TOP 10 MINDBLOWING Auditions On American Idol 2020!

Check out the best auditions on American Idol 2020 that impressed judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie!


  1. slakalot

    slakalotOy oldin

    “Sweat, hypertension, whatever you’ve got” 😂😂 Lionel is hilarious.

  2. Bo Kvarv

    Bo KvarvOy oldin

    OMG Jovin Webb and that blues voice, simply wow. Doug Kiker wow what a talent, and Arthur Gunn WOW.....thank real music is still out there

  3. Voice Gaire

    Voice GaireOy oldin

    Plz Arthur gunn( Dibesh pokhrel)❣ . He is gem

  4. Frozen Bladez

    Frozen BladezOy oldin

    Man Jovin absolutely killed it 💯🎧😎

  5. Noah_ Ark

    Noah_ ArkOy oldin

    Thank God the judges are more human than in the first seasons. I bet first season Simon would have eaten the more vulnerable contestants alive

  6. Jason Magar

    Jason MagarOy oldin

    Arthur Gunn Damn bro your voice 🔥

  7. Laura Rathbone

    Laura RathboneOy oldin

    Arthur Gunn gave me goosebumps

  8. Raazu Chamling

    Raazu Chamling2 oy oldin

    Aurthur gunn🤘🤘👌👌❤❤

  9. Dokter Germs

    Dokter Germs2 oy oldin

    Alot of nice voices, but they all lack soul and depth. Except Arthur he's nice.

  10. Classix 21

    Classix 212 oy oldin

    Arthur gunn and franklin is the best for me

  11. Kappa Ross

    Kappa Ross2 oy oldin

    Man this dude Arthur Is an actual Legend I have this gut feeling this guy will be one of the greatest voices of our generation i mean good god the soul i just cant get over it

  12. Yeni G

    Yeni G2 oy oldin

    We’re going to recommend a non caffeine diet for you 🤪Luke

  13. Brady Gagne

    Brady Gagne2 oy oldin

    Arthur should’ve won

  14. Brian Y

    Brian Y2 oy oldin

    Just Sam and Arthur Gunn were the best of 2020 Idol. Hands down.

  15. BenJamin Volcom

    BenJamin Volcom2 oy oldin

    i thought i can sing but wtf first the garbage man and now thebesh.... i am not even trying anymore xDDD

  16. Clilyn Newacil

    Clilyn Newacil2 oy oldin

    My favorite for this season is Arthur, Just Sam and Francisco💕😊😄

  17. Masterponder92

    Masterponder922 oy oldin

    Jovin Webb and Arthur Gunn both gonna be megastars

  18. Darlene Noble

    Darlene Noble2 oy oldin

    I don't know why Arthur Gunn did not win. He was by far the best!

  19. Adam kahn

    Adam kahn3 oy oldin

    dont know why you didnt include Alejandros performance here

  20. 4Drunken Donuts

    4Drunken Donuts3 oy oldin

    Arthur and Francisco!!! 🔥🔥


    IGOR PODEMSKI3 oy oldin

    Arthur Gunn should have won. btw. im not republican and i respect women [ i am not a feminist but yeah.... i respect women as people should and they should have their rights [ like abortion ] that are taken from them in some countries

  22. Dan Junkins

    Dan Junkins3 oy oldin

    I really hope Katy is not just faking her belief in God, for her sake. Im still not sold. I know she is a PK but, you know, hollywood and all....

  23. Amy Walker

    Amy Walker3 oy oldin

    I always wanted to say, Thunder always happens when it’s Florida.

  24. Cece Penn

    Cece Penn3 oy oldin

    So no one think jovin Webb sound like tyrese Gibson

  25. Jeff Alger

    Jeff Alger3 oy oldin

    Just Sam lead these folks to JESUS.

  26. Iso Confused

    Iso Confused3 oy oldin

    First act: Franklin - just ripped off Gabrielle Aplin and Bastille - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) identical!


    SONO ARIMA3 oy oldin

    Wow!!!Wow!!! Wow!!! again and again. This video is an A-1+ 5 Star concert right here on my desktop!!!

  28. Ralf Relova

    Ralf Relova3 oy oldin

    wheres the love for Jovin Webb? that whipping post rendition was amazing!

  29. Cé Dric

    Cé Dric4 oy oldin

    Everybody talked about arthur gun blabla but guys seriously Jovin Webb !!! He killed it !

  30. TheChado

    TheChado4 oy oldin

    Still nobody better then Jax, and no Non Winner that should have Won more then Jax

  31. S.O.S. Exploration

    S.O.S. Exploration4 oy oldin

    31:20 I swear that could be a younger Tyrese Gibson by his voice and his face from far to mid range. Up close.... young Ja Rule... or.. am I the only one who see's this... the dreads throw him off tho. Had to mention it. Resemblance with bein a 80s kid I gotta say somethin...

  32. Camelia Deleanu

    Camelia Deleanu4 oy oldin

    The lopsided aluminium emphatically mend because jennifer typically live unto a good door. awesome, somber spain

  33. Aislinn Joy

    Aislinn Joy4 oy oldin

    Arthur Gunn should have won omg

  34. beanbean

    beanbean4 oy oldin

    aye im from durham

  35. Dad Gummit

    Dad Gummit4 oy oldin

    Mr.BBQ and Arthur Gunn are top picks of all time best American Idol contestants, hands down!


    ALCH MATE4 oy oldin

    if this is all just from 2020, man this worlds so incredible year to year, so much hidden talent. God Bless all of you.

  37. OnlyUseMeEquip

    OnlyUseMeEquip4 oy oldin

    i have watched various talent shows, xfactor , got talent, the voice etc.... for over 10 years, i have seen some crazy good performances in that time that have blown me away , but aurthur gunn is the only artists whos music i would go out and buy and listen too

  38. yunus MAB

    yunus MAB4 oy oldin

    Jovin Webb VERY GOOD

  39. Michael Lee

    Michael Lee5 oy oldin

    Just sam was such a sweetheart. I hope she's doing well.

  40. ardinal akbar

    ardinal akbar5 oy oldin

    37:48 and learn to forgive people❤️

  41. bolar dilery

    bolar dilery5 oy oldin

    Sorry but I did watch the whole thing ... Went straight to Arthur Gunn audition !!

  42. Donald Dolok

    Donald Dolok5 oy oldin

    This is not just looking for someone can's about feeling of humanity, that's the message. That's all.

  43. Sister Caritas Le Claire

    Sister Caritas Le Claire6 oy oldin

    Great Job Just Sam!!!! I enjoyed listening to you!! God bless you!!!

  44. Siti Saodah

    Siti Saodah6 oy oldin

    All is great but Arthur Gun was a legend..

  45. souzii shaozii

    souzii shaozii6 oy oldin

    Arthur's voice is so unique👍

  46. Jay Lin

    Jay Lin6 oy oldin

    Francisco Arthur and just Sam are the best!

  47. Shezuka

    Shezuka6 oy oldin

    I think i lost my keys. Do you guys know where is my keys?

  48. Braden

    Braden6 oy oldin

    Boone and Gunn are amazing

  49. Sami Hussein

    Sami Hussein6 oy oldin

    This is Alejandro Aranda starting a new American Idol. Thanks to the amazing Judges

  50. Zolani Ndlovu

    Zolani Ndlovu6 oy oldin

    Just sam my favourite sofar

  51. Tobias Brzeski

    Tobias Brzeski6 oy oldin

    What’s the name of the song in the background at 37:15

  52. Sanusi Lukman Adejimi

    Sanusi Lukman Adejimi6 oy oldin

    Just Sam brought me here, she's special, so special!!

  53. Britty boo

    Britty boo6 oy oldin

    The garbage man have a amazing voice wow they are all amazing

  54. Britty boo

    Britty boo6 oy oldin

    Wow wow wow jovin

  55. Britty boo

    Britty boo6 oy oldin

    Robert is an amazing soul

  56. Britty boo

    Britty boo6 oy oldin

    1 is so handsome husband material

  57. Shaquanta Bailey

    Shaquanta Bailey7 oy oldin

    Jovin’s voice touches me way down deep.. I love his voice..

  58. Wyatt Macburnie

    Wyatt Macburnie7 oy oldin

    Why is nobody hype about jovin Webb his voice speaks a thousand words💜

  59. lilyrose mitchell

    lilyrose mitchell7 oy oldin

    Tied to the whipping post. Perfection. It was rich it was spicey it was smokey, it was a feast of a song.

  60. lilyrose mitchell

    lilyrose mitchell7 oy oldin

    "I've made it through a 100% of my bad days" "And you're starting to let the light in, it looks good on you" I don't even know what just happened but that moved me, Just Sam

  61. Mona Weiler

    Mona Weiler7 oy oldin

    OMGoodness, wow to JohnI. Great singing!!

  62. lilyrose mitchell

    lilyrose mitchell7 oy oldin

    Cyniah Elise, I would love to see her whole family perform together hahaha ❤

  63. Jinky Min

    Jinky Min7 oy oldin

    Sorry, but can we talk a bit about Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie? I find their interactions cute and funny lol Now back to the auditions, Arthur Gunn is my fave by far!!! He's going to be big around the world!

  64. harley Fishman

    harley Fishman7 oy oldin

    Good luck

  65. Kolya Kostopoulos

    Kolya Kostopoulos7 oy oldin

    JOHNY WEST?????

  66. Angela Darnell

    Angela Darnell7 oy oldin

    Just is an understatement explanation point sam!!!! You are so talented young lady! May alll your dreams come true for you my love!!!

  67. Angela Darnell

    Angela Darnell7 oy oldin

    Your grandmother is so very proud!

  68. RickRob

    RickRob7 oy oldin

    All these Arthur Fans, it was clearly set up for Sam to win! All she did was cry through the entire season

  69. Dongardzz Lacnayz

    Dongardzz Lacnayz7 oy oldin

    Arthur Gunn looks like one of the Goons of Pablo Escobar,, But he is a good singer..

  70. Susan Burley

    Susan Burley8 oy oldin

    Jovin........your dear Mum will be dancing in heaven at the progress you are enjoying on your journey..I could listen to you all day. Love it xxx❤️

  71. Susan Burley

    Susan Burley8 oy oldin

    Robert have so much control & emotion in your voice. Beautiful to listen to, keep going my friend. You are so worthwhile & have a real talent xxx❤️

  72. Rewang Sherpa

    Rewang Sherpa8 oy oldin

    Love ur voice brother Arthur

  73. gratefulRed69

    gratefulRed698 oy oldin

    oh my. the pipes on the beautiful girl at the 21 min mark are incredible !! goosebumps

  74. Karee Erie

    Karee Erie8 oy oldin

    Katy has the grandma look down! Ugh...

  75. Sahadai Rampersad

    Sahadai Rampersad8 oy oldin

    Love love Arthur gunn💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍🙏🏽

  76. Pumy Xnumalo

    Pumy Xnumalo8 oy oldin

    Just Sam sang mwah I loved the performance 👄❤❤

  77. Revino Fauzan

    Revino Fauzan9 oy oldin

    whats the second song ttitle did arthur gunn sang

  78. Toky Zomuanpuia

    Toky Zomuanpuia9 oy oldin

    Wheres Alejandro

  79. Asif Ranjeet

    Asif Ranjeet9 oy oldin

    God bless you al you're really helping and you're amazing 😍

  80. Rabin Karki

    Rabin Karki9 oy oldin

    The best singing is by Arthur Gunn😍😍🇳🇵🇳🇵

  81. Erwin Kurniawan

    Erwin Kurniawan10 oy oldin

    I like so much arthur gunn

  82. Lonnie Knight

    Lonnie Knight10 oy oldin

    Arthur Gunn is amazing if you like that kind of music but otherwise he is just good

  83. tehelefee konfi

    tehelefee konfi10 oy oldin

    1. Arthur Gunn 2. Just Sam 3. Francisco Martin Lovely persons❤️ Lovely voices👏

  84. Robert Foster

    Robert Foster10 oy oldin

    Beautiful :)

  85. Truelove

    Truelove10 oy oldin

    A "Whitney Houston" singer is 1 in a MILLION ......a voice like FRANKLIN is one in the WORLD

  86. Rocky Peter

    Rocky Peter10 oy oldin

    Former American IDOL Artist released New Music. I went from being a child slave, came out to America and overcame homelessness to now touring the world before Covid 19 . I performed in 2016 Rio Olympics, Opened for Stevie Wonder, ETC. Listen to Fast Lane by Rocky Peter any where music can be streamed. 💖💖🎹🎙

  87. Akshay Arun

    Akshay Arun10 oy oldin

    Lionel Richie is a good man

  88. Allison King

    Allison King11 oy oldin

    Can someone just exlain why you are all so crazy about Aurther Gunn????? Plz tell me

  89. Allison King

    Allison King11 oy oldin

    Sorry people but I skiped to Just Sam she is better in my opinon

  90. MrBonGimix

    MrBonGimix11 oy oldin

    Arthur Gunn 🤟🔥

  91. Neo V

    Neo V11 oy oldin

    She deserved to win. Arthur Gunn is blessed and will be great but Sam needed this more and god bless her always

  92. Katya Grad

    Katya Grad4 oy oldin

    It was based on need, rather than talent?

  93. Neo V

    Neo V11 oy oldin

    She’s awesome

  94. Ash Collins

    Ash Collins11 oy oldin

    Why have these talent shows turned into highlighting the Judges...who then bore the pants off everyone by Over acting... It's really ruining what should be just good'' new'' talent show.!!!!!

  95. Allison King

    Allison King11 oy oldin


  96. ChetryPunk Jr

    ChetryPunk Jr11 oy oldin

    I knew...where to go so...went straight end of the video where this pro dude... Arthur Gunn ♥️ undoubtedly undisputed. Remember the name 🔥

  97. NoNameShmuck31

    NoNameShmuck3111 oy oldin

    Can’t wait for Arthur to start making music he’ll be the biggest thing to come out of this season.

  98. Sagun Khadgi

    Sagun Khadgi11 oy oldin

    arthur gunn.👍👍👍👍🤳🤳🤳

  99. JMD

    JMD11 oy oldin

    That is what BBQ sauce sounds like 😂

  100. ClapBack9

    ClapBack911 oy oldin

    performance timestamps: Franklin Boone: 0:25 Julia Gargano: 4:50 Kimmy Gabriela: 10:39 Robert Taylor: 13:19 Cyniah Elise: 19:45 Francisco Martin: 25:24 Jovin Webb: 31:00 Just Sam: 39:00 then again at 40:57 Doug Kiker: 47:25 then again at 48:30 Arthur Gunn: 53:55 then again at 55:15

  101. laduke 88

    laduke 882 oy oldin


  102. Diana Bratoeff

    Diana Bratoeff3 oy oldin

    Gracias! 👍

  103. lilyrose mitchell

    lilyrose mitchell7 oy oldin

    Aww, sis thank you! ❤

  104. wise guy

    wise guy9 oy oldin

    thank you!!!!

  105. Dwayne Browne

    Dwayne Browne11 oy oldin

    I absolutely love these judges

  106. Brt lekhnath

    Brt lekhnath11 oy oldin

    Arhhun Gunn small killer ...😄😄😄😄😄