What if Diavolo got the Arrow? King Crimson Requiem Speculation

What if Diavolo got the arrow? Oh yeah, to say this now since I didn't in the video. The beginning part of the scenario like the end of it is also something that can be made different too.
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  1. Ignotus

    IgnotusYil oldin

    So essentially... "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist".

  2. Arnesh Pal

    Arnesh Pal9 kun oldin


  3. ernestina Aboagye

    ernestina AboagyeOy oldin

    :O that was the most poetic thing :O

  4. Spike Gaming

    Spike Gaming2 oy oldin

    I love that movie

  5. Lore

    Lore2 oy oldin

    devil means diavolo in italian and the world is dio's stand... ironic

  6. sr taco

    sr taco3 oy oldin

    That's basically Wonders of U in a nutshell


    CHRISTOPHER TRAN9 soat oldin

    in my opinion this is actually no cap a better ending, just forgetting diavolo is fine with me and its better than dying infinetly.

  8. Holy Comrade

    Holy Comrade18 soat oldin

    What I'd when the arrow peirced him he really achieved requiem but due to its ability another time line was created so that heay live in absurdity while killing his past

  9. Desk_kun

    Desk_kunKun oldin

    If diavolo die it's canon

  10. PaulDeLOL

    PaulDeLOLKun oldin

    If the Stand Arrow gives the Requiem ability based on what the user wants the most. King Crimson Requiem is basically Achtung Baby’s father

  11. Fisher Horning

    Fisher HorningKun oldin

    Isn’t that ability just wonder of u 🧐

  12. Kilz For Days

    Kilz For Days2 kun oldin

    If you think about it, there should be no way for GER to defeat KC. If KC sees into the future to see if Giorno is gonna hit him, he erases it and keeps on erasing time until Giorno can't fight anymore, therefore KC wins. Until Diavolo sneezes or something convenient so GER can remove his will from existence etc.

  13. Ari

    Ari3 kun oldin

    now what about over heaven and requiem on one stand?

  14. Cougar Man

    Cougar Man3 kun oldin

    Who whould win ? : -Golden Experiance Requiem or -King Crimson Requiem

  15. Nectro 77

    Nectro 773 kun oldin


  16. izzaRyanxx

    izzaRyanxx4 kun oldin

    kcr would be so overpowered but ger is still stronger cuz ger is just broken

  17. Itz_nicK _Playz

    Itz_nicK _Playz4 kun oldin

    Wait, you only gave an ability to epitaph, not to KC.

  18. Alien Games Roblox etc.

    Alien Games Roblox etc.4 kun oldin

    Star platinum requiem -immune to attacks- because fck the universe

  19. uyu54y

    uyu54y6 kun oldin


  20. TBHK Fan

    TBHK Fan6 kun oldin

    1:36 it’s (Doh-pi-oh)

  21. TBHK Fan

    TBHK Fan6 kun oldin

    If he got the arrow he would smack talk giorno and the gang and then trip on a rock a die This is actually canon because this probably happened in his death loop

  22. Sardony x

    Sardony x7 kun oldin

    you sound like infernasu xD

  23. Justice Diff

    Justice Diff8 kun oldin

    so GER will still win in a fight

  24. Arnesh Pal

    Arnesh Pal9 kun oldin

    In diavolo's infinite death he got killed by KCR

  25. Arnesh Pal

    Arnesh Pal9 kun oldin


  26. Hey You

    Hey You9 kun oldin

    Basically, KC becomes the La Li Lu Le Lo. Lol, King Crimson: The Patriots.

  27. mask with lil sister

    mask with lil sister10 kun oldin

    hierophant green requim : infinite mother

  28. Sem Donk

    Sem Donk11 kun oldin

    So KCR would basically have Za Hando

  29. Technogun

    Technogun11 kun oldin


  30. A Lazy Guy

    A Lazy Guy11 kun oldin

    the time erasure + is just close to the concept of wonder of u

  31. goran plesej

    goran plesej12 kun oldin

    King Crims- ust works..Wait...

  32. Crystal Clear

    Crystal Clear15 kun oldin

    kinga cerimazononorioku

  33. gold experience requiem

    gold experience requiem15 kun oldin

    Nah ge would snatch the arrow and create me and I still more powah

  34. Halit UwU

    Halit UwU16 kun oldin

    the problem is that every requiem stand has to have a way to be killed but its literally imposible lol for example scr

  35. yazumajii21

    yazumajii2116 kun oldin

    so its the sametype of stand as star platinum

  36. UIRas

    UIRas16 kun oldin

    Yba be like

  37. Saitama

    Saitama18 kun oldin

    King crimson req :world ending Also it’s doppio not dopio The world req : all the people die

  38. Achtung Nemesis

    Achtung Nemesis18 kun oldin

    Diavolo can't be requiem even though he stabbed himself with it. It's a cause of destroying your own soul as a result of you won't become worthy to obtain a Requiem King Crimson. The thing you need to actually obtain the stand's true potential is by not destroying your own soul, also known as that spherical light behind your head

  39. Holy Comrade

    Holy Comrade19 kun oldin

    The man who sold the world

  40. Toygar Yılmaz

    Toygar Yılmaz19 kun oldin

    kcr Exissts he is created 2 years ago in yba

  41. Wood and random Gaming roblox

    Wood and random Gaming roblox20 kun oldin

    How do U watch jojo

  42. spookykitty72

    spookykitty7220 kun oldin

    good idea, not really requiem. wouldnt a requiem stand give you an entirely new ability as opposed to upgrading old abilities? this is more like king crimson over heaven.... damn, thats actually a cool idea update: forgot that last part, im an idiot.

  43. I - Bot

    I - Bot21 kun oldin

    king crimson requiem is basically video editor

  44. Eggon_1

    Eggon_121 kun oldin

    Could diavolo do the heaven plan with kcr?

  45. God of Yami

    God of Yami21 kun oldin

    so he is basically speedrunning made in heaven almost similar to how star platnium ended up turning to the world.

  46. God of Yami

    God of Yami21 kun oldin

    imagine one of the infinite loops diavolo was in was a death where he did get the arrow and stabbed himself then just died cause he poo poo head

  47. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum23 kun oldin

    *Star platinum* : Requiem *Time stop forever*

  48. OBG Elite

    OBG Elite23 kun oldin

    ah king crimson the hand and heavens door combined

  49. emperor crimson

    emperor crimson23 kun oldin

    We would have 2 jojo's that didint defitet Main villian

  50. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna23 kun oldin


  51. Vib Ing

    Vib Ing24 kun oldin

    I don’t think that would be as accurate as it could be move wise but other than that it was a very good video

  52. Khalin Fletcher

    Khalin Fletcher24 kun oldin

    Hey ya requiem?

  53. Haddish Gebremedhin

    Haddish Gebremedhin25 kun oldin

    so basically twoh's reality overwrite except with the ability to see the future

  54. julius jacobo

    julius jacobo25 kun oldin

    purple haze requiem:covid 19

  55. Sean Rosen

    Sean Rosen25 kun oldin

    Reminds me of True Detective: "Time is a flat circle." Past, present and future would become one and the same to KCR. KCR becomes a legit eldritch horror rivaling Yog-Sothoth.

  56. zes

    zes26 kun oldin

    could a possible loophole be that instead of pursuing him, you manage to tick him off enough that he pursues you?

  57. Union Josuke

    Union Josuke26 kun oldin

    But can he beat Goku? Nah I'm kidding but who would win ger or kcr?

  58. Jayblox IAT Gamer

    Jayblox IAT Gamer26 kun oldin

    The fun fact that he used the thumbnail that has kc requiem but it has subtitles and it says “king crimson requiem” but it’s “Emperor crimson requiem”

  59. Keamm The Demon

    Keamm The Demon27 kun oldin

    Wow I love this. He basically defeated himself and became depressed. Good for him.

  60. That1dirtySniper

    That1dirtySniper29 kun oldin

    Best boi has changed the "WAGA NUODIOKU NIARU"

  61. ZfighterSusanoo Playz

    ZfighterSusanoo Playz29 kun oldin

    Gorino nearly die Dio comes in and punch the crap out of him

  62. Ice cream gomes

    Ice cream gomes29 kun oldin

    When i wasnt a jojo fan i thought this thumb was real, so when i was watching the anime i was really hyped to see king crimson requiem, and it didn't happen :(

  63. StoicKobra

    StoicKobraOy oldin

    bwoomph requiem

  64. billy staples

    billy staplesOy oldin

    Ya he would just become god. he could just make them all have a heart attack randomly with epitaph.

  65. Gonombler

    GonomblerOy oldin

    So does that mean Diavolo can still be alive right now becaus he had the arrow but earased the memory of reqrium from their head to think he is dead?

  66. RAT Toe

    RAT ToeOy oldin

    You know those people who role play in real life? This guy kind of sounds like one when he renacts diavolo

  67. MBP

    MBPOy oldin

    epitaph requiem. might not work because it's a sub-stand but it would be funny.

  68. SoupHam ChadReee

    SoupHam ChadReeeOy oldin

    So it’s the same type of stand as star platinum

  69. Shakti Khare

    Shakti KhareOy oldin

    Well yes but actually no

  70. Brian Louis

    Brian LouisOy oldin

    I can't believe King Crimson Requiem's best ability is just Wonder of U but without the calamity


    NULLIFIEDOy oldin

    This is incredible, the storytelling is incredible, so Giorno wins, and Diavolo has retreated/won successfully (it depends on how you see it) and lost at the same time in a sense of "now I know too much" which seems to dawn on him.

  72. Clough

    CloughOy oldin

    I'm actually trying to find the song Requiem by King Crimson and I get some part 5 stuff, wth the freak

  73. Joe V1

    Joe V1Oy oldin

    Greatest AU story ever.

  74. DoLFI WV

    DoLFI WVOy oldin

    Requirm Stands: Ger: RTZ Kcr: Power Up very much TWR: Prob immortal(if the stand user is dio), and control time in every cases with the RUDA RUDA RUDA RUDA RUDA(Changed M to R) SPR: same things with twr with no immortal Tusk4Req: bruh OP absoulute its in his first form with no Req its was like GER's powerlevel WITH NO REQ its will be like TWOH but still lower in pL D4CReq: Prob control the diff universe characters or something else. Heaven Stands: TWOH: Absoulte OP, control reality(he gonna just erase lol kcr and every else charact) SPOH: Reality, but will lost his abillity after some time if he uses too much Tusk4OH: Control The Others's energy able him to control others and also inf energy, every other users with they stands can't beat him he just already more op than ger if he got req now HEAVEN imagine that lol GEOH: Life manipulation, not too much op like TWOH e.t.c cuz ge is trash in pl D4C: Reality, can't beat still the T4OH

  75. Ash Pham

    Ash PhamOy oldin


  76. paul kariuki

    paul kariukiOy oldin

    In summary diavolo is a God

  77. Darth Sidious

    Darth SidiousOy oldin

    14:27 yeah pucci and dio time

  78. A cool Human being

    A cool Human beingOy oldin

    KCR would have the ability to turn anyone's hair pink

  79. Neenja

    NeenjaOy oldin

    I feel like if Diavolo got the arrow, it would be a cooler story imo

  80. GlitchElectrode

    GlitchElectrodeOy oldin

    Who will win. Angry red man or Staring contest champion

  81. X

    XOy oldin

    Why don't we just ask the 23rd President of the U.S.?

  82. Who knows

    Who knowsOy oldin

    he didn't care at all about taking care of giorno he thought it was a waste of time

  83. E e E e

    E e E eOy oldin

    What about Za Warudo Requiem

  84. Ccs750 Student

    Ccs750 StudentOy oldin

    raging deamon lets go

  85. Benjamin Williams

    Benjamin WilliamsOy oldin

    would GER beat KCR tho...

  86. Yami

    YamiOy oldin

    this is just what would happen if the arrow's favorite character was diavolo

  87. Waluigi el Destructor

    Waluigi el DestructorOy oldin

    The hand requiem: 😏

  88. Zaito

    ZaitoOy oldin

    I think that the epitaph see during the final round of Diavolo vs Giorno (Gold Experience Requiem) is another reality that G.E.R would not bypass the TE and Diavolo would win, then get the Arrow and get King Crimson Requiem (i think that would be like in the fan art of the thumb)

  89. KillerQueen BitesTheDust

    KillerQueen BitesTheDustOy oldin

    i think KCR would actually be more red and the armor looking spots of KC would be replaced by requiem marks this is just my opinion

  90. Im_Mob

    Im_MobOy oldin

    Mr president requiem: has a bathroom in the room.

  91. ama !

    ama !Oy oldin

    Using KCR to win the lottery.

  92. Tatsuki Yamazaki

    Tatsuki YamazakiOy oldin

    yba be like : hippie ty hoppiti this is now my property

  93. White Boi

    White BoiOy oldin

    The greatest power diavalo has is being able to say the n word without a pass with nobody remembering

  94. Boom shadow ZXT

    Boom shadow ZXTOy oldin

    A really interested theory would be KCR and GER finally facing off and all diavolo wants to do is just to end Giorno since he can as he pleases or so he thinks knowing that Giorno obtained GER and yeah it would be a hell on battle. My question is that will the RTZ thing work on KCR or will he be able to face the maneuver? or will all that infinite death happen again (Which I HIGHLY DOUBT) or will Giorno just lose?

  95. Brian Louis

    Brian LouisOy oldin

    Absolute Epitaph is legit just MIH without MIH

  96. Kyle Morales

    Kyle MoralesOy oldin


  97. Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Everything is a JoJo ReferenceOy oldin

    Actually in another Universe he won and skipped some entire Arcs of Promised Neverland

  98. Cheese for me

    Cheese for meOy oldin

    KCR: uses absolute Epithath to see when part 6 will get an anime adaptation

  99. Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Everything is a JoJo Reference16 kun oldin

    @UIRas Well I mean they skipped entire Arcs I was expecting to see some Battles

  100. UIRas

    UIRas16 kun oldin

    @Everything is a JoJo Reference lol

  101. Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Everything is a JoJo Reference16 kun oldin

    @UIRas But at what cost? *Promised Neverland Season 2*

  102. UIRas

    UIRas16 kun oldin

    Announced now actually

  103. Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Everything is a JoJo ReferenceOy oldin

    Meanwhile King Crimson erases/Skips entire Arcs of Promised Neverland

  104. GoldenNico 501

    GoldenNico 501Oy oldin


  105. Captain Han

    Captain HanOy oldin

    Imagine KCR vs GER and they both get the arrow

  106. Aidan Brinker

    Aidan BrinkerOy oldin

    this video should have been titled: If Diavolo was a good person Edit: I mean the arrow only choses good people with worthiness

  107. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker CatOy oldin

    Does that mean Diavolo sees part 7 and part 8 and part 6 animated?

  108. Klaus Wolf

    Klaus WolfOy oldin

    King Crimson doesnt erase time he skips time.

  109. Soulrrous

    SoulrrousOy oldin


  110. madre dulce

    madre dulceOy oldin

    with absolute epitaph wouldn't diavolo be able to reach heaven

  111. Koi Sockey

    Koi SockeyOy oldin

    Ah yes to push beyond super broken