Young M.A "Successful" (Official Music Video)

Produced by NY Bangers.
Video by Diretto Da Rook.
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  1. Graffiti Freak

    Graffiti Freak54 daqiqa oldin

    Love youuuuuuuuuu so much🔥😍 listening all the way from kuwait 🇰🇼

  2. Foreign Film

    Foreign FilmSoat oldin

    Late but we here baby🔥🔥🔥

  3. yousef slothy

    yousef slothy2 soat oldin

    یانگ ما😘

  4. Isaiah Garabote

    Isaiah Garabote3 soat oldin

    Much love from Jersey city, NJ

  5. It’s Like Candy

    It’s Like Candy6 soat oldin

    O g

  6. Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers6 soat oldin

    Never waste a bar

  7. Kurtis the Kid

    Kurtis the Kid7 soat oldin

    Tooooooo slick with it 💯

  8. Shaquille Joseph

    Shaquille Joseph7 soat oldin


  9. Y.C.I Productions

    Y.C.I Productions9 soat oldin

    Lone torch🌋🌋🌋🌋

  10. Wargod Films

    Wargod Films9 soat oldin

    This is the one right here the whole album is a1 but this track hits different rock this on repeat for days now. Salute!

  11. Bobby Mason Brown

    Bobby Mason Brown9 soat oldin

    Young MA. The Queen . All hail the Queen. Wit NY flo

  12. Bobby Mason Brown

    Bobby Mason Brown9 soat oldin

    I'm in NC. No King tho

  13. Geral Renoird

    Geral Renoird9 soat oldin


  14. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo9 soat oldin


  15. Niki Edmonds

    Niki Edmonds9 soat oldin

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 best female rapper in the game and better than most niggas in the game too

  16. kay

    kay9 soat oldin

    She sooooo......💦...then her music make her even harder 🖤🔥🖤

  17. Ibrah

    Ibrah12 soat oldin

    Why is this 🔥🔥SHORT though?!!!

  18. JB Omerta

    JB Omerta12 soat oldin

    Your not the queen no more

  19. Jose Christo

    Jose Christo15 soat oldin

    In her bag fr talk that shit blood

  20. Leon Hill

    Leon Hill15 soat oldin


  21. xshei

    xshei15 soat oldin

    whos to was thinking that MA is a boy but when you search MA on google it show that ma is actually a girl i just found out burh i always been thinking that shes a boy

  22. Thee Smokahs Section

    Thee Smokahs Section16 soat oldin

    Independent Monster!! SALUTE!!

  23. Chuck Easter

    Chuck Easter16 soat oldin

    she got to much heat on me

  24. Tomyd213 213

    Tomyd213 21317 soat oldin


  25. Alexandria Tiffany

    Alexandria Tiffany17 soat oldin

    Young M.A go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

  26. Tucker Cagley

    Tucker Cagley4 soat oldin

    He is a she

  27. Pamela Thompson

    Pamela Thompson19 soat oldin

    Young Ma the truth in her music! I love listening to her!

  28. SCENERY _.

    SCENERY _.19 soat oldin

    "Big Steppa" _ "God gifted" 🌿🔥☀️🌱

  29. Diss ClayCoCamm

    Diss ClayCoCamm19 soat oldin

    YM killed this shit 🤷🏾‍♂️ I make rnb music follow me on IG tho 💫💫💫 @pfg_kamo ✈️

  30. UK KL

    UK KL19 soat oldin

    niqqa...i ain't givin' no lecture...blessem...⚾🦖🏈🐊🏀🦎🦖🎱🎲🎱🇦🇷

  31. Bakang ahas Letoaba

    Bakang ahas Letoaba19 soat oldin

    Straight from South African 🇿🇦

  32. melly Bóo

    melly Bóo20 soat oldin

    This 🔥🔥

  33. Rittoo Singh

    Rittoo Singh20 soat oldin

    Love from Bham UK 🇬🇧🔥🔥🔥

  34. CJ

    CJ20 soat oldin

    young ma ain't playing, you hit diff🔥 🙏🏼🖤💯 queen of NYC🗽🙏🏼‼

  35. Solenn Du Pastel

    Solenn Du PastelKun oldin


  36. Marcus Andia

    Marcus AndiaKun oldin

    hot thrill kenya listening

  37. Dila Dila

    Dila DilaKun oldin


  38. Mai Rose

    Mai RoseKun oldin

    So underrated. Love m.a❤️❤️❤️

  39. Roan van de Kamp

    Roan van de KampKun oldin


  40. Hector Vae

    Hector VaeKun oldin


  41. DaYanna Crider

    DaYanna CriderKun oldin

    If y'all wasn't around when she made Love Triangle or the first Kold World or Levels. I don't want to hear a thing bout "OG"

  42. Slim Dady

    Slim DadyKun oldin

    Much love from Nigeria

  43. Farah Cárdenas

    Farah CárdenasKun oldin

    Pop my cherry, YOUNG M.A.!!! I LOVE YOU, GIRRRL


    DRIZZLEKun oldin


  45. BlvdBrunk Established

    BlvdBrunk EstablishedKun oldin


  46. Shanay Mullins

    Shanay MullinsKun oldin

    dis shii sum else🔥🔥🤢🤢

  47. Brett Kelly

    Brett KellyKun oldin

    Eminem did a song with her for reason she is the goat of female rappers they were the number ones on one song.

  48. Tweet DaOne

    Tweet DaOneKun oldin

    "Fuck Love, Fuck a fake homie, Its MOB hoes all on me"- Toni V.

  49. Miss Killem

    Miss KillemKun oldin


  50. Nick smith

    Nick smithKun oldin

    Ma goes so hard putting these new rappers to shame.....#barzonly#hardestouttany

  51. FTC Coehlo

    FTC CoehloKun oldin

    What a Classic

  52. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezKun oldin

    Why I hear Foreign favio in this track.. he should do a remix or a feature..

  53. Rapper Edits

    Rapper EditsKun oldin

    You To Fire MA Grind Up

  54. mallam Salifu

    mallam SalifuKun oldin

    THE GREAGT MAN IN WEST AFRICA GHANA 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭am helping people's in my country and outside country like Zimbabwe,🇬🇾USA,🇺🇸 South Africa,🇸🇸 Italy, 🇲🇽Libya, 🇱🇾German, 🇧🇪Nigeria, 🇳🇬so many countries friends don't lose your chance bring your problem for solution I promise you I will never regret from meeting I don't need anything from anyone I am here to help serious and interesting people I don't force and I hate lies and I don't promise and if you are facing problem like this.❌ ❌ (1)instant money (2)work of leadership (3)money rituals (4)business to move forward (5)lotto number (6)marriage problems (7) promotion in work place (8)luck of jobs (9)clint problem (10)sickness (11)court Case (12)traveling to abroad (13)police station Case (14)Girls friend boys problems If you are interested for your problem to be solved but you can text me on what's up these line +233502613675)..❌❌NO HUMAN BLOOD INVOLVED IN MY WORK PLACE



    Video is fire the song is even hotter congratulations you got one ☝️

  56. Monique Bailey

    Monique BaileyKun oldin

    Type Shidd ✊🏽

  57. Delaney Jordan

    Delaney JordanKun oldin


  58. khuselo nobinjana

    khuselo nobinjanaKun oldin

    Now i understand why eminem hit her up for music to be murdered by ... she a spitter man yow

  59. Prizzy100

    Prizzy100Kun oldin


  60. Eryca G

    Eryca GKun oldin

    Young MA you prob thinking you just rappin, spittin, making money. But lemme tell you, you saving lives with this one. A bi*** fully charged off this one.

  61. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonKun oldin

    Love you babe 😍

  62. Monny o

    Monny oKun oldin

    Yes ma killed this shit no capp



    It's nothing successful about living in hell for eternity.. the world don't have long to repent because we are in the days of judgement

  64. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonKun oldin

    How many bets he lose today?

  65. nzs infligeur

    nzs infligeurKun oldin

    Listening in south of France this is a frappe

  66. A1R JORDAN

    A1R JORDANKun oldin

    Did she throw up crip?

  67. SNOOPI

    SNOOPIKun oldin


  68. Paul Mwashigadi

    Paul MwashigadiKun oldin

    Brooklyn poppin.... Lit ma... Wait for the next hit. I love young ma. 💓

  69. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonKun oldin

    I see bigch nigga rolled by blowing out hella vap smoke like he Billy badass or something. Me: "Oh you fancy huh?".................

  70. NAKD

    NAKDKun oldin

    I just love her

  71. MTC

    MTCKun oldin

    M.A would never fall off

  72. Jay Hall

    Jay HallKun oldin

    “One word ten letters “ SUCCESSFUL” 💯🔥

  73. Creole Queen

    Creole QueenKun oldin


  74. Rafay Ali

    Rafay Ali2 kun oldin

    Pure FIRE

  75. Helll REX

    Helll REX2 kun oldin

    I’m PCless

  76. Karl Curry

    Karl Curry2 kun oldin


  77. Boma Ogolo

    Boma Ogolo2 kun oldin

    Dayuuum the beat is hard Gaddayuum...

  78. Sur_Purfect On the Beat

    Sur_Purfect On the Beat2 kun oldin


  79. Mo-themonster-yt

    Mo-themonster-yt2 kun oldin

    Ma its all 🔥🔥🔥🔥 . big boss big up. You flames🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  80. Lady Blessed

    Lady Blessed2 kun oldin

    This song make me wanna buy a hotel on the mountaintop

  81. Eric Street

    Eric Street2 kun oldin

    Y'all just got here, I been on M.A!! 💯

  82. kingdom black

    kingdom black2 kun oldin

    What happened to hennessy, MA please answer 😹💔

  83. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson2 kun oldin

    Watchu playen musical chairs wit dah hotel rooms now? Lol smh

  84. Bronx 718NYC

    Bronx 718NYC2 kun oldin

    Fire 🔥 😎👍🤘🔥

  85. Anastasia Brooks

    Anastasia Brooks2 kun oldin

    The recent songs been a lil rough lil too tough to listen to the whole song sooooo....i look forward to the next one.

  86. Nick Sakkaris

    Nick Sakkaris2 kun oldin

    This goes so hard honest to God. Never heard so many powerful and hard beats and bars in 2 minutes EVER until now!

  87. Gold. D Sins

    Gold. D Sins2 kun oldin

    Forever Legend.

  88. Praise Alimi

    Praise Alimi2 kun oldin


  89. kabelo malatjie

    kabelo malatjie2 kun oldin

    thank you

  90. DuJ84wo2dTU Bee

    DuJ84wo2dTU Bee2 kun oldin

    Shes really Allergic to Off key Bad music SHES THE QUEEEEENNN

  91. Benjamin Ryan

    Benjamin Ryan2 kun oldin


  92. Anton Walker

    Anton Walker2 kun oldin

    Understand this Young MA is a fucking problem keep elevating the game 👑

  93. Khwezi Minenhle Mshibe

    Khwezi Minenhle Mshibe2 kun oldin

    Wasn't ready for the twin sister😭😹🔥

  94. MSkR PhARO

    MSkR PhARO2 kun oldin

    best female rapper in the game

  95. Taj The Great One

    Taj The Great One2 kun oldin

    If you're not a Young M.A fan by now something wrong with you.

  96. DJ Amili Boston

    DJ Amili Boston2 kun oldin

    This joint outta here . It’s red lyfe

  97. Lorenzo Baez Liriano

    Lorenzo Baez Liriano2 kun oldin

    young m.a u lit i love u g

  98. Sebo HALO

    Sebo HALO2 kun oldin

    she got more balls than me

  99. Matt Swerd

    Matt Swerd2 kun oldin

    Stole pop smokes flow #wack

  100. Team Ubr Entertainment

    Team Ubr Entertainment2 kun oldin

    who been replaying it more than 10 times....

  101. Terry Percy

    Terry Percy2 kun oldin

    Best female rapper hands down

  102. Ayy zay

    Ayy zay2 kun oldin