Who Sang It Better? Whitney Houston Covers on Got Talent & X Factor

Watch the best auditions and performances on Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent and X Factor. Checkout the amazing covers by Whitney Houston, featuring songs such as, I Have Nothing, Run to you and I will always love you.
What did you think about these auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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  1. Pamelis Clackum

    Pamelis Clackum17 soat oldin


  2. Tuaine Marsters

    Tuaine MarstersKun oldin

    With a beautiful voice like that will definitely have a spot to sing with the angels...

  3. Neuza Vilas Boas

    Neuza Vilas Boas2 kun oldin

    Eita menina que deixa todos eufóricos....

  4. Neuza Vilas Boas

    Neuza Vilas Boas2 kun oldin

    O olhar do Simon diz tudo né.......

  5. Hi Its me

    Hi Its me2 kun oldin

    They're all wonderful...My favorite was Ashley the Lady in the short red skirt..Absolutely BEAUTIFUL❤❤❤❤

  6. Nondumiso Clotilda

    Nondumiso Clotilda3 kun oldin

    Wow people can sing the guy with a suit 👌🥰

  7. Arnold Sadia jr

    Arnold Sadia jr3 kun oldin

    Glennis grace

  8. Bob Maalouf

    Bob Maalouf3 kun oldin

    Please re-title the video, "Honoring Whitney Houston." NO ONE will do her songs better than she did. Impossible and never. Thank you for honoring her tho, that's it.

  9. Sandra Dsouza

    Sandra Dsouza4 kun oldin

    Whitney Houston is Whitney Houston Nobdy Can take her place...Bt Among the Singers the Last ws Better than the Rest.

  10. Kueen 7

    Kueen 75 kun oldin

    Glenis Grace gave a flawless performance....

  11. Edith LG

    Edith LG5 kun oldin

    Johnny Manuel

  12. Gussy Gatlin

    Gussy Gatlin6 kun oldin

    The last 2 were out of this world...!

  13. Gussy Gatlin

    Gussy Gatlin6 kun oldin

    The 2nd girls voice is INSANE..!

  14. pavel kratochvíla

    pavel kratochvíla6 kun oldin

    The first 12 years girl was amazing. Incredible voice!

  15. CeSaR MaRtInEz

    CeSaR MaRtInEz6 kun oldin

    The last two were amazing!!

  16. Carla Bruyere

    Carla Bruyere7 kun oldin

    They're all gifted!

  17. Flashdance1969

    Flashdance19697 kun oldin

    El último participante definitivamente Excelente!!

  18. Andrew Chi Osbourne

    Andrew Chi Osbourne8 kun oldin

    Man that 12 year girl from wales absolutely blew me away 😢

  19. Ordi Nary

    Ordi Nary8 kun oldin

    3rd and 2nd last was the best

  20. Mohammed D

    Mohammed D8 kun oldin

    the first Kid is the best

  21. tierra cruz

    tierra cruz8 kun oldin

    She rocks

  22. Tabitha Wanjiru

    Tabitha Wanjiru9 kun oldin

    Omg i love the way she sings...

  23. Arline Sparks

    Arline Sparks9 kun oldin

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  24. Little Raven Red

    Little Raven Red9 kun oldin

    Classic Bodyguard Soundtrack, these songs are awesome. Would love to hear some older Whitney Houston songs .

  25. Just Rural Spain

    Just Rural Spain9 kun oldin

    22:20 Who knows what has become of this singer, her voice is amazing?

  26. Kuyigbeh Ngo

    Kuyigbeh Ngo9 kun oldin

    The best album all the time

  27. G Pa

    G Pa9 kun oldin

    They were all good but no one will ever sing it better than the most iconic voice of all time Whitney Houston because Whitney Houston had "IT"!!!

  28. G Pa

    G Pa4 kun oldin

    @Shaun Parkinson You grew up in the idiot generation!

  29. Shaun Parkinson

    Shaun Parkinson4 kun oldin

    What ever “it” is

  30. Claudia Cortés

    Claudia Cortés9 kun oldin

    Me quedé corta todos me encantaron genios qué hermoso cantaron 🤗😍😍😘😘😍😍🇺🇾🇦🇷♥️🇦🇷♥️🇺🇾♥️💕💕💕

  31. Claudia Cortés

    Claudia Cortés9 kun oldin

    Qué linda genial 💕 qué orgullo para si misma 🙋♥️🇺🇾🇺🇾🇦🇷🇦🇷

  32. Steve and/or Lynn Kittrell

    Steve and/or Lynn Kittrell10 kun oldin

    That last man was beyond even amazing. So was Grace

  33. suzanne noll

    suzanne noll10 kun oldin

    She was magnificent , but Whitney is the tops.

  34. Eivinds Brede

    Eivinds Brede11 kun oldin

    Angel !

  35. Leah Bonner

    Leah Bonner12 kun oldin

    Ashley you killed that you have a beautiful voice 💝

  36. Cabrini Julio Dante

    Cabrini Julio Dante12 kun oldin

    Y sí, no nos podemos dejar de emocionar con cada una de las canciones...

  37. Cabrini Julio Dante

    Cabrini Julio Dante12 kun oldin

    Fenomenal...Solo puedo decir que Dios conserve la voz de estos ángeles, para que nosotros podamos disfrutar, sentir con verdadera emoción esos sonidos celestiales... Gracias, gracias por existir y cantar

  38. connie stacy

    connie stacy12 kun oldin

    Awesome voices there,,,,real talents....😍

  39. käthe Mayenfels-Pfeffer

    käthe Mayenfels-Pfeffer13 kun oldin

    super ❤

  40. Cade Britt

    Cade Britt13 kun oldin

    Wish the young lady would always love me and never change.

  41. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker15 kun oldin

    I hear tamia in Glennis Grace

  42. Tony McCarty

    Tony McCarty16 kun oldin

    Incredible, beautiful Whitney still lives

  43. Dália Monteiro

    Dália Monteiro16 kun oldin

    Fantástico muitíssimo perto do original 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😢👍

  44. Dália Monteiro

    Dália Monteiro16 kun oldin

    Melhor é impossível ⭐️👏👏👏👏

  45. Tony Rice

    Tony Rice17 kun oldin

    Simon Cowell how you doing my friend until all the judgesfirst of all allow me to introduce myself I'm brother Herbert from Memphis Tennessee make no mistake about it I am the baddest radio gospel announcer on the planet for over 30 plus years I'm a legend make no mistake about 😎🎙️📻 I got two Facebook pages herbert Jones & Jimmy Wilder I can remember when I started out in gospel radioI see this little girl just like the one singing Whitney Houston song she was a little girl I said to myself that girl going to be something in life is she went on to win stellar awards her name is Lisa Knowles Brown of The Brown singers of Memphis Tennesseeshe had to been about five years old I knew she was on the stage with a grandmother mother singing gospel song she was 5 years old singing her ass off did to myself I said she going to be bad when she grow up now singing all over the world 💃👠👠👑💎🎙️🎵📀📀💿🏆🏆🏆Brown singers of Memphis Tennessee we are real real clothes I used to play that music on the radio for decades Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want you don't know what he done for 📀💿💿🏆 What I am saying this sweetheart singing this songbuy a legendary recording artists whose going to be home with the Lord i mean she singing her ass off 👸🎙️💎👑👠👠📀📀💿🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌹🌹💐🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 You bet your ass your mother hear you girl you blowing your ass off 👸👑💎🌹💐🎙️ you got teardrops coming downy face right now😰😢💦💦💦 specially when you told the story behind your mother got killed that's what really got me and then you came before millions of people's and you sing Whitney Houston how to say when did Houston raise the bar you right in those footsteps 🎙️🎙️👠👠👑💎

  46. S. L

    S. L17 kun oldin

    24:45 this one was definitely the best !!!!!!!!!

  47. Edna Pereira

    Edna Pereira17 kun oldin


  48. Deborah Byrd

    Deborah Byrd18 kun oldin

    The song I will always love you song was original song by Dolly Parton , both singers sung it well never forget Whitney’s version of it unforgettable

  49. Debby Vibbert

    Debby Vibbert18 kun oldin

    Definitely purity of Whitney before her decent into bolstered courage but ravished voice..RIP dear ANGEL so loved and missed.

  50. Chus Crunia

    Chus Crunia21 kun oldin

    GENIAL!!! FANTÁSTICA!!! Muy bien cantada; afinada y entonada!!! Coruña Galicia

  51. A. A. .

    A. A. .21 kun oldin

    Hermosa voz de la niña

  52. Turner Music

    Turner Music21 kun oldin

    Rip Whitney Houston 🙏🏿🙏🏿🖤🖤💙🎶


    LILLIE JORDAN22 kun oldin


  54. Raul H Rivas

    Raul H Rivas22 kun oldin

    Could someone tell me how to find more about the second singer in this video? Her name appears in a language I cannot reproduce...

  55. lunar purple

    lunar purple22 kun oldin

    loving all these singers who put their all for the whole world to see ❤

  56. Robertta Armstrong

    Robertta Armstrong23 kun oldin

    Omg now that was beautiful

  57. tddnenc

    tddnenc24 kun oldin

    JACK sang this better than anyt woman to bad the tore him apart such bad management

  58. Jeferson De oliveira

    Jeferson De oliveira24 kun oldin

    Sempre vou dar lake pra huitenin Riston 💖😭

  59. Jeferson De oliveira

    Jeferson De oliveira24 kun oldin

    I will always give lake to huitenin Riston 💖😭👏💋🌻☀️💐

  60. demetria clemons

    demetria clemons24 kun oldin

    I agree Whitney is a one of a kind. I have three top favorites out of them all. Gladys is one. Whitney has a sudden growl with her vocals. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It’s always certain things iconic singers do that separate them from the rest! Whew, Whitney songs are top notch!

  61. victor villamizar

    victor villamizar25 kun oldin

    como se llama la canción de fondo cuando están presentando en el intro a AHSLEY

  62. Thorsten Schulte

    Thorsten Schulte25 kun oldin

    Danke! Toll

  63. Mobile and Computer Tutorial

    Mobile and Computer Tutorial26 kun oldin

    Judges must stop talking interupting while contestant sing

  64. Kathleen Cantey

    Kathleen Cantey26 kun oldin

    Lord Jesus your blessings upon your healing power of Love ❤️ Blessings on your peoples minds love ❤️ Jesus joy and peace Eternal blessings

  65. Kathleen Cantey

    Kathleen Cantey26 kun oldin

    The Heart 💜 is were God Throne is his love ❤️ shines through us your children hearts 💕 Lord

  66. Kathleen Cantey

    Kathleen Cantey26 kun oldin

    Love ❤️ for Allowing us to see and feel in our hearts 💕 and minds , Mercy lord we plead

  67. Kathleen Cantey

    Kathleen Cantey26 kun oldin

    The children is showing us God’s love ❤️

  68. Kathleen Cantey

    Kathleen Cantey26 kun oldin

    God Love for us Our children is showing us that our 💕 hearts can do thing’s that no one else can do Jesus showing us about Love ❤️

  69. Dallas Arnold

    Dallas Arnold27 kun oldin

    Too many people that have no idea that " I will always love you " is NOT Whitney's song. It was written and first performed by Dolly Parton in 1972 and again in the movie " Best Little Whorehouse in Texas " in 1982. So, this is not a cover of a Whitney song, but a cover of a Dolly Parton song.

  70. Roseleia co vale Costa

    Roseleia co vale Costa28 kun oldin

    Linda voz abençoada por deus Boa sorte

  71. Perla Encinas

    Perla Encinas28 kun oldin

    Ashley was the most closer to the original Whitney Houston! Her performance was simply spectacular!

  72. Concepcion Lopez Morales

    Concepcion Lopez Morales28 kun oldin

    Que maravilla de voz

  73. Delia Aranda

    Delia Aranda28 kun oldin

    Me erizó la piel!!!👏👏👏

  74. Roxanne Manning

    Roxanne Manning28 kun oldin

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  75. Martina Ross

    Martina Ross29 kun oldin

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  76. Deb Windle

    Deb Windle29 kun oldin

    1st in

  77. Noelene Greebe

    Noelene Greebe29 kun oldin

    Its not Ashly she is form Russia or Tchekoslovakia I think

  78. Noelene Greebe

    Noelene Greebe29 kun oldin

    powerful performance she sang it bettter than Whitney !!!

  79. Natalia Hancock

    Natalia Hancock29 kun oldin

    All singers were good but Glennis was simply mind-blowing! There is something about her voice...

  80. Reina Elena1

    Reina Elena1Oy oldin

    The last one.. its perfect 👌! Even Whitney Houston will be amazed of version of him in that song.. 👏👏👏👏

  81. Oraldine Poellnitz

    Oraldine PoellnitzOy oldin

    They were all excellent 👌 but Ashley is my favorite ❤ she has depth in her singing real emotions like 👍 Whitney

  82. Mel Just

    Mel JustOy oldin

    As I am listening to them, I miss Whitney more and more. She is the only one!!

  83. Nadejda Serbetci

    Nadejda SerbetciOy oldin


  84. khanachphun maltby

    khanachphun maltbyOy oldin

    Whitney never died

  85. Lidia graciela Montaldo

    Lidia graciela MontaldoOy oldin

    Espectacular👏👏👏Saludos y gracias 🌹🌹🌹🇦🇷

  86. Nene Baoc

    Nene BaocOy oldin

    Can't still believe that she's gone, hearing her songs especially listening Glennis Grace made me teary, you will never be forgotten, you'll continue to live and continue to give inspirations to others to push and achieve their dreams.Thank you so much Whitney❤

  87. LUIS FDO S.

    LUIS FDO S.Oy oldin

    Increíble, cuanto talento, desde Chile , último rincón del mundo te seguiremos...

  88. Raul Dario Uribe Molina

    Raul Dario Uribe MolinaOy oldin


  89. 2011yourlife

    2011yourlifeOy oldin

    To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and their family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill their emptiness with love joy and peace, to rebuke the enemy from their lives. " ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND SAVE YOU, AND TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS, FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

  90. Ca Rs

    Ca RsOy oldin

    I am so glad i found this thank u and god bless u for this prayer . in the darkness isee a lil light . ty

  91. William Fundi

    William FundiOy oldin

    Glynnis Grace Wow

  92. Summy E

    Summy EOy oldin

    Anybody attempting Whitney's song is good.

  93. Ana Colmeiro

    Ana ColmeiroOy oldin

    castellano soy de Argentina

  94. Juan Valenzuela

    Juan ValenzuelaOy oldin


  95. Juan Valenzuela

    Juan ValenzuelaOy oldin


  96. dona mshvidobadze

    dona mshvidobadzeOy oldin


  97. Ly Yen Nhi

    Ly Yen NhiOy oldin

    The toothsome oxygen aesthetically stir because freighter paradoxically guarantee along a gleaming garage. dynamic, seemly debt

  98. Rose Clarke

    Rose ClarkeOy oldin

    Well done jack

  99. Judy Brown

    Judy BrownOy oldin

    Whitney was great and hit those high notes. One person would be like .. WOW. Sandi Patty. Watch her

  100. Judy Brown

    Judy BrownOy oldin

    Listen to anthem.. they both want.

  101. Sheila Acquaye

    Sheila AcquayeOy oldin

    Wow! I should have waited a lil bit the last guy sings beautifully

  102. Sheila Acquaye

    Sheila AcquayeOy oldin

    The black girl rocks. What!!!

  103. Carlton Nicholas

    Carlton NicholasOy oldin

    Sound likes her Mom

  104. Gant Gant

    Gant GantOy oldin

    Sohyang says hello LOL