Young Stoner Life, Young Thug & Gunna - Diamonds Dancing (feat. Travis Scott) [Official Audio]

Young Stoner Life Records Presents the official audio for Young Thug & Gunna's "Diamonds Dancing" featuring Travis Scott from the album 'Slime Language 2' - Out Now!
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  1. Plazma Xanny

    Plazma Xanny3 soat oldin

    Travis always got a good entrance 😂🤩🤩

  2. Tamara petis

    Tamara petis8 soat oldin


  3. Peso Peso

    Peso Peso11 soat oldin

    Sometimes you have to give yourself the first like to get the ball rolling

  4. Nicholas deroyiannis

    Nicholas deroyiannis21 soat oldin

    Putting it on GTA6

  5. Stephon Fitzgerald

    Stephon FitzgeraldKun oldin


  6. Sticky Customs

    Sticky CustomsKun oldin

    2:55, the «aww king kong» adlib is so hard

  7. Sticky Customs

    Sticky CustomsKun oldin

    Imagine a collab album with thugger travis and gunna, floyd mayweather, hot and diamonds dancing are all bangers

  8. Christian De La Paz

    Christian De La PazKun oldin

    I like the sound of the metronome on the outro too

  9. can kuloğlu

    can kuloğluKun oldin

    feelin on my body, its a movie ay ayyy

  10. Marshall Saonga

    Marshall SaongaKun oldin

    Keep a new 4'4 yea let it burst

  11. prodbyskome

    prodbyskome2 kun oldin

    this ma fav one, dope bounce

  12. A C

    A C2 kun oldin

    i been in the trenches, marianas to be pacific

  13. Jobin Raju

    Jobin RajuKun oldin


  14. 2tonee stonn

    2tonee stonn2 kun oldin

    😂then we pop and Pop and dip!!

  15. King Taylor

    King Taylor2 kun oldin

    Young thug verse was too sick 🔥🔥 so many flows 🤧🐍

  16. Face Nation

    Face Nation2 kun oldin

    This my shit

  17. Gustavo

    Gustavo3 kun oldin


  18. eli bhote

    eli bhote3 kun oldin

    Traviss all time my favourite🦇🔥🔥

  19. Geno Go Beats

    Geno Go Beats4 kun oldin

    the .wav to be pacific

  20. mandosmokey

    mandosmokey4 kun oldin

    Travis Scott fucked the whole song up with his stupid ass sound, shits not astroworld bro, Thugga and gunna alone would’ve been waayyy better.

  21. King Taylor

    King Taylor2 kun oldin

    @EVENEZER ABRAHAM nah young thug verse was the best part of the song he had so many flows 🔥🔥🔥


    EVENEZER ABRAHAM2 kun oldin

    Shut it man, he had the best part in fact

  23. Anveshan Lal

    Anveshan Lal4 kun oldin

    Best song released this year by a country mile

  24. SWAG

    SWAG4 kun oldin

    coming back to this for like the 100 time Bc thug don’t miss

  25. alcwi LL

    alcwi LL4 kun oldin

    Travis fire as always

  26. Eli Boiy

    Eli Boiy4 kun oldin


  27. Angel Velasquez

    Angel Velasquez5 kun oldin

    travis scott fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  28. King Oreo

    King Oreo2 kun oldin


  29. vyui

    vyui5 kun oldin

    Pray for album Travis X Thugger 🙏




  31. Simay

    Simay5 kun oldin


  32. Simay

    Simay5 kun oldin


  33. Tommy Beasley

    Tommy Beasley5 kun oldin

    This song is a vibe why it's slept on

  34. Lorenzo Peterson

    Lorenzo Peterson5 kun oldin

    @shelovesmeechie and @therealyvngquan come on y’all! We need this one! It would be too 🔥 🔥🔥

  35. Tio Tio

    Tio Tio5 kun oldin

    Travis scott verse ovvverrated in da comments wtf was dat💀💀💀💀

  36. Maineski Bandz 4L

    Maineski Bandz 4L5 kun oldin

    The first line is all i needed to hear.

  37. Khambrel Mathis

    Khambrel Mathis23 soat oldin

    “ Run that Back Turbo”

  38. Kelvin_M

    Kelvin_M5 kun oldin

    Everybody talks Travis but gunna & thugga forget about that

  39. Sanele Sithole

    Sanele Sithole5 kun oldin

    Gunna and thug will forever be the best duo,tell me a better duo now that traps??

  40. DaBatman

    DaBatman5 kun oldin

    I heard this in class, I got in trouble for screaming Travis’ part

  41. PlayboiEric

    PlayboiEric6 kun oldin

    Imagine future on this 🥲

  42. ken d

    ken d6 kun oldin

    Travis is so fucking sick

  43. moises nino

    moises nino6 kun oldin

    Holy shit he’s actually really bad like can you all actually pay attention to what hes saying man got weak ass bars,well actually no bars my nephew could have wrote his verse big facts,im sorry but if you think travis scott is talented you dont have any taste in music thats facts

  44. Carlo Pala

    Carlo Pala6 kun oldin

    he might not have the best lyrics, but the way he sounds is simply amazing. sorry, but the tune and his flows are pure magic

  45. Evan Rodgers

    Evan Rodgers6 kun oldin

    Thug is just a instrument himself no kizzy😂 best ever did it ¡¡!!

  46. Devin Chhakchhuak

    Devin Chhakchhuak6 kun oldin

    a chhuahtirh atranga la ngaithla ve zong

  47. AidanIsEvil

    AidanIsEvil6 kun oldin

    I fucking love that thug calls MLK a black diamond. There is no metaphor more perfect. 🦠🧪💚 slimey af

  48. S1SKO

    S1SKO6 kun oldin

    Best song on the tape no cap

  49. JoKK

    JoKK6 kun oldin

    travis made song bad

  50. Dalinkwent K

    Dalinkwent K7 kun oldin

    Travis took this beat to another level like he filming a movie

  51. waliur rahman

    waliur rahman7 kun oldin

    FAV 1 NO CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  52. DanceNinja

    DanceNinja7 kun oldin

    We dodgin the sun, only way we come alive (aliveeee🌅)

  53. José Zeferino Chaúque Júnior

    José Zeferino Chaúque Júnior8 kun oldin

    2:28 (my stomach :🦋🦋🦋🥺😍😍)

  54. KAYWOP

    KAYWOP8 kun oldin

    You can tell thug n future r best friends

  55. Tariq Butler

    Tariq Butler9 kun oldin

    This needed Quavo

  56. Pedro Vitor Vilela

    Pedro Vitor Vilela9 kun oldin


  57. Duncan Williams

    Duncan Williams9 kun oldin

    The way they all jump on that last chorus like it’s an anthem. so raw🔥🔥

  58. Looney Starr

    Looney Starr9 kun oldin

    When I think of brilliance I listen to this song

  59. lPolitically_Fye

    lPolitically_Fye9 kun oldin

    That wood knock in the beginning

  60. FARDIN Z.H

    FARDIN Z.H9 kun oldin

    wish 𝙇𝙞𝙡 𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮 was here

  61. Jack Pooler

    Jack Pooler9 kun oldin

    Fuckin banger

  62. luffyxluffy

    luffyxluffy9 kun oldin

    Is just me but you skip the Travis part

  63. Jr. DP

    Jr. DP6 kun oldin

    i skip directly to the travis part

  64. Slatt Business

    Slatt Business9 kun oldin

    I think it’s me too

  65. C H E T A N M

    C H E T A N M9 kun oldin

    Travis features are on next level as always. The environment changes when he drops. ALWAYS!!!!

  66. Midknight_Gaming

    Midknight_Gaming9 kun oldin

    Ngl lowkey I feel like NAV would float on this beat.

  67. Declan Lemtur

    Declan Lemtur9 kun oldin

    Travis is a serial killer. He keeps murdering beats. Someone stop him.🔥🔥

  68. Khutso Nyakale

    Khutso Nyakale10 kun oldin


  69. Khutso Nyakale

    Khutso Nyakale10 kun oldin

    i never heard a whack Turbo beat to be specific!!. . .SLATT

  70. Rodney Lee Davis

    Rodney Lee Davis10 kun oldin

    I told em I'm so slimmy I'm so shady I admit it.

  71. Jack Pearcey

    Jack Pearcey10 kun oldin

    You know the vibes

  72. Rabab Afifiy

    Rabab Afifiy10 kun oldin

    Travis gunna and thug are the next migos swear to god

  73. Mondi Hoti

    Mondi Hoti10 kun oldin

    Thugger and gunna.

  74. Saskia Arms

    Saskia Arms10 kun oldin

    48 Cents in my hot pocket

  75. Selton Roberto

    Selton Roberto10 kun oldin

    Make video please

  76. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez10 kun oldin


  77. Kyle Prenot

    Kyle Prenot10 kun oldin

    Let's not get it confused too short said diamonds dancing back in 95 and lil wayne torpedo'd the saying to now where we have a song called diamonds dancing... Lil wayne still gave short his props on dedication 6 where he said "diamonds still doin dance moves" I think it's on the song "sick"

  78. Slatt Business

    Slatt Business9 kun oldin

    Umm who cares

  79. madhu sudhan reddy

    madhu sudhan reddy10 kun oldin

    thugger thuuuuggggerrr slime shadyy 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸

  80. Colossal Cwaleb

    Colossal Cwaleb10 kun oldin

    Travis verse got me floatin

  81. Lambotron2006

    Lambotron200611 kun oldin

    Fucking masterpiece.

  82. kriteq

    kriteq11 kun oldin

    Thug and travis top 10 rap dou

  83. Late Night Vibe

    Late Night Vibe11 kun oldin

    ain't gon' cap, I liked Gunna part the most

  84. Just Stache

    Just Stache11 kun oldin

    November come faster now !!!

  85. Stizzy

    Stizzy11 kun oldin

    Wayne on this would be insane

  86. Leejah Wizzy

    Leejah Wizzy11 kun oldin

    Travis beat it..

  87. Loco Masta

    Loco Masta11 kun oldin

    So we gonna talk about that opening line☠️🔥

  88. Young Dr. Suess

    Young Dr. Suess11 kun oldin

    This song get better everytime I hear it on god 😂😂

  89. Psh fxzzeyy

    Psh fxzzeyy11 kun oldin

    So we not gon talk about that Nintendo switch sound 😭

  90. Chulumanco Mali

    Chulumanco Mali11 kun oldin

    Were they trying to.look like Sesame Street? Coz some how this album cover reminds me of Sesame Street😅

  91. Chael Godwin

    Chael Godwin11 kun oldin

    Travis Scott verse lit af 🔥🔥🔥

  92. Giwrgos Zafiropoulos

    Giwrgos Zafiropoulos11 kun oldin

    Imagine being in the comment section commenting about ANYTHING else other than Thugs performance

  93. Sandesh Neupane

    Sandesh Neupane11 kun oldin

    diamonds king kong how they beatin' on my chest

  94. Noman

    Noman11 kun oldin

    The whole song it’s a big W 🐍

  95. AZIZ Elias

    AZIZ Elias12 kun oldin

    Travis carried this song again.... Travis featuring Aziz from Germany would be a great combo for sure!

  96. Slime Goatified

    Slime Goatified10 kun oldin

    No tf he didn’t 😂

  97. inujanXVII

    inujanXVII12 kun oldin


  98. Bret Law Law

    Bret Law Law12 kun oldin

    3:07 - 3:18 Travis needs to make his own song with this flow RIGHT NOW

  99. Dushyanth S

    Dushyanth S12 kun oldin

    Still waiting for the music vid 🔥

  100. Jobin Raju

    Jobin Raju8 kun oldin


  101. AJ Buddha

    AJ Buddha12 kun oldin

    I’ve been waiting my whole life 4 this moment

  102. EmYuAytchAye !

    EmYuAytchAye !12 kun oldin

    “Came in the spot and We serve em with soap” you wouldn’t know unless you smoke cookies thug a real one

  103. Aiman Jarrar

    Aiman Jarrar12 kun oldin

    What's up with these boys stealing drake song titles?

  104. jadey

    jadey12 kun oldin

    Beginning sounds like chains choking me

  105. Revil Scott

    Revil Scott12 kun oldin

    Travis scot is 🔥🔥🔥

  106. Rexx

    Rexx13 kun oldin

    Thug, Gunna AND Travis!?!?

  107. Martin Hernandez

    Martin Hernandez13 kun oldin


  108. Mohammed Sharaf

    Mohammed Sharaf13 kun oldin


  109. Vuyo Akhona Ngcobo

    Vuyo Akhona Ngcobo13 kun oldin

    Cataraxxxxxx 🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯

  110. Nikola Mckalla

    Nikola Mckalla13 kun oldin

    #astroboy mad young thug did right got me rewarding