Why Gold Experience Requiem is BROKEN

Revert all your problems back to zero for the small price of i̸̬̰̒̓͊͌͐̈́̋̓̄̎̉͑d̶͚̘́̉̃̅̌̈͒͋̾͂̕͘͘k̷͔̻͚̤̿́.̵̧͎̙̒̔͛̈̚͘
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  1. Jack TheHacka

    Jack TheHacka3 soat oldin

    0:05 "The strongest character of your Universe? Say hello to Giorno" Dio Over Heaven: distant wrrryyy

  2. Yeeh Nope

    Yeeh Nope4 soat oldin

    Imagine if Ger had a weakness. It's a little unfair that SCR got one and he didn't. Well, his weakness was actually a 'light behind me" or whatever Or P l o t Maybe plot could defeat ger. The only way that i thought that Giorno could be defeated is that someone resets the universe before Giorno had golden experiente requiem and killed him.

  3. Tenzin Chogyel

    Tenzin Chogyel6 soat oldin

    So..... Answer this for me what happens to GG when he tries to kill himself?

  4. MagicalGamer

    MagicalGamer13 soat oldin

    CaN hE BeAt GoKu tHoUgh??? yes, yes he can

  5. Daikon Black

    Daikon BlackKun oldin

    Well fortunately enough for me time breaker bardock(my favorite character in all anime) stomps giorno due to dimensional tiering.

  6. Bo Graham

    Bo GrahamKun oldin

    This is even ignoring that if he hits you, you go berserk and literally cannot fight back. You would have to be non-living to avoid this.

  7. Spider Byte

    Spider ByteKun oldin

    I mean doesn't ger only work on stands

  8. NoobOof70

    NoobOof7022 soat oldin

    No lol it works with standless people. But standless characters can't attack G.E.R

  9. Izham Yazid

    Izham YazidKun oldin

    That why GER only shown once

  10. Gamagical

    GamagicalKun oldin


  11. Ender Boy

    Ender BoyKun oldin

    I feel like Yhwach, from "Bleach", has a chance with his ability, to manipulate future.

  12. Cy

    CyKun oldin

    Everybody gangsta still jotaro says So this is the Same stand as Star Platinum

  13. Fre3 Willy

    Fre3 WillyKun oldin

    can just make something be a canon-not the world over heaven

  14. Erite Beastboy

    Erite BeastboyKun oldin

    No cool down?

  15. NoobOof70

    NoobOof7022 soat oldin

    This isn't a game G.E.R is Automatic.

  16. Spaghetti Productions

    Spaghetti Productions2 kun oldin

    the only thing it cant beat is dio over heaven

  17. Oba Pokey

    Oba Pokey2 kun oldin

    What if giorna is your fav charecter

  18. Jojo490

    Jojo4902 kun oldin

    Main villain: *does a world ending move that cracks the earth* GER: "False, Didn't happen"

  19. Omer053_

    Omer053_2 kun oldin


  20. Tsxz

    Tsxz2 kun oldin

    can he beat Jotaro tho?😳

  21. Xectern

    Xectern2 kun oldin

    What about shisui with kotoamatsukami? because he can’t revert it after it happens so he might have a chance. Idk tho I’m probably wrong.

  22. Alex Curry

    Alex Curry2 kun oldin

    Goku beats giorno

  23. hanbino 1234

    hanbino 12342 kun oldin

    GER is strong, il give him that *But sheer heart attack has no weakness*

  24. ShinPlayz

    ShinPlayz3 kun oldin

    You made things more confusing

  25. Ivy_Infinite

    Ivy_Infinite3 kun oldin

    *Laughs in Dragon Balls*

  26. gizmo gaming

    gizmo gaming3 kun oldin

    Gokutards where are you

  27. George Panagiotou

    George Panagiotou3 kun oldin

    Death 13 can beat G.E.R since giorno has a dream lol.

  28. NoobOof70

    NoobOof7022 soat oldin

    Jokes aside he kinda can.

  29. Comical Sans

    Comical SansKun oldin

    Hold up.

  30. pranit

    pranit3 kun oldin

    this is ridiculous but hear me out doraemon VS GER 😂 what if somehow doraemon escapes GER's range and went back in time to kill lil giorno ?

  31. Chika Padoru

    Chika Padoru3 kun oldin

    even in roblox jojo games, GER is pretty broken, he can literally use a move called rtz where he cancels outs time related moves and removes everyones stands for 3 secs

  32. Tahera Khanom

    Tahera Khanom3 kun oldin

    I understood this much ger is op

  33. Gerald Yeager

    Gerald Yeager3 kun oldin

    Wonder of U: *Allow me to introduce myself*

  34. Grant Salvador

    Grant Salvador4 kun oldin

    DIO: Uses Over Heaven to kill everyone GER and Giorno: Well that would be a shame if ✨it didn't happen✨⏪⏪⏪ :))) Your favorite main character looses to a Gay Italian boss

  35. NaN NaN

    NaN NaN4 kun oldin

    Confusing but ok. *You fool, fell for it! THUNDER CROSS SPLITU ATTACK!!!!*

  36. Sunny Snow

    Sunny Snow4 kun oldin

    Sooo... quick save and quick load.....

  37. 𝕳𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖘 YT 🤍⚪

    𝕳𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖘 YT 🤍⚪4 kun oldin

    The way to actually pronounce diavolo is _DEE_ - A - *VOOO* - LO

  38. The Hollanesian

    The Hollanesian4 kun oldin

    I'll be honest. I lost it when Diavolo got shanked by a random homeless bum in one of his deaths.

  39. Lapis Goblin

    Lapis Goblin4 kun oldin

    Short answer: it's writing to be broken

  40. Schneeflocke Monsoon

    Schneeflocke Monsoon4 kun oldin

    Wait... if they revert to 0, then does GER and Giorno remember what would have happened? Otherwise... aren’t they all fated to just loop eternally?

  41. Enkidude [Hunter of Gilgamesh Tards]

    Enkidude [Hunter of Gilgamesh Tards]4 kun oldin

    “Your favorite main character loses to girono giovanna” my favorite characters are mostly normal human level sooooooo....

  42. toast tea

    toast tea4 kun oldin

    ae so ger is like infinite death loop but it he does super little damage every single time , but i have heard there is one resolve that can defeat ger , light speed

  43. toast tea

    toast tea4 kun oldin

    ofc if you have light speed

  44. toast tea

    toast tea4 kun oldin

    i might act stupid but when you kill him before the time rtz activates , you might win

  45. tim no

    tim no5 kun oldin

    Your favorite charecter loses to giorno Me: how can somone beat himself?

  46. Random Player

    Random Player5 kun oldin

    *Laughs in The World Over Heaven*


    KAUDABEST5 kun oldin

    Goku fans : Goku's the strongest no main character can beat him Giorno :

  48. ItsBread

    ItsBread5 kun oldin

    GER is beatable because Huge spoiler of jojo part 6 beware dont click read more if you dont wanna get spoiled Pucci accelerated time and GER didnt do anything bout it, so if you got a stand that indirectly attacks anything and you are far away from Giorno, you can beat Giorno. Also Edit: I also think you have to not know who Giorno is.

  49. •《Ě Ę Ĕ Ē 》•

    •《Ě Ę Ĕ Ē 》•23 soat oldin

    Mih time acceleration only affects non living forms

  50. TeamPlasma

    TeamPlasma5 kun oldin

    giorno can be beaten by giorn0

  51. damboi hethic

    damboi hethic5 kun oldin


  52. Masilence

    Masilence6 kun oldin

    GERs power is packet loss

  53. DemonmoonX999

    DemonmoonX9996 kun oldin

    He doesn't beat GER though.

  54. Felrrus Sight

    Felrrus Sight6 kun oldin

    So why can someone beat him? These is like a "yes but no" thing :/

  55. Xyne the Spriter

    Xyne the Spriter6 kun oldin

    dude GER doesnt- GER isnt broken golden experience right before GER is (im refering to golden experience's remain after he became requiem)

  56. Da Caribou

    Da Caribou6 kun oldin

    Imagine how useful it would be to set the will to fight to zero in a pacifist run in undertale

  57. Jv Butalid

    Jv Butalid6 kun oldin

    so araki had a hard time trying to end the fight between giorno and diavolo, so he just made GER and had him tell diavolo "NO" so we can move on

  58. black skull of dragon death

    black skull of dragon death6 kun oldin

    light yagami: *intense sweating* saitama : * intense sweating* dio abd jotaro: *REALLY FUCKING INTENSE SWEATING* ANY OTHER ANIME CHARACTER: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST HES IMMORTAL

  59. IronPuppy69

    IronPuppy696 kun oldin

    When u got the remote of the big screen in the movie theater

  60. BlueRazer

    BlueRazer6 kun oldin

    Xeno Goku vs Giorno?

  61. -_- Pew-pew

    -_- Pew-pew7 kun oldin

    Did people just forget about the laser that GER did? 🤔

  62. Maxximo Ramirez

    Maxximo Ramirez7 kun oldin

    4:55 - 5:05 "an unstoppable force meets an immovable object"

  63. Alphonzo Munnings

    Alphonzo Munnings7 kun oldin

    Me:hm how can I beat this oh I know *summons SCP verse*

  64. The Watcher

    The Watcher7 kun oldin

    Don't all of giorno's lifeforms reflect all damage they take?

  65. Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa6 kun oldin

    Yeah. Except when Diavolo steps on the scorpion in the anime. The animators just messed that scene up.

  66. gebi

    gebi7 kun oldin

    i still think that there would be two characters that could easily take out giorno: jotaro and dio like, they could pretty much stop the time and instantly kill him

  67. Alice Yagami

    Alice Yagami8 kun oldin

    This is mugen levels of power

  68. Bli D

    Bli D8 kun oldin

    Imagine the world requiem 📈

  69. Gab Playz Yeaaa

    Gab Playz Yeaaa8 kun oldin

    Star Platinum:Ora Deku:Who just ripped off my limb

  70. Meliodas

    Meliodas8 kun oldin

    What if 2 people with golden experience requiem fight? Wouldn't one of them revert the others revert to zero ability and then they would have to fight?

  71. COD

    COD8 kun oldin

    Its a shame that he doesn't exist after the events of part 6

  72. Bobby Bobertson

    Bobby Bobertson9 kun oldin

    Well guess what ftl + characters blitz and kill

  73. watty patty

    watty patty9 kun oldin

    You listed goku..... Goku is waaaayyy above time in the 4d. Actualy goku is above 5d

  74. harsh sharma

    harsh sharma9 kun oldin

    U think it was Giorno who posses gold experience REQUIEM But it was me DIO

  75. harsh sharma

    harsh sharma9 kun oldin

    Kars ( ultimate life form ) can't die , so he never die infinitely hence Giorno can't defeat Kars

  76. Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa6 kun oldin

    I wonder what would happen if kars killed a lifeform from golden experience.

  77. Immanuel Donaldson

    Immanuel Donaldson9 kun oldin

    Saitama: does serious punch Giorno: receives no damage Also Giorno: "I have reverted your strength to 0..." Saitama: "Nani!?" Giorno: does 700 page muda.

  78. Cuphead TR

    Cuphead TR9 kun oldin

    Lmao just use req arrow on ur stand and think about wanting to become a god the most and then the req arrow will make u god

  79. agent 233

    agent 2339 kun oldin

    What would happen if Giorno fight with Itachi?

  80. I’m Cold

    I’m Cold10 kun oldin

    Logia users be like

  81. New Account

    New Account10 kun oldin

    Im gona name a list of people who can reck ger Mxy Spectre Batmite Goku Cas Milkman Super man prime Super boy prime Xeno goku Living tribunal Every single abstract in marvel Every single celestial The strongest watcher The presence The one above all Oblivion All the sky fathers Scarlet king All of scarlet king’s children Almost every scp in existence Every god of destruction dbs Every angel in dbs Zalama Super shenron Zeno Nearly every character or every character in heroes and xenoverse Everyone in love craft’s Cthulhu mythos The world over heaven Tusk act 4 That cat named dream in dc Lucifer and his brother true form darkseid Some of darkseid’s avatars Doomsday Mandrakk Antimoniters Dr manhattan The batman who laughs The beyonders Anyone who made goku use 100% base form Frieza metal cooler Janemba and fusion reborn goku and vegeta Every Vegito Every gogeta Thanos with and without the infinity gauntlet Dormammu Squirrel girl Galactus Original hulk Immortal hulk Night crawler Classic fate Classic strange Dbs broly Thats all i can think of for now

  82. New Account

    New Account10 kun oldin

    My favorite main character is goku and cas

  83. Arafat Kadri

    Arafat Kadri10 kun oldin

    well requiem is requiem

  84. Xid Javier

    Xid Javier10 kun oldin

    I wonder if GER can counter luck based entities like Wonder of U, where they can cause an ACCIDENT that could kill Giorno, since it was an accident it may bypass RTZ but since it is a will done to attack Giorno it may not, what I'm saying is that GER can only use RTZ against any action and will done to attack Giorno, and if accidents like passive or unintentional damage done to him will not activate RTZ Edit: thinking about it now, any AoE based stands that kill indiscriminately can counter RTZ by just making a huge ass attack that is primarily done towards someone that is physically done near Giorno, since the Intent wasn't directed at you then it bypasses RTZ

  85. Zeldris Block.

    Zeldris Block.11 kun oldin

    Girno can’t really fight people from other shows it’ll just be a draw out because for ex goku vs giorno girno can’t damage goku and goku can’t do nothin to giorno

  86. Wishful Gecko

    Wishful Gecko11 kun oldin

    Gojo actually would be able to fight him because netheir of them could touch each other. And Goku ain’t doing shit to Giorno but it’s same Vice versa

  87. Marvin Dude official

    Marvin Dude official11 kun oldin

    Actually, if we think deeper in, Rohan's stand is legit the most op stand ever, literally he can write anything, example: he can write that any good stand user can hit their oponents once and kill em on contqct, or even kill any people in the range of 500 km

  88. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama11 kun oldin

    Not beating goku tho

  89. armagao 1

    armagao 14 kun oldin

    @Absent ST6 any physical attack is reverted? Ger can effect both space and time to be able to revert them both that’s the ability so no attack could harm him as he is presumed to even survive the universe reset as the wiki says he is alive still so yeah he wouldn’t be touched. Speed or power won’t win this fight giorno wouldn’t lose or win it would be a draw

  90. Absent ST6

    Absent ST64 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 yes. But that’s obviously in his verse. It’s also a defensive ability, TOWARDS HIM, which would practically mean as I’ve said, if you hit indirectly u win. So bombing the earth, you would win. GER is also a 4d being. Unable to effect Goku. I see Goku winning 9/10

  91. armagao 1

    armagao 14 kun oldin

    @Absent ST6 omg you don’t get it do you? It is an instant defensive ability that activates whenever giorno is about to receive harm if he can survive a stand that can change fate itself which is unchangeable and it literally says online the only feasible way to beat him is with the power of heaven

  92. Absent ST6

    Absent ST64 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 My you’re a clown. “ThEY dIdNT rESpONd iN uNdeR 5 SecONds i WiN” Goku is FTL easily, most of his actions would be blitzes for GER, then to add insult to injury we see that GER practically is there to protect Giorno meaning indirect “attacks”, which are possible as Pucci did so himself, away from Giorno wouldn’t be accounted for. Earth busters who leave GERs range win.

  93. armagao 1

    armagao 14 kun oldin

    @Absent ST6 exactly you know it wouldn’t work so maybe listen to the video

  94. orangina christ

    orangina christ11 kun oldin

    anime fans: Giorno is the strongest character. Marvel Fans: Ever heard of one above all.

  95. Alcdawg

    Alcdawg2 kun oldin

    Real life fans: Ever heard of “Eraser”?

  96. DURRPY

    DURRPY4 kun oldin

    @Tara Garbyal Oh no Speedwagon is overkill he solos all of fiction

  97. Tara Garbyal

    Tara Garbyal4 kun oldin

    Ever heard of speedwagon

  98. DURRPY

    DURRPY7 kun oldin

    SCP fans: Ever heard of SCP - 3812?

  99. yes no

    yes no11 kun oldin

    Giorno is that kid that says "*dodges*" in a roleplay whenever some tries to hit him

  100. Nn

    Nn16 soat oldin


  101. Josh Tann

    Josh Tann4 kun oldin

    i can smell undertale

  102. anas Javed Khan

    anas Javed Khan11 kun oldin

    I am watching this video after 5 months and i know that giorno can't defeat gojo satoru

  103. some Australian with memes

    some Australian with memes11 kun oldin

    Still very confused

  104. armagao 1

    armagao 12 kun oldin

    @Alcdawg yeah I know that’s how it works I just want to dumb it down a bit not to confuse him

  105. Alcdawg

    Alcdawg2 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 no, the attack never happened in the first place

  106. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    Imagine you go to punch someone but then it activate and then you are reverted to a neutral point before the attack so he can’t be touched

  107. Man Duck

    Man Duck11 kun oldin

    Except for Tusk act IV which would end at a stalemate

  108. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    Giorno would beat Tusk

  109. John Ross

    John Ross12 kun oldin

    I mean, it didn't beat Made in Heaven

  110. Luqman Mohames

    Luqman Mohames12 kun oldin

    But can he beat goku

  111. Luqman Mohames

    Luqman Mohames11 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 but it would be a stalemate

  112. Luqman Mohames

    Luqman Mohames11 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 its a joke

  113. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    Yes he can

  114. some Australian with memes

    some Australian with memes11 kun oldin


  115. Affan Mostafa

    Affan Mostafa12 kun oldin

    How a fight with Naruto and Giorno go out. Naruto: hey kurama, we are friends and all, so can you help me. Giorno with GER: Boi what u think dis is..... K I N D E R G A R T E N ?

  116. Davicho AG

    Davicho AG12 kun oldin

    Guys I'm gonna be honest but if Giorno with Ger fight saitama it will be a pretty much no ending fight, also i saw people on some comments literally putting the video from Seth about Krillin clapping saitama, like that's literally the stupidest video ever

  117. Jarid Lee

    Jarid Lee12 kun oldin

    gold experience requiem can ALSO revert capabilities, meaning he can return the defensive capabilities of someone to zero, as well as strength and speed etc, meaning ger can basically return their defense capabilities to zero, nullify their point of basically everything and within that time period, muda their ass.

  118. Ruti

    Ruti12 kun oldin

    But... who would win? Giorno Giovanna with requiem or Giorno Giovanna with requiem?

  119. Anton Garcia

    Anton Garcia12 kun oldin

    *meanwhile giorno get clapped by TW OH*

  120. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    It’s not canon

  121. BenLikesVideoGames - Gaming & Memes

    BenLikesVideoGames - Gaming & Memes12 kun oldin

    Stand Name: Golden Experience Requiem. Stand Ability: *"NO."*

  122. Floofles

    Floofles12 kun oldin

    well heres the thing keleb requiem gives you the ability you need to do at a certain time. his ability was to absolutely demolish diavolo without any problems. so he got return to zero which is very strong but when he barrages diavolo you can hear the space time around him breaking with a quantum like noise. when diavolo was knocked into the water of the river, he was already dead. that was him in the ger infinite death loop because he died right after. if you actually saw the result of the barrage of GER you would see someone incinerated with an unmeasurable amount of force down to the very atom. this would literally incarnate you and its so strong and precise that its breaking the space time around it to the 4th dimension. just think about that lol its actually like 99999999 times stronger than one punch man's punches

  123. The Blue Eyed Destiny

    The Blue Eyed Destiny13 kun oldin

    You wanna know what could beat GER, PLOT ARMOR

  124. fortherepublic

    fortherepublic13 kun oldin

    What will happen to Diavolo when Giorno dies of old age?

  125. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    @fortherepublic yes true

  126. fortherepublic

    fortherepublic11 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 seems likely. But if Araki ever wants to bring Diavolo back, he's got an out there. Giorno will probably only die, if that happens.

  127. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    @fortherepublic erm I mean I think diavolo’s soul would just pass on if giorno somehow does die but like I mentioned it’s unlikely obviously cause of his powers

  128. fortherepublic

    fortherepublic11 kun oldin

    @armagao 1 but he still could die and if that happens would Diavolo theoretically be released or not? Just a fun question.

  129. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    Giorno can control fate and also create new life with the ability to transfer his soul so he could technically live forever

  130. Basil Prasad

    Basil Prasad13 kun oldin

    What about TOAA?

  131. Brooklyn Kessinger

    Brooklyn Kessinger13 kun oldin

    And of course, everyone forgets about heaven ascension DIO

  132. xxgamingbleach playz

    xxgamingbleach playz13 kun oldin

    Tusk can beat ger

  133. armagao 1

    armagao 111 kun oldin

    He really physically can’t nothing can touch giorno unless you have the power of heaven

  134. The egg Johnson

    The egg Johnson11 kun oldin

    He has the potential to beat him, yet he doesn’t have the defense

  135. some Australian with memes

    some Australian with memes11 kun oldin


  136. TrickyIsAlive

    TrickyIsAlive13 kun oldin

    he can only even try to hurt ui goku if he is faster than him but he just does not have that speed so i dont think that in a fight giorino could beat goku unless he can automatically revert to zero without thinking

  137. DevinZaDude

    DevinZaDude14 kun oldin

    Would the current DBS MUI goku beat GER though

  138. A7 GAMER

    A7 GAMER14 kun oldin