The Wiggles' Emma Watkins' Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Allure

The Wiggles band member Emma Watkins shares her entire daily routine. She shows us how she still manages to cook for herself while on the road, how she does her makeup on busy show days, and how she keeps her hair perfect onstage-even when she has back to back shows. She also opens up and in an exclusive announcement confirming one of her big beauty secrets.

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The Wiggles' Emma Watkins' Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Allure


  1. Brigitte Rees

    Brigitte ReesKun oldin

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  2. Mathew Cumming

    Mathew CummingKun oldin

    I have been to the wiggles show

  3. Mathew Cumming

    Mathew CummingKun oldin

    in burnie emma

  4. Kevin Vazquez

    Kevin Vazquez2 kun oldin

    She cute

  5. Hannah Hoover

    Hannah Hoover2 kun oldin

    Why does she need to dye her real hair if she wears a wig for every performance? She said she's naturally blonde, so if she kept her natural eyebrows, they'd look light enough for the wig, but she doesn't need to dye her hair constantly. That's not good for her hair.

  6. lyndz2605

    lyndz26053 kun oldin

    I'm Irish and I'm a red head and I do Irish dancing

  7. Ada Harrison

    Ada Harrison3 kun oldin

    Shes the most amazing woman, period.

  8. Jasmine Johnston

    Jasmine Johnston4 kun oldin

    I plan to buy ColourPop’s facial globes and this was planned before I knew she uses something similar with her rose quartz heart

  9. james tayla

    james tayla5 kun oldin

    Hi Emma what's your favourite chocolate bar?

  10. Lyndsey Hoxter

    Lyndsey Hoxter7 kun oldin

    God bless you all.

  11. Riley Wilson

    Riley Wilson7 kun oldin

    I also grew up with the original cast of the Wiggles and so it was hard for me to accept any of the newer cast that has come around but Emma is so warm and perfectly embodies what the Wiggles are and were meant to be.

  12. Steven Blunden

    Steven Blunden8 kun oldin

    Hi Emma my name is emma

  13. Toca_Flower

    Toca_Flower9 kun oldin

    I just don’t know why my brother watches the old wiggles different wiggles ANY wiggles he doesn’t let anyone watch on our mums iPad or the tv I hope he can meet the wiggles :D

  14. Queen Sheep

    Queen Sheep9 kun oldin

    I used to love the wiggles when I was young kid❤️

  15. Emma Loves unicorns

    Emma Loves unicorns11 kun oldin


  16. Emma Loves unicorns

    Emma Loves unicorns11 kun oldin


  17. Roblox Arianna

    Roblox Arianna11 kun oldin

    Am a Emma fan I have a doll two I have Emma fairy doll

  18. Julie Ceja

    Julie Ceja12 kun oldin

    Murray cook red wiggle my father with me dugther Julie hi met with me today

  19. Julie Ceja

    Julie Ceja12 kun oldin

    Sydney Australia live with in a come now

  20. it's hili

    it's hili12 kun oldin

    I'm 16 and I love the wiggles

  21. Bean Jolette

    Bean Jolette12 kun oldin

    Hey Sudbury I my town

  22. braeslovexo#stopanimaltesting

    braeslovexo#stopanimaltesting13 kun oldin

    this is what Barbie wants to be

  23. Jordyn Barry

    Jordyn Barry14 kun oldin

    omg when i was little i saw them in concert

  24. hanimations

    hanimations14 kun oldin

    this lady was my entire childhood

  25. Kennedy squad Skolas

    Kennedy squad Skolas14 kun oldin

    UMy brother loves you and The Wiggles whenever he washes it he stops crying

  26. Alma Jaradat

    Alma Jaradat14 kun oldin

    How do you take 10 minutes to do your makeup

  27. 【Cloudy Skies】

    【Cloudy Skies】15 kun oldin

    This show was my childhood ❤️

  28. Jojo_playz Nguyen

    Jojo_playz Nguyen16 kun oldin

    Here’s a fact Emma one of my friends name is EMMA!?

  29. ivoneherman

    ivoneherman17 kun oldin

    I love how she hangs up everything the children give her, just shows that they truely do appreciate what kids give them. I remember when I was younger giving the character wags the dog a paper bone or something, and I wonder if the original actor for wags, if he doesn’t still act as him today that is, still has that bone.

  30. Krys Zirne

    Krys Zirne17 kun oldin

    If enthusiastic was a person

  31. Elhana Gaming

    Elhana Gaming19 kun oldin

    She is the definition of a princess

  32. Rebecca Castro

    Rebecca Castro23 kun oldin

    My siblings and I grew up on the wiggles. And now I have a one year old and he’s obsessed with the wiggles!! It’s so cute seeing him enjoying them as much as we did. You can see how much they care about their audience ❤️

  33. Kawaii Zero two

    Kawaii Zero two24 kun oldin


  34. Sarah Morley

    Sarah Morley24 kun oldin

    The children at my nursery love the wiggles and they all know dr knickerbocker is my favourite. As an early years teacher they are a great resource to get the children moving and learning. 😀😀


    JOCELYN FANELL25 kun oldin

    Omg, I loved the wiggles when I was little. I remember the song that goes "Fruit salad, yummy yummy."

  36. Veronica Sawyer

    Veronica Sawyer25 kun oldin

    this woman singlehandedly carried my childhood

  37. Queen of Turtles

    Queen of Turtles25 kun oldin

    She has red hair, a beautiful body and face, and is the human representation of the sun. *and Anthony is still bald*

  38. Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau25 kun oldin

    I have a big band aid

  39. Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau25 kun oldin

    I have a big

  40. Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau25 kun oldin

    I have a big band aid

  41. Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau25 kun oldin

    I have a big band aid

  42. Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau25 kun oldin

    Hi my name is Harper and I am 6 love your videos

  43. Cathy Diane

    Cathy Diane26 kun oldin

    Everyone in this comment thread is head over heels in love with her lol

  44. Mitchell Porter

    Mitchell Porter27 kun oldin

    My baby brother watches the wiggles all the time🌸

  45. kkm35 kkm35

    kkm35 kkm3528 kun oldin

    She kind of looks like Anne Hathaway. She is really pretty!

  46. Cameron Marashian

    Cameron Marashian28 kun oldin

    all wiggle go parramatta eels

  47. Cameron Marashian

    Cameron Marashian28 kun oldin

    hi Emma was kiahna happy birthday girl Saturday 10 April 💙💎💙

  48. Ana María

    Ana MaríaOy oldin

    Qué niña tan linda Emma!!!! Es como un angelito!!!

  49. Immy Moves

    Immy MovesOy oldin

    12:52 ppppmmmmm

  50. Ashley S

    Ashley SOy oldin

    I literally could care less about what she uses for her skin/makeup. I came here for the Wiggles lol.

  51. poki PLUS

    poki PLUSOy oldin

    You COULD care less? So you do care then?

  52. That one awkward person

    That one awkward personOy oldin

    This is the only day in my life on youtube I'll believe

  53. Jess Caelli

    Jess CaelliOy oldin

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  54. Emma Hales

    Emma HalesOy oldin

    Emma reminds me on Jordan clark

  55. Michael Joseph

    Michael JosephOy oldin

    I can't believe that it's already been 11 years, I could've sworn that it was yesterday when the announcement was made that she became the first female wiggle

  56. Sarah Bryn

    Sarah BrynOy oldin

    if she makes so much money why does she have to provide her own makeup, wigs and bows? I'm confused but she is amazing

  57. tara w.

    tara w.Oy oldin

    I think just cause she wants to. just like how she cooks her own food.

  58. Michelle Ariana Carlos

    Michelle Ariana CarlosOy oldin

    this is my comfort video


    LOL4RAWRZOy oldin

    I feel like it's easier to cope with people being this beautiful when they're so hard working and wholesome.

  60. Chloe

    ChloeOy oldin

    She is absolutely precious oh my goodness. When I was little I wanted to be one of the Irish Dancers on the Wiggles stage as well but was unable to follow that dream. However, I am currently studying to be a Play Therapist so I’ll still get to try and make children’s lives better in a different way. And Emma just made my heart so happy. Thank you for this lovely video!!

  61. vanessa martinkpo877yyy

    vanessa martinkpo877yyyOy oldin

    More height Wiggles shows I think it looks good to live in a hotel

  62. Mariah c.

    Mariah c.Oy oldin

    I love how she’s so happy now but two months later is when COVID had massively hit 😞

  63. irshgrl500

    irshgrl500Oy oldin

    She's completely adorable.

  64. Crazy Cat Lady

    Crazy Cat LadyOy oldin

    The wiggles was my childhood

  65. Aubree Fansher

    Aubree FansherOy oldin

    If sunshine was a person 💛

  66. Kris Hensler

    Kris HenslerOy oldin

    What a beautiful human being!

  67. Kate KaPOW

    Kate KaPOWOy oldin

    What is a wiggle

  68. Melinda Bevan

    Melinda BevanOy oldin

    Emma is so inspirational 💕❤️

  69. Tab Challacomb

    Tab ChallacombOy oldin

    Emma you rock!

  70. Akira Bahadoor

    Akira BahadoorOy oldin

    I love you Emma Watson and I love the wiggles show to

  71. Roy G. Biv

    Roy G. BivOy oldin

    her: a couple years ago i was diagnosed with endometriosis me who doesn’t have endometriosis but already has terrible period cramps: *grimaces in solidarity*

  72. Marcos Pintor

    Marcos PintorOy oldin

    Man she’s the cutest

  73. Ghbb bhg

    Ghbb bhgOy oldin

    I love her so much I am 7 but my little brother loudly he loves them I love doing valet and Irish raising Emma if you read my commet I love you

  74. te ao mākutu

    te ao mākutuOy oldin

    she's so sweet and gentle!! she was made for her career

  75. Wassup Its Abi

    Wassup Its AbiOy oldin

    This girl is sooo talented

  76. Roxy The Jamaican Vegan

    Roxy The Jamaican VeganOy oldin

    Never grew up with the wiggles. I thought it was new.

  77. quietdominator666

    quietdominator666Oy oldin

    Are you single Emma?

  78. W.J.

    W.J.Oy oldin

    So so stunning

  79. Thu Pham

    Thu PhamOy oldin

    She likes eggs 🍳

  80. Thu Pham

    Thu PhamOy oldin

    She like eggs 🥚

  81. Blade Master 92

    Blade Master 92Oy oldin

    Just watched them live in NZ this morning, got to meet the wiggles before the show, yes she is this lovely in real life and very beautiful

  82. Jess Caelli

    Jess CaelliOy oldin

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  83. Jason and Alana Dunn

    Jason and Alana DunnOy oldin

    Ok on my grandpas friends birthday I meet them with paying a cent

  84. MBCTATA123 ANCallysta

    MBCTATA123 ANCallystaOy oldin

    gotta be honest...this isnt the first time im here

  85. Melanie P.

    Melanie P.Oy oldin

    i love how she’s so considerate of the children even in her routine!! the consistent makeup thing was so small yet so thoughtful ☺️

  86. Nickie Riley

    Nickie RileyOy oldin

    They still going? my child's 20 now and used to sing Wiggle's as a toddler

  87. Mary Mary

    Mary MaryOy oldin

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  88. veryneighborly

    veryneighborlyOy oldin

    her teeth are so big she literally can't stop smiling

  89. The Random Guy and Co

    The Random Guy and CoOy oldin

    I'm not even here for the make-up. She's just cool and I want to see IRL BTS stuff. She's so hype! Edit: She's proof eating well totally works. 😅

  90. 3 Lilian Esperanza Vega Hidalgo

    3 Lilian Esperanza Vega HidalgoOy oldin

    I admire her so much, she's so adorable!

  91. fred jasper

    fred jasperOy oldin

    So adorable!

  92. Steve Richard

    Steve RichardOy oldin

    The Wiggles should just run the government. Enough of this politics garbage.

  93. Hussein -aljobori

    Hussein -aljoboriOy oldin

    I have wiggle t shirt

  94. Espo Nation

    Espo NationOy oldin

    I’m no Wiggles fan but I don’t think I could imagine The Wiggles without Emma.

  95. songbirdsaintss

    songbirdsaintssOy oldin

    I’ve watched this video so many times and I never get tired of it

  96. Sydney Carrigan

    Sydney CarriganOy oldin

    18:40 I THOUGHT SHE SAID “I check and see if there’s a bar” ADEHHWHAH

  97. um xin

    um xinOy oldin

    interesting! first time hear wiggles

  98. Persephonne Vanity

    Persephonne Vanity2 oy oldin

    I always thought she wore a wig during the show

  99. Yuhum Garibay

    Yuhum Garibay2 oy oldin

    I have a friend that almost resembles her but her personality is quite the opposite. She didn't like the fact that kids mistake her for Emma 😆

  100. Meredith Rowland

    Meredith Rowland2 oy oldin

    I still remember the wiggles with all is cool with a girl!

  101. Greg Butcher

    Greg Butcher2 oy oldin

    Isn't she such a gorgeous person, a beautiful heart and personality :)

  102. crocbait aussie

    crocbait aussie2 oy oldin

    Wow what a lovely natural young Lady

  103. james wills

    james wills2 oy oldin

    This chick works hard.

  104. evacuation_guy

    evacuation_guy2 oy oldin

    the way this made me so emotional for no reason, she just seems like such a sweet person she's really a perfect fit for something like the wiggles. i grew up with the og wiggles and i'm so glad to see someone like her taking their place

  105. Sean O'Reilly

    Sean O'Reilly2 oy oldin

    If this girl was a skimpie in kalgoorlie, she would be a billionaire

  106. Jack Treptow

    Jack Treptow2 oy oldin