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Watch all the performances by X Factor UK winner Dalton Harris! Did you want him to win? If not, let us know who in the comments!
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  1. Denise Powell

    Denise Powell9 soat oldin

    May 11, 2021. He soothes me with his voice

  2. Louis Willem Botter

    Louis Willem Botter14 soat oldin


  3. Ellyga Harrigan

    Ellyga HarriganKun oldin

    Yo no me canso de escuchar a ese hombre, con esa maravillosa vozzz

  4. Maryl Lee Martinez

    Maryl Lee Martinez2 kun oldin

    He's got a good voice

  5. Sandra Thomas

    Sandra Thomas2 kun oldin

    Cont You can feel his soul in his music

  6. Mary Mburu

    Mary Mburu2 kun oldin

    His voice 🥺♥️

  7. Jacqueline Wallace

    Jacqueline Wallace2 kun oldin

    I am

  8. Johanna Brown-small

    Johanna Brown-small2 kun oldin

    Still watching this amazing talent May 2021

  9. Abys Sinia

    Abys Sinia2 kun oldin

    Who is this INCREDIBLE singer with the most UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING singing come I am just learning about him NOW???!!!

  10. keriduuh

    keriduuh3 kun oldin

    He had no competition

  11. Melonie Jensen

    Melonie Jensen4 kun oldin


  12. Diana Rice

    Diana Rice4 kun oldin

    It is 5-6-21. Dalton is timeless. I could listen to him forever. Florida, USA.

  13. Pamela Bates

    Pamela Bates5 kun oldin

    Best singer I have heard lasagna 10years what a gift he has

  14. Pamela Bates

    Pamela Bates5 kun oldin

    Correction last 10 years

  15. Paula Singletary

    Paula Singletary5 kun oldin

    He deserved to win, such a unique talent.

  16. Ching Bachiller

    Ching Bachiller5 kun oldin


  17. Beverly Hylton

    Beverly Hylton6 kun oldin

    God bless you always dalton 💕 in everything you be doing about to do

  18. Mom, Kutz and Sky

    Mom, Kutz and Sky6 kun oldin

    So much power and control. I am mesmerized. He truly is a legend.

  19. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson6 kun oldin

    He his Aboustley amazing beautiful song God bless 🙏🙏

  20. Melissa Gabor

    Melissa Gabor7 kun oldin

    Wow wooooooooooooooooow😘😘😘😘

  21. Charity Fernandez

    Charity Fernandez7 kun oldin

    I'm watching a free concert, thank you Dalton for your amazing talent... Just WOW...

  22. Shauna Shelton-Webster

    Shauna Shelton-Webster7 kun oldin

    Makes every song sounds so much better!

  23. Norma Clarke

    Norma Clarke8 kun oldin

    Gives me goospimples!

  24. Gee Iglesia

    Gee Iglesia9 kun oldin

    Im inlove with his voice amazing !.

  25. joan labelle

    joan labelle9 kun oldin

    You are great Dalton Harris! I admire you beyond words.

  26. Dohn Titan

    Dohn Titan9 kun oldin

    This guy got mad talent no 🧢; anybody 2021

  27. Josue Manuel Silva Manuel

    Josue Manuel Silva Manuel10 kun oldin

    The future Michael Jackson

  28. Ubalda Silvia Fontana

    Ubalda Silvia Fontana10 kun oldin

    Porfa subtitulo en Español. Los seguimos desde Argentina y otros países y nos perdemos lo mejor por no entender el idioma. Muy buena compaginación, Saludos

  29. prinsipia mbuba

    prinsipia mbuba10 kun oldin

    I'm so proud of you bro

  30. Tamara Ngobese

    Tamara Ngobese10 kun oldin

    Still mesmerized April 2021

  31. George Vinitia

    George Vinitia10 kun oldin


  32. Gracious EM

    Gracious EM10 kun oldin

    Us Jamaicans need to give more love to Dalton!! Love you Dalton you continue to make us proud 🖤💚💛 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  33. Che Pocs

    Che Pocs11 kun oldin


  34. Irma Villa

    Irma Villa12 kun oldin

    me!! love him his voice is beautiful April 2021

  35. Hannah Mae Mendaño

    Hannah Mae Mendaño12 kun oldin

    HUMBLE the plus FACTOR of this man ♥️

  36. Hannah Mae Mendaño

    Hannah Mae Mendaño12 kun oldin

    It feels so good listening to the incredible voice of Dalton. He deserves to have an album and awards ♥️

  37. Hannah Mae Mendaño

    Hannah Mae Mendaño12 kun oldin

    One of the best performance i have ever watch.. hope to hear from Dalton soon

  38. Kenneth Julían

    Kenneth Julían12 kun oldin

    What si the name of song of the minute 11:10? Someone say me please

  39. Madge Leslie

    Madge Leslie12 kun oldin

    'California Dreaming'

  40. Cheryl

    Cheryl13 kun oldin

    Did he win? He deserves to win

  41. Melanie Williams

    Melanie Williams6 kun oldin

    Yes he did!

  42. Oluwatosin Iyiola

    Oluwatosin Iyiola13 kun oldin

    I don't understand the 1.6K dislikes!!!! wtf

  43. Dolores Burmeister

    Dolores Burmeister13 kun oldin

    Dalton Harris has all my senses going. Love his flowing voice. He belongs in heaven singing to the King of kings.

  44. Karen Luchavez

    Karen Luchavez14 kun oldin

    the best god made to the block people had a great and amizing voices.. and im the one of there fans.. may god bless you..

  45. Karen Luchavez

    Karen Luchavez14 kun oldin


  46. Jennifer Paredez

    Jennifer Paredez14 kun oldin

    I totally love his singing i play this over & over. GOD BLESS HIM ALWAYS.

  47. Patrice Walker

    Patrice Walker16 kun oldin

    Who is still listening to Dalton Harris in 2021. This guy can really sing. Proud of YOU Dalton and proud to know you are a Jamaican 🇯🇲

  48. Jacqui Alexander

    Jacqui Alexander17 kun oldin

    Jamaica is lucky the prophets r going 2 descend eventually with love 4 allpeople🇯🇲💜💜💜

  49. Jacqui Alexander

    Jacqui Alexander17 kun oldin


  50. victorious lang

    victorious lang17 kun oldin

    I never get tired watching Dalton Harris and Emeli Sande!!!!!💛💙💚💛💙👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  51. Bernice Bernice

    Bernice Bernice17 kun oldin

    There is nothing not to love ♥️about Dalton,your songs are so emotional,you are a born winner,you deserve it all,May God bless you going forward ,you are a legend,I can't stop listening to you



    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Patricia Peters

    Patricia Peters20 kun oldin

    This is 2021 and I listen to his music everyday , every night before going to bed and throughout the day . What a gifted and amazing singer

  54. beverly ashley

    beverly ashley20 kun oldin

    Good morning

  55. AMY Lin

    AMY Lin20 kun oldin

    Hope to see DH in movies soon! This guy is incomparable!

  56. Estela Luz Pueda

    Estela Luz Pueda21 kun oldin

    Dalton's name and voice just like thunder,overpowering!

  57. Estela Luz Pueda

    Estela Luz Pueda21 kun oldin

    Superb voice,Jamaican at its best!

  58. Nola Jane*

    Nola Jane*21 kun oldin

    Dalton you are amazing!! Love you

  59. Juren Piang

    Juren Piang21 kun oldin

    Whos still listening to this in 2021? Coz I still am.

  60. Gloria Jackson-Clark

    Gloria Jackson-Clark22 kun oldin

    The absolutely BEST artist I have ever heard. He is naturally gifted with a falsetto and creative voice that NO ONE can touch! Man, this guy is bad, and mean GREAT, especially to be so young. I listen to this video over and over again and each time I am still in shock how God gave him such a gift...

  61. Akum Glenis

    Akum Glenis22 kun oldin

    Still watching in 19/4/2021

  62. Jacinth scott

    Jacinth scott22 kun oldin

    Dalton, you sing like a bird.

  63. chipke

    chipke23 kun oldin

    2021 April, watching for the first time this fantastic voice. He is out of this world so good.

  64. Mercy Kukundakwe

    Mercy Kukundakwe23 kun oldin

    The best so far,Jeeeezzziiiii

  65. Lorraine Bailey

    Lorraine Bailey24 kun oldin

    Dalton you can sing Jamaica needs to show more love and respect to these young singer 👍👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 2021

  66. Rex Divinagracia

    Rex Divinagracia24 kun oldin

    The best contestant in the entire history of X-factor so far 👏👏👏. Applause 👏👏👏

  67. Nathalie Demeyer

    Nathalie Demeyer26 kun oldin

    Belle transformation tes yeux est ton costume trop cool j adore bel artiste tu mérite les plus beaux honneur de ton talent incontestable love🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗😘☺☺💕💕💕💕💕

  68. White Kivi

    White Kivi26 kun oldin

    Can anyone please explain the feeling you get, when in the middle of a soul felt performance you get interrupted and shown by force a lousy advertisement.? Oh just how foolish these companies are. making enemies of the products they try to force on you.


    ASAPH MARK22 kun oldin

    Those adverts are too many and annoying.

  70. Bechay Ramos

    Bechay Ramos26 kun oldin

    Global can you make an update on what’s with the winners career now, 2021? Dalton is really amazing❤️

  71. Joey Ricciardi

    Joey Ricciardi27 kun oldin

    Damn how do I not know about this guy James Arthur is my favourite guy on X factor ever with this guy might be the best guy I've ever seen on any X factor anywhere

  72. Anita Holland

    Anita Holland27 kun oldin

    Dalton Harris has his own style brilliant , compasionate, he was born obviously with this gifted voice

  73. Kayla Simone

    Kayla Simone27 kun oldin

    Listen to the way he sings "Creep" by Radiohead. Then go listen to Vincent from "The four" singing the same song. They sound almost identical nbs. 💯

  74. Kayla Simone

    Kayla Simone27 kun oldin

    Beautiful... Just .... Beautiful ❤️

  75. Marie Carter

    Marie Carter28 kun oldin

    After 3 years still.watching.He .uplifts and puts a smile on my face.Marie Carter U.S.A.

  76. Lucy Mulonga

    Lucy Mulonga28 kun oldin

    He's great wow! I like the way he plays with the voice controllably, thumbs up for Harris. 2021 still watching

  77. Lucy Mulonga

    Lucy Mulonga28 kun oldin

    His voice is excellent. Keep up. God bless. from Zambia, Africa

  78. Bernice Bernice

    Bernice Bernice28 kun oldin

    So talented,down to earth and damn so handsome ❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡

  79. Bernice Bernice

    Bernice Bernice28 kun oldin

    Dalton your performance is on another level🔥🔥🔥🌺🌺🌺you are smoking fire 💓💓💓👄👄👄

  80. Bernice Bernice

    Bernice Bernice28 kun oldin

    One of my favourite songs ,well covered,my brother Jamaica must really be proud ,you are a star already,no doubt about ♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕 keep pushing ,keeping on talking to those souls ,you are the best and your voice so mesmerizing ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  81. Noemi Fontanos

    Noemi Fontanos29 kun oldin

    Wow he's so great singer 😍 congratulations fan from Philippines

  82. rich_ basurera

    rich_ basurera29 kun oldin

    April 2021 anyone?

  83. Dora boss

    Dora boss29 kun oldin

    Simon was not interested until he started singing😂😂

  84. André Gardani Campos campos

    André Gardani Campos campos29 kun oldin

    Devia ter colocado nomes das músicas. Linda voz

  85. Se E

    Se E29 kun oldin

    Louse was singing and I thought he was already a celebrity. I can listen to him all day and night singing. He’s a keeper.

  86. Maria Lapis-lazuli

    Maria Lapis-lazuliOy oldin


  87. Karen Heruela

    Karen HeruelaOy oldin

    No bad wardrobe ,his dressing style is 👌

  88. Andrea Gray

    Andrea GrayOy oldin

    It now 2021 and i am still listening to all his musics

  89. Nandi X

    Nandi XOy oldin

    Dalton, i am so proud of you that words cant explain. I pray you don't get beat down by the system because your talent is undeniable. Please ensure you have the right work ethic and determined promoters around you.

  90. Myerna Albia Villar

    Myerna Albia VillarOy oldin

    His in pain heartbreak girl he loves gone to someone

  91. Benita Culzac

    Benita CulzacOy oldin

    Awesome guys

  92. Mang Peps Cuisine

    Mang Peps CuisineOy oldin


  93. Angelboi666

    Angelboi666Oy oldin

    When each of his performance seems a grand finals song! He's freaking amazing!!!

  94. Akpojotor Winner

    Akpojotor WinnerOy oldin

    I love you dalton!!!!!

  95. Bers

    BersOy oldin

    The Jamaican guy should do a Bond song! WoW!!!

  96. GrowingUp Calhoun

    GrowingUp CalhounOy oldin


  97. Sharon Wright

    Sharon WrightOy oldin

    Proud Jamaican, feeling prouder with each song he sings!

  98. Nani Hutauruk

    Nani HutaurukOy oldin

    Dalton Hariss the best 👍👍

  99. Marina Kalendareva

    Marina KalendarevaOy oldin


  100. Ruth Mendez Silvano

    Ruth Mendez SilvanoOy oldin

    It's 2021 and I'm still here for Dalton

  101. thee humbleone

    thee humbleoneOy oldin

    Still proud until now man bless up

  102. maia ramdhan

    maia ramdhanOy oldin


  103. Tish-khani Thompson

    Tish-khani ThompsonOy oldin

    Yep! This is were I come to be humbled...

  104. Joyful 1964

    Joyful 1964Oy oldin

    OMG! This young gentleman is so blessed with a beautiful voice and he too good. His Parents must be proud of him n those who said he couldn't make it hoping you watched n saw his dream come true. Congratulations