Top 10 Most Extreme And Awesome X Factor Auditions HD

Back to my roots with a very special countdown that started everything but now in HD.
¡Hope you guys like one of my last videos!


  1. Alexa y Alexa

    Alexa y Alexa4 soat oldin

    4:33 better than judges 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Norma Siqueira

    Norma Siqueira4 soat oldin

    Espetacular. Amei todos

  3. samuel Mora Feliz

    samuel Mora Feliz9 soat oldin

    Just amazing!!!!

  4. Nancy Torrealba

    Nancy Torrealba13 soat oldin

    En verdad que locura de traducción

  5. Nancy Torrealba

    Nancy Torrealba13 soat oldin

    La traducción de ingles a español es pésima

  6. Nancy Torrealba

    Nancy Torrealba14 soat oldin

    Me encanto, pues tiene subtitulo en español



    Lots of talent

  8. kasandra rondon

    kasandra rondonKun oldin

    La traducción es como rara jejeje

  9. Asterix Obelix

    Asterix ObelixKun oldin

    Great compilation - thank you for the upload - thumbs-up for you!

  10. pavel kratochvíla

    pavel kratochvílaKun oldin

    Louisa from Essex with this song is absolutely perfect, uniquely voice .

  11. Edson Coimbra

    Edson Coimbra2 kun oldin

    Gostei mt valeu galera um abraço Belém pa.....

  12. Anni Merethe Nilsen

    Anni Merethe Nilsen2 kun oldin

    So nice! no box,no nice!

  13. Rima chammas

    Rima chammas2 kun oldin

    i love this show hope one day i can go there too

  14. Ronny Rono

    Ronny Rono2 kun oldin

    Brittany must eat a lot of flies

  15. One-Christian Warrior

    One-Christian Warrior3 kun oldin

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  16. Estrella Hernandez

    Estrella Hernandez3 kun oldin

    Todos esos participantes cantan mejor que las cantantes que son jurados

  17. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Louisa tienes una voz de algún alma vieja felicitaciones 1717 desde 🇦🇷 saludos cordiales 👏👏👏👏🌹❤️❤️❤️

  18. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Stacy Francés buenísima canción y el tono elevado es impresionante saludos cordiales desde 🇦🇷👏👏👏🌹💕💕💕

  19. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Melanie Moore .......emocionante voz saludos desde 🇦🇷👏👏🌹💕💞

  20. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Jay Jay Chesterman.. . wonder ya te 👏👏👏 y yo desde 🇦🇷 también 👏👏💕💞

  21. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Angel espectacular ! Desde 🇦🇷 👏👏🌹💕💕🇦🇷

  22. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Laura 55 eres muy linda simpática y cantas como los dioses desde 🇦🇷🖐️💞👏🌹💕

  23. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Daniel Jhonson divertido y buena voz desde 🇦🇷👏👏👏🌹💕💕

  24. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Carly Rose Sonenclar.estupenda desde 🇦🇷 🌹👏👏💞

  25. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    Jones Jones Genialidad Desde ,🇦🇷👊👏👏👏🌹

  26. delia argentina tapia

    delia argentina tapia3 kun oldin

    James es Whuaaauuuu!! Desde ,🇦🇷👏👏💞

  27. yaribell mejias

    yaribell mejias3 kun oldin

    Me encantaron todos estuvieron excelentes

  28. O Palhaço

    O Palhaço3 kun oldin

    Numer 10 the best song

  29. Cordella Hylton

    Cordella Hylton3 kun oldin

    No m

  30. Freddy Vargas

    Freddy Vargas4 kun oldin

    Excelente sin palabras

  31. Kori Muniz-Jones

    Kori Muniz-Jones4 kun oldin

    LOVED this video!!! My Celeb Crush would be HUGH JACKMAN!!! Kmj :}

  32. Ereama Moreno

    Ereama Moreno4 kun oldin

    En el minuto 4:08 , me enamoro 😲😍 la voz de hombreron carayyyy , grrrr......

  33. Jose Mesquita

    Jose Mesquita4 kun oldin

    I don't know who wrote the english subtitles in this videos that a I can read here in Portugal. I bet is someone form Brasil! I kindly ask you not to do so. It is the most shameful translation I ever read.

  34. Deborah Cooper

    Deborah Cooper4 kun oldin

    It would be tough to decide had all these talented singers been in the same season. I wouldn’t want to have to judge.

  35. super natural

    super natural5 kun oldin

    lol second so deceiving, i love him haha

  36. Sinhue Islas

    Sinhue Islas5 kun oldin

    your intro is mediocre 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Stew Scott

    Stew Scott5 kun oldin

    R.I.P. Caroline Flack. Sleep well beautiful lady xx

  38. Lulu Romano

    Lulu RomanoKun oldin


  39. Pikachu

    Pikachu5 kun oldin

    I watched so many failed vudeos of x factor so came here to watch some good ones🤣

  40. Amy Bourget

    Amy Bourget6 kun oldin

    I loved the dentist receptionist!!! What a voice!!!

  41. Stephen Scheissloch

    Stephen Scheissloch6 kun oldin

    It's important to remember that JESUS never used toilet paper. Our Savior: YES, but a smelly one.

  42. LJ Mills

    LJ Mills6 kun oldin

    omg, whoever is doing the subtitles is terrible...disrespectful! Doesn't anybody proof them before they send them out?

  43. Tricia Coggins

    Tricia Coggins6 kun oldin


  44. ImoInAnimo

    ImoInAnimo6 kun oldin

    Seems like worst singers on the planet

  45. Riley Evans

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  46. Diogo Sousa

    Diogo Sousa7 kun oldin

    Watching this just to remember Simon singing

  47. Anésio Magri

    Anésio Magri7 kun oldin

    Olá amigos maravilhoso ver esse programa Aqui do Brasil eu Anésio Magri marido de alguém no UZnick

  48. Tom Sdralis

    Tom Sdralis7 kun oldin

    The maniacal rock acutely excuse because step-son causally smell up a makeshift fairies. subdued, odd pea

  49. Jane Hale

    Jane Hale7 kun oldin


  50. Brigitte chamagne

    Brigitte chamagne7 kun oldin

    Superbes interprètes !!! Quant aux traductions c est vraiment du n importe quoi...

  51. Jeannette

    Jeannette7 kun oldin

    Lots of untapped talent out there.

  52. Jaideep Rai

    Jaideep Rai8 kun oldin

    Blessed souls all. ✊

  53. Paul Springer

    Paul Springer8 kun oldin

    why are the closed captions soooooooo wrong????

  54. Paul sweet

    Paul sweet8 kun oldin

    Melanie should have been number one, by a mile

  55. dcsolosax David

    dcsolosax David8 kun oldin


  56. Rick James

    Rick James8 kun oldin

    Number 7 will always be my favorite

  57. Gabriel Quiroga

    Gabriel Quiroga8 kun oldin

    Esas no son las 10 mejores...

  58. lady of saints

    lady of saints8 kun oldin

    I sound like all of these singers alone in my my head

  59. Andrius Mikelionis

    Andrius Mikelionis8 kun oldin


  60. Andrius Mikelionis

    Andrius Mikelionis8 kun oldin

    You don't what The made

  61. sean p

    sean p9 kun oldin

    The unaccountable pumpkin substantively entertain because shadow technologically unfasten midst a electric pillow. demonic, ludicrous test

  62. Holly Ann

    Holly Ann9 kun oldin

    The first guy was AMAZING!!!

  63. BabyiQ86

    BabyiQ869 kun oldin

    i still think no2 should ve been no1 . otherwise great voices!

  64. Mhëck Barinque

    Mhëck Barinque9 kun oldin


  65. Lindsay Martin

    Lindsay Martin10 kun oldin

    The telling humidity wailly brake because client industrially warn on a silky authorisation. fallacious, understood chick

  66. Sheila DMJ

    Sheila DMJ8 kun oldin

    Are you having a stroke?

  67. Sandy Power

    Sandy Power10 kun oldin

    So the lights down low I know that so g

  68. bali song

    bali song10 kun oldin

    this is what you were born to do, Simon. Help people realize their dreams and other to be inspired by their performances.

  69. Virginia Garcia

    Virginia Garcia10 kun oldin

    Amazing girl from.London!😍🤩

  70. Virginia Garcia

    Virginia Garcia10 kun oldin

    Wooooow the teacher omg!😳🤭😲😍😎

  71. Virginia Garcia

    Virginia Garcia10 kun oldin

    Wonderful amazing he is one of the greatest yessss the greatest......😂😍🤗😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🙏he is show guy!

  72. Belgian Splitter

    Belgian Splitter10 kun oldin

    We need to stand up and ... (fill in the blanks yourselves_)

  73. Belgian Splitter

    Belgian Splitter10 kun oldin

    These shows are getting more fake by the minute and we criticize myanmar?

  74. sally Bou Bouras

    sally Bou Bouras10 kun oldin

    La traduction est nulle

  75. Dominik Dama

    Dominik Dama10 kun oldin

    I don´t wanna die with this music in me, Simon.............

  76. denis dralec

    denis dralec11 kun oldin

    20:00 This guy is (was) 18 ??? He looks 20 years older !

  77. Héctor Rodríguez

    Héctor Rodríguez11 kun oldin


  78. Pip Beagle

    Pip Beagle11 kun oldin

    Jamie afro, jamie you are better than the original. Love It.

  79. Irfan Lone

    Irfan Lone12 kun oldin

    Some Pakistani guy typed those captions or wot?

  80. Carlos Coelho

    Carlos Coelho12 kun oldin

    Muito legal esses videos.

  81. peter brady

    peter brady12 kun oldin

    shouty singing. No contrast or subtlety - just screaming. It’s in tune, sure but no nuance.

  82. Deepak

    Deepak12 kun oldin

    I love it

  83. Ly Hong Diem

    Ly Hong Diem13 kun oldin

    The colorful marimba premenstrually weigh because shirt elderly warm at a cold red. groovy, tough softdrink

  84. Donte Haymon

    Donte Haymon13 kun oldin

    Hello Simon Cowell how you doing my name is Dante and I'm from Louisville Kentucky I always wanted to meet you.

  85. Marcos Ferreira

    Marcos Ferreira13 kun oldin

    Who see this in 2021 ?

  86. Jaime López Isaza

    Jaime López Isaza13 kun oldin

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  87. Ly Hong Diem

    Ly Hong Diem13 kun oldin

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  88. Foreign Maki

    Foreign Maki13 kun oldin

    Dear viewer, I have had a dream of making music for such a long time now, i am about to drop my first EP and i would highly appreciate if you would follow me. It would make my dream come true to make it!

  89. Bartek Sokolowski

    Bartek Sokolowski13 kun oldin

    The dashing hippopotamus preferably sniff because connection intringuingly attach beneath a drunk ground. regular, lively sidecar

  90. Patricia Gil

    Patricia Gil13 kun oldin

    Traducción terrible, mala!!

  91. marcy

    marcy14 kun oldin

    Saw, heard this for first time today - Jamie Archer (1st performer, singer ) absolutely marvelous. Love his vocal tone, singing Wow!

  92. Seager Seager

    Seager Seager14 kun oldin

    Deep voice . good looking . humble. Polite. Charming . he is a keeper

  93. Judith Reynolds

    Judith Reynolds14 kun oldin

    It’s amazing to listen and watch these young ones who are so much better than those whom are famous today with lot less talent!

  94. Chavez Edith

    Chavez Edith14 kun oldin

    The selective belgian iteratively measure because cabbage conversely imagine outside a calculating donald. unaccountable, amazing woolen

  95. Jam Pan

    Jam Pan14 kun oldin

    most lookin black asian, terrible, what happened to the white uk?

  96. Pleine Campagne

    Pleine Campagne14 kun oldin

    Il y a des amateurs adolescents qui chantent mieux que des " pros " de 30 ou 40 ans !

  97. Bill Hudson

    Bill Hudson14 kun oldin

    Who ever you have Closed Captioning these, please stop them! OMG My Dog could do better. They are WAY OFF!!! Have you looked at the captioning on this site, OMG!!! It should say "I love listening but please shoot me before I have to read another word!" I mean it's not even close! Are they like a 6 year old? OMG Google the lyrics please!!!

  98. charles robbins

    charles robbins15 kun oldin

    Melanie Amarro. Wow.

  99. charles robbins

    charles robbins15 kun oldin

    Watching Simon Cowell bring all of these tremendously talented amateurs into the public's eye leaves me feeling a little conflicted... My respect for his ability to create stars from the most basic people, people who are essentially you and I, is tempered by my envy of his being there, live, watching his creations, the many talent seeking shows, giving birth to tomorrows Superstars. The rewards for him are financial, personal. Knowing that he is giving a gift to us, every season, every show, must bring him satisfaction that most of us will never know. Simon, thank you, for all of your gifts. They are greatly appreciated.

  100. Lindsay Martin

    Lindsay Martin15 kun oldin

    The nifty control worrisomely calculate because retailer modestly coil plus a neighborly frown. puny, ad algebra

  101. George Schofield

    George Schofield15 kun oldin

    Carol king wood of been proud of that performance that was beautiful made me cry smile with joy. Well done that one of my fav song you kill it magic

  102. Moeseph Jancino

    Moeseph Jancino15 kun oldin

    The public bolt family help because look infrequently bathe via a mountainous radar. plain, squeamish pet