Who will be in the Next JoJo Game?

Imagine the next JoJo fighting game.
Now imagine it doesn't have good netcode.
Unimagine the game.
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  1. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool18 soat oldin

    We need Jojo to get the Dragon Ball FighterZ treatment for our generation.

  2. Asa Landers-Standley

    Asa Landers-Standley22 soat oldin

    My suggestion for how releasing the game would be to drop the Jojo game with all the jojos and main-villains, then release DLC packs 1-8 for each of the parts over the course of the next several years.

  3. Chris Skarzynski

    Chris Skarzynski3 kun oldin

    I would love Straizo as a fighting game character. Super charged Hamon with the draw back of hurting yourself because of it sounds so cool

  4. Jonah Abenhaim

    Jonah Abenhaim3 kun oldin

    5:00 what’s wrong with Adding Koichi in the fighting game as a whole, Is he too Inexperienced for a Stand User?

  5. BTHD-Fancy-22

    BTHD-Fancy-224 kun oldin

    Hot Pants could work similarly to how Majin Buu does in fighterz. With his move to like throw part of himself at you and bind you

  6. Deku

    Deku5 kun oldin

    y'all remember team konohamaru from one of the old ps2 naruto games? speed wagon could be like that

  7. Butter Boy

    Butter Boy6 kun oldin

    No Jobin?

  8. Notclockwyrk

    Notclockwyrk6 kun oldin

    I feel like jailhouse lock would be an amazing fighting game character, her abilty could have some cool effects, like limiting move sets or making it so for a small duration only 3 attacks of damage will damage her (after the 4th attack all the damage the 1st one caused would be healed back), obviously that would be very strong so it would have a short duration, but I just love jailhouse lock as a stand and wished it had more coverage

  9. 2 Dark 4 U

    2 Dark 4 U10 kun oldin

    Donatello and ungalo could be 1 character since both could be. Onsidered pupeteers, Also you forgot part 8, speedo kingu

  10. Bethany Lowe

    Bethany Lowe12 kun oldin

    Viviano Westwood, with a close-range grappler moveset as well as mixups with Planet Waves allowing really unusual projectile attacks in the form of meteors, could work really well - and for Part 7 reps, maybe Pocoloco could work? A Left-Side Ataxia mechanic could be epic.

  11. Carter Collier personal

    Carter Collier personal12 kun oldin

    I would absolutely love to see rai in the next game I think his stand is good for combat maybe not fantastic but good

  12. scoot from tef 2

    scoot from tef 212 kun oldin

    Jojo will be the next jojo. Even araki confirmed it.

  13. Avia Force

    Avia Force16 kun oldin

    I'm crying, he didn't put the best minor antagonist Ringo Roadagain into Part 7, I'm crying.

  14. Jerry

    Jerry16 kun oldin

    WOU would be OP

  15. RockuKaz

    RockuKaz17 kun oldin

    you should ad speedwagon to the game because the game will lost balance, because speedwagon will beat everybody

  16. R̷a̷t̷n̷i̷k̷

    R̷a̷t̷n̷i̷k̷18 kun oldin

    I feel like especially in part 3 and 5 there should be more side characters in the game and some others like Santana that would make a good character but really hasn’t been seen before in one

  17. dQw4w9WgXcQ

    dQw4w9WgXcQ20 kun oldin

    Tonio for the next game

  18. Nighthkr

    Nighthkr20 kun oldin

    haha I didn't fail french, though I was removed from the class permanently.

  19. Onion

    Onion21 kun oldin

    I want La Squadra playable Risotto Ghiaccio Pesci(w/prosciutto)

  20. Onion

    Onion21 kun oldin

    F.F isn't even a colony stand

  21. Wiziliz

    Wiziliz21 kun oldin

    I've actually thought a lot about Cioccolata and Secco could be great as a playable duo, too! Though, for the gameplay idea I had, Secco would be the main character you'd play as.

  22. Daniel Leva

    Daniel Leva22 kun oldin

    You know how godly a jojo game would be if CC2 made one like the naruto storm games and upcoming demon slayer game

  23. Essential Learning

    Essential Learning22 kun oldin

    speed wagon would be a char who would summon helicopters and tanks and medics and all that

  24. Essential Learning

    Essential Learning22 kun oldin

    and some other moves like motivate which would enhance the character stats and a knife hat and punches and kicks maybe ? idk

  25. Petr Jakšík

    Petr Jakšík23 kun oldin

    Stroheim not being in the game is criminal

  26. Ghiaccio

    Ghiaccio23 kun oldin

    Where is stroheim???

  27. FryedChicken337

    FryedChicken33724 kun oldin

    Like evolution stands wouldn’t need a different character besides Pucci

  28. FryedChicken337

    FryedChicken33724 kun oldin

    Oh and I think if they are going to add Diego then they can just make it like where Diego has two different characters because it would make more sense same thing as Johnny

  29. FryedChicken337

    FryedChicken33724 kun oldin

    If there even is going to be a JoJo game we don’t really have to focus on the JoJos since we already know There going to get added anyway same thing as the villains

  30. masterofbloopers

    masterofbloopers24 kun oldin

    Man, I just want the 140 playable characters and 3 separate story modes we were originally promised with Eyes of Heaven before the game got rushed out the door so it could release alongside the Part 4 anime.

  31. kevin szumilo

    kevin szumilo24 kun oldin

    kaleb: talking about how pucci with 3 stages isn't necessary me wondering if he knows how echoes acts work

  32. Alex Nobody

    Alex Nobody25 kun oldin

    All i want is a jojo game with fighterz graphics and gameplay (obviously not exactly the same but similar)

  33. longbojango

    longbojango25 kun oldin

    Next Jojo game should make you be able to create your own stand and your character like come on who wouldn't want that

  34. longbojango

    longbojango22 kun oldin

    @kevin szumilo it's just a thought no need to get technical about everything

  35. kevin szumilo

    kevin szumilo23 kun oldin

    @longbojango i know that having a custom character would be cool but how would that work?, because you can't just make a op stand and tmk i think a stand is based off your fighting spirit and personality so how would you get specific stand?, would you have to go through specific requirements? TL;DR custom character jojo game wouldn't work because custom stands will be very tough to make

  36. longbojango

    longbojango24 kun oldin

    @kevin szumilo but come on who wouldn't want there own stand

  37. kevin szumilo

    kevin szumilo24 kun oldin

    kinda feels like theres too many of those games

  38. Animadumb or Animatroxa

    Animadumb or Animatroxa28 kun oldin

    Kaleb:"i don't think a character having 3 levels is good" Koichi:bruh

  39. Critz

    CritzOy oldin

    I think a JoJo game should be produced by Netherrealm since the series would work best as a game in the same mechanical style as Mortal Kombat and Injustice, plus they are both Warner Bros properties anyway so it wouldn’t be too difficult to get it working.

  40. vixnighter132

    vixnighter132Oy oldin

    speedwagon need a capitain comando move set and you forget the true jojobro of part 2 stroheim

  41. xaolim mataleao

    xaolim mataleaoOy oldin

    From part 6 the feng shui dragon and the old dude, the comet one

  42. xaolim mataleao

    xaolim mataleaoOy oldin

    The earth wind and fire stand was cool, and what about the highway star And enigma

  43. xaolim mataleao

    xaolim mataleaoOy oldin

    I think that death 13 could have a battle scenario in the dream world and death 13 would be an interactive object or smthg

  44. xaolim mataleao

    xaolim mataleaoOy oldin

    Stroheim should be a playable character

  45. wulfypupyboi

    wulfypupyboiOy oldin

    And of course also all the MC's

  46. wulfypupyboi

    wulfypupyboiOy oldin

    Main Characters

  47. Ultimate Nugget

    Ultimate NuggetOy oldin

    he should've done the Hol Horse+J. Geil+Boingo combo like in the Ogre Street Gang, with you controlling Hol Horse mainly. his attacks should be attacks with the emperor and the hanged man while his super could be Boingo predicting the enemy attacks for about 10 seconds or something like that

  48. Munch Eater

    Munch EaterOy oldin

    More realistically especially from arc system works the base roster would probably have about 25 characters and the rest of the characters people want would be in dlc season pass.

  49. yoinker

    yoinkerOy oldin

    add speedwagon D:

  50. yare yare daze

    yare yare dazeOy oldin

    we do need xbox ports

  51. Death Alchemist

    Death AlchemistOy oldin

    Here are my own choices along with your suggestions: Enya the Hag, Rubber Soul, Yuya Fungami, Vinegar Doppio, Sports Maxx, Donatello Versus, Wekapipo with Magent Magent, Jobin, Raia Mamazuku, and Tooru. Personally, I think all of the characters you proposed as alternate skins would be too different from their base and would have to be separate characters entirely. Also, Cream Starter can work quite easily (attack the opponent to refill the stand) and Foo Fighters is not like the other colony stands since they are all contained in one being instead of a summonable hoard. Proscuitto could make characters slower with Grateful Dead instead of straight-up poisoning them. As for Pucci, I say just make some of his evolved stands only appear in supers to keep the character consistent.

  52. Thomas

    ThomasOy oldin

    I would love just a full SBR game. You play as Johnny and just go through the part with horse racing!

  53. Absorption _

    Absorption _Oy oldin

    Did he ever mention johnny?

  54. Nandipha Ndhlovu

    Nandipha NdhlovuOy oldin

    Did you mean mommy buccirati the legendary adopter?

  55. Stinky Poop

    Stinky PoopOy oldin

    My picks Part 1: Jonathan Joestar William Zeppeli Robert EO Speedwagon: extremely popular but doesn't really fight so he is optional Dio Brando Part 1 Bruford Tarkus: you can shrink him Part 2: Joseph Joestar Ceaser Zeppeli Lisa Lisa Rudol Von Stroheim: extremely popular and can fight Esidisi Wamuu Kars Part 3: Jotaro Kujo Old Joseph Joestar Muhammad Avdol Noriaki Kakyoin Jean Pierre Polnareff Iggy Hol Horse Vanilla Ice Pet Shop N'Doul, i can see potential DIO part 3 Part 4: Part 4 Jotaro can be a skin with new lines Josuke Higashikata 4 Okuyasu Nijimura Koichi Hirose Kishibe Rohan: Araki loves him Kosaku Kawajiri: would be base Yoshikage Kira: echo fighter Akira Otoishi Shigechi: akaki loves him too Yukako Yamagishi Part 5: Giorno Giovanna Bruno Bucciarati Guido Mista Narancia Ghirga Pannacota Fugo: fans and araki love him Leone Abbacchio: his stand is not a fighting type but still extremely popular so i can see potential Trish Una Risotto Ghiaccio Cioccolata and Seco: instead of Seco coming in they could be a tag team Prosciutto and Pesci: like Cioccolata and Secco and tag team, reason why I'm putting them is because merchandise makers love them so much for some reason Diavolo: maybe doppio and be alternate or a tag team idk we don't really need doppio Part 6: Jolyne Cujoh Ermes Costello Narciso Anasui Weather Report Foo Fighters: YOU NEED TO PUT HER IN I BEG Enrico Pucci Whitesnake/C-Moon, Made in Heaven: im ok with all of them being the same fighter Part 7: Johnny Joestar: if johnny can have 4 forms then pucci and have 3 Gyro Zeppeli Diego Brando The World Diego Brando Funny Valentine Hot Pants: shes a best girl and i see potential Wekapipo: we need another steel ball user Sandman: just a bonus Part 8: im not fully cought up but here are the most likey picks for me Josuke Higashikata 8 Yasuho Hirose: she can't really fight but she is still a major character Rai Mamezuku Joshu Higashikata Jobin Higashikata Tooru and Wonder of U

  56. Dio Brando

    Dio BrandoOy oldin

    I mean, eyes of heaven was perfect, but the lack of local is a major downside

  57. thatguyLego 766

    thatguyLego 766Oy oldin

    I really hope jobin and tooru get put in the next jojo game maybe not both of them but one or the other

  58. Francesco Piergiovanni

    Francesco PiergiovanniOy oldin

    Why does kaleb sound like infernasu

  59. Online Novice

    Online NoviceOy oldin

    On the pucci thing. Why not just make white snake+cmoon its own thing. And made in heaven is a super/ultra given when your in C moon state. Kinda like how.some of the older DBZ games did SSJ or sort of how tekken 7 lets you reach devil kazuya.

  60. Sypferis Senkazi

    Sypferis SenkaziOy oldin

    Steely dan

  61. Rising Star

    Rising StarOy oldin

    Maybe it will be Rohan game thingy :v

  62. Jackle TheBoi

    Jackle TheBoiOy oldin

    *Why not Stroheim*

  63. Alex Buckley

    Alex BuckleyOy oldin

    How dare you not include speedwagon (best boy) as a playable character

  64. Keyon gilbert

    Keyon gilbertOy oldin

    Am I the only one that think netherealm studios would make sick Jojo game fatalities and all

  65. dream

    dreamOy oldin

    When you think you get a jojo fighting game but it's actually stardust shooters english release

  66. Euke Stompson

    Euke StompsonOy oldin

    *Who will be in the next JJBA game?* Probably Jojo...

  67. Cloud

    CloudOy oldin

    Imagine a new JoJo game like that plays like FighterZ

  68. BombOmb

    BombOmbOy oldin

    Fugo, Abbachio, Stroheim, Yellow Temperence, Santana, Shadow DIO, Shadow Diavolo, Doppio, there was these creative characters you could pick, I mean I respect the selection but I am just kinda confused

  69. funny valentine

    funny valentineOy oldin

    I think every thing up to part 3 main pro and antagonists should be the base roster then every other part is dlc

  70. Cosme Fulanito

    Cosme FulanitoOy oldin

    I hope it isnt a fighting game... I'd rather have an adventure game or, if we get really optimistic, an rpg like The Seventh Stand User but with today's graphics and mechanics.

  71. the wonder of you

    the wonder of youOy oldin

    Josuke and yashio would work together like chocolata and secco

  72. Guildo Le frog

    Guildo Le frogOy oldin

    Where does all the Footage come from? Is there already material or is it an old game?

  73. Mr Muffin

    Mr MuffinOy oldin

    We need Abbacchio in the next one. Cmon I wanna play Moody Blues.

  74. Alwand Minasyan

    Alwand MinasyanOy oldin

    Diavolo is a death sentence if you did not put that in

  75. Leandro Lopes

    Leandro LopesOy oldin

    I would love for a jojo hack n slash

  76. Alina Violeta Georgescu

    Alina Violeta GeorgescuOy oldin

    We need HIGHWAY GO GO

  77. derptuber 1018

    derptuber 1018Oy oldin

    To be honest I really want to see mikitaka in the new JoJo game

  78. Dank Memer

    Dank MemerOy oldin

    Bizzare jojo smash ultimate


    BEATAx ZAKIOy oldin

    Hot pants can be a move for diego for him to be able to heal a bit, about by 15%-25% of health but it should have a cooldown, buy about 15 or 20 seconds

  80. Nadeem Barry

    Nadeem BarryOy oldin

    They need to add white album in the next game

  81. Sabgoesfast

    SabgoesfastOy oldin

    You forgot something The fans reaction Who is going to make the fans happy If you don’t make the fans happy and not add characters like Foo Fighters, Stroheim, Abbachio, Keicho, Etc That will anger fans and people will want to play it less

  82. ZenithStudio

    ZenithStudioOy oldin

    I want a jojo game made by arc somewhat similar to Heritage for the future but with even more beautiful sprite art

  83. Shiza pancake

    Shiza pancakeOy oldin

    Just play roblox it has Yba/Your bizarre adventure

  84. Jake Mmos

    Jake MmosOy oldin

    Hp should throw flesh at the cost of health slowing the opponent Restricting special moves and only for a short time

  85. ツenzo

    ツenzoOy oldin

    I know that im just gonna get hit with a barrage of dislikes on this comment but there is ROBLOX jojo games

  86. Blaskó Tamás

    Blaskó TamásOy oldin

    I want to see a GioGio similar game(GioGio adventure is a jojo game for the PS2)

  87. STGcritical 30098

    STGcritical 30098Oy oldin

    Pucchi could be a stance character with his three different stands only having limited moves and not a whole separate move set like 4 to 6 moves for the each of em’. Also I feel Abbacchio could be very interesting and I’m sad you didn’t talk about him. A character in Street Fighter named Rose has a super I believe where she has the shadow of herself who copy’s all his moves. I feel like Abbacchio could do that except that happens with his stand all the time with different variations of it he can also do this with the enemy too. I remember hearing somewhere that he was the best hand to hand fighter in the group so maybe he could be an interesting character where he doesn’t have a limited move set outside of his stand. Also Abbacchio is quite angry and aggressive all the time so I feel he should be a rush down character actually better yet he should be what’s called a glass cannon. Glass Cannons have low health but high damage like Akuma from street fighter so Abbacchio could use his stand to add some monster pressure on the opponent when it comes to blockstrings and fighting him in general. This relates to his aggressive nature but also how vulnerable he is since he doesn’t have a good stand to protect himself with so uses his hand to hand combat instead. Sry for the long message btw.

  88. Mateo Denis

    Mateo DenisOy oldin

    I think Dragon's Dream would be nice. I mean Kenzou is already a fighter by default and his stand could buff him if he stays in the area indicated by the arrow

  89. Just a nerd

    Just a nerdOy oldin

    d-did you just not add Devo?

  90. Beatmy Acorn

    Beatmy AcornOy oldin

    Whole lotta sleeping on German science here

  91. The Accent

    The AccentOy oldin

    Him: What is a jojo game without the characters And antagonists Jojo: heritage of the future: i have missing chatacters and you still make fun of me

  92. Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogaloo

    Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogalooOy oldin

    I want to play as Tsurugi, so I can kill Kars over and over again with origami.

  93. Green Phoenix

    Green PhoenixOy oldin

    I have one recommendation, you could possibly have Hot Pants as a Puppet/Trap character like how Glasses Kakyoin had traps except Hot pants could have weak normals but racks up damage in her puppet form where can have Cream Starter shoot at the ground and form a hand that can move around with Hot Pants

  94. Blewbie Miwk Shake

    Blewbie Miwk ShakeOy oldin

    Abbacio!!!!! Strohim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. YoBoi Nebby

    YoBoi NebbyOy oldin

    I just want them to find a way to make Black Sabbath playable

  96. Disqu_

    Disqu_Oy oldin

    what game is he playing ?

  97. Bobble Head

    Bobble HeadOy oldin


  98. ramen noodle

    ramen noodleOy oldin

    Mans really said jouske he-gash-I-Kat-a

  99. BurntRacc00n

    BurntRacc00nOy oldin

    what about mikitaka or stroheim

  100. Dolphin with a hat

    Dolphin with a hatOy oldin

    Old speed wagon

  101. DavidDasIt

    DavidDasItOy oldin

    If I don't see Wonder of U in the game Imma be pissed

  102. Avir 101

    Avir 101Oy oldin

    Needs to have local multiplayer

  103. Chaos-15

    Chaos-15Oy oldin

    Why waste time on a variation for Diego and DIEGO when they could just be separate character? Variations are just Clones with extra steps. It is basically the same amount of resource time just to have a lower character count.

  104. Chaos-15

    Chaos-15Oy oldin

    How is Foo Fighters even a colony Stand? Like sure she is technically one. But she doesn't function like one. You might as well cut Mista because of the same reason. Or Fugo because we shouldn't overuse Close Range Power Stands.

  105. Tom

    TomOy oldin

    Speedwagon can't be a fighter. He's the perfect announcer

  106. Shaun Roberts

    Shaun RobertsOy oldin

    Look in roblox