Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217

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Checkout these papers to learn a bit more about Taylor-Couette Flow:
Wikipedia Article:
Taylor's Groundbreaking Paper
How instability forms
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    If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. uznick.info/up/video/bmqrhKierNJ2poU

  2. Chad Johnson

    Chad Johnson4 kun oldin

    Hey Destin... loved the video... like I love all your content. But at the end of this video you pronounced gif like Jif. Cmon man! :D

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    S r b Its s long time machine then/ ...go on / /

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    DAVID JACKSON2 kun oldin

    what if you spin it super fast

  9. Vikanuck

    Vikanuck2 kun oldin

    This just broke my brain... Might I suggest for your next video - “Removing Oil from Water” lmao 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Vikanuck

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    It has taken me far, far too long, but I am now a subscriber 😊

  11. Dominick Little

    Dominick Little2 kun oldin

    That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  12. Sean Thomas

    Sean Thomas4 kun oldin

    Done did learn sumthin! Thank you sir!

  13. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald1206 kun oldin

    7:05 translation, Laminar flow is the answer

  14. Robert Talada

    Robert Talada8 kun oldin

    “Oh golly”

  15. Philophobia

    Philophobia8 kun oldin

    @0:17 "something called..." Me: TAYLOR-FLOW-COUETTE "Taylor-Couette Flow" Me: oh...

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  17. al 3

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    Just yesterday I spent all the afternoon studying this problem. Laminar flow rocks

  18. träume.traumas

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    6:41 wonderful point of view

  19. Samuel Hockey

    Samuel HockeyOy oldin

    who is out there giving science the thumbs down? you poor people

  20. Ronie Casaljay

    Ronie CasaljayOy oldin

    😁😁. I people who sabotage me, now wished they could bring back things the way they were. Too late for them. 😁😁. Consequences are the only things that awaits them. Very well said because they never taught of the consequences while they were enjoying sabotaging me.

  21. Ronie Casaljay

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    The cagey macaroni really crash because rainbow classically pat minus a naughty margaret. doubtful, highfalutin debt

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    Maybe writting kweit you'd pronouce write :)

  24. Bronson Stephens

    Bronson StephensOy oldin

    This was amazing though. I’m so glad you convinced me to get into this. I miss exploring science

  25. Bronson Stephens

    Bronson StephensOy oldin

    For some reason this reminds me of black holes (when you first started rotating) and how when something travels too close and undergoes spaghetification (I think that’s what it’s called).

  26. foot fungus

    foot fungusOy oldin

    destin cracked out on science when he sees that it worked. "ca i cc ddat" 5:49

  27. Valentin Magnenat

    Valentin MagnenatOy oldin

    watching Dustin joyfully deal with rockets and other fast moving hazards for years, NEVER seen him that close to panic as he was stirring paint here ^^ Awesome !

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    we need a special version with 3 chambers!

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    and a 3d printer!

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    that will be a neat tv

  33. Alex Fox

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    two sided tv... needs special encryption....

  34. Tim Forcade

    Tim ForcadeOy oldin

    Why not a laminar flow encoder/decoder? Place a graphic or message in the mineral oil.

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    The dusty yacht therapeutically entertain because cowbell legally drain regarding a apathetic cloth. hard-to-find, best swedish

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    do you think this would work with soft serve ice cream?

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    Hey it's me Destin from LaminarFlowEveryDay

  38. Caterina McGlynn

    Caterina McGlynnOy oldin

    Hi Destin. My son is so inspired by your videos, that he wants to do a channel called Funner Every Day (He’s 8). Science and fun experiments kids can do at home. :). Thanks for being such an inspiring role model. Oh and we found you through Mark Rober’s channel, so I love that you collaborate with other like-minded specialists.

  39. Gabriel Peeck

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    This is the coolest thing that I've ever seen.

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    God's creation is truly amazing! God the Lord most high truly loves us all! Never forget! Amen!

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    Yes with Jesus all things are possible, especially his life for ours.

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    The minute I saw the title, I knew this was going to be fun. Destin, you're making all of us love laminar flow!

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    so this is where Nolan got idea for Tenet

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    do you have to turn it at 1 m/h to make it work or is it just to waste a little more time?

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    *Tenet's Inception*

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    Not audiobooks, when you listen to awesome podcasts you get smarter!

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    2021: 205

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    Mechanical Spiky2 oy oldin

    Some times it feels like life is turbulent , like everything is jumbled up and there is no way you're ever gonna get things set straight but I believe if you slowly and methodically think about the way you got yourself in to the situation and start thinking about how to get out of that situation and take slow, deliberate step, hopefully, hopefully its not possible for everyone something that looks like , complete mess and it will never be set straight hopefully, one day you actually be able to get out of the situation but it requires patience and deliberate thinking to get it all straightened out.

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    Naveen Kumar2 oy oldin

    So if we can rewind every physical movement in the universe at same exact timing we can go to the past. We should also go back in memory and experience in the same lane and timing. Is this possible?

  63. Ross Tafarian

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    yeah you skipped five.....sorry to be that guy

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  65. Jared Eggo

    Jared Eggo3 oy oldin

    I've watched this video before, as well as many of your other videos, and I never get tired of seeing how excited you get during your experiments. You would be the perfect science teacher because you are so great at explaining things and you make science fun. I always love watching your videos.

  66. Maglin Kollam

    Maglin Kollam3 oy oldin

    The 4k dislikes are from Action lab viewers.

  67. Chris Perry

    Chris Perry3 oy oldin

    That is cool...I remember when I saw my first cyclone separator for fuels onboard ship. I wonder now if it used laminar flow for the oil/water separator. I know it used the variation in viscosity, but I wonder if it could also be improved to use laminar flow to clean fuel to a greater extent.

  68. Devon L

    Devon L3 oy oldin

    No matter how far you go down the wrong road you can always turn back - Some poster in my 7th grade classroom

  69. Victoria Eads

    Victoria Eads3 oy oldin

    This would be amazing to experiment with using molten glass 😻💜

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    Manuel Vazquez3 oy oldin

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  72. jadhal9280

    jadhal92803 oy oldin

    If u created this machine. Any body on upper to ourselves not god Has permission to do ( undo ) universe. Back to big bang . Many universes can back to big bang state. No need of god. Entropy can decrease by this experiment.

  73. Мельник Владимир

    Мельник Владимир3 oy oldin

    Прит 3:1-35: "Сын мой! наставления моего не забывай, и заповеди мои да хранит сердце твое; ибо долготы дней, лет жизни и мира они приложат тебе. Милость и истина да не оставляют тебя: обвяжи ими шею твою, напиши их на скрижали сердца твоего, и обретешь милость и благоволение в очах Бога и людей. Надейся на Господа всем сердцем твоим, и не полагайся на разум твой. Во всех путях твоих познавай Его, и Он направит стези твои. Не будь мудрецом в глазах твоих; бойся Господа и удаляйся от зла: это будет здравием для тела твоего и питанием для костей твоих. Чти Господа от имения твоего и от начатков всех прибытков твоих, и наполнятся житницы твои до избытка, и точила твои будут переливаться новым вином. Наказания Господня, сын мой, не отвергай, и не тяготись обличением Его; ибо кого любит Господь, того наказывает и благоволит к тому, как отец к сыну своему. Блажен человек, который снискал мудрость, и человек, который приобрел разум, - потому что приобретение ее лучше приобретения серебра, и прибыли от нее больше, нежели от золота: она дороже драгоценных камней; и ничто из желаемого тобою не сравнится с нею. Долгоденствие - в правой руке ее, а в левой у нее - богатство и слава; пути ее - пути приятные, и все стези ее - мирные. Она - древо жизни для тех, которые приобретают ее, - и блаженны, которые сохраняют ее! Господь премудростью основал землю, небеса утвердил разумом; Его премудростью разверзлись бездны, и облака кропят росою. Сын мой! не упускай их из глаз твоих; храни здравомыслие и рассудительность, и они будут жизнью для души твоей и украшением для шеи твоей. Тогда безопасно пойдешь по пути твоему, и нога твоя не споткнется. Когда ляжешь спать, - не будешь бояться; и когда уснешь, - сон твой приятен будет. Не убоишься внезапного страха и пагубы от нечестивых, когда она придет; потому что Господь будет упованием твоим и сохранит ногу твою от уловления. Не отказывай в благодеянии нуждающемуся, когда рука твоя в силе сделать его. Не говори другу твоему: «пойди и приди опять, и завтра я дам», когда ты имеешь при себе. Не замышляй против ближнего твоего зла, когда он без опасения живет с тобою. Не ссорься с человеком без причины, когда он не сделал зла тебе. Не соревнуй человеку, поступающему насильственно, и не избирай ни одного из путей его; потому что мерзость пред Господом развратный, а с праведными у Него общение. Проклятие Господне на доме нечестивого, а жилище благочестивых Он благословляет. Если над кощунниками Он посмевается, то смиренным дает благодать. Мудрые наследуют славу, а глупые - бесславие." Аминь. Слава Иисусу Христу!

  74. Kyojin_9

    Kyojin_93 oy oldin

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    abhilash herakal3 oy oldin

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    Canada EhXplained3 oy oldin

    Hey Destin! I watched this video like a year ago - but then today I suddenly had an ‘aha!’ moment as a result! I have this globe on my desk that is suspended inside a plastic globe, and a clear fluid - essentially free-spinning inside the ball. I couldn’t get it to work properly and spin, without going backwards - but it was supposed to just keep going in the direction the earth actually turns. I looked over at it today - and this video came to mind - and it clicked. I needed to spin the outside globe in the right direction to ‘wind up’ the fluids inside - which then pull the interior globe in the same direction. Mind blown. Thanks man!

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    Dougie Fuoco3 oy oldin

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