happened to greg?

  102. Jena F

    Jena F18 kun oldin

    @Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman ?? umm no greg is not in the cockroaches that is anthony brother paul

  103. Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman

    Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman20 kun oldin

    Greg had a health scare so he is taking it easy after what happened last year. so Anothony did ask Greg to come onto this track but Greg said no as he was too busy with his company and being the lead singer of the cockroaches and yes Murray and Greg and Jeff are in the cockroaches again.

  104. Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman

    Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman20 kun oldin

    This is better than the original!! i love it when the wiggles do like a version. they pick the awesome songs to cover. if they cover this song in their concerts i will be set. yes im 21 nearly 22 and still love the wiggles since 2001. Lachy has a great singing voice but i hope when Anthony wiggle does finally hang up the blue skivvy we will get another girl in the wiggles. i always dream to be in the wiggles or hi-5 but i dont think that dream is coming true anytime soon.

  105. Alejandra Meza

    Alejandra Meza20 kun oldin

    Man how could Emma leave Lachy, I mean, look at him 💕💕💕

  106. Alejandra Meza

    Alejandra Meza20 kun oldin

    @Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman lol I know. I wasn’t asking. It was more of an expression

  107. Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman

    Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman20 kun oldin

    Emma is happy with the dude on the guitar that you see in the nursery rhymes videos and Lachy is a father now so i think it was best if they remained friends. i mean Lachy and Emma did try so hard to make their marriage work but Emma got sick and Lachy did find it hard for him to talk to her coz she just shut down on him. so they had no choice but to call it quits. but they are happy now and be happy for them and their choices.

  108. Daniel Carvajalino

    Daniel Carvajalino20 kun oldin

    This is fucked up

  109. Ninja_autumn

    Ninja_autumn20 kun oldin

    They killed it. Great solo on the keys!!!

  110. Jagruti Patel

    Jagruti Patel20 kun oldin


  111. platypusboy

    platypusboy21 kun oldin

    Two Red Wiggles in the same place, does that create a rip in the vortex?

  112. Doug Huffman

    Doug Huffman21 kun oldin

    I like this a little too much.

  113. Trent Conde

    Trent Conde21 kun oldin

    This shouldn’t be going this hard what the heck?!?!?!?

  114. Chiara Tamplin

    Chiara Tamplin21 kun oldin

    really?! in 2021 we are being ageist.. our society has gone through so much and we are now choosing to discriminate against the older generations. think again! putting anthony in an elephant costume invalidates his feelings and belittles him to that of an elephant. get checked lachlan! not even to mention the horrible positioning of the camera on jeff and anthony whereas the other members get front on angles showing their fine characteristics, what about my middle-aged men?! where are their exquisite features being shown, huh?!

  115. Chiara Tamplin

    Chiara Tamplin21 kun oldin

    thats right i ended world hunger