Year 6: ENORMOUS CHANGES! Flores & Roadmap! | All New Siege! - Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft revealed the Year 6 roadmap & Operator Flores in Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Crimson Heist details!
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00:00 - Intro
00:49 - Presentation
02:25 - Year 6 Roadmap
03:50 - Flores
07:29 - Gonne-6
08:37 - Border Rework
09:19 - Kali Elite
10:00 - Outro


  1. Zen

    Zen5 kun oldin

    Flores or Twitch?

  2. Dawn Of Terror

    Dawn Of TerrorKun oldin

    Twitch ez

  3. Dumb Stuff

    Dumb Stuff2 kun oldin


  4. Mr. Seal

    Mr. Seal2 kun oldin

    @SavageKukri When i play twitch the "haha i zapped your battery bandit" is the best aprt, you can see the different emotions coming of his face

  5. Nick Plaisance

    Nick Plaisance3 kun oldin

    Love the vids

  6. Gethin Evans

    Gethin Evans3 kun oldin

    Twitch ez

  7. Andrew Tickel

    Andrew Tickel4 soat oldin

    Is no one else weirded out that they gave a gay man a gadget called a "hamster"?

  8. Cat Gamer213

    Cat Gamer21310 soat oldin

    It kinda looks like halo master chief collection bc they updated the game to make the old games seem brand new yet keep the old style


    SAAMSANITY13 soat oldin

    So I dont understand why Kali is getting an elite so soon at all, I would much rather see someone like Nomad or Maverick with an elite. Besides shes annoyingly bad as an op, her gadget is great but fragging sucks.

  10. Slizzle Tech&Gaming

    Slizzle Tech&Gaming14 soat oldin

    So the drone is constantly moving forward... I'll call it Eren.

  11. jordan

    jordan22 soat oldin

    Eventually castle is going to need a huge buff

  12. Silas Yallknow

    Silas YallknowKun oldin

    *The community asks for various game breaking fixes* Ubisoft: “here is a gay operator”

  13. dog vs chainsaw 89

    dog vs chainsaw 89Kun oldin

    I really like realistic siege. Hope they dont make it too goofy

  14. Bobby bagshaw

    Bobby bagshawKun oldin

    Should be able to change the loading screens but the default should be the newest one

  15. Brudda Lee

    Brudda LeeKun oldin

    Irish op is gonna be connor McGregor and his knife attack while make him lock you in a beat your ass lmao

  16. Jack O'Sullivan

    Jack O'SullivanKun oldin

    If only I could get 2 Irish operaters😔

  17. Medika

    MedikaKun oldin


  18. ali87485able

    ali87485ableKun oldin

    I am still waiting for the first straight operator definitely will be good for siege in the future!

  19. Devin Harney

    Devin HarneyKun oldin

    I kind of wish we had a system where each character could be leveled up individually(while keeping main level, of course.) Like in for honor, we have a rep system. I dunno, it wouldnt really change anything, but I do lile the sound of it lol

  20. Martin Persson

    Martin PerssonKun oldin

    What will happen to your character portrait if you customize your elite skin with another say headgear?

  21. Danky Kang

    Danky KangKun oldin

    I hate the idea of reworking maps for a while now, even if it's just small-not-so-small changes, all for a more "competitive experience". For one, it hasnt been all that "competitive" feeling, it's about the same gameplaywise or even worse. Two, I thought the idea was that you should be able to adapt to varied situations. Like, I dont know about anyone else but I used to love every map and how different each of them were, despite how jank some of them were, but the maps now have kinda lost all their identity, and why i loved them collectively in the first place. Now, every map rework is just straight up, trying to rehash of another map, it's all unoriginal now. It's all the same shit now. Like, just make an extra map, dude. Leave that one map to rot, for all I care, stop changing it based on a formula. Like, why that balcony, tho? Why? To make it more "dynamic" why does it need to be? Why wouldn't other original maps do that? To make it not bland? But if we do the same for every map, it'll be bland as shit, wouldn't it? Like, I'm starting to feel it now that the formula HAS changed, which is quite ironic.

  22. Random User

    Random UserKun oldin

    Only 1 new map? Come on man!!

  23. Logan619

    Logan619Kun oldin

    I feel like this should’ve been a twitch or IQ rework Also I think they should’ve had different guns maybe one of Jackals or soem old gangster gun look at him lol and he definitely should’ve had a revolver

  24. Lucas M778

    Lucas M778Kun oldin

    Is ace getting back his acog?

  25. LAST_SA1NT

    LAST_SA1NT2 kun oldin

    i have 4000 hours plus in this game and now I think it is going down hill I don't think this game is worth it anymore.

  26. Shazam 711

    Shazam 7112 kun oldin

    That battle pass thing with the operators is a money grad lowkey now I gotta pay 15 dollars every time a new op comes out instead of paying 25 dollars one time and get all the operators and a week early

  27. Kris Rivers

    Kris Rivers2 kun oldin

    The design of the new menus is appalling, from a design point this is amateur at best. And what have they done to the operator icons, christ

  28. Dumb Stuff

    Dumb Stuff2 kun oldin

    If you get year 6 pass will you still get the battel pass for year six

  29. Brittney Macdougall

    Brittney Macdougall2 kun oldin

    Your crosshair placment sucks for your level rank

  30. Brittney Macdougall

    Brittney Macdougall2 kun oldin

    For your rank your cross hair placement is garbage

  31. Owen Bakker

    Owen Bakker2 kun oldin

    The Irish op better TK thatcher

  32. Nexus Network

    Nexus Network2 kun oldin

    Best road map in a while? No one asked for another causal rework. It's a waste of time if the map isn't gonna be in ranked. I would much rather them at least try to make the map ranked viable. You could argue that a casual rework is a step toward that but idk man. And the tweaks are gonna be like the clubhouse one for multiple maps. Which could actually change how the map is played but again this just seems like a waste of time and players patience I like the fact that we're not sticking with nations anymore and moving toward indigenous tribes and stuff which is so dope.

  33. Fz0

    Fz02 kun oldin

    The rc car may be called hamster but we know that’s an RC-XD

  34. Puma TheGod

    Puma TheGod2 kun oldin


  35. seby

    seby2 kun oldin

    I really hope vigil gets an elite skin soon

  36. Karakzanskruff

    Karakzanskruff2 kun oldin

    the gonne6 can only buff mr sam fisher as his pistol option is incredibly bad

  37. Remington Baney

    Remington Baney2 kun oldin

    A gay operator is pointless why does it matter

  38. BLUNTRAGE1017

    BLUNTRAGE10172 kun oldin

    Nice new border first few seconds

  39. Hirza Ahmad Mutahari

    Hirza Ahmad Mutahari2 kun oldin

    Maybe we could call this season update rainbow seven...huh huh? Imma get out

  40. Kage Shigi

    Kage Shigi2 kun oldin

    Wait...what?? Flores...husband?! GTFOH. 🤦‍♂️

  41. MaTriX Castor

    MaTriX Castor2 kun oldin

    When does this new update come out for consoles?

  42. V01dStorm

    V01dStorm2 kun oldin

    As a member of the irish community of siege every single one of us are delighted for y6s4

  43. Thamas _420

    Thamas _4202 kun oldin

    Siege going virtue signaling, no surprise.

  44. Greyson Luda

    Greyson Luda2 kun oldin

    Get ready for Flores to get banned for no reason

  45. demon fighter40

    demon fighter402 kun oldin

    Yea I love spending money on getting the same stuff, reworks should be free and we should pay for new content simple

  46. Berat Karagol

    Berat Karagol2 kun oldin

    Sieges upcoming changes to the ui is giving me shitty mobile game main menu vibes

  47. Phoenix.

    Phoenix.3 kun oldin

    I used to love siege. But now it feels like the balance changes are just for them to answer the complaints of the community. Yes people complain a lot about some operators, but this is what makes siege. If an operator is op, then work behind it. There are always some alternatives to overpowered operators. All these changes just make the game less fun and way more dull and boring with all the operators that are loved and favourited operators getting a nerf. All the things that made old siege good are now gone. Think about it.

  48. Loki’s Dagger886

    Loki’s Dagger8863 kun oldin

    Bank, consulate, tower need to be updated

  49. Imnothappyimgay

    Imnothappyimgay3 kun oldin

    Why bring the community into the game??....

  50. Prettyboy

    Prettyboy3 kun oldin

    Flores is gay?!!

  51. last name first name

    last name first name3 kun oldin

    siege's dev team is just running out of ideas

  52. Saltypac3

    Saltypac33 kun oldin

    Does this mean we cannot use renown to get the ops? We have to rely on the battle pass now?

  53. Liam Mccoy

    Liam Mccoy3 kun oldin

    Irish gang we all know the ARW will show the other guys how it's done 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 (jk)


    LINDSEY GRAFF3 kun oldin

    remember that get flanked video with the flare gun?

  55. Gethin Evans

    Gethin Evans3 kun oldin

    What about wales?

  56. Carlos Vazquez

    Carlos Vazquez3 kun oldin

    They should enable a button in the alpha-pack menu that allows players to equip automatically a weapon after opening the alpha-pack.

  57. Overhaul Simp

    Overhaul Simp3 kun oldin

    I wish we had 1 from Croatia 1 from BiH,IFK I thought it would be cool

  58. Disrespect me I’m coming right back

    Disrespect me I’m coming right back3 kun oldin

    When does it come out

  59. Dorian Marlow

    Dorian Marlow3 kun oldin

    Flores tk rates after figuring out he’s gay 📈📈📈

  60. The sprite Is here

    The sprite Is here3 kun oldin

    Fuck border rework they killed the lad on the pa system

  61. The sprite Is here

    The sprite Is here3 kun oldin

    Maltese operator when?

  62. To chi k in Ffyhb

    To chi k in Ffyhb3 kun oldin

    I like the new dead teammates can use cams and drones but, I think it should be disabled for casual as your random teammates might got on your maestro or echo drone and just get it destroyed

  63. James C.

    James C.3 kun oldin

    Wow this operator is gay af no pun intended

  64. Matthew Peaslee

    Matthew Peaslee3 kun oldin

    What happened to siege man

  65. Liquify On R6

    Liquify On R63 kun oldin

    Good finally a whales op

  66. ZacKnight The Fifth King

    ZacKnight The Fifth King3 kun oldin

    The reason why Flores being gay is a big deal for some people is that a lot of gay people don't have someone to look up to. You see it all the time, gay people being bullied by people at home, school, online, basically anywhere. So for them, to have someone who although fake, that can be a role model is nice. I know that him being gay doesn't change gameplay at all, but it's simply to have someone in a game that you like that is like you. Me personally, I don't care if someone is part of the LGBTQ community because whoever they are attracted to doesn't affect me. But hey, let's put it down to this, all of us are looking for a nice ass and I think that unites us in a way.

  67. R6 Ray

    R6 Ray3 kun oldin

    The funny part is Ella Nerf didn’t do anything to PC players only to Ps4,Xbox players

  68. Our Texas taco

    Our Texas taco3 kun oldin

    This guy said coastline needs a rework what

  69. Ruckin-Ro

    Ruckin-Ro3 kun oldin

    TF siege and LGBTQ operator

  70. Alejandro De Yavorsky

    Alejandro De Yavorsky3 kun oldin

    Wow, so interesting, an LGBT operator.... Who gives a damn about operators race, sexual orientation or political views? People get excited over the most insignificant things nowadays. Whats next? a racist operator to "Balance things out"? No, of course not, so why even bother.

  71. Evan DeGuzman

    Evan DeGuzman3 kun oldin

    Kalis elite is literally Kroger brand widomaker

  72. William

    William3 kun oldin

    I don’t understand why Ubisoft made the gonna 6 like a Frag does all of that and I get a pistol

  73. William

    William3 kun oldin

    Flores is over powered for bomb. They need to make it so he has a cool down and that it’s like an impact nad rather then a c4

  74. Jacob Randall

    Jacob Randall3 kun oldin

    I don’t like how operators can fully control gadgets after death

  75. ZacKnight The Fifth King

    ZacKnight The Fifth King3 kun oldin

    Well it is just a concept at the moment and will be introduced in future TTS. It's like how they had roof hatches reinforced.

  76. Imperfect Tuber

    Imperfect Tuber3 kun oldin

    do you still have a code for nau?

  77. Reksed

    Reksed3 kun oldin

    I love how he says that flores is the first gay operator, what ab bb?

  78. shadowstufz

    shadowstufz3 kun oldin

    why does flores look like glaz elite

  79. Manki Kng

    Manki Kng3 kun oldin

    Ubisoft Server are the worst. It's funny how i can't see anyone but in the killcam he stands right in front of me? WTF

  80. MARTÍNEŹ .36

    MARTÍNEŹ .363 kun oldin

    Why do y’all hate on outback lmao, shits a better map than the new reworked map (last seasons)

  81. Spark Blade

    Spark Blade3 kun oldin

    Kali-gets elite after not even a year of release *sad castle noises in corner*

  82. Cheeki Breeki

    Cheeki Breeki3 kun oldin

    still no Finnish operator :(

  83. Cheeki Breeki

    Cheeki Breeki3 kun oldin

    @Devin Satterfield no he is norwegian

  84. Devin Satterfield

    Devin Satterfield3 kun oldin

    I thought ace was Finnish

  85. ToxicHawks77

    ToxicHawks773 kun oldin

    So there isn't a year pass

  86. memes ar gudd memes are good

    memes ar gudd memes are good3 kun oldin


  87. D NAme

    D NAme2 kun oldin

    Pretty sure siege gets a operator every year

  88. Undisputed

    Undisputed3 kun oldin

    That’s like saying the drone has 1 tire instead of 2 like omg that changed the game so much

  89. Undisputed

    Undisputed3 kun oldin

    LGBTQ oml that changes the game so much?

  90. potato _0

    potato _03 kun oldin

    Is it just me but y6s1 seems a bit content light especially for a start of the new year

  91. Dennis Parker

    Dennis Parker3 kun oldin

    Why gay tho

  92. Isaiah Jauregui

    Isaiah Jauregui3 kun oldin

    I feel like they needed this the game has been kinda boring because the update were small and wasn’t that exciting I feel like when this update happens the game will start flowing again and get more players overall

  93. HellboyRize

    HellboyRize3 kun oldin

    2:10 His HP Bar ;)

  94. Conner Ringley

    Conner Ringley3 kun oldin

    I still love how his ability is literally a suicide drone

  95. AtIas MG

    AtIas MG3 kun oldin

    None of those new ctus looks like ctus 😂

  96. Saikyue

    Saikyue3 kun oldin

    Nice, removing year pass to get players to pay more in the store again, cuz there is no discount

  97. César Gomes

    César Gomes3 kun oldin

    I just wanted a portuguese operator...

  98. Koya

    Koya3 kun oldin


  99. Eoin Crehan

    Eoin Crehan3 kun oldin

    YEEEESSS IRISH OPPPP 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 been waiting for this since i got the game

  100. DYNA isHERE

    DYNA isHERE3 kun oldin

    Wait gridlock married flores?

  101. Biggy Bennet

    Biggy Bennet3 kun oldin

    Why tf is kali getting an elite skin and castle/Monte aren’t?

  102. KillerdragonHD Ichigo Kurosaki

    KillerdragonHD Ichigo Kurosaki3 kun oldin

    We want new maps bruh

  103. Argentium

    Argentium3 kun oldin

    I’ve been waiting for an Argentine operator for forever! I’m so happy!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  104. Jordan Baillie

    Jordan Baillie3 kun oldin

    Giving the argentinian thatchers gun... lul

  105. jumpedlyrics2

    jumpedlyrics23 kun oldin

    Bro I’ve been waiting so long for a explosive drone to be added and now it’s about to happen

  106. Juicygamer5890

    Juicygamer58903 kun oldin

    I don't get why there are only 1 operator per season, kinda dumb😐

  107. L i L B A E

    L i L B A E3 kun oldin

    Fuck forced politic in video game

  108. h。フェイリス

    h。フェイリス3 kun oldin

    And an Arknights collab

  109. Sebastian _

    Sebastian _3 kun oldin

    A Croatian operator!!! YEESS YEEESS YEEESSSSS