Tim Bradley vs. Joel Casamayor | BLACK HISTORY MONTH FREE FIGHT

To celebrate Black History Month, watch this #freefight between #TimBradley and #JoelCasamayor from 2011.
Next up for #TopRankBoxing, Light Heavy Duty: Joe Smith Jr. to Battle Maxim Vlasov for the vacant WBO light heavyweight world title Saturday, Feb. 13.
In the 10-round lightweight co-feature, former world champion Richard “RC” Commey will fight Dominican slickster Jackson Marinez.

Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing and Patriot Promotions, Smith-Vlasov and Commey-Marinez will be televised live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.
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  1. ray west

    ray west4 kun oldin

    Why is THIS the thumbnail? Boxing is the only place where SPOILERS are not frowned upon.

  2. V. N.

    V. N.16 kun oldin

    Prime Joel schools a Prime Bradley easy.

  3. FightNewz -WeLoveFights

    FightNewz -WeLoveFights19 kun oldin

    Desert storm bitches

  4. Jose Roncal

    Jose Roncal20 kun oldin

    Un gran boxeador lamentablemente no supo retirarse a tiempo, el tiempo no perdona mas aun en un deporte como el boxeo

  5. Raquel Obiado

    Raquel Obiado21 kun oldin

    hug after hug after hug after hug a never ending cycle of hugs 😂 😂 😂 fight between the two headless este mindless i mean a fight between the two hairless man 😂

  6. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez22 kun oldin

    I have never liked Sotomayor BUT he use to be a hell of a fighter in his younger days, is sad to see him taking all that punishment.

  7. Santos Rubio Salguero

    Santos Rubio Salguero24 kun oldin

    Lo malo de Timothy era que siempre quería noquear con un solo golpe y los anunciaba mucho ,era muy predecible y todo lo tiraba a la cabeza de haber tenido un poco más de variedad al ataque hubiese Sido un boxeador grandioso porque tenía mucha rapidez y otro error era el querer enfrascarse a golpes con sus oponentes y siempre lo lastimaban no tenía muy buena mandíbula creo se equivocaba mucho en ese aspecto cuando el podía ser contragolpeador por su rapidez y boxearlos, lastima que nunca pulió su boxeo.

  8. Santos Rubio Salguero

    Santos Rubio Salguero24 kun oldin

    Ya Casamayor no traía nada más que ""amor para dar""

  9. Lucas Pickford

    Lucas Pickford24 kun oldin

    Who ever let that idiot Mario Lopez from “Saved By The Bell” announce the fight? Unbelievable.

  10. Hector Ramirez

    Hector Ramirez24 kun oldin

    MAYWETHER never was deducted a point for holding Las Vegas not A TRUST commission

  11. Hector Ramirez

    Hector Ramirez24 kun oldin

    Bradley lost many time Las Vegas not A TRUST commision

  12. KNSTV Sports

    KNSTV Sports24 kun oldin

    " The man who has no imagination has no wings." MUHAMMAD ALI

  13. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky24 kun oldin

    Ah yes, celebrate BHM buy watching two black guys beat each other for money.

  14. Marcus Roman

    Marcus Roman25 kun oldin

    Tim " pillow fist" Bradley. Only fighter he could stop was already over the hill.

  15. Marcus Roman

    Marcus Roman16 kun oldin

    @fabienzaca Did you watch that fight? No he didn't. That's the biggest gift I ever seen a boxer get.

  16. fabienzaca

    fabienzaca16 kun oldin

    He still beat many world champions and Manny Pacquiao

  17. Bobby Kiefer

    Bobby Kiefer25 kun oldin

    Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder on Feb 22, 2020.

  18. Herb E. Vore

    Herb E. Vore25 kun oldin

    Where is my white history month? I want safe spaces, free housing and affirmitive action as well

  19. Father Elijah

    Father Elijah22 kun oldin

    you just reminded me that Trump lost. thanks mate

  20. Oscar Acosta zazueta

    Oscar Acosta zazueta26 kun oldin

    Casamayor 👎

  21. Jay R

    Jay R26 kun oldin

    PORTER VS BRADLEY would have been EPIC

  22. Doitmyself

    Doitmyself19 kun oldin

    he struggled with ruslin a 140 pounder he cant really deal with true welterweights.

  23. Felix Winner

    Felix Winner26 kun oldin

    Casamayor is a legend to fight this guy till 8 rounds. Age is really a thing to respect. I still stand for casamayor up up up!

  24. Pure Boi

    Pure Boi26 kun oldin

    Bradley was a beast , beat Pacquiao.

  25. The D Hive

    The D Hive25 kun oldin

    @Percy Oh so you're just spamming garbage up and down hahaha nevermind i'll ignore you now

  26. Percy

    Percy25 kun oldin

    You mean robbed?

  27. bang time

    bang time26 kun oldin

    🤦🏿‍♂️ don’t disrespect black history month and give us this fight


    ZENSIBLE26 kun oldin

    Mario’s comments are so Stupid 23:34 “he’s not gonna let him just walk through” Mean time Bradley Mops the floor with JCM 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he wasn’t saved by the Bell 🔔

  29. Justin Humphrey

    Justin Humphrey26 kun oldin


  30. Sara Nanyaro

    Sara Nanyaro26 kun oldin

    Tyson with 53 is much better than winner of this fight,

  31. Juan Carlos Lopez

    Juan Carlos Lopez27 kun oldin

    EL CEPILLO !! NO llegó O Dio para MÁS !! Solo por 1 RAZÓN. LA PUTA ADICCIÓN la Falta De Disciplina y Sacrificio en Deporte como ESTE !! SOLO para GUERREROS Dentro y Fuera del Cuadrilátero !!

  32. Glicerio Estevez

    Glicerio Estevez27 kun oldin

    Nunca fue sepillo de nada quizás sepillador de la lona cada vez que caía nunca le ganó a nadie importante todos los buenos le patearon el culo,

  33. thegrandhouseofamen7

    thegrandhouseofamen727 kun oldin

    One is african american and the other is afro- Cuban. Which one is black? Which one is being celebrated for black history month? What is race ? What is nationality? Take your time.

  34. Pablo Gomez

    Pablo Gomez27 kun oldin

    Ese cubano casamayor andaba borracho, crudo, o tal vez Mariguano.. y como siempre payaso, pedante y sucio para pelear.


    BLENDABLE27 kun oldin

    I just wish countrywide knew BLKhistory is about personal study of historical achievements by black Americans who've added to the American experience be it against racism, pushing forward beyond barriers or contributing to this nation in great excellence previously left out of the public eyes and mind! This shows nothing but a mediocre fight between a prime and an older fighter.

  36. Miguel sanches

    Miguel sanches27 kun oldin

    Very grey fith cuban doing very well for 40 year old

  37. Eugene De ocampo

    Eugene De ocampo27 kun oldin

    joel "the gay boxer" casamayor

  38. Ar - Jay

    Ar - Jay27 kun oldin


  39. Ar - Jay

    Ar - Jay27 kun oldin

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  40. Mustafa Ingram

    Mustafa Ingram27 kun oldin

    A fight between Porter and Bradley would've been a war

  41. Universal Lasrevinu

    Universal Lasrevinu26 kun oldin

    Bradley beats Porter

  42. Enrique Bracero

    Enrique Bracero27 kun oldin

    Cual era el nombre?? Casamayor o Abrazamayor jajajajaja

  43. Jose c Abundis salazar

    Jose c Abundis salazar27 kun oldin

    Abrazamayor vs tim headley¡

  44. Enrique Bracero

    Enrique Bracero27 kun oldin

    para mi que Casamayor lo que estaba era enamorado de Bradley y con las ganas que lo abrasaba jajajajaja la pelea tenía que llamarse Bradley vs La Loka mayor jajajaja

  45. Emilian Gasto

    Emilian Gasto27 kun oldin

    Fantastic quality

  46. Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

    Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.27 kun oldin

    Joel was so washed up. Who cares. Crawford doing the same now, being fed with washed up fighters.

  47. Miklo

    Miklo25 kun oldin

    lmao what washed fighters? Brook? the man yall said would knock him out and was "too big" for Bud?

  48. InksoinloveTattoo KatusokBlog

    InksoinloveTattoo KatusokBlog27 kun oldin


  49. Jeffrey Cox

    Jeffrey Cox28 kun oldin

    Fantastic quality!

  50. All Things Film

    All Things Film28 kun oldin

    Crafty? I guess, if you call constantly hugging your opponent is crafty, then, uh, yea sure. That's the ticket. Idiot commentators.

  51. bluki copee

    bluki copee28 kun oldin

    mga boxing ng "tikasan og kawatan"

  52. Tristan Daniel

    Tristan Daniel25 kun oldin

    Hahaha na tikasan gyud Si PacMan

  53. Rhox Hagiri

    Rhox Hagiri26 kun oldin

    Haha tikas gyud tong daog ni bradley sa pacquiao vs bradley 1

  54. bluki copee

    bluki copee28 kun oldin

    mga boxing ng "tikasan og kawatan"

  55. The D Hive

    The D Hive28 kun oldin

    Appreciated Timothy Bradley the fighter. Bradley the commentator leaves a lot to be desired. For all the people whining about Black History Month (not even sure why you're taking the time out to hate it) why didn't I see any of you crying in the comments during Hispanic Heritage month hmm? Hispanic Heritage month is a recent invention whereas Black history month has been here for awhile. If you're going to be a bigot be a fair one.

  56. WLA's Finest

    WLA's Finest24 kun oldin

    This fight has NOTHING to do with Black history month at all, so how did black history month become the topic of this fight? Smh

  57. The D Hive

    The D Hive25 kun oldin

    @Percy "playing the victim" you want to know why you all repeat the same thing over and over and over and over again? Because you all have around the same IQ. As opposed to focusing on stopping racism you want to complain about the people pointing it out lmfao. You are the actual problem

  58. Percy

    Percy25 kun oldin

    There’s like one comment about it and you’re gonna act like there’s a bunch of people doing it. Why people like you always gotta play the victim card using race. Y’all are almost as annoying as racists.

  59. Miklo

    Miklo26 kun oldin

    @The D Hive lmaao bro your comment was up for 2 seconds and got likes😂 and how tf am I racist?😂 so all the people that call out people who are race baiting are the real racists?? yeah ik who you are just off the stupidity you're talking about. and u like your own comments to get validation 😂 later lame✌🏾

  60. The D Hive

    The D Hive26 kun oldin

    @ZENSIBLE Again, all the hate for Black History month but nothing to say about Hispanic Heritage month. Typical

  61. Quillan Jacobson

    Quillan Jacobson28 kun oldin

    Apparently Black History Month means getting to watch black people punch each other in the face for free... Is there a deeper meaning behind Top Rank having that mentality? Idk ;)

  62. Mike Goodrich

    Mike Goodrich27 kun oldin

    Becareful you got a bigot hiding behind every tree

  63. Luis Cardenas

    Luis Cardenas28 kun oldin

    Bradley 28 my champ cepillo 40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣cepillo 28 Bradley KO .

  64. The Greatest

    The Greatest28 kun oldin

    Wish we would’ve got Bradley vs Khan at 140.

  65. Universal Lasrevinu

    Universal Lasrevinu26 kun oldin

    Bradley beats Khan

  66. J13

    J1327 kun oldin

    @Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr. Lmao like your name hater alert

  67. Lisa Anne

    Lisa Anne27 kun oldin

    @Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr. pl

  68. Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

    Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.27 kun oldin

    Too bad Bradley 🦆

  69. jack washington

    jack washington28 kun oldin

    Cassa mayor turns out gay in here, too much hugging tricks , in his 40's he loves to be blacked. # blacked.com.

  70. Nuffin Muffin

    Nuffin Muffin28 kun oldin

    Good fight but all this black history month cra p is pathetic. Heed Morgan Freeman's words.

  71. Ral Benem

    Ral Benem26 kun oldin

    @The D Hive There's a Hispanic Heritage month? Is that true?

  72. The D Hive

    The D Hive28 kun oldin

    @Kamella Harris camel right. Black history month gets hate. Hispanic Heritage month gets a pass. That's how things are lookin

  73. Kamella Harris camel

    Kamella Harris camel28 kun oldin

    @The D Hive we don’t care that’s why

  74. The D Hive

    The D Hive28 kun oldin

    Funny how no one brought that energy to Hispanic Heritage month

  75. slickid rich

    slickid rich28 kun oldin

    No idea what this fight has to do with black history month. Good fight though!


    ZENSIBLE26 kun oldin

    You really believe in rewards like 40 acres and a mule ?


    BLENDABLE27 kun oldin

    I didnt think this was a good fight at all. My issue about black history month is this isnt a historical achievement worth platforming. Hallow and I just wish countrywide knew BLKhistory is about personal study of historical achievements by black Americans who've added to the American experience be it against racism, pushing forward beyond barriers or contributing to this nation in great excellence previously left out of the public eyes and mind.

  78. Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

    Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.27 kun oldin

    It has a black fighter winning.

  79. Dean Suttle

    Dean Suttle28 kun oldin

    Should have posted Calzaghe v Hopkins

  80. Mortality’s Fatal

    Mortality’s Fatal28 kun oldin

    Casamayor yet another stayawayweather avoided

  81. The D Hive

    The D Hive27 kun oldin

    @Mortality’s Fatal You're right. I already laid them out and served you up with them. Mayweather beat everyone who cooked Casamayor lol Casamayor was horrible

  82. Mortality’s Fatal

    Mortality’s Fatal27 kun oldin

    @The D Hive facts are all there fanboy

  83. The D Hive

    The D Hive27 kun oldin

    @Mortality’s Fatal He beat Castillo twice and KO'd correles lmao you're just another Hispanic teenager that has to talk sh!t because your heroes got destroyed lmao repeating the opposite of the truth hoping it becomes reality is a bad habit. Get out of your personal feelings

  84. Mortality’s Fatal

    Mortality’s Fatal27 kun oldin

    @The D Hive stayawayweather lost to Castillo, as for corralles, try research, he missed weight vs fraud, maybe just maybe that affected his performance. He then lost!!! To casamayor, he beat Freitas at LW not at SFW where he was beyond dominant. You wanna get into who’s on who’s record 😂 stayawayweathers record is beyond padded and full of past prime or fighters out of weight class. The fighters past and present know the truth and laugh at his record. No denying his talent and in his youth he had plenty of dog in him but let’s not pretend the last 10 -15!years of career wasn’t anything but cherry picks

  85. The D Hive

    The D Hive28 kun oldin

    @Mortality’s Fatal A KO record to rival tyson? Who did he even fight? Again Mayweather beat everybody that destroyed this guy. Your argument makes no sense.

  86. Boxtalk 101

    Boxtalk 10128 kun oldin

    Loved Bradley as a fighter, as an commentator i cant stand him lol

  87. Boxtalk 101

    Boxtalk 10127 kun oldin

    @Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr. so0o0o0o0o biased lol

  88. Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

    Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.27 kun oldin

    Me too.. F'n annoying voice.. And also very biased towards TR fighters.

  89. Rock Lee

    Rock Lee28 kun oldin

    He’s good. Beat ward in almost their contrasting prefight predictions

  90. Jill A

    Jill A28 kun oldin


  91. omie4444

    omie444428 kun oldin

    I like him as a commentator 🤣 😂

  92. MarvelousMusic

    MarvelousMusic28 kun oldin

    Bradley vs Porter would've been crazy

  93. Doitmyself

    Doitmyself19 kun oldin

    @FightNewz -WeLoveFights who are the greats? diego chaves, jesse vargas, brandon rios, a 40 year old casamayor, and a devon alexander that quit? Those are the greats???? come on....You giving him too much credit for Losing to paquiao and beating a 40 year old marquez, Spence Porter Crawford would destroy this guy, Where are the slew of real welterweights on his resume? its full of 140 pounders. Marketing and match making from top rank

  94. FightNewz -WeLoveFights

    FightNewz -WeLoveFights19 kun oldin

    @Doitmyself bro Bradley fought the greats spence aint done shit but suck down to 47 and duck Crawford

  95. Doitmyself

    Doitmyself25 kun oldin

    @Pure Boi Also note that bradley fought no true welterweights. His entire career it was match making vs 140 pound fighters moving up to 147 and you think he beats a natural welterweight struggling with 140 pounders? Arum matchmaking blinds you Bradley resume is a sham........ he looks strong against 140 pounders but against a real welterweight he retires quick. YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BRADLEY AGAINST A WELTERWEIGHT.

  96. Doitmyself

    Doitmyself25 kun oldin

    @Pure Boi Ruslin was not the boogie man looooooooool he got beat by chris algerie which got him noticed and then bradly beat him after giving him a concussion and robbed, ruslin beat bradley but I rooted for bradley so I was fine with him getting the decision lol Porter is bigger and stronger faster and has more skills than Ruslin Bradley would have done what hes done when spence became his mandatory....retire

  97. Pure Boi

    Pure Boi25 kun oldin

    @Doitmyself Bradley would have whooped porters ass just like he did provodnikov , ruslan was the boogie man dude , straight demon. Bradley came back and beat tf out ruslan who I think is a bigger scarier monster than porter. And that was right after he fought Pac-Man. Bradley too strong.

  98. Twey Tweyun

    Twey Tweyun28 kun oldin

    After 2020, do we really need another month of this...

  99. Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

    Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.27 kun oldin

    Lol! Top Rank and their mismatches.

  100. Icon Canadian

    Icon Canadian28 kun oldin

    For health sakes there should be a retirement age 36, 37 max ✅


    FOOJ FOOJIYAMA24 kun oldin

    @ColomBori Algarette Athletes compete till they can't compete no more.

  102. ColomBori Algarette

    ColomBori Algarette25 kun oldin

    @FOOJ FOOJIYAMA and honestly what you just said is gong to happen unfortunately

  103. ColomBori Algarette

    ColomBori Algarette25 kun oldin

    @FOOJ FOOJIYAMA first off i love Manny Pacquiao don't assume cause you just made the first three letters of that word out of yourself. I predicted that his last great performance would be with Keith Thurman and looked phenominal but let's be honest he barely beat him he was even outlanded by Kieth Manny just happened to win more rounds. Manny is slowing down and it's evident. No hate here just stating the facts. Have a nice day.


    FOOJ FOOJIYAMA25 kun oldin

    @ColomBori Algarette He'll retire once a young fighter dethroned him. until then, you gonna have to keep your hate to yourself.

  105. Icon Canadian

    Icon Canadian26 kun oldin

    @ColomBori Algarette Look what happened to adonis Stevenson earned over 25 million dollars got k.o’d at 41 brain surgery wife became ex wife took most of the money and ran. Adonis can’t even drive his luxury cars it’s so sad 👨‍⚕️

  106. A.H. Fight Media

    A.H. Fight Media28 kun oldin

    Timothy Bradley had a pretty amazing career

  107. SelfMade

    SelfMade26 kun oldin

    @Universal Lasrevinu Bradley is more exciting to watch for casuals because he has no defense and gets hit too much.

  108. Universal Lasrevinu

    Universal Lasrevinu26 kun oldin

    @SelfMade Floyd is better boxer but Bradley is more exciting to watch

  109. SelfMade

    SelfMade26 kun oldin

    Lmao?! Better than Mayweather?! Wow the hate is real.

  110. Universal Lasrevinu

    Universal Lasrevinu26 kun oldin

    Bradley is more exciting than Mayweather

  111. smack with the tea

    smack with the tea27 kun oldin

    @MrChopTop Mayweather is beat pac and canelo that alone is better then tim

  112. Conflicto

    Conflicto28 kun oldin

    Bradley deserve the hall of fame

  113. Miklo

    Miklo25 kun oldin

    hees an all time great. of course he gonna make it

  114. Psycho Venom

    Psycho Venom28 kun oldin

    He will eventually


    DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR28 kun oldin

    Bradley is a future hall of famer.

  116. phone jack

    phone jack28 kun oldin

    Couldn't you have uploaded a better fight? His opponent was 40.

  117. Doitmyself

    Doitmyself26 kun oldin

    @Mortality’s Fatal You are really here claiming Floyd ducked Bradley? This dude never even beat anybody, Marquez i suppose. Dude almost got stopped by jessie vargas. Are you people really even boxing fans?

  118. Gabino Vivar

    Gabino Vivar26 kun oldin

    He never faught anyone beside pacman which he lost to.

  119. phone jack

    phone jack28 kun oldin

    @RooTheGoat Tee dang bro you got the whole squad laughing 😒

  120. RooTheGoat Tee

    RooTheGoat Tee28 kun oldin

    like paul williams vs sergio martinez 2

  121. Mortality’s Fatal

    Mortality’s Fatal28 kun oldin

    @D E and avoided by stayawayweather

  122. order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness

    order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness28 kun oldin

    EXACTLY. It’s not “illegal immigrants”....it’s “future Biden voters” He and he arris actually do not have the balls to even walk into Tijuana and actually see what goes on.... I'll TR are them for piñatas and margaritas..and they can see what really is going on. People who have NEVER been down there should NOT speak... because they know NOTHING ☢

  123. phone jack

    phone jack28 kun oldin

    @order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness how do you comment this stuff on a boxing video?

  124. order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness

    order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness28 kun oldin

    @phone jack The motto of the Democratic Party, Give me, Give me, Give me. Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what can I do for the country , Try that. look for work, if you have zero goals and want to keep your family on food stamps then you are a Democrat Let's see ...unemployment was at the lowest it was been in years. The economy was the best it has been in a while. Democrats use pandemic to cripple the economy, small businesses and raise unemployment and then blame Trump so they can steal the election. After killing all the job opportunities, they they lay off thousands of people and then say "well why can't you just get another job?"...Par for the course for a party that's been using minorities for years for and then throws them a bone in the form of a statue or national holiday instead of sustainable opportunity..

  125. phone jack

    phone jack28 kun oldin

    I think that's enough youtube for you today

  126. Gone Forever

    Gone Forever28 kun oldin

    This was a well... An... Ok... Match

  127. Asher Graham

    Asher Graham28 kun oldin