Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay5 oy oldin

    Favorite line: "Bob's gonna die". If you' enjoyed this video and want to help me make more like it, the best way is to support on Patreon. I will send you a Smarter Every Day / Rocket City Trash Pandas baseball. I ship one to literally everyone who supports as a Patron. Here's that link if you're interested: Thank you so much for watching this video! Destin

  2. Filippo Bertolazzi

    Filippo Bertolazzi3 oy oldin

    There's fire in the other shot too 9:50

  3. Joseph Manjarrez

    Joseph Manjarrez4 oy oldin

    Make, hitting a super sonic baseball with a ____mph baseball bat

  4. Christian Newkirk

    Christian Newkirk4 oy oldin

    Love you guys and the vids

  5. Jonathan Mora

    Jonathan Mora4 oy oldin


  6. Fantastic Fred!

    Fantastic Fred!4 oy oldin

    Oh no not Bob

  7. Дмитрий Сергеевич

    Дмитрий Сергеевич3 soat oldin

    looks like demolition ranch with Math

  8. OBS J Lee

    OBS J Lee9 soat oldin

    Y’all should see if will shoot the baseball threw a tree lol

  9. Mitchell Barker

    Mitchell Barker9 soat oldin

    The ball that created combustion when hitting the glove actually had a flame trailing behind it right before it hit!

  10. Malibu Ice

    Malibu Ice9 soat oldin

    I think because the basket weave mitt has more surface to surface contact with the ball so it creates enough friction to cause a spark.

  11. J.Films09

    J.Films0910 soat oldin

    The vapor coming off that ball

  12. PizzaDog500

    PizzaDog50011 soat oldin

    5:04 looks like Ludwig

  13. Matthew Calmert

    Matthew Calmert13 soat oldin

    This is why anime baseball doesn't work

  14. chad kenty

    chad kenty14 soat oldin

    What dose it do in water a vacume or boble cose of the presur

  15. brady moritz

    brady moritz15 soat oldin

    I love this cannon but it's definitely wasting a ton of air. Most of the volume is dumping after the ball is long gone. I'm almost certain the valve is not opening rapidly enough.

  16. Troy Smith

    Troy Smith15 soat oldin

    Anime villain: 4:54 Anime villain 30 seconds later: HEH HEH! This is just getting interesting!

  17. BNZ 369

    BNZ 36915 soat oldin

    try shot the bes ball to the bes stick mabey the stick is broken

  18. Redpanda Plays

    Redpanda Plays16 soat oldin

    you guys have made a war weapon;-;

  19. Dylan L.

    Dylan L.17 soat oldin

    Idk about bob but I would’ve simply caught the ball

  20. ZhongLia

    ZhongLia17 soat oldin

    Rip Bob🙏🏻

  21. Alain Isabelle de Montréal

    Alain Isabelle de Montréal18 soat oldin

    wet the glove

  22. Tayler Marks

    Tayler Marks20 soat oldin

    so cool

  23. Mensa Swede

    Mensa Swede22 soat oldin

    TIG welding is your friend if you’re building awesome stuff like this!

  24. Tommy Macdonald

    Tommy Macdonald23 soat oldin

    This is pointless and fascinating at the same time

  25. Sergio Guerra

    Sergio GuerraKun oldin

    I can only imagine a fighter jet getting being striked down by literally a supersonic baseball

  26. WoUd WaNg

    WoUd WaNgKun oldin

    Coach: the pitch isn’t that fast The pitch:

  27. Corey Kregenow

    Corey KregenowKun oldin

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this b/c I didn't read every comment but something I noticed is that the ball is traveling with no rotation. Trevor Bauer has written a piece about the correlation between ball rotation and velocity as well as pitch movement. Obviously you want the ball to travel straight so you'd have to look at what type of rotation. I'm just saying you can get that cannon faster than 1050mph with the right spin... Keep up the excellent work!

  28. Alexander Yeverino

    Alexander YeverinoKun oldin

    If you aimed the cannon straight up how high will the baseball go?

  29. binkymagnus

    binkymagnusKun oldin

    "Hit by pitch, take your base!...........You ok?"

  30. ZeroXF5

    ZeroXF5Kun oldin

    Wonder if this thing could fire a wiffleball and how would it travel ?

  31. ThatSaltyKid

    ThatSaltyKidKun oldin

    I mean, you CAN do this at your friend's house because it says to not try it at YOUR home.

  32. Eva Stephens

    Eva StephensKun oldin

    the ball was on fire once! litteraly! also i am a 9 year old

  33. Autumn Aarilyn

    Autumn AarilynKun oldin

    When Ted Williams talked to Mark McGuire, he asked him if he could smell the bat smoking when he hit.

  34. Geo VII

    Geo VIIKun oldin

    4:54 The ball becomes a hadoken.... wtf.

  35. Jeremy Chung

    Jeremy ChungKun oldin

    I'm surprised this is even legal. This could totally be used to shoot planes out of the air or knock down castle walls or perform other warlike tasks. It totally looks like an anti-aircraft gun

  36. RicardoM. Santiago

    RicardoM. SantiagoKun oldin

    Waooo..... I see the ball wooo...

  37. Stampy Cat

    Stampy CatKun oldin


  38. youtoober2013

    youtoober2013Kun oldin

    When you don't come prepared with enough mitts for your own supersonic baseball cannon: 11:11

  39. youtoober2013

    youtoober2013Kun oldin

    11:25 I think it was the friction from the threads being pulled from their holes so quickly.

  40. youtoober2013

    youtoober2013Kun oldin

    8:52 Me: they got protection for the camera... I wonder where they are going to stand... Oh, a few feet away with no protective gear. ...It's a good thing they're under a tent... DID YOU NOT SEE WHAT IT DID TO BOB YOU FOOLS?!

  41. youtoober2013

    youtoober2013Kun oldin

    I saw the shield after, still.

  42. youtoober2013

    youtoober2013Kun oldin

    When random engineers across the planet create more powerful weapons than the military... we'll have freedom lol.

  43. DVR8-4580V SWANN

    DVR8-4580V SWANNKun oldin

    You need an ultrasonic glove to catch the ultrasonic ball.

  44. Joseph Pukstyle

    Joseph PukstyleKun oldin

    If you look closely the ball that caught fire already had a small flame behind it before it hit the glove

  45. Dylan Yeager

    Dylan YeagerKun oldin

    And that was only it's changeup pitch

  46. Nuclear Rc

    Nuclear RcKun oldin

    How is that legal?

  47. Clarence Hicks

    Clarence HicksKun oldin

    Just imagine if you put a rotation on it

  48. Clarence Hicks

    Clarence HicksKun oldin

    You have to put the baseball mitt on a spinning axis and you have to try to match the speed of the ball I think at least half the speed of the ball the baseball net will have to rotate but that's how you will catch the ball use that information my son go off and be good in life. You have to get the timing right as possible I know how to do it I can see it all in my heads

  49. Necromancer HD

    Necromancer HDKun oldin

    I think the fire came from the friction from the ball being at the gloves at over 1.000 mph (mk 1.35) or maybe it was the leather.

  50. Hidden Rogue

    Hidden Rogue2 kun oldin

    So dont play baseball in an isekai world 🤔

  51. ruxiiy

    ruxiiy2 kun oldin

    Who got pumpkin'd on tiktok and came here

  52. jephisodes adventures

    jephisodes adventures2 kun oldin

    Hey give bob a break he's tired of getting donuted

  53. Civil DK

    Civil DK2 kun oldin

    "smarter every day".. @ 11:39 w/ playback speed, @ .25.. ! Just.. ALOT more funny! THUMBS UP!!!

  54. youutubestinks

    youutubestinks2 kun oldin

    is that legal in your country? o_0

  55. AdamStunt

    AdamStunt2 kun oldin

    I love how Jeremy is just like “cannon is in safe mode btw” as if that isn’t the first thing they should be checking after the experiment 😂

  56. Kore lml

    Kore lml2 kun oldin

    6:25 its like a hadoken aura the ball has (I believe its the supersonic wave), and at 10:52 just behind the ball can be seen a small flame just before hitting the baseball glove, great video btw

  57. 2 kun oldin

    This thing turns baseballs into water balloons, standing in front of that thing must take lots of courage

  58. Henio

    Henio2 kun oldin

    first of all: this could be used in war. but i need something to improve my baseball skills so i might get this next of all... i think this is illegal

  59. Jared Gfeller

    Jared Gfeller2 kun oldin

    Please try to hit this with that guys bullet bat

  60. Jared Gfeller

    Jared Gfeller2 kun oldin

    Make a super duper bat

  61. tiMSta

    tiMSta2 kun oldin

    so should implement a punch that handles like that impact into a game bruh, or gta mod at least

  62. Vikanuck

    Vikanuck2 kun oldin

    So - what I learned from this video, is that you need at LEAST ten catchers to try and stop a supersonic ball. Also, seeing that adorable little girl learn to ride her bike is what it takes to cool my fiery heart lmao 😂

  63. Dave Ford

    Dave Ford2 kun oldin

    10:09 valid little nightmares sound effect

  64. Jim Meduri

    Jim Meduri2 kun oldin

    Not a good advertisement for Rawlings.... Haha.

  65. Thunder Gaming

    Thunder Gaming2 kun oldin

    what if it hits a bat??

  66. N Holtzman

    N Holtzman2 kun oldin

    good thing you wern't the person catching it

  67. Vlad the Wild

    Vlad the Wild2 kun oldin

    Bob didn't even flinch

  68. Aboctat

    Aboctat2 kun oldin

    10:43 is that windows on a macbook pro?

  69. John Smith

    John Smith3 kun oldin

    The whole technique of catching a cricket ball, idk about baseball, is to decelerate the ball as gradually as possible to not damage your hands, proper technique can extend the catch to a second. So anyone who knows anything about physics knows it’s the gradual deceleration from following through your catch that counts

  70. Dead Zone

    Dead Zone3 kun oldin

    That was CRAZY!! I'm still mind blown

  71. HitHarderThanaMOFO

    HitHarderThanaMOFO3 kun oldin

    Freaking Great Episode ! I love em all really.

  72. Big Mitch

    Big Mitch3 kun oldin

    12:15 moment of truth

  73. Chandelure F-5

    Chandelure F-53 kun oldin

    Ball through the H-Weave: [rips itself apart] Ball through basket weave: OUTTA THE WAY. I HAVE PLACES TO BE. [ignites a spot]

  74. Faridullah Khan

    Faridullah Khan4 kun oldin

    10:52 I can see the Ball with FIRE trail, even it didn't hit the Glove yet.

  75. hypervergonzoso

    hypervergonzoso4 kun oldin

    4:52 a lo que veniste


    TEAM TORQUE4 kun oldin

    As a pro bike rider I see one thing wrong with how you are teacher them to ride. Long sleeve shirt and pants on. Not shorts .

  77. Dogophrenia

    Dogophrenia4 kun oldin

    Mullet = Helmet

  78. Alexander Lancaster

    Alexander Lancaster4 kun oldin

    Hey look bob from tik tok 😂

  79. Ship it

    Ship it4 kun oldin

    I gave a kid my old bike

  80. James Long

    James Long4 kun oldin

    Me talking to my son "He should NOT have shown us that weld, that is the crappiest weld I've ever seen." Two seconds later.. "Yeah, I'm learning to weld, it's kinda my thing." :D :D :D

  81. real david baszucki

    real david baszucki4 kun oldin

    mad batter vs supersonic baseball cannon

  82. Zayn uchiha

    Zayn uchiha4 kun oldin

    6:45 am i the only 1 who noticed the glove is literally on fire

  83. MJB

    MJB4 kun oldin

    The ball changed direction going through the "H" weave because it traveled the path of least resistance.

  84. Golf Accountant

    Golf Accountant4 kun oldin

    shoot it vertical. catch it with a single glove on the way down.

  85. dressup154

    dressup1544 kun oldin

    Technically you could catch it in ONE leather glove if you had the glove on a track and it was moving fast enough in the same direction as the ball, and slowed down slowly enough not to rip the glove. I mean, is that remotely possible to set up?

  86. Megan Hamilton

    Megan Hamilton5 kun oldin


  87. Scott Fenner

    Scott Fenner5 kun oldin

    Are we not going to talk about the vapor wave that ball had on it?!?

  88. Brodie Graham

    Brodie Graham5 kun oldin

    Destin why not put the gloves Closer together to make a type of wall structure

  89. matty brown

    matty brown5 kun oldin

    How high can you shot the ball, shot it vertical, or put a GoPro in resin then shape it the size the ball and fire that vertical 👌🏼😎

  90. Q Vala.

    Q Vala.5 kun oldin

    10:50 is there fire behind the ball while traveling through the air ?????

  91. seth Oak

    seth Oak5 kun oldin

    This feels like a more civilized demolition ranch

  92. Mooselieb

    Mooselieb5 kun oldin

    Try making a mechanism that releases the gas up into the air so it doesn’t blow everything over

  93. Victorpro Gaming

    Victorpro Gaming5 kun oldin


  94. andy klompenburg

    andy klompenburg5 kun oldin

    I want to know how far that ball will travel. Obviously there is a part 2 coming up.

  95. Dog Life

    Dog Life5 kun oldin

    6:23 that one try hard pitcher in pe

  96. Tyler Donkin

    Tyler Donkin5 kun oldin

    Add rifling to the barrel bro and shoot the world's first air cannon🤯

  97. Oh Ok

    Oh Ok5 kun oldin


  98. Mark Claude

    Mark Claude5 kun oldin

    Wow, now you just need to get a whole hog to launch a ball at. Do the bones help deflect the ball any? Then have a holy hog to roast.

  99. Simon Mendoza

    Simon Mendoza5 kun oldin

    4:56 Bullies: "Better not flinch" Me:

  100. Brandon Russell

    Brandon Russell5 kun oldin

    I cant believe that a ball at 1000mph has a blue ore around it.

  101. Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez5 kun oldin

    @SmarterEveryDay it would be cool if you did like the super sonic baseball vs 250 mph bat

  102. Maxymalny Mati

    Maxymalny Mati6 kun oldin

    i saw blue flames on the ball in the second shot

  103. Barbra Strysand

    Barbra Strysand6 kun oldin

    No one noticed that the very first glove only shot, there was fire as well?? Before the shot where they are surprised, the previous shot has an arc of fire around the ball after it came out from the glove.

  104. Joel Rudey

    Joel Rudey6 kun oldin

    As a former farm league player, this video was awesome, yet horrifying to watch. Wow

  105. Adele Ahmad

    Adele Ahmad6 kun oldin

    Leather if smashed together fast enough will cause a fire. Never before had humans have had the understanding or the tools to have known this. Dustin you pulled off something that no human since our beginning has ever done. This achievement alone is something you should be proud of.

  106. Carter Kramer

    Carter Kramer6 kun oldin

    I think his pest problem is over with.

  107. Joshua Sarabia

    Joshua Sarabia6 kun oldin

    Talk about an artillery piece.