Who Is Tucker Carlson? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Who is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, and why doesn’t he have more than one facial expression? Here’s how Tucker Carlson went from entitled aristocrat to Fox News superhero. #DailyShow #TheDailyShowography #TuckerCarlson
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  1. Se _en0

    Se _en012 daqiqa oldin

    big words coming from trevor noah, the guy who cried his way up from south africa, so "unprivileged", he literally made made millions by preaching diversity and crying about how hard his life as a half black guy was, just to live in his gated community in a 21 million villa in a majorly white neighborhood... yeah, trevor noah, ladies, gents and degenerates

  2. Joshua Heuvel

    Joshua HeuvelSoat oldin

    lol these videos are doing the opposite of what they were intended to do..and Tucker is loving it..

  3. khabbab siddig

    khabbab siddigSoat oldin

    Conservative working class are so gullible all their heroes are elites in disguise

  4. khabbab siddig

    khabbab siddigSoat oldin

    Every rich person can gaslighte them with culture war bullshit while simultaneously fucking them over

  5. I_am_from_magic_world

    I_am_from_magic_world3 soat oldin

    tucker fans have to see this

  6. D3ck

    D3ck7 soat oldin

    Tucker is the truth!!!!!! You liberal clowns don’t want to see it. Heaven forbid someone learn from the mistakes of their past and gain a more educated outlook on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  7. Bret Viola

    Bret Viola9 soat oldin

    This is the un-funniest funny show of all time!!!

  8. jair555

    jair55510 soat oldin

    Nice smear campaign. Tucker must be doing something right.

  9. dpd huntress

    dpd huntress11 soat oldin

    Coming from wannabe news host on a comedy network who's nowhere near tucker's leauge. Noah would be laughed off any real network. Your shows only around to keep comedy central from being a 24/7 southpark and the office channel

  10. alfa1duetto

    alfa1duetto11 soat oldin

    Tucker must be treat to the progressive left.

  11. 王母娘娘

    王母娘娘14 soat oldin

    He’s the nightmare to fake news and folks who host night shows for living.

  12. Jesse D

    Jesse D16 soat oldin

    Now do that gut "Trevor Noah" the quomosexual

  13. Christopher N

    Christopher N18 soat oldin

    I love how leftists equate people who don’t like illegal immigration as people who are anti immigration. They are either idiots or intentionally lying.

  14. Christopher N

    Christopher N18 soat oldin

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  15. Jon Ossoff

    Jon Ossoff18 soat oldin

    Tucker Carlson be like: 😯😦😧 👁👄👁

  16. Lerian V

    Lerian V19 soat oldin

    I'm an immigrant from Africa and I love watching Tucker's show. I agree with him on most issues even though he's more left wing than I am.

  17. The Filth LA

    The Filth LA19 soat oldin

    Cable news has a lot of hyperbole and theatrics, Tucker is no exception. However, I've grown to rather like him and his show. He's obviously said some stupid shit back in the day (on a Shock Jock's radio show btw) but if you actually listen to what he's saying now, it's clear it's sincere and actually comes from an overall good place. He gets labelled a "White Supremacist" mostly because that's what people who don't want to see a unified populist movement (populist right and Bernie Sanders left) want to think. I would suggest giving it a watch and coming to your own conclusion. You might be surprised.

  18. Boo Berry

    Boo Berry19 soat oldin

    "...why doesn’t he have more than one facial expression?" Yeah. You should be taken more seriously than Tucker. LOL! You sound like a fecking child.

  19. Boo Berry

    Boo Berry19 soat oldin

    Here's the truth of this you won't get from leftist hacks like Noah: Tucker said Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal basically tried to extort Trump for hush money. McDougal talked to the National Enquirer and ABC while stormy was paid by Cohen. The FNC lawyers cited previous rulings to argue Carlson's words were "loose, figurative or hyperbolic." They took note of a non-journalist's use of the word "extort," which proved nondefamatory because it was mere "rhetorical hyperbole, a vigorous epithet." U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil wrote in her decision: "Whether the Court frames Mr. Carlson's statements as 'exaggeration,' 'non-literal commentary,' or simply bloviating for his audience, the conclusion remains the same - the statements are not actionable." Do some homework, people and stop taking everything opinion journalists, whether Tucker Carlson or Trevor Noah so literally! This BS is nothing but some leftist hack having yet another pathetic Tucker Carlson-fueled hissy fit.

  20. Big Lez

    Big Lez20 soat oldin


  21. poopy sba

    poopy sba20 soat oldin

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  22. Scudd Chuker

    Scudd Chuker20 soat oldin

    Impeach biden and harris!!!

  23. S D

    S D20 soat oldin

    Reach people are conservative!! They do not want any changes!! Why would they want changes? All this is well known!

  24. Marcus Gilford

    Marcus Gilford20 soat oldin

    I love all the names she gave him. 🤣

  25. Dante G

    Dante G21 soat oldin

    Tucker carlson is the best

  26. Tmb 1982

    Tmb 198221 soat oldin

    He looks like Dan Schneider

  27. Anthony Broussard

    Anthony Broussard21 soat oldin

    Trevor Noah has over two million less viewers than tucker Carlson. Also viewership for the daily show is down 37% from when it was hosted by Jon Stewart.

  28. Kevin Merry

    Kevin Merry21 soat oldin

    Saul Alinsky rule; if you cannot attack the message, attack the messenger. Let Carlson speak, and let the people discern the truth.

  29. Lorrie Fraley

    Lorrie Fraley22 soat oldin


  30. tt gim

    tt gim22 soat oldin


  31. Tegan Griffiths

    Tegan Griffiths23 soat oldin

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  32. Connor Troglin

    Connor Troglin23 soat oldin

    Man you guys can really throw something together. I sometimes think to myself maybe I’m watching to much fox and I try and turn it to CNN but I just can not believe the things you guys are peddling to people it truly is absurd how you can just lie and lie and your viewers don’t ask questions about some of the crazy things you guys push.

  33. manana gigiberia

    manana gigiberia23 soat oldin

    He are may favorite journalist

  34. manana gigiberia

    manana gigiberia23 soat oldin

    Tucker is big smart

  35. Nigel Parsons

    Nigel Parsons23 soat oldin


  36. Oneshot

    Oneshot23 soat oldin

    Tucker is the only news outlet I watch. Big Tuck is fox news

  37. Toxilo

    ToxiloKun oldin

    Rachel Madcow did the fake crocodile tears for children being put in cages was hilarious, funny she didn't do any of that when Obama started doing it.

  38. B Germ

    B GermKun oldin

    Yes! Tell me how to think! Thank you! Never see these type of videos of liberals. Listen to the speaker try to get cancel culture to attack Carlson. How about have him on the show and talk about it!? Nah rather just listen to someone repeat my point of view. Growth!

  39. Cock Jockey

    Cock JockeyKun oldin

    using a poorly written tucker hit peice for click bait traffic is sad. its not even funny lmao

  40. Donaldo Trumpu

    Donaldo TrumpuKun oldin

    Trevor noah again accusing others of what he's doing himself on a daily basis. This behaviour is basically clockwork in this so called "show"

  41. Mr. Fancypants

    Mr. FancypantsKun oldin

    This is bad comedy writing. It sounds like a woman reading tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet.

  42. Justin Kerr

    Justin KerrKun oldin

    Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist? Oh yeah, I forgot this is The Daily Show page.

  43. Lukefish

    LukefishKun oldin

    uznick.info/up/video/b5u0hmaLg7Zlaok So tell me how he’s wrong here. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  44. BornA HawkEye

    BornA HawkEyeKun oldin

    Why is this in recomended.. Trash! Go help your citizens of South Africa

  45. dudefx

    dudefxKun oldin

    haha! trump leaving office seems to have done more damage to daily shows than the republicans. you guys are working so hard to stay afloat!!!!

  46. dbabaron

    dbabaronKun oldin

    What makes Carlson popular? Honesty.

  47. Lukefish

    LukefishKun oldin

    🎖🎖🎖and the very same reason the left hates him

  48. Michael Bair

    Michael BairKun oldin

    Don't be upset Trevor; and I enjoy your lies. Stay in comedy you humourless joke

  49. Billy Shelor

    Billy ShelorKun oldin

    I didn't even know daily show was still on huh. Still Hacking away

  50. Rob Russell

    Rob RussellKun oldin

    Tucker is a realist. Something the left despises because that doesn’t “fall in line” with group think elitism. Tucker is right about racism. I live next door to a black family. I’m white. I own a small business, and he’s Super intendant of the local school system. We have a fabulous relationship, and have for years. All of my employees are Mexican immigrants. They’re all making approximately $70K a year, and they’ve been with me for eight years. That’s the real America I live in. Fuck your “systemic racist” BS. It’s a false flag; one of many used, from the color revolution tactics of the leftist globalist communist scumbags.

  51. Zenodotus Of Athens

    Zenodotus Of AthensKun oldin

    So he is "loaded." So what? Your point?



    "Peope who hate immigrants" Zooms in on people protesting illegal immigration.. I guess this show IS supposed to be funny

  53. Milo Parrellogram

    Milo ParrellogramKun oldin

    Better Don Lemón and Fredo Cuomo

  54. Carl Jensen

    Carl JensenKun oldin

    Where did you get that fake ass way of talking? Such a fool.

  55. Iris Sandra Pillay

    Iris Sandra PillayKun oldin

    The best reporter.And we love him the way we love President Trump.hahaha!.What about you?people in SA also loved you but you're now under swamp influence .Rather come back home and be your jolly self again .Its not worth being classified with immoral child abusers and the dark world.Just look at those people very lawless ,liars, abusers,godless manipulates full of hate.Don't become like them

  56. Steven Stuart

    Steven StuartKun oldin

    guess this kid doesn't have much going for himself huh, just made himself look f.. stupid

  57. Quinton Overman

    Quinton OvermanKun oldin

    Got to love the now pathetic attempts to censor anyway they can, even if it is blatant edited propaganda to attack the opposing view.

  58. Bridge

    BridgeKun oldin

    Tucker Carlson managed to stop war happening. He managed to critique Trump and do his job. I'm not his fan, but I'm not biased. Waiting for you to speak out about Bidens war crimes. Jon Stewart had balls to speak against whomever was doing wrong.

  59. Ryen cramer

    Ryen cramerKun oldin

    Love it Tuck, hey Noah keep following uncle Joe and stay in your little room and do your show.

  60. • wizreno

    • wizrenoKun oldin

    Comedy Central is so retarded now

  61. : : Joanna : :

    : : Joanna : :Kun oldin

    Rachel and Fucker were on the same screen long ago? Oh my.

  62. Michael Schwartz

    Michael SchwartzKun oldin

    The worst part of this? Not a single laugh.

  63. Michael Schwartz

    Michael SchwartzKun oldin

    I like Tucker. The best part? He is living in your head for free.

  64. Protobuster12

    Protobuster1210 soat oldin

    Get roasted libtards :)

  65. PretzelDude

    PretzelDudeKun oldin

    Tucker Carlson is well on his way to becoming Jerry Springer 2.0 . 😁

  66. Based Department

    Based DepartmentKun oldin

    "How 'bout those names, huh?" Wow, Daily Show. Good one. You really got Tucker on the ropes. How will he recover?

  67. Boo Berry

    Boo Berry19 soat oldin

    @Donaldo Trumpu LOL!

  68. Donaldo Trumpu

    Donaldo TrumpuKun oldin

    They basically canceled tucker at this point, scary stuff

  69. David Smith

    David SmithKun oldin

    Am I the only one that happened to notice that is face gets real fat and then real skinny time and time again over the course of his life 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Dion

    DionKun oldin

    He became a legend by telling the truth...unlike you

  71. aldo cela

    aldo celaKun oldin

    So now you have a political show???

  72. CCT Transport

    CCT TransportKun oldin

    As far as I know he currently is working........


    AUDIOHOSTEM187Kun oldin


  74. RIP RJD

    RIP RJDKun oldin

    Is Tucker a pecker tucker? Hmmmm🤔🤷‍♂️

  75. Brenda KW

    Brenda KWKun oldin

    Swanson heir? This may explain why he's ok with peddling nonsense to the masses.

  76. ire

    ireKun oldin

    5:09 😳

  77. joe mann

    joe mannKun oldin

    He gots more ratings than the daily show

  78. Se _en0

    Se _en09 daqiqa oldin

    @Eric Martindale you are listening to the words of a "racist" like twain?

  79. Eric Martindale

    Eric MartindaleKun oldin

    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ― Mark Twain

  80. Lipo

    LipoKun oldin

    Liberalism is right wing.

  81. Arthur Karapetyan

    Arthur KarapetyanKun oldin

    Look in the mirror Trevor.

  82. Davie 840

    Davie 840Kun oldin

    #nofilter bidgeeeezzz

  83. Kelly Bryaant

    Kelly BryaantKun oldin

    A man of 2 faces

  84. Bryan Mathis

    Bryan MathisKun oldin

    If Grand had put an end to this, no more confederate flag, no more hatred on the black people, no more hate! This would of been gone long ago.

  85. Victor Guzman

    Victor GuzmanKun oldin

    Tucker Carlson has more credibility in one finger than this sad clown and his entire "comedy" show

  86. 006pup

    006pupKun oldin

    ah ha ha ha ha ha . u fool

  87. JayCao Racing

    JayCao RacingKun oldin

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  88. TheMusketeer

    TheMusketeerKun oldin

    I'd love to see anyone make any good counter arguments to what tucker says. You say he's shit, yet he's likely the most reasonable person in america. Kind regards from a "socialist" from Norway.

  89. Łukasz Wróbel

    Łukasz WróbelKun oldin

    until we make Ve ne zu e laa

  90. Łukasz Wróbel

    Łukasz WróbelKun oldin

    mr Noah you will be one of the leader of our communist revolution carry on

  91. Anhorish

    AnhorishKun oldin

    Fox were sued by 2 producers of a documentary that was squashed by Fox. The judge found in Fox's favor and found that Fox had no legal obligation to be truthful or accurate.

  92. Jurgen van de Vyver

    Jurgen van de VyverKun oldin

    Oh Trevor, I long for the days you were still funny and made your own jokes back in SA. Garbage

  93. Leon Hood

    Leon HoodKun oldin

    Nor should anyone take this hack seriously. Who is Tucker? Who in the F--k is Never Torah?

  94. David Key

    David KeyKun oldin

    Haha. This is the most dishonest, biased hit piece. The Stewart Crossfire bit.... hahaha, go watch it. It is possible to both disagree with Tucker’s views and not lie about him.

  95. devilsautopsy

    devilsautopsyKun oldin

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  96. Eric Martindale

    Eric MartindaleKun oldin


  97. Tevye De Lara

    Tevye De LaraKun oldin

    Why is Fox News still a thing?

  98. Brent Ufkes

    Brent UfkesKun oldin

    Who is Tucker Carlson? Just one of the many who are a hell of a lot smarter than Trevor Noah

  99. Gregory Thomas Sr

    Gregory Thomas SrKun oldin

    Am I not seeing just one like that you liked that doesn't count Brent. Yes you are absolutely right it shouldn't matter what I think be your own Man

  100. Brent Ufkes

    Brent UfkesKun oldin

    The likes I've already gotten means you don't count

  101. Gregory Thomas Sr

    Gregory Thomas SrKun oldin

    I doubt that

  102. Julia Marchetti

    Julia MarchettiKun oldin

    He tells the truth unlike you.

  103. Lacy Johnson

    Lacy JohnsonKun oldin

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  104. Ethan Whitman

    Ethan WhitmanKun oldin

    Tucker Scruff McGruff Carlson

  105. David decourcy

    David decourcyKun oldin

    He is a CHAD though aint he. Someday he may pass tom brady and maybe trump who know

  106. Peter Nowakowski

    Peter NowakowskiKun oldin

    Every show ends with "This Show is the sworn enemy or smugness, pomposity and groupthink". If you can't identify that he's effing with everyone at that point, you need to replace the batteries in you BS detector.

  107. notimportant

    notimportantKun oldin

    I stopped caring about The Daily Show when Jon Stewart refused to call out the privileged white Occupy kids in 2011. It's only gotten worse since. I've seen so many blatant lies in the promos alone that you all are basically Bush era Fox News at this point. Oh, and you're a multi millionaire, Trevor. Wearing a hoodie won't change that.

  108. Johnathan Jones

    Johnathan JonesKun oldin

    You are boring. I only watched to learn more about Tucker. The uniparty you are of can’t satire their beliefs because you lie and are wrong. So boring personal road worn attack at what ever ever you young people try to gin up. We saw the election, you know the one we’re all the poll watchers conspired to lie about the high school smart test kids doing elections now. Why aren’t you going after them? Oh, could it be the mens rea you have prevented you? Noah, your not Salty Cracker by any measure. Now he’s so funny even the uniparty left tunes in....

  109. Dirrty Murph

    Dirrty MurphKun oldin

    I smell jealousy! Was this supposed to be funny?

  110. Kristijan Dolić

    Kristijan DolićKun oldin

    I like him even more after this video. Tnx!

  111. Lukefish

    LukefishKun oldin

    @Different People so childish.

  112. Different People

    Different PeopleKun oldin

    The child predator part must have been it. You like that, right?

  113. I Hate Communism

    I Hate CommunismKun oldin

    I like the man..He has no problems bashing Republicans or Democrats. He seems to be one of the few who doesn't mindlessly recite what he's given.

  114. Sam Rands

    Sam RandsKun oldin

    Such a great video. Happy you guys are putting comedy before political opinions! Keep up the good work