Thoughts on Every JoJo Antagonist

You know, when I compiling my thoughts on every jojo antagonist... Didn't think it would come to be this big. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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  1. Mrs. Tempo

    Mrs. TempoKun oldin

    I want Kars to step on me.

  2. Condensed milk

    Condensed milkKun oldin

    Dio never really cared for anyone except Pucci. Those 2 were clearly gay

  3. Zapparite

    Zapparite2 kun oldin

    The thing they have in common is they are all infinitely memeable

  4. Phantom Guy

    Phantom Guy2 kun oldin


  5. Philip Matznick

    Philip Matznick4 kun oldin

    Monsters lit

  6. CrazeyP

    CrazeyP4 kun oldin

    Kira was fucked up

  7. Vicente Rojas

    Vicente Rojas6 kun oldin


  8. Moxxie

    Moxxie9 kun oldin

    I respect N doul and wamuu

  9. The Sharky Show

    The Sharky Show11 kun oldin

    What if santana wamuu Esidisi and kars became ultimate lifeforms

  10. Trashy Swyzy

    Trashy Swyzy13 kun oldin

    I started watching moster in class😅

  11. perc

    perc14 kun oldin

    cant wait to see his thoughts on tooru

  12. perc

    perc2 kun oldin

    Edit. i dont think the manga would say that all events are consolidating to tooru if he wasnt the villain

  13. Edit.

    Edit.2 kun oldin

    I think Cato is the villian and Tooru is more-so the vanilla ice of this part

  14. Sel1mhn

    Sel1mhn14 kun oldin

    Dio is a petty bitch. Change my mind

  15. R. a. s. a. t. i.

    R. a. s. a. t. i.19 kun oldin

    both dio and diavolo: have a time controlling power, have multiple stand abilities, change lipstick and hair when they power up, throw their own blood at the heros eyes to blind them just as the final battle was ending, send waves of villains at the jojos team and both their names start with di

  16. MrAyluin

    MrAyluin19 kun oldin

    Fv is the best

  17. God of Yami

    God of Yami21 kun oldin

    I love to hate dio if that makes sense he is absolutely greatly awful and i lov(hat)e it

  18. professional jolyne simp

    professional jolyne simp23 kun oldin

    All I can describe pucci is that he's too gay for dio

  19. Giorno Brando

    Giorno Brando25 kun oldin

    You know if my father wasnt an absolute dumbass as a teenager and acted nice all the way through he couldve killed George Jonathan (Not sure the og Joestar’s name) without suspicion

  20. ERROR!

    ERROR!25 kun oldin


  21. Kebong

    Kebong25 kun oldin

    Kars is the second most detestable villain in this series, next only to Vanilla Ice. Fuck Kars.

  22. Jennifer Corbett

    Jennifer Corbett26 kun oldin

    For the fly scenario, you could've said "the fly gets off lucky and you're left to live with your failure".

  23. SMP

    SMP26 kun oldin

    What is the entire storyline of jojo is a dream by one jojo and the ultimate goal is to wake them up and get them out of the loop and Kira’s requiem ability takes control of that loop but Kira does not realize the power he controls

  24. Cheez

    Cheez28 kun oldin

    comedic valentine, filthy acts done at a reasonable price! affection locomotive!

  25. razv

    razv29 kun oldin

    guys let me explain Diavolo's stand King Crimson ability so u understand easier And thats how his ability works

  26. razv

    razv29 kun oldin

    guys let me explain Diavolo's stand King Crimson ability so u understand easier And thats how his ability works

  27. Dio Brando

    Dio BrandoOy oldin

    Kira saved DIU imo, DIU was soo boring after Joseph came to Morio up until epi20.

  28. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph JoestarOy oldin

    I think it’s funny how DIO literally would have died if he didn’t remember Joseph’s hamon wrapped around him

  29. God

    GodOy oldin

    What about wonder of u

  30. NYiceX EmaIlx

    NYiceX EmaIlxOy oldin

    Dio: really good Kars: really good DIO: really good Yoshikage Kira: pretty good Diavolo: pretty good Enrico Pucci: pretty sweet Funny Valentine: funny Spoiler Free: pretty good

  31. Genderfluid pal

    Genderfluid palOy oldin

    No one: Historians: Pucci had Dio in this position to where he's almost father like

  32. supreme buttertop

    supreme buttertopOy oldin

    Bro your metaphors are great dont worry😭

  33. •Black Silver•

    •Black Silver•Oy oldin

    I just realized that i asked my mom for a poster of valentine But i said President of america ( election didn't start )

  34. Lukas Brust

    Lukas BrustOy oldin

    You forgot Kosaku Kawajiri

  35. Nooby0fficial

    Nooby0fficialOy oldin

    Idea: Thoughts on every JoBro

  36. Rainbowappleslice

    RainbowapplesliceOy oldin

    It’s funny that all JoJo villains from part 3 to part 6 have stands that at some point have something to do with time

  37. TwoAlmond

    TwoAlmondOy oldin

    The fact he had cioccolata go after sorbet and gelato and slice up one in front of the other was mad,

  38. Nasir James

    Nasir JamesOy oldin

    12:27 i love Kira but Monster is trash

  39. magnibronzi

    magnibronziOy oldin

    today i learned: people don't like kira

  40. Araki Hirohiko

    Araki HirohikoOy oldin

    Make new one with Tooru

  41. Monika took The fucking kids

    Monika took The fucking kidsOy oldin

    I feel like jojo villains become a lot less black and white from dio being pure evil too funny valentine who is a lot more than just a villain And none of them are bad villains

  42. Killer Queen

    Killer QueenOy oldin

    Tower of grey:is a super fly Super fly: is a grey tower Araki: The best joke in all of time

  43. Nova Dante

    Nova DanteOy oldin

    I believe in valentine supremecy

  44. Drizzy Dre

    Drizzy DreOy oldin

    So basically the way king crimson works is that he-and that’s how he works I hope this helps.

  45. TFN_ Popular

    TFN_ PopularOy oldin

    Italians when they see DIO vs Diavolo: Is this some religious shit?

  46. bill adam

    bill adamOy oldin


  47. silentlore

    silentloreOy oldin


  48. Jadyn AndChara

    Jadyn AndChara2 oy oldin

    me only now realising that dio dressed like jack the ripper

  49. XYZ Beast

    XYZ Beast2 oy oldin

    I love kira and kira queen He is my number 3 out of antagonist Nr 1 is DIO Nr2 diavolo

  50. Grant Mackey

    Grant Mackey2 oy oldin

    DIO, Ai Ai, DIO, Bites As Dusto, and I haven't gotten far enough into Part 5 and beyond for more memes.

  51. DFP_Cash

    DFP_Cash2 oy oldin

    how u say kars lightmode voiceline is fire but dont sho us ;-;

  52. jaceanator9

    jaceanator92 oy oldin

    "now for yoshi-" *ad plays*

  53. The legendary One

    The legendary One2 oy oldin

    Never thought I’d hear someone say “then the fly kicked you into space using a volcano”

  54. Kaan Yasin

    Kaan Yasin2 oy oldin

    I dont understand how Jonathan had the Same stand as Joseph. Shouldnt a stand be only for 1 Person?

  55. Marvelous of Philly

    Marvelous of Philly2 oy oldin

    Dio had that cool ass, pimp, black man walk. (9:45)

  56. pum8661

    pum86612 oy oldin

    The reason why Tooru isn’t here isn’t because part 8 hadn’t revealed its villain yet. It’s because if he was on here it would mean Kaleb would be pursuing him.

  57. ANPC 5493

    ANPC 54932 oy oldin

    My man! Kars was the real protagonist of part 2. The surviving Pillar Men did nothing wrong, and the humans are hypocrites who just wanted to stop them so humans could remain at the top of the food chain/power structure. I really felt for Kars and think he deserved a better ending even in defeat. I suspect this comes from American rugged individualism vs the Japanese collectivist tendencies. I bet the Japanese would tend to find him less sympathetic and more of a cautionary tale. Btw, you should check out the album 'Warning' by Queensryche. Amazing concept album that has these sort of themes of trying to be more than you are to the point of ending up alone at the top and "on the road to madness". I think you'd apreciate the epic nature of it and the themes of it.

  58. Bro Look at that thing behind you

    Bro Look at that thing behind you2 oy oldin

    One of my more favorite villains in the series is actually a pretty minor one, he literally only appeared for one fight and that was all he was used for, I'm talking about Santana, while the rest of the pillar men were cool, Santana really stuck out to me the most for some reason, I guess its because he's the first pillar man we see, he's just there to show what even the weakest of pillar men are capable of, he's here to show how dangerous these new foes are, and I'm a huge fan of body horror, I loved seeing how Santana used his abilities, from going absorbing all bullets shot at him and shooting them back at the Nazis with his finger tips (my guy literally pulled a Johnny before Johnny), to going inside Stroheim's leg to protect himself from the sun, I just really hate how we only saw him once and will most likely never see anything from him ever again, like aside from Wammu, I felt like he had the most interesting ability

  59. Richard Brown

    Richard Brown2 oy oldin

    Part 1 was ass

  60. Left Foot Man

    Left Foot Man2 oy oldin

    7:06 That laugh always scares me...

  61. 1聖なるダイバー

    1聖なるダイバー2 oy oldin

    Dorororingiringiring, Dorororingiringiring, Dorororingiringiring, Dopio, oh Dopio

  62. we live in a susiety

    we live in a susiety2 oy oldin

    you sound like some random depressed man got Doritos.

  63. cringe

    cringe2 oy oldin

    that's cool and all, but can they deflect the emerald splash?

  64. YeetyMcYeet

    YeetyMcYeet2 oy oldin

    Pucci is my favorite antagonists. I want to love Valentine because D4C is my favorite stand, and his charm is brilliant. Dojyaan is the best catch phrase in the series. Period. But Pucci’s dedication to the Heaven plan, disregarding other human beings and physically maiming himself to get an advantage over his opponents, and being able to manipulate every part of his environment that lets him WIN over our JoJo is something I genuinely never expected when I first read it. Part 6 will always be special to me, maybe it’s because it’s the first manga I read, but either way Pucci will always be the best. Unless JoJolion pulls something crazy with its antagonist, but if Funny Valentine can’t take it, I don’t think JoJolion’s will.

  65. Kitty Boy Neona

    Kitty Boy Neona2 oy oldin

    Thoughts on every jobro?

  66. Mohammed avdol

    Mohammed avdol2 oy oldin

    Fuvk who ever says dio is gay no he isn't he's faked more ppl than ur dad stfu

  67. topp

    topp2 oy oldin

    Wait, im starting to see something If a character doesnt appear in a part, dont they die the next part????

  68. PotatoOGT

    PotatoOGT3 oy oldin

    What if DIO wanted to go to heaven But a 17 year old emo said “Yare Yare Daze”

  69. HypotheticalHany

    HypotheticalHany3 oy oldin

    Thoughts on dio: in part three he just needs a therapist

  70. Sauce dealer

    Sauce dealer3 oy oldin

    Kira is the strongest since his shr killed Speedwagon

  71. An Inconspicuous Bunny

    An Inconspicuous Bunny3 oy oldin

    i just clicked on it bcos i saw pucci

  72. Jacob Manaog

    Jacob Manaog3 oy oldin

    Why are all the men in part 1-3 be so buff but have relatively thin wastes and body

  73. Intoxi

    Intoxi3 oy oldin

    Casuals: I only see 6 villains Me: you wouldn't get it... Part 8: You guys get villains? Part 1: Shit man, my villain just is stubborn

  74. Kieran

    Kieran3 oy oldin

    Ah back when the part 8 villain didn't exist

  75. Kieran

    Kieran15 kun oldin

    oh wow i wanted to make this comment but looks like i already did

  76. Kaiser Maximal

    Kaiser Maximal3 oy oldin

    (Spoilers) The easiest way to remember main villain stand abilities is to think of it like a TV remote: - DIO & The World is the pause button - Kira & Bites the dust is restarting from beginning - Diavolo & King Crimson is skipping ahead 10 seconds - Pucci & Made in heaven is fast forward - Funny Valentine & D4C is changing to a different channel

  77. Questionable ?

    Questionable ?3 oy oldin

    I hate when i try to kill a fly and it sends me into space, It sucks.

  78. Hol Horse

    Hol Horse3 oy oldin

    Before he finished saying Yoshikage Kira an ad came on so I heard him say now for Yoshi

  79. Sara Fontanini

    Sara Fontanini3 oy oldin

    Kira's my fave JoJo villain ebcause he's refreshing and unique, not just by JoJo standards, but shonen in general. Him being low stakes, mundane and let's face it GODDAMN WEIRD makes him refreshing in an era of over the top villains with grand goals who are mae overly sympathetic. Kira is great because he's different. He's just a selfish man with mundane desires, and gets through his troubles with his stand as well as sheer luck and intelligence.

  80. Andy Yang

    Andy Yang3 oy oldin

    That chimera cat head owl was cool.

  81. Ooga

    Ooga3 oy oldin

    If dio would have used a mix of his vampire power and his “standoh” powah he would have been op

  82. KabobKing

    KabobKing3 oy oldin

    i used to like Dio and now i like Kira like him but backwards :| but i still kinda like Dio eeehhhhh...

  83. •.Renard.•

    •.Renard.•3 oy oldin

    Jojo is the only show that I want the Antagonists to win instead of the Protagonists.

  84. Super Meme

    Super Meme3 oy oldin

    My favorite is diavolo/doppio

  85. Brandon Vue

    Brandon Vue3 oy oldin

    1: DIO 2: DIO 3: DIO 4: DIO 5: DIO 6: DIO 7: DIO? 8: Apple

  86. Nub Slayer

    Nub Slayer3 oy oldin

    Why dafu*Stroheim explaining why german science is the world's finest* does this dude not have 1 million subs

  87. יונתן אביבי

    יונתן אביבי3 oy oldin

    6:20 Joseph's not running up on him. He's running down away from him

  88. wiLLiam

    wiLLiam3 oy oldin

    DIO didnt get enough screentime

  89. Marcos Rodríguez Muñoz

    Marcos Rodríguez Muñoz3 oy oldin

    Your right, he only appears or is mentioned in 7 parts

  90. Tomato Soup

    Tomato Soup3 oy oldin

    Is it just me or do you hate duo’s design in part 6 he looks really skinny 🤮

  91. Jad Boutbagha

    Jad Boutbagha4 oy oldin

    DIO:*takes over Jonathan's body* Kira:*takes some random dude's face

  92. thedanking888 Plays

    thedanking888 Plays4 oy oldin

    Can you talk about tooru? Maybe in a stand-alone video idrk talk about how we might reach the end of jojolion

  93. Transcend being

    Transcend being4 oy oldin

    Joseph after seeing the kars hair reveal *oh no hes hot*

  94. Samwise

    Samwise4 oy oldin

    Chili pepper?

  95. NO

    NO4 oy oldin

    I'm so glad I Dont drop this anime cuz chap 1 looks hella boring at first but damn..after watch chaptter 3.. I'm blessed and each chapter is so good now i appreciate the 1st chap more..

  96. GioGio

    GioGio4 oy oldin

    1. Yoshikage Kira 2. Funny Valentine 3. Diavolo/Doppio 4. Enrico Pucci 5. DIO 6. Kars 7. Dio Brando

  97. eco plays

    eco plays4 oy oldin

    All JoJo antagonists in one sentence: DIO Brando: human type pet shop KARS: who crazy doctor decided to put a blade in him, whoever it is you almost destroyed the world DIO (part 3): is Star Platinum the one copying The world or The world Kira: He’s a furry lmao DIAVALO: two personalities wow PUCCI: ok seriously the third time related stand Funny valentine: got thicc when he wanted, wanted to change the country’s law? Became the president... I mean... America be free k

  98. The Tank On Crack

    The Tank On Crack4 oy oldin

    10:00 I love how The World looks so proud of itself

  99. KipKopKex

    KipKopKex4 oy oldin

    I love Kira because I hate him

  100. themelonboi

    themelonboi4 oy oldin

    I think I priced together why kars cheated The original plan was to become the ultimate life form And presumably do the same for his comrades But since they ya know Died He’s the only thing left he can prioritize

  101. יונתן אביבי

    יונתן אביבי4 oy oldin


  102. NickDaNack

    NickDaNack4 oy oldin

    3:09 just a bookmark, carry on with your scrolling.

  103. Xortalz

    Xortalz4 oy oldin

    Part 1 - Vampire Part 2 - Sexy (immortal) Aztec God Part 3 - Bisexual Vampire Part 4 - Quiet Killer with hand fetish Part 6 - Bisexual Priest Part 7 - President (who likes young children) Part 8 - most of you don’t know.

  104. Jackaljack Infinity

    Jackaljack Infinity4 oy oldin

    Guys I’m sorry, but Dio is actually in last place for me.

  105. XenoUnknown

    XenoUnknown4 oy oldin

    Imagine if DIO learned about ULF and than attained ULF somehow. Or Imagine if Kars mysteriously came back to Earth somehow and than got a Stand like King Crimson or The World.